PAC-MAN comes to Minecraft!

  • Published on May 21, 2020
  • The legendary arcade classic PAC-MAN turns 40 and celebrates by coming to Minecraft! WAKA-WAKA your way through a-mazeing 3D maze madness! Find out more at and join the fun:
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  • Memorable Man
    Memorable Man 2 years ago +1228

    Everyone: Cave and combat updat-
    Mojang: wanna play 3D first person pacman in minecraft?
    Everyone: *...This is the farthest something could be from what I just asked of you. However, that doesnt mean this isnt great, I will gladly accept your gift, Mojang.*

    • Cheese
      Cheese 13 days ago

      your wish has been granted

    • Agent_giraffe 48
      Agent_giraffe 48 Year ago

      Psvr minecraft

    • Kill22pro
      Kill22pro 2 years ago

      Gift? It costs 7,99 euro

    • LlamaMusicChannel
      LlamaMusicChannel 2 years ago

      @4skintim my laptop has a 1650 and hit 60 fps fine with shaders. A PS4 would most definitely be able to handle shaders.

    • MarioMaster
      MarioMaster 2 years ago

      @Tastee they are still going to call it mojang

  • Novallex
    Novallex 2 years ago +1316

    The perfect crossover doesn’t exi-

    • r4nd0m
      r4nd0m Year ago

      Don’t get the joke

    • Japh urtecho
      Japh urtecho Year ago

      Wait so your saying smash ultimate was never a good cross over?

    • vibstwo
      vibstwo Year ago


    • Z9_Games2
      Z9_Games2 Year ago

      Actually the crossover for rocket league and dead island was the best. Driving a monster rc car through a massive horde of zombies was way better.

    • Vin Diesel
      Vin Diesel Year ago

      m mib stf-

  • Caylie C.
    Caylie C. 2 years ago +268

    They call the Power Pellets “Energizers” and the Intermissions “Coffee Breaks”, which is exactly what Toru Iwatani called them originally, and that is an automatic win from me solely because of the sheer attention to detail.

    • Magma
      Magma 7 months ago

      @NotHilton its just that the pac-dot's japanese name is cookie so they mistranslated it in party

    • NotHilton
      NotHilton 11 months ago +1

      Iwatani also calls the pellets cookies.
      I know this because I watched some game documentary, and because there's evidence from that Wii game Pac-Man party, because they also call the pellets cookies.
      I know that the Wii game exists because my grandparents have it as one of the Wii games in their inventory.

    • Thanks For watching
      Thanks For watching 11 months ago

      200 likes with no replies

  • Jedder 14
    Jedder 14 2 years ago +192

    I’m so glad they finally did this I have dreamed of them doing this made a pac man maze with cake as beads

  • Erik Moss
    Erik Moss 2 years ago +2

    Love it! This could really be an amazing turnout for both games.

  • Zgamer2000
    Zgamer2000 2 years ago +1650

    All “Cave Update” jokes aside this actually looks like a legitimate thing Mojang would do. Which, technically they did.
    Edit: Mojang didn’t do it, but it’s still impressive for Minecraft.

  • MilkOnAMonday
    MilkOnAMonday 2 years ago +45

    kinda wish they released a pac man skin pack along with this, those models are clean, but you can only use them in this map

    • bucklin
      bucklin Year ago +1

      yeah, maybe they release a skin pack for the ones that purchased this

  • Teh angry bird 345
    Teh angry bird 345 Year ago +7

    This map was awesome! I enjoyed playing it!

  • Winged Fire (Superdude4800)

    This version of Pac-Man is incredible, but is unfortunately ruined by the fact that maze 10 is literally impossible to beat because the game forgets to teleport you to the break room after you've collected all the Pac-dots like the other mazes.

  • Tyreco nelson
    Tyreco nelson 2 years ago +1

    Also thanks Mojang for celebrating with the new DLC really enjoyed it nice work

  • Mx.Ironic Vlogs
    Mx.Ironic Vlogs 2 years ago +2461

    Mojang: “Compete for high scores across 10 mazes”
    People who have achieved a perfect score on all 255 functioning levels of the original game: “Is this supposed to be some sort of challenge?”

    • Stephen Speck
      Stephen Speck Year ago

      In the original Pac-Man, though, it was only one maze. The speed of the ghosts and the duration of energizers were the only only changes.

    • Анна Чужа
      Анна Чужа 2 years ago

      @Dragon Kirby аапддддддбббббььб

    • Bruh
      Bruh 2 years ago

      What do you mean functioning is there some impossible Levels unbeatable by humanity

    • Sean Davidson
      Sean Davidson 2 years ago

      There are 10 new maze layouts- each maze has infinite "levels", just like the original, with exponentially increasing difficulty. I'd like to see some pros try it!

    • R
      R 2 years ago

      @ThiccyMickyMIKE should we give you an award for that achievement?!

  • Pubic hair consumer
    Pubic hair consumer 2 years ago +1

    This looks amazing. Can’t wait to play

  • Sanguine
    Sanguine 2 years ago +3

    *This is exacly what I wanted, thanks Mojang*

  • Insert Good Name
    Insert Good Name 2 years ago +16

    This looks really fun.
    Like better than the ghostly adventures fun.

  • Xplo
    Xplo 6 months ago

    Nice map! One of my favorite maps ever!! I finished all 10 levels and I built my custom maze! It is fun! By the way, happy late 40th anniversary Pac-Man!!!😁

  • SinKion _PMU
    SinKion _PMU 2 years ago +5270

    If someone doesn't understand, today is PacMan's 40 anniversary, so Mojang is celebrating it with this pack and I am very happy with it
    Edit: Wow I wasn't expecting to get so much likes and comments, I just wanted to let you know the "why" of this video.

  • ZER0
    ZER0 2 years ago

    I love the direction mojang is taking with minecraft

  • TheRealODG
    TheRealODG 2 years ago

    Did I mention how much I freaking love Mojang?

  • 1000 subs and ill upload

    the nostalgia this gives off is immense

  • Sparky Plush Adventures

    I just finished playing this DLC map 10/10.
    Trust me the $7.99 is worth it, and if you're a hardcore Pac-Man an Minecraft fan you'll love this.

  • Alonso
    Alonso 2 years ago +2123

    99.9% of people in comment section: WHY NO CAVE UPDATE
    00.1%: woah Mojang this is a really good map to celebrate pacmans 40th anniversary

    • Adios [GD]
      Adios [GD] Year ago +1


    • Danny
      Danny Year ago

      It’s really pointless, just like the better together update. Also, Ten dollars for a dlc on a game that isn’t free already?

    • XxSupremexX4567 •8 years ago
      XxSupremexX4567 •8 years ago Year ago

      Mines never got an update

    • Fabio Hajaš
      Fabio Hajaš Year ago

      Can Minecraft add siren head in Minecraft ps4

    • Fardeen Rabbani
      Fardeen Rabbani Year ago

      @Luke Ruscica me too :)

  • ZGlove
    ZGlove 2 years ago

    Can you believe it took them 40 years to add dlc to the original Pac-Man? Better late than never I suppose.

  • Jesyel Sousa
    Jesyel Sousa 2 years ago +4

    the addition of this map was cool, no matter how old namco made a good game

  • EMB NAJ Arrangements
    EMB NAJ Arrangements 2 years ago +3

    If you were able to put Mappy as a crossover my life would be complete.

  • Xianon 0
    Xianon 0 2 years ago

    Remember back when this game was all about building, surviving and exploring? Good ol' days

  • Ollieh
    Ollieh 2 years ago +516

    Joke's on you Mojang, I've already constructed a faithful recreation of the classic Pac-Man game in Minecraft by using my Redstone Doctorate Degree and 20,000 building blocks.

  • Rainystingray Games

    I am SOO looking forward to your future mash ups 😄

  • JakeTBone
    JakeTBone Year ago

    They need to add a barrier on the entrance to the ghost house so that the player can't get in it so that it'll feel more like Pac-Man.

  • The Holy Egg
    The Holy Egg Year ago +32

    Remember that arcade classic known as a yellow circle
    Let’s make him a cube

  • Mystical - TEDDY_
    Mystical - TEDDY_ 2 years ago +1

    I love the map but theres a game breaking feature that when you get keys after you unlocked all the doors you can't make a custom maze anymore because the keys block up your inventory. Yeah i can restart the map but I don't wanna lose all my progress

  • Nmac
    Nmac 2 years ago +234

    I can't wait to wait a whole year just to get it on nintendo switch.

    • Jack Burridge
      Jack Burridge 4 months ago

      @Roy Hoy! and now you have it while nintendo users can’t even play the game…

    • Serif Demir
      Serif Demir Year ago

      @Roy Hoy! um bedrock is here

    • le fish
      le fish Year ago

      *laughs in ps4 and nintendo switch

    • Ccy
      Ccy 2 years ago

      Consoles are forgotten, I'm waiting terraria journey's end and now they say it lasts one year to come to ps4

    • MonkeyMan
      MonkeyMan 2 years ago

      @Dripz! imagine still fighting over console wars

  • All time gamer 3
    All time gamer 3 2 years ago

    This looks good 👌 wonder if other cool retro games would work like Donkey Kong since barrels are a thing xd.

  • FuzzyChocolate
    FuzzyChocolate 2 years ago +53

    This is so cool and amazing I can’t explain it.

  • Zanetti Gaming
    Zanetti Gaming 10 months ago +1

    Great video, I enjoyed watching it!

  • Catterbox
    Catterbox 2 years ago

    Remember when Captain Sparklez played a PAC Man mod?
    Well here we are.

  • Haziq Danial Mohd Zakir
    Haziq Danial Mohd Zakir 2 years ago +811

    I like how they used the new mojang studios logo . Honestly im looking forward to see it on the loading screen, looks nice

    • thani khidir
      thani khidir 2 years ago

      The new loading screen goes faster for me for some reason but I still prefer to wait

    • lol
      lol 2 years ago

      I prefer the old everything

    • Impro
      Impro 2 years ago

      No, the old one is better in my opinion

    • The Cute Cats
      The Cute Cats 2 years ago

      already added in 20w21a

  • XenialDan
    XenialDan 2 years ago +46

    Asking the important questions here: Is PacMan chased by Ghosts or Ghasts?

    • SCP 0460
      SCP 0460 Year ago

      They are Ghasts,just retextured

    • Sans Playz
      Sans Playz Year ago

      @💙Q U A C K💛 no problem

    • 💙Q U A C K💛
      💙Q U A C K💛 Year ago

      @Sans Playz oh...I never really knew what "underrated" means,thanks!

    • Sans Playz
      Sans Playz Year ago

      @💙Q U A C K💛 this comment does not have enough likes. It deserves more likes

    • 💙Q U A C K💛
      💙Q U A C K💛 Year ago

      @Sans Playz wdym

  • BMWFURY!!!
    BMWFURY!!! 2 years ago

    Am I the only one who remembers years ago that Mojang's cause was no DLC - no paying updates - it has always been for the longest time that we got minecraft, the server programs - all of it, free. I'm glad that Mojang is diversifying, since these are some of the most gifted game developers out there.... but please don't market this as DLC. I'm all for it, but it should not, in my opinion, be DLC. Personally, what I would do is give half the functionality- single player as only pac man, plus map creation, and offer multiplayer as either a program like servers (keep in mind, you either need realms or to be well versed in computers for multiplayer- in fact, if you have extensive knowledge of computers, it's essentially a scam, although for the typical 9yr old playing, I get it,) or a java program like the servers. Or perhaps up the price of minecraft. Quite frankly, I encourage games to up their prices so we can get better content- and I think $35 wouldn't be unreasonable. But DLC? For minecraft, that hurts a bit inside.

  • Ice Bear
    Ice Bear Year ago +1

    4 years later... I still love Minecraft🤗♥️

    • Maric
      Maric Year ago

      dude this didnt come out 4 years ago

  • Leon, the MarioManiac.

    This update sounds so cool.... 'Tis a shame that Wii U Edition updates have been discontinued.

  • BenBob
    BenBob 2 years ago +242

    This is what everyone has wanted for ages!

    • etimasgerschristovvestav
      etimasgerschristovvestav 2 years ago

      It really is not.

    • Liam Hartley
      Liam Hartley 2 years ago

      Because why would we want a cave update

    • Alex
      Alex 2 years ago +1

      Actually, nobody asked. They did ask for a cave update though and where is that?

    • bojerim
      bojerim 2 years ago


    • Japh urtecho
      Japh urtecho 2 years ago

      And it’s even better than the other mods
      Considering they put pac man’s family and it’s by the official bandai namco

  • Party Hat Pyro
    Party Hat Pyro 2 years ago +100

    "Oh no,here comes Pac-Man"

  • Tara Strnad
    Tara Strnad Year ago

    It looks like so much fun!!

  • Boing TM
    Boing TM 2 years ago +14

    Everyone: We want Cave Update!
    Mojang: I’m gonna do what’s called a 1980 themed pro gamer move.

  • rhea neri
    rhea neri 2 years ago +1

    Mojang: Here ya go homies the square Pac-Man

    • shakinspider
      shakinspider 2 years ago

      how do people not know that mojang doesnt make the stuff on the marketplace

  • BenJeulus
    BenJeulus 2 years ago +61

    Reviving an old classic with a new classic is just genius

  • Drag89X
    Drag89X Year ago

    It reminds me of the show.. thanks for making this Minecraft!

  • Cassie Lai
    Cassie Lai 2 years ago

    The crossover nobody asked for but we all wanted

  • Murderer Thompson
    Murderer Thompson 2 years ago

    Super! Hope the dlc is good! Love that game

  • My Name Is Rodrick
    My Name Is Rodrick 10 months ago

    If you haven’t played this DLC, I would definitely recommend it to you!

    • Funky rat
      Funky rat 9 months ago

      I was removed from the marketplace

  • The Creejay
    The Creejay 2 years ago +555

    Instead of a creeper blowing up your house, pac-man just eats the entire thing.

  • Exoticgear
    Exoticgear 2 years ago

    Legend has it in Minecraft Pac-Man still roams

  • Jacob Caudle
    Jacob Caudle 2 years ago +1

    I bought it and downloaded it and played it and it’s amazing!! Best Minecraft map ever!!

  • Sykrae
    Sykrae 2 years ago +1

    fans : we want cave update. mojang : get waka wakaed

  • Republic 117
    Republic 117 2 years ago

    I would of never thought they would make Pac Man World 4

  • Flipsey
    Flipsey 2 years ago +1535

    Next thing we know
    Terraria comes to Minecraft

    • Emilio Rubio Madrid
      Emilio Rubio Madrid Year ago

      A bad combination

    • The King Of not
      The King Of not Year ago

      it kinda is there is a creeper skin in terraria and on the terraria loading screen it can say check out terraria and on the minecraft one it can say check out terraria

    • Spencer The Garfield Fanboy
      Spencer The Garfield Fanboy Year ago

      Minecraft comes to minecraft

    • Alexander Romero
      Alexander Romero Year ago +1

      It already had 6 years ago

    • JunglI
      JunglI Year ago

      2525244432422222922222255555555666ᗴᖇᖇᗴᖇ ՏYՏTᗴᗰ_ᖇᗴᗷOT

  • Raquel Briskin
    Raquel Briskin 2 years ago +1

    Wow that looks so cool!

  • YLWShark
    YLWShark 2 years ago

    Pac-Man? We want to make servers without having to port forward or use hamachi!

  • KB Games
    KB Games 2 years ago

    This is just a big middle finger to people who want a cave update.

  • the mineplexian pickle

    I wish minecraft was like it was in the past full of wonder small steps at a time nothing big. Those where the good times.

  • Enderboss25
    Enderboss25 2 years ago +143

    The crossover we didn’t know we needed,

    • Markus Benedict
      Markus Benedict 2 years ago

      We didn't need it though.

    • Ted
      Ted 2 years ago

      I want a Zelda mashup ;(

    • Swooshb
      Swooshb 2 years ago +1

      @1850 subs before Tomorrow nobody cares

    • TMC TTF
      TMC TTF 2 years ago


  • Envixx
    Envixx Year ago

    this looks so cool!

  • Roland Andrei Hechanova

    I can't wait to play it 💕

  • Diego Sahdo
    Diego Sahdo 2 years ago

    Theres a mod that adds four Arcade machines to the players houses(you need to pay coins to play them) and one of them is Pac man.

  • a l i c i a ∙
    a l i c i a ∙ 2 years ago

    Hi mojang! I have a couple of suggestions that are really shorr [but sweet] as minor updates[Some are inspired by other people]. Please read them, the last few suggestions are best.
    - Orange/Yellow/Pink trees in some biomes, probably the birch one.
    -Tiny fireflies that circle light sources
    - Different kinds of bookshelves. You can even have one full of ancient, beige and grey-coloured books
    - Moss, ivy and stalactites in caves.
    - make compasses point towards the current spawn point, and not of the original world spawn.
    - flower headbands can be made out of different types of flowers. It's mostly be for the aesthetic, but maybe you can attract bees with it?
    - Different kinds of dogs. Cats are unique, why cant dogs be like that too?
    - Please make bees a little bit smaller.
    - Exp bar can be displayed as electric blue or magenta. I think they're nicer colours than bright green
    - please change the sound made by players when walking on planks. It sounds eerily similar like the voice of a villager
    - glass bottles, bowls and buckets can be placeable. I would really like candles to be able to be crafted out of a torch and slime.
    - the animation of swimming of other players looks really awkward. I'd like you to make the animation smoother and less gawky.
    - mirrors would be reallyy cool.
    - can we add silver to the game? It can be stronger, shinier and more durable than iron.
    - Easier way to search materials in the creative inventory [PE]. Im not into searching "spru" 50 times a day, thank you. Let us be able to add a block to our inventory like you do in pc.
    - more variety im fruits amd vegetables. Can some drops drop oranges/lemons [which can make lemonade, that reduces chance of gettung poison from rotting meat because of vitamin C]. Lettuce would be really nice to grow, too.
    - Vegetable soup can be made out of a bowl, tomato, lettuce, beetroot, potato and carrot.
    I really like these ideas, please tell me what you think about them!

    • a l i c i a ∙
      a l i c i a ∙ 2 years ago

      @Enderboss25 maybe they changed their mind or got new workers who like the idea..

    • a l i c i a ∙
      a l i c i a ∙ 2 years ago

      @Enderboss25 oh

    • Enderboss25
      Enderboss25 2 years ago

      alicia most of those ideas they said no to years ago

  • J.Felipe
    J.Felipe 2 years ago

    hello mojang, i'm one of the thousands of minecraft Br players, i would like to give you an idea for future updates, here's the thing, you could think of having good and bad points, for example, when looting a village we could earn more points of evil thus becoming more feared and partner of the illagers / pillagers, and with the points of goodness helping the villagers to defend their village for example. I hope you like my idea. ;)

  • The shadow potato
    The shadow potato 2 years ago +79

    PAC-man gets 40th anniversary DLC
    Star Wars the empire strikes back crying sounds

  • Debasish Sutradhar
    Debasish Sutradhar 2 years ago +7


  • Envere
    Envere 2 years ago

    Imagine if legacy had this

  • Boing TM
    Boing TM 2 years ago +563

    Pac Man childhood players: This does put a smile in my face.

    • батончик
      батончик 2 years ago +1

      ееее, 500-ый лайк

    • Space Magic
      Space Magic 2 years ago +1


    • EndLaiser
      EndLaiser 2 years ago +1

      I'm pretty sure everyone online has played Pac-Man before

    • Hinkleberry Gaming
      Hinkleberry Gaming 2 years ago +8

      Put a smile on mine :) Pac-Man was my first ever favorite video game that I could play over and over, and I still play it, along with Mrs. Pac-Man, Pac-Man CE, and occasionally play a new game of Pac-Man World to this day. Pac-fan for life right here.

    • MauriWaka
      MauriWaka 2 years ago +5

      Basically me :)

  • Joey Smith
    Joey Smith 9 months ago

    Dang I wish that I knew that theme that plays after you complete the tutorial and you head outside. It's my favorite song ever rn.

  • StormyDoesVR
    StormyDoesVR Year ago

    This is quite cool! Still waiting for elbows and knees on minecraft skins though. One can only hope.

  • Robert TV
    Robert TV 2 years ago +25

    I just lost a pacman competition when this came out.

  • Baraa
    Baraa Year ago

    Wow this is so good the good old times :)

  • Legends Never Die
    Legends Never Die 2 years ago +123

    Pac-Man: Has 40th year anniversary
    Minecraft: I tip my hat to you, one legend to another.

    • Sam DeMonic
      Sam DeMonic 2 years ago +2

      Gasp a Rango Reference

    • Darthwolfgamer 2020
      Darthwolfgamer 2020 2 years ago +2

      Oh i love that movie

    • Luis197
      Luis197 2 years ago +2

      I enjoyed that Rango reference

    • Japh urtecho
      Japh urtecho 2 years ago +8

      Minecraft turned 11 and pac man turned 40th
      I don’t think so

  • CloudShow TGM
    CloudShow TGM 2 years ago +11

    Probably just an April fo... Wait, Yes! Yeeeessss! Perfection!

  • Fast Fizzi
    Fast Fizzi 2 years ago

    Java edition is now irrelevant to Mojang isn’t it

  • Javier Nava
    Javier Nava 2 years ago

    They really trynna keep PewDiePie hooked huh

  • John & Travis
    John & Travis Year ago

    Pac-Man + Minecraft = Heaven

  • Metball
    Metball 2 years ago +463

    I think I can speak for everyone when I say...
    W H A T

    • Metball
      Metball 2 years ago

      CalebG89 definitely not in a bad way. This looks fun, but again, WHAT?!

    • J Floyd
      J Floyd 2 years ago +4

      Pac-man anniversary

    • Nikola Zaric
      Nikola Zaric 2 years ago +2

      @Ernesto Bustos You know its fun right?

    • Ernesto Bustos
      Ernesto Bustos 2 years ago +5


    • Goat
      Goat 2 years ago +1


  • Blade theory punch Slash

    Happy 41 anniversary pac-Man we love you

  • Cadrona Gaming
    Cadrona Gaming 2 years ago

    If this is real and is a an actual update/dlc then i guess time to buy minecraft

  • Shmexydogs
    Shmexydogs Year ago +1

    We need a Pac-Man skin pack

  • Denise R
    Denise R 2 years ago

    We need a petition to bring back the Giant’s A.I. to at least move

  • JG
    JG 2 years ago +600

    Seems like an April fools joke until you see everybody online freaking out about Pac-Man’s anniversary.

    • COOL_DaffyDuck
      COOL_DaffyDuck 2 years ago

      It’s not april

    • YourEvilToenail
      YourEvilToenail 2 years ago +2

      @BappelTheApple , It is dirt cheap and completely worth the money compared to everything else on the Marketplace.

    • BappelTheApple
      BappelTheApple 2 years ago


    • Lukas Sprehn
      Lukas Sprehn 2 years ago

      @Radical Cheese WOOOSH

    • 【 mr konozai 】
      【 mr konozai 】 2 years ago +1

      I legit thought this was april fools or a fake channel until I realized,,,
      it's may--

    ПОКА ВСЕМ 2 years ago +1

    this is giving me flashbacks when i was young i watched a lot of mc youtubers play maps and stuff and i saw this dream map thing and there was pacman in it. i dont really recall what it was but this just reminded me of it

  • 2.0 Carlosss
    2.0 Carlosss 2 years ago

    Will these new neon blocks be available on vanilla?

  • Nathan 64
    Nathan 64 2 years ago

    When will Namco make Pac-Man World 4?!

  • Brody Spears
    Brody Spears 2 years ago

    This is very cool thanks mojang

  • Linkling
    Linkling 2 years ago +87

    This looks similar to one of the minecon games they did a while back, looks really fun!

    • Youtube_User
      Youtube_User 2 years ago


    • Saviourr
      Saviourr 2 years ago


    • Linkling
      Linkling 2 years ago +1

      salt I didn’t go lmao and if I did I wouldn’t give it to you

    • Mullafacation
      Mullafacation 2 years ago

      @1850 subs before Tomorrow Is that automated? Cool if it is.

    • Mullafacation
      Mullafacation 2 years ago +2

      But it now has official texture packs to make it more like the original. O definitely remember seeing something VERY similar before though.

  • Alejandro Alvarez
    Alejandro Alvarez 2 years ago +1

    I’ve always wanted this since I was a kid.

  • Tami Otani
    Tami Otani 2 years ago

    Can we call it Pac-craft already?

  • Dabber2K
    Dabber2K 2 years ago

    This beat goes hard tho.

  • The OG
    The OG 2 years ago

    Mojang (Studios): New-
    Community’s hand: * I AM SPEED*
    Mojang (Studios): PacMan update!

  • Lautaro Arriola
    Lautaro Arriola 2 years ago +253

    I understand Mojang's logic, if we want something, they doesn't give it to us but brings something pretty cool

    • 1K Subs Without Any Videos Challenge
      1K Subs Without Any Videos Challenge 2 years ago +1

      Lautaro Arriola
      Then we can just say mojang that we do not want the cave update anymore and they will just give it to us

    • Darth Makroth
      Darth Makroth 2 years ago +3

      @Ares they don't realise the difference between the marketplace and an update

    • Ares
      Ares 2 years ago +4

      why are you goofballs bringing cave update into this? it’s a marketplace dlc, not anything major.

    • Iron Gear
      Iron Gear 2 years ago

      That we need to pay for

    • Buzzy 13
      Buzzy 13 2 years ago


  • Stacy Behrens
    Stacy Behrens 2 years ago

    Pac-Man I love it I'm 8 years old and I still love Pac-Man

  • JakeTBone
    JakeTBone Year ago

    I got all of the keys, but it won't let me unlock the final two characters. The map is glitched. The ceiling where you can look at your surroundings is glitched as in you can't see your character on it and the fruit can sometimes be invisible. I hope they fix it.

  • ag d
    ag d 2 years ago +8

    I can’t imagine the cost of this the reason why is because it is sooooooooooo good even the first look at the trailer if it is very cheap It will be an OMG because it took the creater a long time and hard work so I think it will be 500-800 minecoins.

  • Chita M
    Chita M 2 years ago

    Can you please allow mod packs that are for Java to also be available in PE, bedrock. So many kids that play only have tablets.

  • Christian Flaherty: Sequel Edition

    Finally, I can play as Pac-Man without having to calculate the perfect trajectories of fire hydrants and keys!

    • Ubaru
      Ubaru 2 years ago

      @Kyoto Live dude don't worry he is talking about super Smash Bros ultimate Pacman no Need to post on reddit

    • Jo_nM
      Jo_nM 2 years ago +4

      @Gladys Basco it's a SSB reference

    • Gladys Basco
      Gladys Basco 2 years ago +1

      I dont get it

    • Kyoto Live
      Kyoto Live 2 years ago +5

      If I am imagining this correctly, this belongs in r/cursedcomments