Korean TRADITIONAL Market Street Food Tour in Seoul

  • Published on Jul 2, 2017
  • I arrived in Korea and tried a bunch of street food at the most traditional markets in Seoul. Let the tour begin!
    Locations: english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/ATR/SI_EN_3_1_1_1.jsp?cid=1823985

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  • Dillon Daundivier

    What a dick Mike was when that lady asked twice where are you from...Mike straight up ignored her

  • Milan B.
    Milan B. Day ago

    Street food are my favorites videos!

  • Ñico Ñico DËËP

    9:08 hEnTai

  • Julian cooking
    Julian cooking 4 days ago

    His "stop feeding me" sneezes are so cute.

  • Autumn Almonte
    Autumn Almonte 6 days ago

    I can’t wait to be a aunti

  • Lovelymilktae
    Lovelymilktae 10 days ago

    Disch taste amazing 😂😂😂

  • Largethiccfella 2
    Largethiccfella 2 14 days ago

    Umm some of that could be dog

    • Sam OwO
      Sam OwO 8 days ago

      Largethiccfella 2 You do realize that cooking and selling dogs in Korea is illegal...right? Dude just do some fact checking instead of listening to some random racist guy on the internet

  • Ymir Sweet
    Ymir Sweet 16 days ago

    I want to die there.....please

  • Piyusha Saraf
    Piyusha Saraf 18 days ago

    I wish I could be a non vegetarian 😫

  • Piyusha Saraf
    Piyusha Saraf 18 days ago

    You are so cute 😍

  • Laura Cole
    Laura Cole 20 days ago

    3:21 I just think it's funny sometimes in his videos I'll be looking at the background people will be staring at the camera and will be pointing

  • Sergio Carrillo
    Sergio Carrillo 21 day ago +1

    Nice job bro

  • Sergio Carrillo
    Sergio Carrillo 21 day ago +1

    Wow love your content

  • JMW King2
    JMW King2 25 days ago

    Background people are the best

  • Gina Gelbolingo San Buenaventura

    You make me want to go to Korea!

  • 짠도리토스
    짠도리토스 Month ago

    u looked like jackie chan

  • Shiitake mushroom
    Shiitake mushroom Month ago

    I've been to a mall in thailand before, and they did the token monetary system.

  • Jacky Noo
    Jacky Noo Month ago

    Yes I'm not one person who coughs and sneezes when I'm full YES IM NOT WEIRD

  • wut mohn
    wut mohn Month ago

    Me Idk what to eat
    Mikey I am just gonna eat them all

  • 이은굥
    이은굥 Month ago +1

    Tons of my favorite food

  • 이은굥
    이은굥 Month ago +1

    Tons of my favorite food

  • Sigrid Abrahamsen
    Sigrid Abrahamsen Month ago +1

    Now I expect you have a woman Mike, I have a great husband. But in our next life it should be you and me!

    • sadcat
      sadcat Month ago +1

      lol this is so wholesome

  • Anggia Angela
    Anggia Angela Month ago +1

    Watching while working out...the best 👍🏽

  • Fueled Rage
    Fueled Rage Month ago +2

    Deployed in Korea looking for places to explore I'm a huge foodie so thanks for the video🤙

  • happyjolly77able
    happyjolly77able Month ago

    I'm going to Korea in Oct. I'm definitely going to this place after seeing your video. Thanks

    SANDY Month ago

    I had to rewind when I heard 5 dollas! 🙋‍♀️😁

  • Damien Lee
    Damien Lee Month ago


  • Jesse Deslate
    Jesse Deslate Month ago

    Whats the name of the first market?

  • Châu Chấu Kèm Tiếng Anh

    Legend has it, the nice Kimbap lady at 10:35 is still wondering where Mike is from.

  • Nichole A
    Nichole A Month ago

    I'm eating Doritos while watching this lol

    KBV CHANNEL Month ago

    I really enjoy watching all your vids. 😇😍 God bless you! 🙏

  • sartorian darkstorm

    1:13 when i heard the music i started to think is there an alan unit nearby... for reference its from snl with bill hader

  • Cherry A
    Cherry A Month ago

    Makes my day smile to watch you.I cant eat as much as you but I love LOVE food. So fun to watch and see how different food is.mmmm Im so hungry!your very cute when you eat and explain everything.

  • Retro Tech with another Shawn

    I can't find the Peak to Peak t-shirt hes wearing later in the video. Is that a custom design?

  • Michelle Nuñez
    Michelle Nuñez Month ago

    Try the foods in the Philippines🇵🇭.

  • shin james
    shin james Month ago

    its good idea to come to korea like this, going to traditional market and using token was a good idea for that market cos customers could taste more various menu , but the problem is its still very expensive for koreans, hving some systematical matter inside of country, i hate of it.

  • Adrian O'Hagan
    Adrian O'Hagan Month ago

    I started off binge watching Beyond Science, now I'm binge watching Strictly Dumpling, Keep making videos :), this makes me really want to go to Korea just for the street food. I always watch your food videos before I have dinner to make me hungry lol

  • Water Parsley
    Water Parsley Month ago

    9:08 Hentai

  • Anisha Kafle
    Anisha Kafle Month ago

    Do you travel alone?

  • Z M
    Z M 2 months ago

    6:54 to me that is some of the best Korean food... spicy, healthy, probiotic, and absolutely delicious.

  • Rona Bagamasbad
    Rona Bagamasbad 2 months ago

    Love the noodles 😋😋😋

  • Wei Hao Huang
    Wei Hao Huang 2 months ago

    Bruh one day when hes doing this hes bout to get robbed

  • maryytao
    maryytao 2 months ago

    I like that he actually tried so many different things. Most youtubers only does like one tray and we don’t get to see other foods

  • amber J
    amber J 2 months ago

    I got that honey pancake body 👌

  • Dominus Ghaul
    Dominus Ghaul 2 months ago

    So many Korean people always look so pissed off... What's up with that?

  • Black Ginger
    Black Ginger 2 months ago

    5:35 u eat so much chilli sir,that’s why u sneezing 🤧 u so cute when u sneezing 🤧

  • Johnathon Petersen
    Johnathon Petersen 2 months ago

    This dude can eat! Im 6'5 and half of the food he eats would fill me up!

  • Eva
    Eva 2 months ago

    I feel so depressed lol I’m sitting here eating chips when I want to eat what’s on the screen

  • Renzo Dizon
    Renzo Dizon 2 months ago +1

    9:06-9:11 "HENTAI!"

  • Candice G
    Candice G 2 months ago

    My dream job

  • Sage Beta
    Sage Beta 2 months ago

    I think i got full from watching the video

  • California Dreamin
    California Dreamin 2 months ago +4

    i love that you kept the sneezes in 🤣🤣. thank you, i needed a laugh 😆

  • officialmer
    officialmer 2 months ago

    11:03 cutest photo bomb :)

  • LoW qUaLiTy? Im tHe bEsT qUaLiTy


  • amir man
    amir man 2 months ago

    Does he walk alone or there is someone with him??

  • Bird
    Bird 2 months ago

    How much are the bundle of 10 tokens in USD I wonder

  • Forestcore
    Forestcore 2 months ago

    « When I’m in a different country, calories don’t count » - technically, you’re always in a different country :)

  • Patti P
    Patti P 2 months ago +46

    "Cmon it's me, I wanna try everything so I got a lil more...like 40" duuuuuuude that's me as well 😂

  • BEN kara Mohammed Reda
    BEN kara Mohammed Reda 2 months ago +4

    Asian guy speaks english fluently in Asia
    Asia: im i a joke to you ?

  • Amity Tube
    Amity Tube 3 months ago

    chicken with vegetables (Dakjjim:안동찜닭)

  • Xiu Zhen Shi
    Xiu Zhen Shi 3 months ago

    Miss Mina has been there too are you friends 👫

  • goodnarwahle sue
    goodnarwahle sue 3 months ago

    I am korean and I eat most of this every day and my mouth is watering rn

  • Seoul Searcher
    Seoul Searcher 3 months ago +3

    "This is the best arcade ever"

  • Max Hathaway
    Max Hathaway 3 months ago

    Korean aunties are so cute I love them

  • Sabita Gurung
    Sabita Gurung 3 months ago

    dam bam👨‍🏭💖

  • Winston Carter
    Winston Carter 3 months ago

    If I were Mike my only worry would be where is the closest toilet lol. 😥

  • fufufuaru
    fufufuaru 3 months ago

    7:35 me at a good buffet place or streetfood area lol

  • Cindy Hor Pei Ching
    Cindy Hor Pei Ching 3 months ago

    So at this market we covert money to coins? Or can we just use money?

  • Aiqing He
    Aiqing He 3 months ago

    "this is my workout today." lol

  • Rayne
    Rayne 3 months ago +1

    What to do when you're hungry? Watch vids about street food in Korea!

  • Jiminie Girlfriend
    Jiminie Girlfriend 3 months ago +2

    I'm getting hungry

  • Alex Kang
    Alex Kang 4 months ago

    just some info, even tho the direct translation is "sesame" leaf. It's actually a perilla leaf, not a sesame.

  • Kai K
    Kai K 4 months ago

    come onnnnn. u went to gwangjang and missed "yuk-hwe" korean beef tartar. try it sometime if u re-visit. huge fan!

    FWAKWAKKA 4 months ago +1

    octopus? :( octopus are super smart and awesome bois. sads

  • Noscope69_420
    Noscope69_420 4 months ago

    Whats the song at 5:56....?? thats just sooo sick