iPhone XS and XS Max review


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  • The Verge
    The Verge  5 months ago +1775

    I misspoke! The iPhone XS Max has a 6.5-inch display, not 6.8. The XS has a 5.8, and the XR has a 6.1. - Nilay

    • Prajjwal Jha
      Prajjwal Jha Month ago

      What is the name of your child?

      NEWDAY NEWYEAR Month ago

      The Verge ..... Hey Verge, Can you donate your Max (or) one of your other phones? I have eye issues. Definitely need a larger display. Pls??

    • kunj agarwal
      kunj agarwal Month ago

      Wallpaper name pls

  • Jaylon Hale
    Jaylon Hale 16 hours ago

    How are you accidentally screenshotting💀💀

    • Dylan Power
      Dylan Power 11 hours ago

      Jaylon Hale that’s what I’m wondering. I have a Xs max and that never happens

  • Curwin Hutson
    Curwin Hutson 3 days ago

    What's the game he's playing in the video ?

  • onanidaily
    onanidaily 3 days ago

    How do you pronounce the name of this phone - iphone ten seven or iphone ten seventy ?

  • Brixwaterr
    Brixwaterr 4 days ago

    FlEx OlD aNd NeW pHoNe OoOoOoFfF

  • solarzz
    solarzz 5 days ago

    But is the iphone xs smaller than the x

  • yesisthebest
    yesisthebest 6 days ago

    Who’s watching on an iPhone XS

  • Jeff Sanorjo
    Jeff Sanorjo 6 days ago

    Your statment about the face id of iphone xs is faster than the x is true but the video showed in 4:27, the reason why the xs is faster to unlock the lock icon than the x because you're looking on the xs display first then next to the x's so you're thinking that xs unlocks faster than the x... well, you can't unlock iphone xs and x at the same time 'coz face id requires you to look on the screen that tou wanted to unlock. Hope that yo get my point.

  • Asa Moni
    Asa Moni 6 days ago

    wow i want to bye iphone x

  • Tyler Broome
    Tyler Broome 6 days ago

  • Avery Armas
    Avery Armas 11 days ago +1

    Lol in Canada the most expensive price for each model is our starting price :(

  • Βασίλειος Μπεσλεμές

    I farted at an apple store and everyone was mad not my fault they didn’t have windows

    • DashBroncos
      DashBroncos 2 days ago

      That’s cuz you’re a bad apple.

  • Rapid.
    Rapid. 15 days ago

    Watching on a Iphone xs

  • Annie D.
    Annie D. 15 days ago

    I’m constantly taking screen shots too lol 🙄🙄

  • Little Billy
    Little Billy 15 days ago

    you shouldn't be behind the camera

  • Josara Benitez
    Josara Benitez 15 days ago


  • Vinex
    Vinex 15 days ago


  • Coco deh XI
    Coco deh XI 16 days ago

    Fam I want that wallpaper

  • Wolf S
    Wolf S 17 days ago

    Amazon just told my mom she can get a free IPhone X’s and it’s coming

  • Zubair Ahmad
    Zubair Ahmad 19 days ago

    Need that wallpaper

  • EJFinn
    EJFinn 20 days ago

    iPhone XS: It's what the iPhone X should've been because we actually included a larger option

  • Ali
    Ali 20 days ago

    I upgraded to 10S from 7 plus ✌🏼

  • Justin Hoskins
    Justin Hoskins 23 days ago

    After watching SEVERAL reviews and side by side comparisons I just don’t see how someone could think the pixel 2 has a better camera than the iPhone XS. Speaking objectively BESIDES night shot the pixel 3 doesn’t even have a better camera than the iPhone 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Abigail loves Familia Diamond


  • Hikaaru NNO
    Hikaaru NNO 27 days ago

    Hopefully i can buy it..😁

  • Jo rin
    Jo rin 27 days ago

    Where do I find this wallpaper?

    • Alice Loveth
      Alice Loveth 27 days ago

      Hello after I fall into the trip of scam getting an iPhone X max at last I found hackerjeff844@gmail he got me mine

  • wake me up later
    wake me up later 28 days ago

    Low key the new iPhone just portrays how Apple stole LGG7thinQ's whole design, it came out before it and is pretty much looked over thanks to Apple and it's "Original" XR

  • Martin Page
    Martin Page 29 days ago

    I have a XS and it’s amazing, best phone that I had

  • Sergei Bouche
    Sergei Bouche Month ago

    I still got my 4s lol. Saving so much money without having to worry about apple robbing my bank account lmfao.

  • Angel Selegna
    Angel Selegna Month ago

    the idiots phone

  • Nam Tran
    Nam Tran Month ago

    he sounds like he hates iphone or something

  • lovelle Williams
    lovelle Williams Month ago

    Why is it I cant I change the background to the keyboard and the txt background

  • Yen Gonzaga
    Yen Gonzaga Month ago

    People always change their phone.
    Me : always changing battery.
    Nokia user here 😀😀😀😀😀

  • Midnight’s Galaxy

    I have small hands but I can still reach the notification or control center, my hand is also a little higher then where people will normally put it unless I’m typing.

    My experience with the iPhone XS Max, the time I’m writing this, I have this phone for less then 2 weeks. It’s my first phone and I’m already used to it and the home button.

  • Martin Jönsson
    Martin Jönsson Month ago


  • Jonathan M
    Jonathan M Month ago

    When I watch videos on my Mac on here, they don’t take up the full screen, around the top notch, why is this

  • Taufik Efendi
    Taufik Efendi Month ago

    If you can say bad things about iPhone, you'll look cool.

  • Tenshi Xciii
    Tenshi Xciii Month ago

    “Two swipes for one thing, kinda makes me sad” so I’m assuming he doesn’t have tinder?

  • mjsla
    mjsla Month ago

    So where's the Dual Sim review?

  • Engr SAM
    Engr SAM Month ago

    Thank God eske dono daga girgaye

  • Rose Willis
    Rose Willis Month ago

    What is the cirle on XS max ipho0ne

  • Sara C
    Sara C Month ago

    Thank you !!!

  • Amp
    Amp Month ago

    cool review

  • Mr. GT
    Mr. GT Month ago

    hey, where can I get that beautiful wallpaper?

  • Sandeep Singh
    Sandeep Singh Month ago

    how to get that thumbnail wallpaper ???

  • Keith Quirante
    Keith Quirante Month ago


  • El.Bihtador
    El.Bihtador Month ago

    Could you tell me where to find the wallpaper you use??

  • meowmeow
    meowmeow Month ago

    Still have a 6s plus in 2019.....doing just fine. God willing they improve with the 11 or 12 before I have to buy another phone.

  • tsa_marc / tcs clan


  • Dragon Gamer
    Dragon Gamer Month ago

    That’s offensive I have the iPhone XS Max

  • Jacob Lopez
    Jacob Lopez Month ago

    Still got the 6s

  • Chase
    Chase Month ago

    comparing the xs to the pixel is irrelevant,i dont care about the pixel,i want to waste my money on apple not google

  • Brandon 2SS
    Brandon 2SS Month ago

    Apples ios = I OWE SAMSUNG

  • Ragghav Katyal
    Ragghav Katyal Month ago

    wallpaper link plz

  • ricky kengston
    ricky kengston Month ago

    I am still using my iPhone 6s. I can call, I can text, I can use internet and take photos. So I am not throwing my money on the new one.

  • allen mcanerin
    allen mcanerin Month ago

    I want one soooo BAD

  • Mr. T-klas
    Mr. T-klas Month ago

    Yesterday I farted in the Apple Store and Everyone had to evacuate cause They didn't have Windows...

  • James Billings
    James Billings Month ago

    Im not upgrading, im literally trying to convince myself its a worthy upgrade from my 7 plus but it just looks the same!

  • Keyser Soze
    Keyser Soze Month ago

    Iphones are overrated bought my daughter the last 1 that came out,and my neighbor just happened to be outside 1 day when he overheard me mentioning the iphone price. So he comes up to me like do u wanna see how much $ u wasted? Im like well it was a gift so no thanks not that serious. My daughter interjected with oh my phone better than yours. So now im interested in the comparison,neighbor pulls his zte something immediately the screen size got me then camera then memory. His phone did everything we typically do on our phones basically the same as rhe pricey iphone...Needless to say i wasnt reassured and i was pissed! I do not recommend the iphone if saving $ is important to u. It reminded me of high school when we went crazy over cheaply poorly made Air Jordans iphone is made the same way in the same factory as any budget phone and any apps can easily be downloaded to compare..

  • Dylan Richards
    Dylan Richards Month ago

    Recently subbed great vids man keep up the work

  • Zay B
    Zay B Month ago

    I need that wallpaper for my mac

  • Giles Scanlon
    Giles Scanlon Month ago

    Would it be worth me upgrading from my 5s to Xs Max ?

  • Ferby Arisaka
    Ferby Arisaka Month ago

    The best iphone for now, but i currently still comfortable using 7 Plus :D

  • Joqt
    Joqt Month ago

    that's how you waste your money on apple

  • Aka Neymar
    Aka Neymar Month ago

    Simple solution change to samsung BOOM your welcome

  • Steven Davis
    Steven Davis Month ago

    People make such a big deal about cell phone cameras. Give me a break. Sick of hearing about portrait mode also. All these videos 3/4 of them are about the damn camera. I love iPhones but who would wanna carry around a huge max phone all day just so you can watch videos.

  • Neo Virz
    Neo Virz Month ago

    My ASUS Zenfone is my angel...

    SHAMEEL B 2 months ago

    Hy please upload wallpaper link

  • Shahid A.
    Shahid A. 2 months ago

    you see I want the iPhone XR but you basically disgraced that by saying it has the ppi of an iPhone 4s and that just knocked my interest of iPhone XR down to the ground, thanks for that Nilay!!!

  • assasinstar1
    assasinstar1 2 months ago

    Just went from an Android to iPhone XS Max I honestly love how fast everything is. Wow have I been missing out

  • anonymous
    anonymous 2 months ago +1

    What wallpaper did you use for this video?

  • Rosie Zuhour
    Rosie Zuhour 2 months ago

    Someone come and buy me and iphone xs max plz

  • Glacid Rumble
    Glacid Rumble 2 months ago

    I’ll buy iPhone XS than a iPhone XR.

  • DT
    DT 2 months ago

    Getting this for my old school RuneScape gains, current phone is a SE lmao

  • aubrie lee
    aubrie lee 2 months ago


  • Jet Lu
    Jet Lu 2 months ago

    shame on you Apple because of infringed on Qualcomm patents on total of eight patents related to managing battery life have been infringed upon

  • Ghost 1
    Ghost 1 2 months ago

    Good video

  • D.L .G
    D.L .G 2 months ago

    The fact I was really thinking about upgrading from my iPhone X to a iPhone XS Max.... 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Kyron Stirgus
    Kyron Stirgus 2 months ago

    Getting mines today❤️

  • Ash Moth
    Ash Moth 2 months ago

    Apple is overrated

  • Ash Moth
    Ash Moth 2 months ago

    Apple is overpriced

  • Ash Moth
    Ash Moth 2 months ago

    Apple is trash

  • Ash Moth
    Ash Moth 2 months ago

    Apple is garbage

  • Aimless
    Aimless 2 months ago

    Do I upgrade to a XS Max from a Samsung S8+?

  • El.Bihtador
    El.Bihtador 2 months ago

    Thank you for the review!
    Can you tell me where to find the wallpaper you have??

  • PTRK
    PTRK 2 months ago

    No screen burn-in on the X.. Well that's a relief😅 the galaxy s8 of my brother has tons of burn-ins. Does the galaxy s9 have burn-in? I choosing between the s9 or Xs. Not only because of the burn-in, i was just wondering.

  • maniijuan
    maniijuan 2 months ago

    Watching this on my iPhone XS Max

  • Alex Fiq
    Alex Fiq 2 months ago

    i love iphone

  • Igor HD
    Igor HD 2 months ago

    Would you be able to give me a samsung galaxy note 9 or huawei mate 20 pro or iphone xsmax, since I need a new and strong phone with good cameras, and I do not have the money to afford it? If you could meet me, I would be grateful. P. S WITH THE MOST STYLE and just go !!!!!!

  • BlackJesusAF
    BlackJesusAF 2 months ago

    Can someone post a link to that wallpaper please

    • The Verge
      The Verge  2 months ago


  • Miguel Souza Martins
    Miguel Souza Martins 2 months ago

    Iphone xs max and iphone xs max what buy?

    • Miguel Souza Martins
      Miguel Souza Martins 2 months ago

      Hello, i'm from brazil, speak portuguese but i also know how to speak in english what is the diference and iphone xs max vs iphone xs

  • David Ekstrom
    David Ekstrom 2 months ago

    I'm just waiting for a time when devices stop slowing down...like come on, I bought the Nvidia Shield Tablet for gaming, and after a month of use, it's garbage cuz it's so slow.. and the only way to fix it is to do a factory reset. lol

  • MegaFishguts
    MegaFishguts 2 months ago

    I hear the newest iphone max axix is the bomb, everything about it is upgraded 👍🏿

  • Tzar Huggins
    Tzar Huggins 2 months ago

    Looool the pixel 2 camera quality looks piss poor beside iPhone XS Max @ 7:36

  • Ace
    Ace 2 months ago +9

    Who else is watching this on an iPhone Xs

    • Anson Ng
      Anson Ng 2 months ago +1

      Ace I’m watching on Xs Max

  • Snooze5000
    Snooze5000 2 months ago

    I am just going to wait for the iPhone 9. It’s going to be way cheaper and way better then the X series. It’s got to be because 9 comes after 8 and will have newer tech then X’s because, well it’s newer. Does that make sense? $1000 plus. That’s a quality laptop or an awesome desktop.

  • - -
    - - 2 months ago +1

    I honestly don’t understand why people want bigger phones they can’t even fit in your pocket!

    • Steven Davis
      Steven Davis Month ago

      - - Feel the same way. Can’t stand big phones

  • Medinas1831 X
    Medinas1831 X 2 months ago

    This phone makes my heart tingle

  • kiiing ibrahim
    kiiing ibrahim 2 months ago +1

    While in Canada its 1530$ 64 GB!!!!!

  • Aidan Payan
    Aidan Payan 2 months ago

    I used to buy the plus model iPhones until this year because 6.5 is just a bit too much for me.