i only ate FOODS FROM IKEA for 24 hours

  • Published on Apr 26, 2018
  • so i had the random idea of only eatings foods you can buy at ikea for a whole day. ikea restaurant items like swedish meatballs but also snacks from the ikea bistro and supermarket like hot dogs, cinnamon rolls. i really hope you like it and subscribe
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    my friend in the video:
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  • Ashleigh R_R gamingx

    Babe ??? 1:30

  • Rose Water
    Rose Water 2 days ago

    I just came back from eating their fish and chips and a Swedish apple cake

  • Ryan Blakemore
    Ryan Blakemore 4 days ago +1

    Tar tar sauce

  • sydney.cequena
    sydney.cequena 5 days ago


  • Emmy Holguin
    Emmy Holguin 7 days ago +2

    IKEA food is good!

  • Cryptavolt
    Cryptavolt 7 days ago +3

    Raphiel is a hungy boi

  • Ugolino Cha
    Ugolino Cha 8 days ago +3

    btw its call gravy. the brown sauce.

  • Mick Welch
    Mick Welch 8 days ago +1

    Maybe you didn’t get the meatballs made with meat. Because they sell chicken meatballs, vegetable meatballs, etc. Because their meatballs with meat are very meaty and very good..

  • Lorival Junior
    Lorival Junior 9 days ago +1

    It's playing friend on Ikea

  • Andrada Ion
    Andrada Ion 10 days ago +5

    1:53 O MY GOD

  • weird_lonely _genius /Lia

    it's so much fun watching this when you are from sweden and live there

  • Insane Crap
    Insane Crap 12 days ago +8

    1:34 BABE???!!!?!?!?!?

  • Jonna Gulin
    Jonna Gulin 13 days ago +6

    Yeah the choklate balls is swedish

  • its a kind of magic
    its a kind of magic 13 days ago

    you can buy the gravy in the food shop there too , its gravy with those meatballs .

  • its a kind of magic
    its a kind of magic 13 days ago +1

    I love ikea gravy, I used to eat in ikea often but got fed up of the food after a while , the menu is small .

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 14 days ago +4

    He just-
    He bit into a cinnamon bun

    • ville666sora
      ville666sora 8 days ago +1

      Are you not supposed to? You get a nice bite of everything if you bite into it, especially if it's one with icing on top.

    • weird_lonely _genius /Lia
      weird_lonely _genius /Lia 11 days ago

      yeah..you're supposed to like, peel it

  • crybxby _
    crybxby _ 15 days ago +3

    frozen yogurt is ice cream but mixed in more, it’s like soft served ice cream. (Some actually contain yogurt.)

  • Lily Henderson
    Lily Henderson 15 days ago +1

    Northern Ireland?

  • Yellow Bug
    Yellow Bug 15 days ago +4

    He has em long nails boi

    • sandis pro
      sandis pro 15 days ago +2

      No thats the other girl sry

  • Liam S Grytten
    Liam S Grytten 16 days ago +1

    ikea food is yummy

  • May Fawzi
    May Fawzi 17 days ago +1

    17:06 العرب بس بيعرفوها راس العبد 😂😂😂

  • Wilk
    Wilk 18 days ago +2

    I love this video I’ve watched it a lot IKEA is one of my favorite stores XD Idk why

  • jAmEs pUgEd
    jAmEs pUgEd 19 days ago +4

    Went to Ikea recently and I wanted to buy those sweets you bought in the marketplace thing. Well in the US, we don’t have them!!!!!!

  • Alfie ;D
    Alfie ;D 20 days ago +2

    Omg I go to that ikea! I wish I came

  • I play mobile Games
    I play mobile Games 22 days ago +3

    Did anyone else hear the song freinds in the background 2:00

  • Migge pigge
    Migge pigge 23 days ago +2

    Im swedish

  • Zain Aldeen
    Zain Aldeen 23 days ago +2

    U look like bts guy

    • EVIL NaDeZ
      EVIL NaDeZ 13 days ago +1

      Zain Aldeen he is Portuguese not Asian

  • peg how
    peg how 25 days ago +5

    The fish and chip sauce Is called tat tar sauce

  • Orangehorse
    Orangehorse 27 days ago +3

    Your girlfriend has such a cute accent

  • Lils Briselz
    Lils Briselz 28 days ago +1

    Beef bergindon

  • Nolan Koch
    Nolan Koch 28 days ago +1

    How do you know what a bath and body works candle tastes like

  • Irdina Ikhwan
    Irdina Ikhwan 28 days ago +2

    Yes you should make another ikea videeo

  • Irdina Ikhwan
    Irdina Ikhwan 28 days ago +3

    Daim is a chocolate

  • Irdina Ikhwan
    Irdina Ikhwan 28 days ago +2

    Did you know you could refill the cup

  • Benjamin Ruliffson
    Benjamin Ruliffson 29 days ago +3

    He likes everything

  • Luna Wolf
    Luna Wolf Month ago +2

    You're awesome

  • marcela rocha
    marcela rocha Month ago +3

    you eat too much

  • Izhar Chowdhury
    Izhar Chowdhury Month ago +4

    are you in Birmingham in ikea

    • Luna Wolf
      Luna Wolf Month ago

      He is it's awesome there

  • elena andersson
    elena andersson Month ago +33

    I remember eating meatballs from IKEA when I was a kid, omg they were soo good. My dad was Swedish and very proud, he would take us to IKEA literally every weekend to get the meatballs for lunch. He's passed away but I will always have good memories of him ❤

    • Ashleigh R_R gamingx
      Ashleigh R_R gamingx Day ago

      Awwww I bet he was amazing

    • Serèn van der Roest
      Serèn van der Roest 14 days ago

      I am sorry to hear that but the memories are very important 💝

    • Amber MM
      Amber MM 22 days ago +1

      I am sorry to hear about your father, but that is a very nice message

    • Nighat Parvez
      Nighat Parvez 29 days ago +2

      Your father is an amazing man

  • Hannah Singh
    Hannah Singh Month ago +13

    1:40 BABE?!?!!!!?!?!

  • Sam Andersson
    Sam Andersson Month ago +4

    im swedish

  • Migge pigge
    Migge pigge Month ago +4

    Wasnt that swedish fish orange flavoured !?! 😂

    • Veros 09
      Veros 09 Month ago

      Are you in norway in ikea

  • shayshay_ swimmergirl
    shayshay_ swimmergirl Month ago +3

    the ikea hot dogs i n america are half of that

  • Spikester HD
    Spikester HD Month ago +12

    I just go to ikea to eat the food

  • Elijah Harp
    Elijah Harp Month ago +7

    I think that's tartar sauce with the fish and chips Raph

  • David James Marcelo
    David James Marcelo Month ago +5

    That's not how you normally eat

  • Lils Briselz
    Lils Briselz Month ago +1

    Where is this i have been one the same it was in exeter

  • DrDiesALot 2012
    DrDiesALot 2012 Month ago +10

    Me at 2 am : DAMMIT WHY DID I DO THIS
    (I’m not hating just so you know I love his videos actually)

  • lorinamae •
    lorinamae • Month ago +8

    *Pewdiepie wants to know you location*

  • Krystina Dernerova
    Krystina Dernerova Month ago +6

    'Tastes like a bath and body works candle.'🤣🤣😎 At least you accidentally didn't say Bed Bath & Beyond. (I've done that) lol

  • dieselhead
    dieselhead Month ago +6

    Buckwheat porridge: _exists_
    Rapha: _grains salad_

    This meme format: _dead_

  • E Knox
    E Knox Month ago +4

    Children’s Veggie Balls...
    No words.

  • GamesKings Vids
    GamesKings Vids Month ago +7

    I also tried the Daim cake in IKEA and it is soooooo good

    • Tweetyfreaky
      Tweetyfreaky 21 day ago

      Daim is a type of candy in Sweden and you can have is as the red bags on top shelf at 4.38 in the clip.. small bites of hard caramel coated with milkchocolate, as an ice cream.. or like the daimcake. :)
      It's really good.. you can also buy the daimcake as a whole round cake from the freezer at most food stores:)

    • Luna Wolf
      Luna Wolf Month ago

      It is soooooo good

    • ᗰIᒪKY.ᗯᗩY :3
      ᗰIᒪKY.ᗯᗩY :3 Month ago

      GamesKings Vids it isss!

  • I have given up on usernames

    Go to ikea at Christmas and get there gingerbread omg soo good

  • Attacker_XY
    Attacker_XY 2 months ago +4

    hello im from sweden and ya you can get fish and chips here to

  • TerraMerc 73
    TerraMerc 73 2 months ago

    Nah the fish and chips is not uk exclusive

  • Not xd Toast
    Not xd Toast 2 months ago

    Anyone else noticed the marshmello song in the background 2:04

  • DuogamersYT_
    DuogamersYT_ 2 months ago +1

    0:06 stop right there criminal scum no one breaks the law on my watch you have shown a non blurred number plate

  • Kerma Asarul
    Kerma Asarul 2 months ago +6

    Raphael gomes try go the philippine mag inasal

  • Miggy Sanchez
    Miggy Sanchez 2 months ago +5

    That is not a CHIP it is a FRIES! :

    • Tealquoise arts
      Tealquoise arts 20 days ago

      go2aiden also in Australia 🇦🇺

    • Tealquoise arts
      Tealquoise arts 20 days ago

      Miggy Sanchez YES. IT IS. ITS A CHIP

    • Nighat Parvez
      Nighat Parvez 29 days ago

      In britain it is chips in America it is fries or french fries

    • Roblox_stuff
      Roblox_stuff Month ago

      go2aiden in Britain it’s called chips ya fat dunce

    • Miggy Sanchez
      Miggy Sanchez Month ago

      @No Name what does that mean if you still dont know how to spell in eng tell it to RM! :)