i only ate FOODS FROM IKEA for 24 hours

  • Published on Apr 26, 2018
  • so i had the random idea of only eatings foods you can buy at ikea for a whole day. ikea restaurant items like swedish meatballs but also snacks from the ikea bistro and supermarket like hot dogs, cinnamon rolls. i really hope you like it and subscribe
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  • Elijah Harp
    Elijah Harp Day ago

    I think that's tartar sauce with the fish and chips Raph

  • David James Marcelo
    David James Marcelo 2 days ago +2

    That's not how you normally eat

  • Lils Briselz
    Lils Briselz 3 days ago

    Where is this i have been one the same it was in exeter

  • DRAGON 2012
    DRAGON 2012 5 days ago +5

    Me at 2 am : DAMMIT WHY DID I DO THIS
    (I’m not hating just so you know I love his videos actually)

  • Lorinamae Gaming
    Lorinamae Gaming 5 days ago +4

    *Pewdiepie wants to know you location*

  • Krystina Dernerova
    Krystina Dernerova 5 days ago +3

    'Tastes like a bath and body works candle.'🤣🤣😎 At least you accidentally didn't say Bed Bath & Beyond. (I've done that) lol

  • rooket
    rooket 5 days ago +1

    Buckwheat porridge: _exists_
    Rapha: _grains salad_

    This meme format: _dead_

  • E Knox
    E Knox 6 days ago +3

    Children’s Veggie Balls...
    No words.

  • GamesKings Vids
    GamesKings Vids 8 days ago +6

    I also tried the Daim cake in IKEA and it is soooooo good

  • I am Hooman
    I am Hooman 11 days ago +3

    Go to ikea at Christmas and get there gingerbread omg soo good

  • Attacker_XY
    Attacker_XY 12 days ago +2

    hello im from sweden and ya you can get fish and chips here to

  • TerraMerc 73
    TerraMerc 73 13 days ago

    Nah the fish and chips is not uk exclusive

  • Not xd Toast
    Not xd Toast 13 days ago

    Anyone else noticed the marshmello song in the background 2:04

  • DuogamersYT_
    DuogamersYT_ 14 days ago +1

    0:06 stop right there criminal scum no one breaks the law on my watch you have shown a non blurred number plate

  • Kerma Asarul
    Kerma Asarul 15 days ago +5

    Raphael gomes try go the philippine mag inasal

  • Miggy Sanchez
    Miggy Sanchez 17 days ago +4

    That is not a CHIP it is a FRIES! :

    • Fortnite Sucks
      Fortnite Sucks 7 days ago

      go2aiden in Britain it’s called chips ya fat dunce

    • Miggy Sanchez
      Miggy Sanchez 7 days ago

      @K00kïë what does that mean if you still dont know how to spell in eng tell it to RM! :)

    • K00kïë
      K00kïë 10 days ago

      안녕하세여 수 있는 기회를

    • Miggy Sanchez
      Miggy Sanchez 10 days ago

      @K00kïë are you the real one

    • K00kïë
      K00kïë 10 days ago


  • Irene Lim
    Irene Lim 18 days ago

    You should make ikea food in another vid ;)?

  • Baqugain 1
    Baqugain 1 21 day ago +3

    Hey Ikea tower play F.R.I.E.N.D.S. by marshmello

  • Migge pigge
    Migge pigge 21 day ago +2

    The swedish fish that he ate lokked orange lol

  • Candy two
    Candy two 21 day ago

    Love IKEA. In england their full english rocks

  • Mohammad Bashir
    Mohammad Bashir 23 days ago +1

    I could hear Anne song FRIENDS !! Anyway good stuff

  • Saransh Agrawal
    Saransh Agrawal 24 days ago +8

    Ever other food item, RG be like : tHat Is HaNds DoWn tHe bEsT fOod iTeM i HaVe eVeR tAsTEd

  • Kim Treneman-Pape
    Kim Treneman-Pape 26 days ago +1

    I don't like rhubarb either.

  • Random User
    Random User 26 days ago +4

    He’s eating for a TheXvid video

    *in an ikea*
    Why is everyone mad about the way he’s eating?

  • Emily Tran
    Emily Tran 28 days ago +9

    literally i can’t with the way he eats things omg i’m sorry for hating but it kinda bothers me

    • Midnightskye 56
      Midnightskye 56 14 days ago +1


    • Emily Tran
      Emily Tran 26 days ago +3

      The White Hatted Gamer excuse me?

    • The White Hatted Gamer
      The White Hatted Gamer 27 days ago

      Well u seem like the type of person whoes really good at putting thicc juicy things in ur mouth so i might have to agree with u

  • Kaelyn Maria
    Kaelyn Maria 29 days ago +1

    Actually the fish and chips dish is served in every IKEA

  • Cøøkiè-døùgh
    Cøøkiè-døùgh 29 days ago +2

    The white souce is Tartare souce

  • Lovely_ Mango
    Lovely_ Mango 29 days ago +4

    Hey I’ll confuse you

    I’m Swedish but I live in Switzerland

    • DuogamersYT_
      DuogamersYT_ 14 days ago

      Hey I'll confuse you too

      I'm Martian but I live in the


    • 賢有陸
      賢有陸 27 days ago +1

      So your born in Swedish but you moved to Switzerland

    • Esa Esa
      Esa Esa 27 days ago

      hey i was in switzerland and i absolutely loved it and i really want to go to sweeden and please can you tell me what should i do in stockholm like tell the best restaurants, maybe some sweedish museums can you tell me some of them

  • Kiran Chopra
    Kiran Chopra Month ago +2

    Raphael and me: McDonald's is shooketh

  • XILoveAsian FoodX
    XILoveAsian FoodX Month ago +3

    Bruh Raphael all the time: omg this is soo good

  • Hannah Conforto
    Hannah Conforto Month ago +1

    We have this snack in America called Swedish fish where it's red fish candy

  • TheDumbStuff
    TheDumbStuff Month ago +4

    Me: Sees title

    Also me: *mEaTbAlLs*

  • Giantube74
    Giantube74 Month ago +4

    Disrespect pewdiepie!

  • Ml Official
    Ml Official Month ago +2

    Im sure that the swedish meatball that raphael eat for lunch was the one that was almost expired

  • Ml Official
    Ml Official Month ago +8

    This white sauce taste good
    .-.its mayo

  • ThaCHUBBmonster
    ThaCHUBBmonster Month ago +2

    Yeah ikea in the uk is the best
    The one closest to me is Bristol and that one is always good

  • Johanna Thufvesson
    Johanna Thufvesson Month ago +7

    Am i the only swede looking at this?.....

    Just me.... Oki...

    • Migge pigge
      Migge pigge 28 days ago

      Johanna Thufvesson bra att veta att det finns fler svennar

    • Migge pigge
      Migge pigge 28 days ago

      Johanna Thufvesson Im also swedish

    • TheDumbStuff
      TheDumbStuff Month ago

      Are the Swedish meatballs accurate to real the real meatballs from Sweden?

    • Roheena Sabery
      Roheena Sabery Month ago

      Nope not the only one 😂

    • Johanna Thufvesson
      Johanna Thufvesson Month ago +1

      @LindiweZ haha va bra då,

  • justanothergirl withacrazymind

    Yeahs try the groceries at Ikea!!

  • justanothergirl withacrazymind

    He puts so much food in his mouth i got scared of chooking

    • Plain-toast22
      Plain-toast22 Month ago

      justanothergirl withacrazymind
      iM nOt LiKe OtHeR gOrLs

  • je suis pink
    je suis pink Month ago +2

    Gordon Ramsay: it's RAW!
    Raphael Gomes: it's a little bit dry

  • Abdullah Soefri
    Abdullah Soefri Month ago +6

    Bet everyone is checking the comments

  • Sofia Arvanitaki
    Sofia Arvanitaki Month ago +1

    Ohhhh I love IKEA food and their potato chips are addictive.....and in Greece we have spicy fried chicken wings too

    • TheDumbStuff
      TheDumbStuff Month ago

      I dont like spicy things but i see why that would be popular

  • Triston Moyles
    Triston Moyles Month ago +5

    You don't pick up a fish like it's a toy

  • Triston Moyles
    Triston Moyles Month ago +1

    Normally you have marshmallow inside of the track cake at 15:52

    YUSSEFINHO Month ago +2

    french fries not chips

    YUSSEFINHO Month ago +4

    you ate chickenballs not chicken meatballs

  • Kammyy00
    Kammyy00 Month ago +2

    Can you please use your utensils😫 I love your videos but you’re in public come on😪

  • Ruby Kim
    Ruby Kim Month ago +4

    " this is my first time trying a hot dog .. "
    Me : *gAsP*
    " from Ikea "
    Me : *I-*

    • TheDumbStuff
      TheDumbStuff Month ago +1

      Wait i just realized i have been to the ikea food place about 4 times and never tried the hotdogs...

  • GaCHa PoTaTo YT
    GaCHa PoTaTo YT Month ago +4



  • Raneen saleh
    Raneen saleh Month ago +1

    شكرا على الترجمة 💕💕🌸
    Greetings from Palestin

    • Atiqa Gacha
      Atiqa Gacha Month ago +1

      Raneen saleh Assalamualaikum warahmatullah hiwabarokatuh ^^

    • Raneen saleh
      Raneen saleh Month ago +2

      Mm yes insont Palestinian citizen are dying slowly cause of the occupation of Israel

    • Pencil Shavings
      Pencil Shavings Month ago

      @Raneen saleh thought that nation was in the middle of a war lol

    • Raneen saleh
      Raneen saleh Month ago

      @Pencil Shavings ofcourse there's wifi ..we are in the 21 century if you don't know

    • Pencil Shavings
      Pencil Shavings Month ago

      do you even have wifi over there?

  • bts jungkook's wife

    Rip Louis sister ❤️❤️

  • Editz.by.me.
    Editz.by.me. Month ago +4

    Thats not a sauce it’s lingon jam 😂😂😂 i am from sweden we know our things😂

  • הראל שבתי נונו

    The flafle is israeli and me too come to israel thre is alate of food

  • DJ Nagle
    DJ Nagle Month ago +7

    Raphael, I'm a big fan, but dude, you gotta work on your table manners. What do you have against utensils?

    • Kendrick Williams
      Kendrick Williams 7 days ago

      it DOES not matter, let him eat how he eats, and if you dont like it, bye bye

    • DJ Nagle
      DJ Nagle 25 days ago

      Doesn't matter where he's at. Manners matter.

    • Random User
      Random User 26 days ago

      Table manners?

      Bruh he’s at an ikea

    • TheDumbStuff
      TheDumbStuff Month ago +2

      Why does he not use teh forks and knives they have? I never noticed till i saw this comment

  • לירון רדנר
    לירון רדנר Month ago +3

    Do a video when you try Israeli food/candy.
    You can orde in the internet. It’s so delicious!!!
    I live in Israel so I know😂is the best food in the world.

    • rainbow gamer
      rainbow gamer 27 days ago

      IN how you can be in the world we are on the world BOI

    • Tina Famme
      Tina Famme Month ago

      Wow yall dumb you dont know what country it is

    • Ivan Manzo
      Ivan Manzo Month ago +2

      Isra...who? You mean Palestine?

    • Shajeea
      Shajeea Month ago +3

      i don’t know what country that is.. sounds fake

    • Shaun The meme god
      Shaun The meme god Month ago

      Israel food is ok I guess not really a fan

  • Aurelia Priester
    Aurelia Priester Month ago +4

    They have also once a month sea food marathon,eat all you can,especially ikea membership card with you .

  • Exotic Stranger
    Exotic Stranger Month ago +3

    My cousin thought you were pewdiepie I know I’m confused too

  • Isak Granqvist
    Isak Granqvist 2 months ago +8

    why are you not fat?

    • Ramielle G.
      Ramielle G. Month ago

      Isak Granqvist he has a basal metabolic rate, in other words he eats a lot but burns calories faster than an average person

    • blue boy
      blue boy Month ago

      Its not that is fat it was u so plz dont say something like that to peeps

    • Insane Crap
      Insane Crap Month ago

      There's a thing called exercise

    • PeachiSweet
      PeachiSweet Month ago

      @buff clash i think they meant how, as in like how is he not fat due to the foods he's eating in the videos and the amount

    • Isak Granqvist
      Isak Granqvist Month ago

      @buff clash ?

  • Harmoni Washington
    Harmoni Washington 2 months ago +9

    The healthy fish is called Salmon

  • Harmoni Washington
    Harmoni Washington 2 months ago +5

    That grain salad is called quinoa and that white sauce is tartar sauce