Will Mendy and Hazard win La Liga for Real Madrid? ► Who's In

  • Published on Jun 12, 2019
  • After a less than impressive campaign which saw Los Blancos go through 3 managers, crash out of the UCL in the last 16 and never get near to Barcelona in the title race, a big revamp is definitely needed. As ever, money is no issue with Real and now with Zidane back at the helm they’ve made some good signings already and with a few more potentially on the cards, here’s how Real Madrid might line up next season!
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Comments • 371

  • Onefootball English
    Onefootball English  3 months ago +67

    Am I right? Who would you have put in this team that isn't in it?

  • Josh Callanan
    Josh Callanan 28 days ago

    Hala madrid

  • Pratip Ghosh Dastidar

    You put Bale in your XI! Lol 😋

  • • I am a Funny YouTuber lol

    Benzema is a joke of a striker Vinicuis should start.

  • If not Why not
    If not Why not Month ago +1

    Militao should start ahead of Ramos tho

  • ashton TGB
    ashton TGB 2 months ago

    But what about mbappe

  • ashton TGB
    ashton TGB 2 months ago

    Modric ,isco,asencio

  • Achilless Barreto
    Achilless Barreto 2 months ago +1

    I think the Cinderella story is over for liverpool.

  • Wealthy Nkosi #RB THE SnIpEr Nkosi

    What about kovacic

  • Shazally Sood
    Shazally Sood 2 months ago

    Yea.. Maybe copa del ray even.. But nahh i dun think champions league.. But but pls uefa, give us madrid... WE WANT REAL MADRID WITH RAMOS FUCKING IN IT..!!

  • Nelson Medelllin
    Nelson Medelllin 2 months ago

    Militao can play RB and CB so he can replace Carvajal tbh

  • Mr cow Cow
    Mr cow Cow 2 months ago

    Eriksen was drop from real

  • king
    king 2 months ago +1

    lie courtois is not gonna be goalkeeper zidane does not want him they will buy de gea

  • shivam pardeshi
    shivam pardeshi 2 months ago

    bale are u fucking serious zidane will bench him whole season

  • laxman jonchhen
    laxman jonchhen 2 months ago

    No one can replace cr7

  • Ammata Khandharixay
    Ammata Khandharixay 2 months ago

    What abkut Luka Jovic

  • Gogic 99
    Gogic 99 2 months ago

    Just came to say Griezman and De Jong ;)

  • SeeZeX
    SeeZeX 2 months ago +2

    Bruh I hate the fact that he forgot about sergio busquets when talking about the best cdms in the world

  • Sayantan Das
    Sayantan Das 2 months ago

    Eriksen lmao

  • Rviichan _kr
    Rviichan _kr 2 months ago +11

    Not only laliga Ucl too.. Real Madrid next Season will be on 🔥🔥

  • Nb Glitchy
    Nb Glitchy 2 months ago

    Bale? What are you on? I don’t see Bale playing at all next season

  • Vijay Ganesan
    Vijay Ganesan 2 months ago

    Reguilon > Mendy or Marcelo idk what people don't see in him

    MAHIM KHAN 2 months ago

    They will win the treble this year

    RODZ THE IBEX 2 months ago

    Fuck Courtois that absolute cunt. And a shit keeper. Hala Madrid Hala Navas

  • WilliamParadise
    WilliamParadise 2 months ago

    We need MBAPPE

  • Zsófi Nagy
    Zsófi Nagy 2 months ago +1

    In my opinion, Modric is still a crucial player for Real Madrid. Yes, he is old but I think he still has his magic somewhere. It was a bad and tiring season for all the players. Maybe if Real brings someone who Modric can competing with as in the past years, then his performance couldn’t be a problem for the next 2 years.Of course they need to find a perfect replacement but it’s going to be really hard.

  • Zaru
    Zaru 2 months ago

    3-3-1-3 will be interesting to see as a choice. Imagine that midfielder, Hazard(AMF), Modric(CM), Kroos(CM), Casemeiro(CDM). And put Mendy or Carvajal as CB so they have 3 CB. Of course they have so many variations

    • Orveus
      Orveus 2 months ago

      Zaru Rj That’s a 3-4-3 diamond

  • Zino Wardenier
    Zino Wardenier 2 months ago +9

    I think they will play 4-3-1-2, at least I hope so. They have proved that this works in the 17-18 season, with Isco as nr 10 and CR7 and Benzema in front. And lets be honest, anything that Isco can do, Hazard can do better. The stikeforce of Benzema and Jovic is just going to be deadly wichever way you lool at it.
    As for the midfield Eriksen would be welcome for sure, but as a Madrid fan, Modric has a spot in my heart and I'd love to see him start. He is a team player, so when the team preformes better he'll shine once again as well. Kroos and Casemiro are locked into postion ofc
    The defence is the only thing I don't agree with. I've watched every game of Madrid this season (yes, I've gone true a lot 😜) and Carvajal is one of the key reasons we are conceding so much. He isn't playing as right back anymore, he's always playing right mid, pushing forward, which leave lots of space behind him. I'd love to see Odriozola start, as he has proven to be very solid in both offens end most importantly defence.
    Then as CB, ofc Ramos, but I'd like to see Militao start, he's young, he's confident, he's what a center back should be, as for Varane, he is the other main reason for the goals we have conceded, making stupid mistakes or just not being in postion. Idk what it is, but ever since he won the World Cups he hasn't been the same.
    And lastly the left back. We all know Marcelo had probably his worst season, and I am willing to give him another change, just because I know what he is capible of, but I've seen Mendy play against PSG, City and Barca and he is an absolute monster. If Marcelo is anything like last season, I think he could lose his postion quickly
    Courtois in goal ofc, I'm from Belgium and I know what he is capible of, once his self confidence is back, he'll be a beast just like he was in the World Cup.
    To quickly sum everything up:
    Odriozola, Ramos, Militao, Marcelo (Mendy if he doesn't play well)
    Kroos, Casemiro, Modric
    Jovic, Benzema
    Can't wait for next season, with Barca buying Griezmann and with this new Real Madrid squad, this season is going to be awesome 🔥

    • Lee Jones
      Lee Jones 2 months ago

      Zino Wardenier hi mate if you were to bet big money, who would you bet on to win la liga next season Barca or Real?

  • HizzleguyConcreteVip
    HizzleguyConcreteVip 2 months ago

    Militao could play rb

  • Luis Beltran
    Luis Beltran 3 months ago +2

    I would sell carvajal keep varane and sergio cb and rb militao you are welcome.

    • Luis Castro
      Luis Castro 2 months ago

      Yeah right 😂🤣Carvajal if one of the best righ backs in the world,Militao is there to replace Ramos in a couple of years

  • Rafiq Paxomni
    Rafiq Paxomni 3 months ago +6

    People need to stop gassing the Eriksen transfer. Hes good but hes overrated and has absolutely nothing over Modric or Kroos. Anyone who actually watches football would know.

  • Alex Thoppil
    Alex Thoppil 3 months ago +1

    If bale leaves, Vinicius, Brahim, and Asensio would be competing for that RW spot which sounds promising. Rodrygo will probably have to spend some time in Castilla, but he will soon be another offensive weapon. A Hazard-Jovic-Vinicius attack with Benzema, Asensio, and Brahim on the bench would be great.

  • Julian
    Julian 3 months ago +1

    I’m really scared Real Madrid will be good again with a good manager and better players now. Hopefully in wrong.

  • pchango
    pchango 3 months ago

    Eriksen??? No thanks

  • К Б
    К Б 3 months ago +3

    Eriksen ? I know zidan clearly wants pogba more than eriksen

    • dad style
      dad style 2 months ago

      Van de Beek

    • Orveus
      Orveus 2 months ago

      К Б I am pretty sure that Pogba wants to return to Juventus

  • Luca The Vlogger
    Luca The Vlogger 3 months ago +1

    forgot about Brahim Diaz! I think that Zidane is trying to get him in the team. Where would he play?

  • Aman Bisht
    Aman Bisht 3 months ago +1

    I will love to see Hazard wide as he is just unstoppable there and his partnership with Bale may get the best out of Bale , who knows

  • Abu Rabaah
    Abu Rabaah 3 months ago

    Should Keep modric 😏

  • Mirditë Qorri
    Mirditë Qorri 3 months ago +2

    Marco asensio can play instead of gareth bale

  • iamReoh
    iamReoh 3 months ago

    I would start mendy put Marcelo in the CDM position and put kroos and casemiro at cmthen put modric on at 70mins

  • Akkar_Unbekannt
    Akkar_Unbekannt 3 months ago

    Kante deserves to move to a bigger club because Sarri doesn’t want him, due to Jorginho taking the central position.

  • Vibhu Rocks
    Vibhu Rocks 3 months ago

    I think Erikson won't come and isco will take his place and maybe sign a world class right wing or lucas
    Bale is going for sure

  • Tcyplayzz
    Tcyplayzz 3 months ago

    Jović: I’m I a joke to you.

  • pGreats 2
    pGreats 2 3 months ago

    ...and jovic

  • Luis Bravo
    Luis Bravo 3 months ago

    No one can replace CR7 not even hazard

  • Donzek Lindelof
    Donzek Lindelof 3 months ago

    Fekir will sign for real

  • M. A. Shahriar
    M. A. Shahriar 3 months ago

    Really wish RM buys Mbappe

  • Vedaant Soti
    Vedaant Soti 3 months ago +2

    4 players for just one position hakimi

    • Youri V
      Youri V 3 months ago

      Hakimi is definitely a right back

    • Milly Mahinra
      Milly Mahinra 3 months ago +1

      Hakimi will definitely stay in Dortmund

  • Adam Czerepinski
    Adam Czerepinski 3 months ago +1

    one point: Zidane doesn't like 4-3-3

  • Wait for it
    Wait for it 3 months ago

    The best video about real madrid, i can tell you did ur research although im a huge fan of kroos he did not have a goodd season at all

    • Fariston
      Fariston 3 months ago

      Modric was even worse

  • Ultim4te Anthony
    Ultim4te Anthony 3 months ago +1

    Hazard is overrated

  • Jimmy Zualtea Chhangte
    Jimmy Zualtea Chhangte 3 months ago

    I dont like Benzema now because his speed is very low..

  • Pitrus
    Pitrus 3 months ago +1

    As a Barcelona fan, I feel threatened

    • Pitrus
      Pitrus 2 months ago +1

      Lee Jones I hope not, but they have a realistic chance.

    • Lee Jones
      Lee Jones 2 months ago

      Pitrus do you think Real Madrid will win la liga next season?

    • Hitesh Kumar
      Hitesh Kumar 3 months ago

      Lol...what would be fun to beat a real Madrid side with no Ronaldo...the previous classicos were boring...Barca will destroy them this year too

  • Kemuel Cox
    Kemuel Cox 3 months ago

    They should sign Marco Reus.

  • Kemuel Cox
    Kemuel Cox 3 months ago

    Did he just say Zidane took off Navas for Courtois?

  • Alexandre Nabais
    Alexandre Nabais 3 months ago

    Its the same shity defense and midfield...Madrid will get 3rd place again

  • Turdle Central
    Turdle Central 3 months ago +1

    This may sound crazy but it’s my personal opinion
    They can play 4-4-2 and 3-4-3 as well, other than the formations already mentioned in this video.
    4-4-2 with Theo Hernandez/Militao/Ramos/Varane/Nacho at CB, Marcelo/Mendy at LB and Carvajal at RB.
    LM will go to Vinicius/Asensio and RM will go to Vasquez/Bale. CMs will go to Modric/Kroos/Casemiro/Isco. STs will be Jovic/Benzema/Mariano/Rodrygo
    As for 3-4-3 they can play Theo Hernandez/Militao/Varane/Ramos/Nacho At CB
    LM and RM will be Vinicius/Asensio and Bale/Vasquez respectively, with Modric/Kroos/Casemiro/Isco pulling the strings in midfield.
    Finally we’ll have Hazard on the left, Bale/Vasquez (whichever isnt picked at rm will play at rw) and Jovic/Benzema/Mariano/Rodrygo banging in the goals

  • pique ziko
    pique ziko 3 months ago

    i think the front 3 will be vinicius jr on the right wing, jovic at striking position and hazard on the left wing. I see real also signing pogba ahead of eriksen.

    • Unfunny
      Unfunny 3 months ago

      Sadly Zidane would never put Benzema on the bench

  • Apurba Koirala
    Apurba Koirala 3 months ago

    Will probably play isco

  • Jai Rawat
    Jai Rawat 3 months ago

    Real Madrid have just bought Ferland Mandy