The Try Guys Play Boink, Marry, Kill

  • Published on Mar 27, 2019
  • In this episode of Try Guys Game Time, the Try Guys play their own unique take on F*ck (Boink), Marry, Kill with some of the hardest, weirdest questions imaginable. Play along to see if you're a freak like them and write your answers in the comments!
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    Elliot Dickerhoof
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Comments • 13 157

  • Cups of Anxiety
    Cups of Anxiety 58 minutes ago

    Little did they know that the KFC dating sim was coming

  • Thaynara Alves
    Thaynara Alves 2 hours ago

    I can’t believe they completely wasted the opportunity for a “MARRY Christmas” pun

  • farah mohiuddin
    farah mohiuddin 2 hours ago

    what a strange intro

  • Cici Rodriguez
    Cici Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    When you put the captions on instead of Try Guys Game Time it says Try Guys Gay Time 😂😂😂

  • JFB
    JFB 8 hours ago

    These guys are too funny.

  • haychbarlow
    haychbarlow 10 hours ago


  • Remy
    Remy 13 hours ago

    fuck hulk, marry iron man for the moneyyyy, and kill Thor. never really liked him anyways
    fuck the undies, marry eye contact, kill book
    fuck alt self, marry future, kill past
    fuck dumbledore, marry weasley, kill voldy
    fuck insta, marry twitter, kill snap
    fuck lion, marry elephant, kill giraffe
    fuck waffles, marry pancakes, kill french toast
    fuck strangers, marry friends, kill coworkers

  • Sama Dadash
    Sama Dadash 15 hours ago

    Boink French toast marry pancakes kill waffles

  • Chattur
    Chattur 15 hours ago

    No one:

    The Try Guys: *boink*

  • crzy snkgrl
    crzy snkgrl 17 hours ago

    Jacksfilms 100

  • Siddharth Taneja
    Siddharth Taneja 17 hours ago

    12:31 clearly he does not no shit about Harry Potter

  • Raising Grandpa
    Raising Grandpa 18 hours ago

    what was that intro lmao

  • Victoria Burke
    Victoria Burke 20 hours ago

    Unanimous "YUP!" Lmao

  • SagePanic
    SagePanic Day ago +1

    Keith Blue
    Steve Pink
    Ned Green
    Steve Purple

  • David Murray
    David Murray Day ago

    Not being rude but Eugene is my favorite he's so dark and funny

  • wholesome Hufflepuff

    I'm asexual soooooooooo

  • Reagan Ganshorm
    Reagan Ganshorm Day ago

    I'm an f ing SLYTHERIN I mean we always have alittle slytherin

  • len len
    len len 2 days ago

    I love the hoodies so much

  • Eric
    Eric 2 days ago

    Turn on subtitles at 0:19

  • yes but no
    yes but no 3 days ago

    ned and keith had the only acceptable answers in round two
    and I 100% agree with the iron man, thor and hulk round

  • Elayna Terrell
    Elayna Terrell 3 days ago


  • Kenan Rodriguez
    Kenan Rodriguez 4 days ago

    I really want a eugine purple hoodie

  • Gavin Smith
    Gavin Smith 4 days ago

    7:24 is that a person outside?

  • Lord Voldemort
    Lord Voldemort 4 days ago +1

    Keith, let's get it on!

  • Ninja Girl
    Ninja Girl 4 days ago

    *I PURPLE U* 💜

  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel 4 days ago

    Why does Jack call Eugene Steve?? 😂😂

  • eksophia
    eksophia 4 days ago

    Person lurking outside the window at 7:24

  • Reclaiming Joy
    Reclaiming Joy 4 days ago


  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Am I the only one wondering what the fuck went walking by at 7:26 ????

  • Lexie Bachorowski
    Lexie Bachorowski 4 days ago

    Eugene is sooo hot I'd definitely boink him a lot. Marry Ned bc I feel like I'd never get bored of him and he is so cute. Kill Zack even though Zach is awesome. Keith is would be my bestfriend.

  • Freya Bennett
    Freya Bennett 4 days ago

    the really trying not to get demonetised 😂😂😂.

  • Hawk S
    Hawk S 4 days ago +1

    Halloween was invented in Ireland .. no joke . Research it

  • Hawk S
    Hawk S 4 days ago

    When you wish Eugene was Straight

  • Gacha stories
    Gacha stories 5 days ago

    Bloink insta coz it's new and exiting.
    Marry snapchat because it's funny and loving.
    Kill twitter cox it's old and boring.

  • Yaesu Appa
    Yaesu Appa 5 days ago

    I need another video of boink marry kill

  • Daniel Jay
    Daniel Jay 5 days ago +3

    if you married your future self and then they die would that mean you would have to marry your past self because now *you* are the future self

  • Llamaworld
    Llamaworld 5 days ago

    “youd rather have sex with a group of strangers.. than us survive.”

  • Mars
    Mars 5 days ago

    Fun fact about the Hulk-- I believe it's actually canon that he can't fuck because when he climaxes he goes Hulk mode, and, y'know, that'd destroy you.

  • EM Equestrian
    EM Equestrian 5 days ago +4

    "Halloween is about disguises"
    You make it seem like a crime

  • sprinkleofpepper
    sprinkleofpepper 6 days ago +8

    “I don’t think I’d marry *her*” sure eugene

  • 박 현민pooey
    박 현민pooey 6 days ago

    was not expecting jacksfilms

  • -Bear_ Frost-
    -Bear_ Frost- 6 days ago

    Anyone notice Keith’s voice drop at 2:27 ?

  • Claire Hall
    Claire Hall 6 days ago +15

    No one:
    Literally not a single soul:
    Absolutely no one:
    Eugene: HAvE yOU sEeN a GiRaFfe'S tONguE??

    • ur nut
      ur nut 4 days ago

      lmaoo "sOrry that was very loud"

  • Swiss Butterfiy
    Swiss Butterfiy 7 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 Zach and Eugen your my favorite tow TUY GUYS.

  • Holly Buxton
    Holly Buxton 7 days ago

    im watching this when they have already left buzzfeed so when keith said hes commited and would never leave i couldnt help saying no your not out loud

    • Kirsty Daniels
      Kirsty Daniels 5 days ago +2

      I believe he meant the company they started together after leaving buzzfeed 😁

  • Jusa
    Jusa 7 days ago

    7:24 wait- what’s that thing on the window, behind keith? Was it edited or what? Dude i’m confused

  • nikky kaur
    nikky kaur 8 days ago

    Dumbledore is gay

  • Maryam Ashiq
    Maryam Ashiq 8 days ago +3

    'I can see myself growing old with lizard ariel' - ned flumer 2019
    this is why I love ned and ariel

  • AliciaJo
    AliciaJo 9 days ago

    It should be Wed, Bed, and Behead

  • LuluNat
    LuluNat 9 days ago

    Zach: Dumbledore is a monster!
    *marries Voldemort *

  • LuluNat
    LuluNat 9 days ago +1

    RDJ is hotter than Hemsworth fight me

  • LuluNat
    LuluNat 9 days ago +3

    "Halloween is about expressing yourself"
    and that is why I dressed as a crayon

  • Kwisten050
    Kwisten050 9 days ago

    Anybody else notice the bigfoot walking outside the window at 7:25? I'm like, hey, a sasquatch!

  • Corvus
    Corvus 9 days ago

    keith youre not black plz stop

  • TheBlindBoi
    TheBlindBoi 9 days ago

    Kill Thanksgiving Marry Halloween Boink Christmas

  • SaritaPlantae795
    SaritaPlantae795 9 days ago

    That marvel one was exactly like Spider-man Homecoming, that girl in Peter's gym class, I think her name's Betty said the same thing aas them

  • SmallFry 107
    SmallFry 107 10 days ago

    Number one green team for the color green
    Number two pink for the color
    Number three blue for the color
    Number four purple for the color

  • Sunflower Field
    Sunflower Field 10 days ago

    In the lie detector video Eugene wanted to boink Zach :]

  • Christine Garcia
    Christine Garcia 10 days ago

    Boink the giraffe because the neck probably won't be the only thing that's long

  • Christine Garcia
    Christine Garcia 10 days ago

    Boink hulk
    Marry Iron man
    Kill Thor