• Published on Nov 2, 2018
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    My name is Alec Steele and I am a 20 year old blacksmith from Norfolk in the United Kingdom. I upload a vlog from my day at the workshop almost every single day. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
    What do I make? LOTS of Damascus steel, knives, swords, axes and more and of course, I always love hearing your suggestions for future projects in the comments below!

    So if you want to see lots of forging fun, blacksmithing badassery, cinematic hammering and more in my Daily Vlog (#Daily_Steele) - please subscribe here by hitting that red button!

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    Alec Steele Blacksmith 2018
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  • BTHeadshots
    BTHeadshots 3 months ago

    Good to see Sam

  • Andrew Gail
    Andrew Gail 4 months ago

    I didn't even know that you had a hydraulic press lol

  • Shane Reimroc
    Shane Reimroc 4 months ago

    What do you do with all of the things you couldnt sell?

  • Thomas Smithson
    Thomas Smithson 5 months ago

    Some people will say alic smashes a perfectly good pane of glass but really he was saving space in his skip

  • Arthur J. Finkelstein
    Arthur J. Finkelstein 6 months ago

    Was Nice to see Sam again. You must be a good friend after all.

  • DrHavok1
    DrHavok1 6 months ago

    You can get really good L. E. D. Light bars that take the place of outdated florescent light bars at Walmart here in the states

  • Crushonius
    Crushonius 6 months ago

    when you move you always get a shipping container and not a crate trust me its just better

  • hershycows
    hershycows 7 months ago


    SENSEI PETTEN 7 months ago

    You're a nice, competetent young man. We 💝 you. We can barely wait to see new episodes in Montana. Peace, kiddo.

  • acoow
    acoow 7 months ago

    It's great that all your toys are going to new homes where they will be used to create things.

  • Ghoul 11
    Ghoul 11 7 months ago

    You could have bought adapters

  • Solomon Schweitzer
    Solomon Schweitzer 7 months ago

    Is there a vlog where talk about what education is needed for learning this craft? Like with bookkeeping and business management, blacksmithing/ironworks? I’m very interested. You do great work and love the vlog! Im from California, but looking to move to Texas or Colorado, and have lived in Montana in my childhood. Not sure of my next move. But glad for you and your move to the states. Bravo! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • ivanhamlyn
    ivanhamlyn 7 months ago

    Love your channel alex can't wait for your new location in the USA and new chapter in your business, how about making axes and selling them?? All the best alex in your new venture

  • Tim McKinzey
    Tim McKinzey 7 months ago

    Good to see Sam back.

  • Melvin Gillham
    Melvin Gillham 7 months ago

    Sad, bridgeport rules! Im rather sad seeing that wonderful shop ive come to admire in such a state. But im wishing you a fantastic voyage and welcome to the USA Alec!

  • sYcore
    sYcore 7 months ago

    A video of you getting rid of your beloved tools... Am I really supposed to click thumbs up now? :/

  • Don Schwartz
    Don Schwartz 7 months ago

    Going to Montana soon, gonna be a dental floss tycoon! Just me and the pigmy pony.

  • Jetoler
    Jetoler 7 months ago

    I'm not crying

  • Carl Brunberg
    Carl Brunberg 7 months ago

    Try the LED tubes that fit into the florescent fixtures.

  • Sam I Am
    Sam I Am 7 months ago

    You gotta do a video with Engles coach shop. Yalls personalities are so similar it will be great

  • Benjamin Cronce
    Benjamin Cronce 7 months ago

    Shout out to the neighbor

  • Squall0833
    Squall0833 7 months ago

    Mr. Pilkington NOOOOOOOO

  • Aidan C
    Aidan C 7 months ago

    Is Sam coming with you?

  • Seth Wilson
    Seth Wilson 7 months ago

    Favorite* America baby

  • beauson1983
    beauson1983 7 months ago

    RE: lighting: Just had a thought, why not make a rig with a few lights on wheels so you can just take your lighting where you need it instead of needing a massive roof mounted rig.
    I don't know exactly whats required but my first thought is to use a 4x4 wheel as a base with some castors and then mount a 2" post in the middle and build from there

  • Jesse Oliver
    Jesse Oliver 7 months ago

    Dude don’t fake cry ... I’ve got 60k in diesel/ automotive tools and I have ratchets that I’d cry over having to sell. You have balls of steel to do what your doing .

  • BRAM
    BRAM 7 months ago

    9:43 Obama is gone

  • Lynn Penick
    Lynn Penick 7 months ago

    Good to see Sam. Can't wait to see you in the states.

  • Lee Glasgow
    Lee Glasgow 7 months ago


  • Tile'n dyna guy
    Tile'n dyna guy 7 months ago

    So exciting ☺ yet so sad 😥

  • Ava
    Ava 7 months ago

    Hey fir mearch why don't you check out the bunker branding co. They are a youtuber run and owned business just for mearch from there chanels and other chanels

  • Art of the Ancients
    Art of the Ancients 7 months ago

    Is anyone else both incredibly sad, and incredibly anxious for him?

  • Wolvenmoon
    Wolvenmoon 7 months ago

    I give Alec props for doing this...I would have so many thoughts going through my head along the lines of "Oh my am I doing?!"

  • J Jacobs
    J Jacobs 7 months ago

    Haven't read through the comments but felt like posing the question, what about the increased cost of materials that you'll have to deal with moving to the United States.

  • ShoDaWei
    ShoDaWei 7 months ago

    HOLY MOLY! I moved house earlier this year, and what a BIG JOB! If this is what it takes to move your workshop, I really hope moving house is MUCH EASIER for you! Bless you Alec! Good Luck on the move!!!

  • James Kapales
    James Kapales 7 months ago

    It was so awesome to see you and Sam together again!

  • Sleepydog
    Sleepydog 7 months ago

    I've been taught to expect something to go horribly wrong in almost every video ............. this is going to be tense!

  • Connor U
    Connor U 7 months ago

    Cold? Gg in Montana my man.

  • Ken Sundstrom
    Ken Sundstrom 7 months ago

    So much work

  • Darin Roodman
    Darin Roodman 7 months ago

    Nate should be excited, Mr. Pilkington is AMAZING!!!

  • Darin Roodman
    Darin Roodman 7 months ago

    It's crowbar time!!!

  • Darin Roodman
    Darin Roodman 7 months ago


  • Darin Roodman
    Darin Roodman 7 months ago

    It's Sam! I've been wondering where he'd went? Does he have his own channel? How's your kid doing Sam?

  • Travio Raptor
    Travio Raptor 7 months ago

    When you start making stuff again you should make stormbreaker, Thor’s new hammer/axe from avengers infinity war

  • redstone71
    redstone71 7 months ago

    OMG SAM!!! so good to see him!!

  • socrazybmx
    socrazybmx 7 months ago


  • Azman Abdullah
    Azman Abdullah 7 months ago

    Oh, Sam.

  • snowinthetoes
    snowinthetoes 7 months ago

    Can you sell some of your hammers online and ship to USA?

  • Bedevere
    Bedevere 7 months ago

    Make sure you get some serious winter clothing. Montana is beautiful but holy hell the cold and snow.....

  • Maris Mcmullen
    Maris Mcmullen 7 months ago

    Do you have any tips for someone looking to get into an artisan craft as a career?

  • theo Sls
    theo Sls 7 months ago

    Why is he moving?

  • hotrodguy73
    hotrodguy73 7 months ago

    I think it is awesome you are moving to the US. your videos are very good I am starting out tinkering around melting steel so much to learn we have a small shop built up in Kansas and will be watching you learning how to forge and build stuff keep up the excellent videos you have been doing

  • Eric Riddle
    Eric Riddle 7 months ago

    I hope you truly enjoy Montana very pretty country

  • Niels Cremer
    Niels Cremer 7 months ago +1

    Congratulations on your child Sam Gamgee!

  • Jesse the unending
    Jesse the unending 7 months ago +1

    @AlecSteele, I can't wait to see you here in Montana!

  • Austin Goldsmith
    Austin Goldsmith 7 months ago

    Cant wait tell you get to the U.S so everyone else can be confused when you show us prices on things and not know how much it is

  • jeremiah johnson
    jeremiah johnson 7 months ago

    I have been watching you for about 2 years I live in Montana where in Montana are you moving to

  • onnie Ferris
    onnie Ferris 7 months ago

    At my current level of experience and expertise in mashing metal, I would just love to spend a few minutes doing a little dumpster diving at our shop to salvage some of the stuff you are throwing away. One man's trash...……….. Unfortunately, the commute would be a bit exhausting, South Carolina to Norwich(?).

  • Luguo Wolf
    Luguo Wolf 7 months ago

    I cried as the Pilkington got lifted up to the truck, I know its just a machine but I'm so sad... :(

  • Jonathan Magyar
    Jonathan Magyar 7 months ago

    Seems like this move is going to suck more than the last one

  • mikerowe17
    mikerowe17 7 months ago

    Hi Alec, I have watched your show with my 5 year old son and 2 year old daughter for over a year. My son wanted to write you and tell you he is sad that you sold your tools and that he loves your show. We all hope you find success in Montana. Thanks for creating such wonderful videos and teaching us all so much.

  • AliasUndercover
    AliasUndercover 7 months ago

    Somebody in Montana find this boy a nice hammer, please.

  • king fox
    king fox 7 months ago

    also the new season of hordes UK will be back on January 9th!! ;)

  • Derp Derpson
    Derp Derpson 7 months ago

    Anyone else sad?

  • Bass Boosted
    Bass Boosted 7 months ago

    Why did I actually get emotional when the pilkington went on the trailer

  • Willhelm
    Willhelm 7 months ago

    Alec now that you are moving, would you sell you old tomahawk drifts?

  • William Livingstone
    William Livingstone 7 months ago

    This brought a tear to my eyes...I can't imagine how you must be feeling 😢 onward to bigger and better things!

  • David Baggaley Silversmiths

    Awesome videos, I watch your videos as I work at the bench, good luck in montana :-)

  • Donnie Beall
    Donnie Beall 7 months ago

    Just crazy watching you get ready for another shop I remember the first one lol best of luck from Kentucky

  • gemmek3
    gemmek3 7 months ago

    tips for your light...:
    you want as big a lightsource as possible... so or you hang them together and light from a central (or moving) location, or bring them as close as you can manage. This will give you softer light and better controlable... now you have them far away so you've made them small sources, making them hard.

  • slubgod
    slubgod 7 months ago +1

    Alec if you have a layover in Salt Lake City Utah, on your way to Big Sky country and would like to be shown the sites, I would be happy to take you around.

    • Art of the Ancients
      Art of the Ancients 7 months ago

      He could totally do a road trip/fan meet n greet/mobile demo. Be a great way to take a working vacation to see the country!

  • lytken
    lytken 7 months ago

    i hope you are giving Sam most of the tools that you don't take with you since he has been such a sport over the years since you started this journey to where you are now, i really wish you both all the best

  • M AS
    M AS 7 months ago

    we can't see you again hitting the steel

  • blidness
    blidness 7 months ago

    funny story... I'm moving my lovely communist's era lathe tomorrow morning :D

  • mitchell allison
    mitchell allison 7 months ago

    its genuinely saddening to see you go over the pond, a move which i hope to complete also in the not too far future, best of luck alec

  • Opin-Eon
    Opin-Eon 7 months ago

    Pilkington Pride - 2018 (never forge.t)

  • Today With Trevor
    Today With Trevor 7 months ago

    Keep up the great work! Cheers, and hey are you going to BECOME an American? I sure hope so! You will make an excellent addition to our great country!

  • matthewcollingwood
    matthewcollingwood 7 months ago

    I’m watching your show right now! It’s amazing!

  • Nikolai Shriver
    Nikolai Shriver 7 months ago


  • misterquintus
    misterquintus 7 months ago

    You should do a production run of hammers when you get to Montana to offset some of your costs.

  • Ante Odak
    Ante Odak 7 months ago

    Wait hes moving to america?

  • Andrew Etchison
    Andrew Etchison 7 months ago +1

    Alec, you should check out the lights that April Wilkerson got for her shop, back when she was finishing up her new building. I believe they are from big ass fans. They look good, and the lighting quality for her videos is great!

  • Ryan Marshall
    Ryan Marshall 7 months ago

    Good morning ladies and gentlemen!

  • Shawn Reece
    Shawn Reece 7 months ago

    On the lights go l.e.d

  • joey manning
    joey manning 7 months ago

    I’d bet all the money you made on those machines went straight to the international shipping cost. I can’t imagine that bill😂

  • Russell Kemp
    Russell Kemp 7 months ago

    I’ve gone back and watched the videos of you setting up your workshop. Looking forward to watching you set up the new one.

  • Frank Raimbault
    Frank Raimbault 7 months ago

    Are any of your swords for sale

  • David Smith
    David Smith 7 months ago

    I hope all your present subscribers will be included in your new channel in Montana

  • Elliot Penn
    Elliot Penn 7 months ago

    Why are you moving to Montana?

  • carl
    carl 7 months ago

    What's the reason behind going to Montana? Sorry if it's been mentioned 👍🏼

  • Hunter Beall
    Hunter Beall 7 months ago

    Alic try making kratose's axe from god of war

  • Joop van Houten
    Joop van Houten 7 months ago

    Hey Alec, super excited for you! When will you be back on youtube?

  • snelpiller
    snelpiller 7 months ago

    Alec! Stor all your handmade tools (or sell them). Bring your favourite self made hammer, and then show us you forging up your new workshop by making all your tools from scratch!

  • DeadEntity DARKWARRIOR
    DeadEntity DARKWARRIOR 7 months ago

    Dude moving to the us ummm why

  • Soda City Werx
    Soda City Werx 7 months ago

    You've inspired me to begin blacksmithing. I have my forge made. I bought an anvil from harbor freight *big mistake* so after I find an appropriate anvil I will begin my journey via TheXvid and hope to learn along the way!

    • Art of the Ancients
      Art of the Ancients 7 months ago

      Get down to he local scrap yard and buy a big chunk o steel and weld a tool steel plate to the top. Way cheaper to get started on as anvils are kinda expensive here

  • Aqila Rindipati
    Aqila Rindipati 7 months ago

    Can you make a double sided knife?

  • Roberto Aiello
    Roberto Aiello 7 months ago

    If you need proper lighting, I know the best electrical company to contact in Montana. Rocky Mountain electric. Look em up. They do amazing work and are very trustworthy.

  • Remmie Max
    Remmie Max 7 months ago +1

    Alec...BREATH DEEP....Out with the old and in Montana...In with the NEW! Party time!!!!

  • Gavin Stein
    Gavin Stein 7 months ago

    Both 'favorite' or 'favourite' have the same meaning, but 'favourite' is used in British English, Australian English, New Zealand English and Canadian English whereas 'favorite' is used in American English.

  • Flex Oak studio
    Flex Oak studio 7 months ago

    hey Alec if you had to decide before moving what is your favorite project you have made in your last shop ?