RENAULT 5 TURBO - Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
  • What do you get when you take a boxy little hatchback, replace the backseat with a high-performance engine, and add a turbo? You get one of the most badass pieces of automotive engineering thought up by the French. Join James as he explores the history of the Renault 5 Turbo!
    Hosted by James Pumphrey
    Edited by Colby Mann & Spencer Huff
    Animation by Raghav Arumugam
    Written by Sarah Fairfield
    Directed by Jesse Wood

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  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla 2 days ago

    My dad had this before I was born until the turbine exploded and it costed too much to repair it, so he sold it back to the dealership, they repaired it and a lady bought it and died going off a bridge

  • DaLaaNi Bombina
    DaLaaNi Bombina 3 days ago

    That Deschamp fella reminds me of Stallone.

  • Abido Chaouch
    Abido Chaouch 5 days ago

    I was shocked by the Americans' knowledge of this small box. I was sure that its fame did not go beyond Europe, but also that this small scrap is one of the best cars produced by France, especially the gt-turbo mk2 "1993

  • Daniel J
    Daniel J 8 days ago

    I just want to tell you that I haven’t watched any of your videos (including this one) even though your videos always come up on my youtube home page. The reason is that you insist on putting your grimacing face on all the thumbnails and that leads me to believe that your videos are probably a silly waste of time. I think that you would get more clicks if you stopped doing that.

  • Hans Ovalandër
    Hans Ovalandër 9 days ago

    Audi quarttro : sees any winning rally car. *Im about to end the mans whole career*

  • 1400 gt
    1400 gt 21 day ago


  • Meyer Meyer
    Meyer Meyer 27 days ago

    You should do the clio V6 #Buffhorse

  • sebastian ruiz
    sebastian ruiz 29 days ago

    4:44 The Renault 4 was popular here in Colombia

  • two three
    two three 29 days ago

    lmao "I admit, I thought you will totally say about your dic-"

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca Month ago +4

    Up to speed: Alfa!

  • Emmanuel Moreno
    Emmanuel Moreno Month ago

    Can you do something on the rs200??

  • Luiz Mussio
    Luiz Mussio Month ago

    Thumbs up to my favorite car show
    Greetings from Brasil

  • Mickeyickey
    Mickeyickey Month ago

    It's sad they dont make cars like that anymore. They even canceled the Ford Focus RS. Sport versions of cars look almost no different from the regular versions

  • Looch Mind Reader
    Looch Mind Reader Month ago


  • JR Harryman
    JR Harryman Month ago

    watch these videos with closed captions on and laugh.

  • TheMkt Mérida
    TheMkt Mérida Month ago

    Ehat about the peugeot t16?

  • Garrett Stater
    Garrett Stater Month ago

    Same company that made the fucking twingo

  • Nichol And Mayang
    Nichol And Mayang Month ago car is daihatsu mira..

  • Patrick Gormly
    Patrick Gormly Month ago +2

    Just to mention, Hans devices are obligatory in a vast number of amateur races too.

  • bojan but pronounced boyan

    clio v6 plsss

  • supermarketsweeps
    supermarketsweeps Month ago

    i only saw one in 1986 wow factor , a head turner at the time . but i think we call them renault 5 gordini turbo but maybe i'm mistaken uk

  • Nguyễn Lê Đức Dương

    Starlet GT turbo please

  • hairychesticles1
    hairychesticles1 Month ago

    I love a gurl with a phat ass

  • P Grajeda
    P Grajeda Month ago


  • Thunder 9501
    Thunder 9501 Month ago

    Please consider the Opel Kadett's. Most Kadett C's still kick Ass in hillclimb And rally Events all across Europe. And it was gm's First successful world Car while the Kadett b rallye actualy got imported to the US as Well.
    Please, there are some really cool Cars in the Kadett Family
    Kadett B Rallye
    Kadett C GT/E
    Kadett C Rallye
    Kadett C GT/E100
    Kadett D GTE
    Kadett E GSi
    Kadett E GSi Superboss
    Astra F GSi

  • Tony Quigley
    Tony Quigley Month ago

    Why can't american's say a SINGLE f*cking thing correctly.... it's like he's trying to remove the entire middle from the name Renault. I bet he wishes it was spelled R'No

  • john tucker
    john tucker Month ago

    And if you want to buy one today in the uk you're looking at about £60-75k....

  • Antonio Viri
    Antonio Viri Month ago

    @davidecironi ci sei anche te al minuto 10:27

  • Abdul Aden
    Abdul Aden Month ago

    So ass is censored but dick isn’t 😂 that’s so French lol

  • Claudio Campi
    Claudio Campi Month ago

    The engine came straight from the R5 Alpine Turbo (1.4 with T3) that version simply FWD.. that put it at the back and they’ve replaced carburetor with electronic injection

  • Rich Hoban
    Rich Hoban Month ago

    Sssssssssh. You don't have to shout.

  • marco vaillant
    marco vaillant Month ago +1

    my uncle own one, a group B configuration, i already done known mountains roads with him
    its better than sex

  • Spectonimous
    Spectonimous Month ago

    Discovered this car from Gran Turismo 4 but never knew much about it until I encountered this video

  • Claudy_Focan
    Claudy_Focan Month ago

    Don't forget the Clio V6 that followed !

  • SuperTartine592 ou Shingo Shogi

    Hey look he just talking shit about french!
    Me: mmmmh well i mean i'm all these cliché so whatever i mean..... I smoke Marlboro i love Wine.... And Vodka i love the sandwich baguette ham butter mayonnaise "Wait hol' up you put butter and mayonnaise?" oui "DAAAAAAYUUUM you must be fat!" i'm 50 kilograms "oh errr well..." *smaks him with the buttstock of the FAMAS with the French anthem earrape*

  • black cabbage
    black cabbage Month ago +1

    you should definitely do a video with Davide Ceroni, he is a true crazy petrolhead and he knows a lot about cars

  • Not not a good Guy
    Not not a good Guy Month ago

    Le car

  • Raphael welingston
    Raphael welingston Month ago +1

    1:36 No guys no ! It's a freaking renault alpine A110 ! Not a renault A110 ! And you gona tell me that i'm wrong because i'm french, and i know my classic !

  • ZebsFrend
    ZebsFrend Month ago

    1:38 in and I had to stop watching this shouting and foolish eeedjit. Change your presentation style, have a shave and a hircur, wear clean clothes and never wear a cap indoors. In fat never wear A BASEBALL CAP AT ALL. EVER...................

  • Fabio Ferreira
    Fabio Ferreira Month ago +1

    Thank you for this awesome video about this awesome car!!😍

  • Alarismos
    Alarismos Month ago

    i rided one of them its amazing

  • Dumbasslive
    Dumbasslive Month ago +2

    You damn Muricans & your goofy pronunciations.. "Rino".. Lol

  • F L Y I N G U Z I
    F L Y I N G U Z I Month ago


  • Prickly Pear
    Prickly Pear Month ago +1

    Its not 'Rag-naughty', its pronounced 'Ranyo-tee' like as in 'gnocchi' smh

  • fernand gauthier
    fernand gauthier Month ago

    i want to drive a car like this one . only one time before i die .

    LANGFREDAG Month ago

    Are you drunk?

  • Bought_Built_Broke
    Bought_Built_Broke Month ago

    You need to do an up to speed on the Mk1 and mk2 Escort

  • ThePointlessBox_
    ThePointlessBox_ Month ago

    bullshit, I dont believe you

  • Pourchasse Morgan
    Pourchasse Morgan Month ago

    It's not a Renault a 110 it is an Alpine

  • A Dank Lobster
    A Dank Lobster Month ago

    you forgot to mention Ali G

  • gchelem
    gchelem Month ago

    You are a cool dude!

  • Ember Storm
    Ember Storm Month ago

    I love the A110. She's a cute little bug

  • Newy M
    Newy M Month ago

    10 inches 😋😂😂

  • Eloy van Nieuwenhoven


  • C Sbastianygaumnitz
    C Sbastianygaumnitz 2 months ago

    WTF the HANS device was available in the eighties? G@D DAMNIT Dale. You could be alive today. WTF #3

  • C Sbastianygaumnitz
    C Sbastianygaumnitz 2 months ago

    Hell yeah winnie the pooh. You get that porage from that high maintenance blonde haired home invader.

  • moha djeff
    moha djeff 2 months ago


  • The Fat Turtle
    The Fat Turtle 2 months ago

    I need an episode on the A110, car is a fucking beast in rally and I love it.

  • JLiam
    JLiam 2 months ago +1

    next : Peugeout 205 GTI

  • Guy Mendum
    Guy Mendum 2 months ago

    What about a video on the Reliant car company?

    CONHOLIO95 2 months ago

    Watch first 30seconds at playback speed: 0.5

  • Veraliot
    Veraliot 2 months ago

    Cette accent je n'en peux plus , and please make the Clio V6 and Clio Williams

  • gavin banwell
    gavin banwell 2 months ago

    Group 5 episode ?

  • tp7886
    tp7886 2 months ago +1

    Laughed out loud at the Metal Gear Solid explanation mark.

  • A stoned squirtle
    A stoned squirtle 2 months ago

    Renault 5 turbo GT tho

  • Jonathan Simões
    Jonathan Simões 2 months ago

    those were the fathers of the lovely mid-engine 3.0 Clio V6. Mad frenchs!

  • Batteryman
    Batteryman 2 months ago +27

    that French kid in the back seat with its mustage was just perfect.

  • BraveBHP
    BraveBHP 2 months ago

    Looks like a lil Audi Quattro S1

  • mfitze1
    mfitze1 2 months ago

    Can you guys please just make an up to speed on garrett turbos? Ik they arnt cars... but still. Pretty please

  • Clayton Mascarenhas
    Clayton Mascarenhas 2 months ago +4

    Do one on the Uno turbo,the R5's street rival.

  • Vasyl Leziuk
    Vasyl Leziuk 2 months ago

    I miss the passion that people used to put into their vehicles back in the day. Cars today lack passion and the goal of providing the ultimate driving experience. Yes.. Cars are just a mode of transportation, but why does it have to be? We drive everyday, want to or not, why not enjoy it and love it.

  • Влад Вулкан
    Влад Вулкан 2 months ago

    You should say about Flatout 2 appearence

  • Yuri-Girl 13 Samantha
    Yuri-Girl 13 Samantha 2 months ago

    My dad has a 5turbo 2, its really fun! He made a little rally course and does when I'm in the passenger seat! This is one of my favourite cars!

  • FSHN' Kng
    FSHN' Kng 2 months ago

    Dude imma comment on every single vid that pops up until you make one. You know its the OG cross over, the Isuse Amigo

  • Bacyard Garage
    Bacyard Garage 2 months ago

    I'm French and the r5 turbo for the French people is one of the most success car of the French production and I think the best documentary of this car is yours.

  • Juan Pablo Velásquez
    Juan Pablo Velásquez 2 months ago

    Citroen Saxo please

  • Juan Pablo Velásquez
    Juan Pablo Velásquez 2 months ago

    What happened with the music? i can only hear your voice.

  • Opc c
    Opc c 2 months ago

    When I watched the first episode of dragon ball I was like, wait a fookin second is that a Renault 5 turbo?

  • ilyas said
    ilyas said 2 months ago

    toyota fj cruiser

  • Dhamon Krys-Asselstine
    Dhamon Krys-Asselstine 2 months ago

    Do Suzuki

  • beaudidlyno1
    beaudidlyno1 2 months ago

    Austin Metro 6R4 Ford RS200 Peugeot Ti16

  • James Kurz
    James Kurz 2 months ago +2

    Bulma drove an R5 Turbo :O
    I was into Dragon Ball before I was into cars and I didn't knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • tugger
    tugger 3 months ago

    Bulma's car! :)

  • Keaton D.
    Keaton D. 3 months ago


  • Squidward testicles
    Squidward testicles 3 months ago

    3:14 and 5:05 love the animation

  • SRTT
    SRTT 3 months ago


  • manuel ybarra
    manuel ybarra 3 months ago

    Thank you for the Metal Gear reference

  • Flynn 5532
    Flynn 5532 3 months ago

    is using that car in dragonballz copy right?

  • ginu binukb
    ginu binukb 3 months ago

    Do up to speed on the peel p50

  • Manuel Palma
    Manuel Palma 3 months ago

    Genesis coupe is not the best car ever, but come on give a little love to Korean cars. Ijs

  • Chan Deurinck
    Chan Deurinck 3 months ago

    Do one on the Peugeot 205 GTI/T16

  • marco vaillant
    marco vaillant 3 months ago +1

    my uncle own one in groupB configuration.
    i sit on the passenger place for a 5 minutes hillclimb with that sweet 1.4 turbo.
    god even with the mic you must sceam
    im a 98' boi but this is my fav car omfg

  • Joe Palazzolo
    Joe Palazzolo 3 months ago

    I actually saw a Renault rally car at the Detroit autorama last week. I knew it was something different, but it took me a second to realize it was a Renault. Pretty cool.

  • Jere niemelä
    Jere niemelä 3 months ago

    Up to speed peugeot or 205 t16 or 405 t16

  • SevenDeMagnus
    SevenDeMagnus 3 months ago

    The James Bond car.

  • Ethan Han
    Ethan Han 3 months ago

    Not a A1

  • Ethan Han
    Ethan Han 3 months ago

    That looks like an Alpine

  • Ultralight Gaming
    Ultralight Gaming 3 months ago

    4:26 is just so weird but I find it funny I don't know why

  • Engiさん
    Engiさん 3 months ago

    HRSPRS 😂😂

    DARIUS MARK 3 months ago

    Or Vel Satis