True Facts: The Hummingbird Warrior

  • Published on Aug 13, 2020
  • Not a moth.
    True Facts Poster!
    Dr. Anusha Shankar ( ) for her guidance, enthusiasm and research on torpor.
    Dr. Margaret Rubega ( ) and the University of Connecticut
    for our conversation and her introductions.
    Dr. Alejandro Rico-Guevara ( ) and the University of Washington
    for the incredible media related to the tongue and all of his guidance.
    Dr. Don Powers ( ) and the Powers Research Lab for their
    footage on energy conservation.
    Dr. Kristiina Hurme ( ) for her amazing work on weaponized beaks
    Dr. Chris Clark ( ) and UC Riverside for our conversation and
    all of the wonderful footage related to the dives and and displays.
    Dr. Gregor Yanega ( ) for the footage of birds pilfering spider food.
    FLIR Thermal Cameras ( for the psychedelic heat mapping footage
    RuthLes Productions ( ) for the wonderful footage of the
    hummer in torpor, as well as the lovely phone chat.
    Tracy Kerestesh ( ) for the footage of insect eating.
    The Arizona Daily Star ( ) for letting me use the footage of a hummer collecting
    spider webs outside of their window
    Tom Grey ( ) for his very special photo of hummingbirds mating...
    which is not easy to capture
    Additional footage used under license from:
    Envato Elements
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  • mariofan1ish
    mariofan1ish 5 months ago +499

    We found a hummingbird on the ground today. He wasn't really moving, and my mother asked if he was sick, injured or dead. But thanks to this video, I have a feeling he might've just been in torpor. So I nudged him a bit- he was stuck really hard to the ground, and twitched just a little in response to being touched. So I looked up what to do with a bird in torpor, and dad kept him warm.
    He's currently sitting in a makeshift nest on the back patio, with a tiny bowl of sugar water and a heating pad to keep him warm in the winter cold. He's a lot more active now, eating the sugar water, and making a recovery pretty quickly. So thank you Zefrank, you helped me save a bird's life!

    • mariofan1ish
      mariofan1ish 4 days ago +1

      @Rhetoric I'm pretty sure it was torpor considering it took him only about an hour total to get his energy back and start flying again. Heat and sugar water did the trick, so I'm like 95% sure it was torpor.

    • Rhetoric
      Rhetoric 4 days ago

      @mariofan1ish doubt it torpor lol sounds like he got hit from something

    • Feinky
      Feinky Month ago +11


    • mariofan1ish
      mariofan1ish 2 months ago +79

      @hannahruth365 It took awhile, but he eventually started waking up out of his torpor and spread his wings. It took some time for him to actually try flying off, but he eventually took to the air himself, and I think he still comes around to sip off the feeder out back.

    • hannahruth365
      hannahruth365 2 months ago +12

      Were you able to release him?

  • D D
    D D Year ago +1726

    "When the hummingbird says just the tip, you might be licked dry in an instant"
    I laughed way too hard on that one

  • Amanda Fitzwater
    Amanda Fitzwater 11 months ago +148

    Whenever I’m depressed I watch this video. And no matter how terrible I feel I always laugh when he calls them puffball junkie birds.
    Seriously, his videos are the cure to my depression. So big thanks to Zefrank!!!! Thanks for making my life a bit more bearable.

    • Macumazahn
      Macumazahn 8 days ago

      idk why but YT had kept this show from me until today. That's a funny way of saying i found this channel today and i'm delighted. I have a headache from the uncontrollable diaphragm spasms it cau- It's just laughter jerry. it's just from me laughing
      I've only seen 4 or 5 episodes but don't worry, i'm sure i'll stay up all night and watch all i can until i have to drive dangerously into work in the morning.

    • Antonio Lara
      Antonio Lara 23 days ago +1

      Sad cat diaries! Will definitely make you laugh. He's a genius.

    • American Jello
      American Jello Month ago +1


    • Eric G
      Eric G Month ago +1


    • La Nae Call
      La Nae Call Month ago +2

      Me too...

  • Ryan H
    Ryan H 10 months ago +159

    Every line in this video is a quote worth laughing at. My favorite is the "I mean if you had your own wind tunnel you'd put all kinds of crap in--not a baby! Not mayonnaise! But definitely the butt feathers of a bird."

    • Macumazahn
      Macumazahn 8 days ago +1

      @Kory Oxley but he say you wouldn't put those two random, unrelated things in there. I think it's just bc it could be dangerous or scary for the mayo baby and the mayo would just be messy. Potential for scientific advancement is rather low with those two items. But bi-yerd butt feathers? Now there's a recipe for incrementally advanced the pool of human knowledge in an obscure, highly-specialized manner

    • Olduglyentwife
      Olduglyentwife 4 months ago +2

      @Kory Oxley yeah there is definitely a story there

    • Kory Oxley
      Kory Oxley 7 months ago +11

      he got so defensive that he wouldnt put babies or mayonnaise in... i wonder what happened...

  • L
    L Year ago +5058

    My mother is obsessed with hummingbirds, and I don’t think she will ever like anything more than this video...“For science.”

    • MuhKlungky
      MuhKlungky 10 days ago

      @James Davidson I'm with your mom. I use to fertilize lawns and the two animals I was worried about encountering on a lawn the most were deer and God damn hummingbirds. If you got close to the tree the claimed as theirs they would dive bomb you multiple times in rapid succession and it's not a warning. They are trying to hit you. They freak me out to this day.

    • Philie Spiess
      Philie Spiess 3 months ago +2

      @Kelly Tor sounds like the best relationship ever, good for you two! 😆

    • Kaj'Or Reinholdt
      Kaj'Or Reinholdt 3 months ago +2

      My mom also has a thing for all the birds she spots in the backyard. Though she would be offended by ZeFrank, she is wound tigher than the spring of a music box needed to play the 1812 overture.

    • William Hiegel
      William Hiegel 4 months ago +2

      My mom was the one who showed it to me

    • Ruthie
      Ruthie 5 months ago +1


  • mechtheist
    mechtheist Month ago +40

    About 20 years ago, we had 3 feeders up for humming birds and routinely had more than a dozen feeding at the same time. It was amazing, like watching WWI aerial combat scenes. They seemed much more interested in fighting the others off than in feeding. The encounters often produced these loud reports, like maybe hitting two pieces of hardwood together, it was wing-contact! They are vicious mfers for sure.

  • Anthony Walton
    Anthony Walton 5 months ago +41

    "I'm not busting on Toledo, I'll leave that to the hummingbirds. Sorry." Got me. Full out laughing, yet again.

  • ThePieFairy91
    ThePieFairy91 Year ago +513

    "As it sticks it's beak into the flowers hole it gets the flowers male stuff all over it's face- Jerry. I can't read this. I don't care if that's how the flowers get all pregnant. It's smut!"

  • Adders1996
    Adders1996 Month ago +2

    I have had the same hummingbird claim my yard for the last 5 years. We call him Sassy Boy. He's a Black Chinned Hummingbird and he's a bit smaller than the other Black Chins and his beak is a bit shorter as well. We have 5 feeders in the backyard and we can get up to 6 or 7 birds at one time.

  • Hikari White
    Hikari White Year ago +3846

    Fun Fact: The Aztecs believed that the hummingbirds are reborn fallen warriors

    • Hey You
      Hey You 3 days ago

      Hummingbjyird, you mean?

    • AbyssalSchmitt
      AbyssalSchmitt 4 days ago

      You literally asked the aztecs that?

    • Overly Aggressive Machine
      Overly Aggressive Machine Month ago

      They probably ate themm

    • revenevan11
      revenevan11 Month ago

      That's beautiful 😢

    • Ondry •
      Ondry • Month ago

      @Ian Smith the nazca lines are not deitys, at least not all of them, and i don't remember any peruvian culture that has the hummingbird as a deity, still, it was considered by a lot of them as a sacred animal and one that brings good luck

  • random stoof
    random stoof 7 months ago +6

    I love how i actually heard the noises and saw a hummingbird do this in real life. very informative, very cool.

  • Heather Heflin
    Heather Heflin Year ago +10

    Omg just brilliant!!! Zefrank my mind is blown on this one! The research the comedy the beauty the pure creativity!! I wish I could work with you! I live you and this! Bravo nature buddy!!!!

  • Tedi Bare
    Tedi Bare Month ago +4

    I'm sorry I had to watch this one twice just because I was laughing so hard the first time I think I missed something!!! Sharing the shit out of this one too... thank you!!

  • Adel Faidah
    Adel Faidah Year ago +8

    the amount of work put into these videos is simply amazing. I sometimes have to watch it a couple of times before I catch all the witty remarks made here and there

  • Christian John
    Christian John 11 months ago +44

    I dunno why but "Jerry, that's a moth" just had me laughing a lot for some reason

  • Bardsley
    Bardsley Year ago +291

    "It's like MMA, but on a trapeze, and with swor- It's a Jet Li movie."

    • A1Sirius
      A1Sirius 9 months ago +5

      So many excellent sentences in this particular script. I would vote for this one in the top 5. zefrank1 on fire in this video.

  • Owen Lee Joe King
    Owen Lee Joe King Year ago +7

    This was great! I never knew about the hummingbirds' disco naps. The whole video cracked me up too. Thank you

  • Peri Urvek
    Peri Urvek Year ago +7

    This was wonderful! I love learns while one laughs and one remembers both!

  • Hak-en-Slash
    Hak-en-Slash Year ago +1226

    “the fairies don’t even try to ride these ones, they’re too dangerous, but if they find a dead one they’ll take the beak off and make two saws out of it to cut down twigs to make toothpicks. that’s how they’re made and thats how the fairies put food on the table, and i’ll s*** in a cup of you say otherwise” - why is no one talking about this!? it’s so good!

    • Chibihugs
      Chibihugs Month ago

      This line had me in tears laughing for 5 minutes

    • Donna Braden
      Donna Braden Month ago +1

      @hapi champagne Well then, let me write down the whole 12:12 script right here!

    • Vince M
      Vince M Year ago

      @SwollaG it's now 1.1K. You can upvote now, lol

    • M1A2 Abrams
      M1A2 Abrams Year ago

      I saw this as he was saying it

    • Zel
      Zel Year ago

      @Benjamin Rood Remember, you must talk about everything to even acknowledge it. Kind of like gossip girls idk I don't gossip.

  • Chel Del Rosario
    Chel Del Rosario Year ago +59

    "The humming bird is a pollinator, as it sticks its beak inside the flowers hole, it gets the male stuff all over its face.. Jerry I can't read this. I DON'T CARE IF THAT IS HOW FLOWERS ALL GET PREGNANT!"
    Got me dead 💀

  • Nebisaur
    Nebisaur 7 months ago +2

    How does anyone get through these without giggling like a little school girl? 😆 Love these videos. Need this to be an actual documentary series for discovery!❤

  • Jay Pacic
    Jay Pacic Year ago +2

    Where were you when I was home schooled as a kid? Your content is great, informative and hilarious all in one gulp. I guess this is just what Zefrank do.

  • Cesar Lorenzo
    Cesar Lorenzo Year ago +10

    He’s insanely hilarious!!!! I’m crying with his narrator skills!!! 💁

  • DaemonNapster 69
    DaemonNapster 69 Year ago +2473

    “Imagine impressing your date on a picnic by climbing up a large hill then running down as fast as you can and right when you pass them spreading your cheeks and (fart noise). That is how a hummingbird do.”

    • Firescale
      Firescale 14 days ago

      G L O R I O U S

    • Jonathan Stein
      Jonathan Stein Month ago

      I lost it when he said this🤣🤣🤣

    • Donna Braden
      Donna Braden Month ago

      ​@CodeDiablo God, when half frightened by the realization at lack of air from laughing so hard threatening a pass-out situation, but still its not enough to sober up and just breathe.

    • jetfowl
      jetfowl 7 months ago +1

      If it works for hummingbyrds, then it should work for humans, right?
      Later: Nope, it didn't work. I don't really know why.

    • Obi-Wan Kenobi
      Obi-Wan Kenobi 7 months ago

      I choked on my bacon

  • Teddey
    Teddey 10 months ago +10

    I've just discovered these and it's literally so amazing that it can never stop.

  • Ana Monroe
    Ana Monroe Year ago +1

    I really love this series; it's so funny that I can't breastfeed my newborn while watching it because I laugh so hard he gets distracted.

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Year ago +2

    Definitely the funniest and yet most informative video I have ever watched. I have started feeding hummingbirds with nectar poured into my palm the last few days and I was just blown away at these little guys. Thank you for the video!!

  • A Lama
    A Lama 7 months ago +1

    Absolutely perfect ! Loved this True Facts episode, but, I love them all.

  • Robbie and Gary Gardening Easy

    Just too funny, not sure what my audience would do if I changed my style on the 1000's of hummingbirds I feed here daily, LOL, thanks for the smile and cute facts, Robbie 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Gurdjieff
      Gurdjieff Year ago

      WOW!! That's a lot of byerds you guys are enabling to get all tweaked out!!! You understand that usually leads to a fight where someone gets the crap beaked out of themselves, right?!?

    • JuJu Bee
      JuJu Bee Year ago +2

      Well look whos here, hi Robbie and Gary. I bought my hummingbird bird feeder because of your videos.

    • *Moth*
      *Moth* Year ago +1

      @Jill Boehm-Reyna no

    • Robbie and Gary Gardening Easy
      Robbie and Gary Gardening Easy Year ago +5

      @Jill Boehm-Reyna Not sure if I could do this, this was just too FUNNY, thanks, Robbie

    • Jill Boehm-Reyna
      Jill Boehm-Reyna Year ago +16

      Robbie, I am a fan of your videos and aspire to your level of hummingbirds. I would have laughed at you attempting this style. I know because I laughed until I coughed, cried and peed myself. This is just the absolute funniest thing. 🤪😂🤪😂🤪😂🤪😂🤪😂👍🏻
      My husband came to see what I was laughing about and listened as he watched it and laughed until I owed myself again. We just keep looking at each other and saying “he farted”.

  • W S Tavis
    W S Tavis 8 days ago

    "It's just the sad outcome of a very serious addiction...." Not even one minute in had me rolling.
    This is pure gold!

  • Innòcənt Kìttən
    Innòcənt Kìttən 10 months ago +25

    "It is a vicious bicyc- Jerry, it's cycle; it's not short for bicycle."

  • Phil Sparks
    Phil Sparks 11 months ago +11

    I love this guys sense of humor, and tend to watch more for his comments than the subject matter it about!

  • Joseph Williams
    Joseph Williams 10 months ago +1

    I would love to hear him narrate a Honey Badger , he has done almost every animal in the Animal Kingdom except for a Honey Badger .

  • The Holy Duck
    The Holy Duck Year ago +733

    The Aztecs knew how hardcore hummingbirds are, considering that one of their war/sacrifice gods (also the world's fifth sun, long story) was called the "hummingbird of the West".

    • Stephan Steohan Larsen
      Stephan Steohan Larsen 11 days ago

      Not Aztec. Biologist. I know... So..? Tucson Arizona Sonoran desert 🏜️ Jah sisters Africa

    • Mark Whelan
      Mark Whelan 10 months ago +1

      @cerberus nova empire They had the best substances likeee wowwwwwww yeahhhhhhhh Coolllllllllllll.

    • TECH RVL
      TECH RVL 11 months ago

      @The_Captain_🌟 ew

    • Azure335
      Azure335 Year ago +25

      @cerberus nova empire God damn that’s hardcore as fuck

    • cerberus nova empire
      cerberus nova empire Year ago +62

      Funny rhing is he was born from a feather that landen on a aztec godess stomach and she got inpregnated. And almost all his brothers and sisters wanted to kill him and their mom but while they were marching towards the temple to kill their mom he was born and he came out already in the war attire and whit a weapon in the form of a serpent and he slaughtered all the siblings trying to kill him and his mom . He dismembered his older sister and she became the moon . Man aztec lore is interesting as fk

  • Sierra Eumurian
    Sierra Eumurian Year ago +5

    I love how you can watch these videos with your earbuds in, and you look like you’re watching an informational documentary. And technically, that’s not wrong. But also. You don’t exactly want people to know what your ACTUALLY watching. So you let them believe it’s a documentary....

  • Lori Estrada
    Lori Estrada Year ago

    This was the absolute best video on these tiny birds that I have ever watched. I laughed so hard ! I see a guy running downhill at me.....I'm running to ! Great job guys.

  • Bowie Addict
    Bowie Addict Year ago +1

    This has got to be my favorite True Facts. Ze's dialogue is great!

  • TEMPO690
    TEMPO690 10 months ago +2

    This is a brilliant way to teach people about nature! I'm locked in and laughing my ass off. 🤣

  • Ava Travis
    Ava Travis 14 days ago

    Thank you for this amazing and hilarious video. I'm up at 1am doing college homework and pissed that my housemates ate my damn fancy bread, the only reason I'm not giving up on life is this and videos like it made by this absolute mad lad!
    Also!!! Give Jerry a Raise!!!

  • Josiah Payne
    Josiah Payne 10 months ago

    Excellent script, eloquent oration. Definitely a favorite of mine now.

  • Boops
    Boops 25 days ago +1

    I’m not sure if he’s done one but, hope he does one on whales soon. He’s so funny while being so informative… science hippy here n interested in seeing him do one on whales. 🐳🐋

  • reservedarmadillo
    reservedarmadillo 11 months ago

    Simply the best TheXvid channel I've discovered yet. So many thanks for your lyrical genius and editing. This is a masterpiece!

  • Aquamarine Rose
    Aquamarine Rose Year ago +320

    Fun fact: It was believed that Aztec Warriors would be reincarnated as hummingbirds when they died.
    Makes a lot of sense when you see how cracked out these little birds are.

    • Wikan Saktianto
      Wikan Saktianto Year ago

      @John Elmar Tagbago Its just a meme that gets overused...They came from Naruto Fanbase since Boruto didn't met their expectance.

    • Wikan Saktianto
      Wikan Saktianto Year ago

      Considering Hummingbirds are quite abundant in Central America and they are the pollinator of crops, no wonder.

    • NerdyViolaPlayer 687
      NerdyViolaPlayer 687 Year ago

      Heard about that one too👍

    • Aaron Glass
      Aaron Glass Year ago

      Everything is a joke reference

  • Owen Kegg
    Owen Kegg Month ago

    Recently moved and the new place has a ton of flowers, and I get to see hummingbirds constantly now, it's really awesome and they're super pretty birds, I always see them by the shiny bits under their face.
    I think they might be a ruby-necked hummingbird because it's green with purple neck bits.

  • SerialVibrations
    SerialVibrations Year ago +1

    I love how the mating ritual of a hummingbird involves doing the best possible impression of a Ju-87 Stuka, all the way down to Jericho Horns.

  • Cindepianist
    Cindepianist 10 months ago

    Just found your channel!! OMGOSH, you had me rolling on the floor and sharing like crazy! Definitely the best comedic, documentary channel on TheXvid!!!!!!
    Heading for a binge watch now 👍🏻🥰😆😉🌻❤️🌎🌏🌍

  • MCHoffner
    MCHoffner 11 months ago +1

    I believe Sir David approves of this documentary. And laughs heartily at your narration.

  • basicallyRk
    basicallyRk Year ago +576

    I always ask myself why did hummingbirds evolve to need to eat two times their body weight, but then Mr. Documentarian says, "as if nature ever does things the easy way," and now I am satisfied. Thank you, you majestic Hummybeard.

    • X C
      X C Year ago +3

      @seigeengine That works too lmao

    • seigeengine
      seigeengine Year ago +11

      @X C It's more like a trillion college students throwing together meals, and those who put together bad meals just die.

    • X C
      X C Year ago +10

      Evolution is like a drunk college student cobbling together a meal. As long as it works it's getting used

    • droideka 1
      droideka 1 Year ago +10

      There are moths that have no mouth so they starve to death from the moment they become moths so they literally “have no mouth and must fuck NOW”.
      Evolution is fucking stupid sometimes.

    • Panse Pot
      Panse Pot Year ago +11

      It doesn’t have to make sense to humans. As long as creatures manage to reproduce themselves anything goes. That’s how nature do. 😁

  • GrimxLink
    GrimxLink 2 months ago

    I love how you inform humanity of the biology of various species. It makes me happy 😊.

  • Marie Fremlin
    Marie Fremlin 11 months ago

    Highly educational videos and funny as hell. Thank you! Looks like I will be binge watching for a bit.

  • MrSupieblax
    MrSupieblax 11 months ago +1

    First time watching any of your videos. I stumbled on accident cause I was looking up hummingbirds, after the first joke I was like wait what?! The rest was pure laughter and educational #newsubscriber

  • George G.
    George G. Year ago +1

    "When a hummingbird says 'just the tip', you might be sucked dry in an instant."
    Now, there's a line you don't hear in nature documentaries!

  • Kyle Flounder
    Kyle Flounder Year ago +1426

    God this may be the best one yet
    "Imagine impressing your date by climbing up a large hill, then running down as fast as you can, and right when you pass them, spreading your cheeks and *bird noise(?)* "

    • Bennu
      Bennu 10 months ago +3

      My chest still hurts from laughing😹

    • Inanis
      Inanis 10 months ago +2

      @Kyle Flounder wow 21 likes in 21 hours. This comment is getting 1 like an hour next year it will have 9445 likes

    • Kyle Flounder
      Kyle Flounder 10 months ago

      @Shadow thank you for this comment, I was able to see my original post has exactly 666 likes because of this 🤣

    • Shadow
      Shadow 10 months ago +9

      When the sound of your ass clapping is a mating call:

    • Abhishek Thakur
      Abhishek Thakur 10 months ago

      @Mama Petillo done that.

  • L3X.13
    L3X.13 Year ago

    This is the best documentary about Humming birds I ever found. And in the same time is so entertaining to watch!

  • Paul Dean
    Paul Dean 2 months ago

    I used to love using your vids with my 10th grade biology students... nothing like a little mildly inappropriate innuendo to spice up the cool animal facts and amazing imagery. Retired now but still laughing out loud as I enjoy your work.

  • Carly Charlesworth
    Carly Charlesworth 2 months ago

    'For science,' had me in stitches. Too funny! Ze you are hilarious my friend, just hilarious!

  • Everbless Lizii
    Everbless Lizii 7 months ago

    This channel was recommended to me and after numerous videos I have dubbed this the explaining animals but for dummies and honestly I've learned so much about rainforest animals and snails that I ever did watching the actual discovery channel.

  • Holden Miller
    Holden Miller Year ago +1761

    Not even 50 secs and he's already got 4 jokes out he is on fire.

    • Optimus997 Fan Club
      Optimus997 Fan Club Year ago +23

      Every ten seconds it's another great joke AND a legitimate science fact. I'm just in awe.

    • Holden Miller
      Holden Miller Year ago +1

      @Bluecho4 lmao

  • WesleyPipesGaming
    WesleyPipesGaming 11 months ago +1

    You sir, are hilarious and very informative.

  • Hebrew Hooligan
    Hebrew Hooligan Year ago +10

    I have watched this about 5 times and every time the "let's slow this down for science" I start laughing uncontrollably! 😅

  • Freedom Phoenix Goat
    Freedom Phoenix Goat 10 months ago

    I freaking love Hummingbirds, and knowing this about them really makes my day
    never even wonder how they reproduced, but now i do and its cool stuff.

    • Donna Braden
      Donna Braden Month ago

      Ikr?!? Dear god how on earth the female survives feeding others and herself and not going into Torpor while raising her young, I see why it's only 2 weeks until the young leave the nest. That's all a mom could handle!

  • J
    J 7 months ago +5

    We need a Jerry episode. Even a super cut of all the Jerry moments would suffice. Thanks Zefrank for all the laughs and "information". 😄😁😆

  • cygnia
    cygnia Year ago +8191

    I still want a "True Facts: Jerry" video one of these days...

  • Matt Hagen
    Matt Hagen Year ago +1

    Had a hummingbird fly and get stuck in my house for a couple hours, but the moment I saw it I immediately thought of how you would narrate it😂😂😂

  • Joseph Ellis
    Joseph Ellis 7 months ago

    I always wondered what happened to hummingbirds during the winter.
    Now I just need to find out what happens to slugs during the winter and I’ll know everything I ever wanted to know about animals.

  • Steven sprunger
    Steven sprunger 25 days ago

    Yes it was fascinating to see how many bird come into the garage where the daddy longlegs spider webs were and wrap their beak around the spiderwebs we had no idea what it was but then later as we watched him he went over and made his little nest in the tree it was fascinating I was astounded when I saw that

  • Raquellle O
    Raquellle O 10 months ago

    Please please please make lots more true facts videos! They bring me sooooo much joy!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Genuine Justin
    Genuine Justin Year ago +911

    I swear this was one of the funniest episodes in awhile. When he slowed down that one birds sound which sounded like a quick fart I almost died laughing. I can't imagine how much fun he has making these. We need a blooper reel of him recording and laughing at the shit he says.

  • McK Flurry
    McK Flurry 14 days ago

    🤣 the “horse” part got me rolling.
    A very similar incident happened to me recently…
    driving on the freeway, called 911 because of a traffic/road hazard.
    “Ma’am, what’s the hazard?”
    “A pile of brown hose”
    “… excuse me, what?”
    “… brown hosing.”
    “Oooh, okay.”
    Somewhere out there… I know it’s forever recorded 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Sarah R
    Sarah R Year ago +1

    the aztec god of war was a hummingbird because the aztecs thought of hummingbirds as the ultimate fighters. they are constantly in motion their entire lives, fighting against gravity and the hostile world around them in order to survive. once i learned that i've always had a different respect for hummingbirds lol

  • Honora Fox
    Honora Fox 9 months ago +1

    True story, a friend of ours actually got speared in the chest by a hummingbird that was flying by when he was walking around his wood shed. That had to hurt like hell. Damn meth birds need to watch where they're going. Don't drugs, or nectar kids.

  • D H
    D H Year ago

    This was one of, if not the most fascinating, educational, fun, and absolutely hysterical animal videos I've ever seen. Legend, eg, "a very special thanks to (among other awesome hummingbird scientists) Kristina Hurme for her amazing work on weaponized beaks". I mean COME ON!! How bad ass are hummingbirds and Kristiina for that research project. Well done and bravo, fabulous video

  • Patrick
    Patrick Year ago +15

    I went to college at Texas A&M at Corpus Christi. It's on an island right on the southward migration path for hummingbirds. There are hundred and hundred and hundreds of rows of bushes that cover with red flowers right at that time, and at peak migration there are millions of hummingbirds. They are so busy squabbling you can stick your face within an inch or two of them and they don't care. It is one of my coolest lifetime experiences.

  • Bhushan Sawant
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    What an epic epic video! Informative and hardcore as always 👌

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    That is hilarious and profound killer combo quote right there

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  • Pheonix Banks
    Pheonix Banks 11 months ago

    I have a funny story about hummingbirds! My great grandpa was camping with my great grandma once, an they had hung a humming bird feeder on the camper. This humming bird kept flying at Pops face and he swatted at it, an it spit a stream of sugar water from the feeder right in his face. I laughed so hard when I first heard the story! Remembering this now is kind of sad tho. Pop is alive, but Maudy (great grandma) died 6 months ago.
    Anyways, great video!

  • Summer Baby
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    While talking about the reverse spring break, u coulda also added "while college students _try to lose weight_ and fly south... Hummingbirds _try to gain weight_ and fly north..."

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  • TheForeman
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    I'm surprised you never mentioned the fact that Hummingbird's tongue wraps around to the top of it's skull.

  • glowcloudwheatproducts

    Fun fact about hummingbirds: they are one of the only groups of birds to pee. Most birds convert their urea (the main waste product in urine) into uric acid. Uric acid is less toxic than urea, so it can be stored in the body in a more concentrated (and solid) form. This is important because in order to fly, a bird cant be carrying around a full bladder (urine is mostly water because urea is so toxic). However, since hummingbirds get way more water than they need from nectar, they have to be constantly excreting urine throughout the day.

    • InkMaster
      InkMaster Year ago +11

      Another one of the only birds to pee is the vulture, which will urinate on its own legs to keep cool while flying.

  • Claire Sanders
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  • Kayla A. Stephen
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    I can attest to the moth thing. Saw a sphinx moth of some form (think it might be a hawk moth idk) sucking on a lantana and thought it might be some sort of nocturnal hummingbird for a second.

  • Dr.FragensteinM.D.
    Dr.FragensteinM.D. 10 months ago

    I found a hummingbird nest in may. I got to watch 2 baby hummingbirds grow up over 6 weeks and leave the nest. It was cool to witness something like that

  • weldonwin
    weldonwin Year ago +81

    Fun fact, the Aztecs believed that when a warrior died, their soul became a Humming Bird, would explain the aggression and now I want you all to imagine a tiny little Humming Bird zipping by and in a teeny tiny voice its screaming *"BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!!"*

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  • Ron Gieck
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    I've been attacked by a hummingbird while geocaching in northern California, just kept coming at me until I got in my car.

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    "You don't just wake up one day and want to deep-tongue a flower."
    Speak for yourself, Zefrank.

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  • Joshua T
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    Love it definitely enjoyed this doc and it's so funny because they are little junkies basically they stay hyped up all day long like they are tweaking 😂 either way I love hummingbirds always have I currently only have seen one hitting my feeder this year normal would least see two or three but this summer I have had only one little ruby throated hummingbird and it's gorgeous I hope one day I can get them to Perch and feed in my hand but so far I have only got one to come in and get a couple sips before flying off but I've learned that there very smart and will slowly open up after awhile when it sees your trust worthy so I'm hoping that day comes until then I have to watch from my window and marvel at these gorgeous birds and there colors are so cool how they literally are shiny like metal would be so it makes them so beautiful so I am still praying for the day it Perch's and sits down and gets its sip on lol hope it happens and if I could just get one more wish would be able to pet it's little head a couple times too will be perfect

  • Anthony N
    Anthony N Year ago +1

    I never realised how aggressive they are until I was outside smoking a blazooka and watched 3 of them fight for dominance over a feeder they would go sit on a branch near by and when another would come they would divebomb into each other

  • Amber in the box
    Amber in the box 10 months ago

    Ruby throats are my favorite.
    I say ridden hard and left out in the rain. And yes it's about horses. They're smart enough to know that its neglectful abuse. Dont do that to them.

  • MajoraZ
    MajoraZ Year ago +117

    He's not kidding about Hummingbirds being fighters: Even the Aztec, one of the most hardcore and metal-as-hell civilizations in history, associated hummingbirds with warfare and militarism, with soldiers who died in battle being reborn as hummingbirds in the highest tier of the afterlife. Plucked hummingbird feathers were also widely used for a variety of feather mosaic art, including on opulent warsuits like Tlahuiztli and Ehuatl and shields, where their entire surface would be covered in feathers of different colors arranged to make patterns based on the wearer's rank and unit division. Most notably, Huitzilopotchli ("Hummingbird of the left"), the patron god of the Mexica of the Aztec captial (Tenochtitlan), was the god of war, as well as the deity who was associated most with the heightened scale of human sacrifice the Mexica preformed, where in the late 1420's or early 1430's, Mexica religion and history was rewritten by the then Tenochca king Itzcoatl and the Cihuacoatl (a sort of grand vizer position) Tlacaelel I, to place an increased emphasis on Huitzlipotchli and his need for the blood of enemy soldiers in sacrifices to justify and encourage wars of expansion.
    That being said, the Mexica ("Aztec" can mean the Mexica specifically, the broader Nahua civilization they were a subgroup of; or the "Aztec Empire", which had Tenochtitlan, Texcoco, and Tlacopan as 3 ruling cities, with Tenochtitlan as the most dominant, over the subjects they collectively conquered... confusingly, not all cities in that empire were culturally Nahua, and not all Nahua city-states were in that empire!) get a bit of a bad rap, moreso then they deserve: Even if they sacrifice more people then other Mesoamerican groups on large scales, they didn't sacrifice nearly as many people as typical pop culture accounts and most sources say: Archeological evidence doesn't support the sort of insane totals you see of them sacrificing 80,000 people in 4 days or hundreds of thousands of people a year. The actual total was probably in the hundreds or maybe low thousands annually, but most of these (up to 75%, per modern findings) were enemy soldiers, not civilians. That may seem like a lot stillt, but it's not incomparable to the amount of religious deaths you see in other societies: For example, there was a French religious war in the 13th century which kille 200,000 to 1m people in 20 years, or 10,000 to 50,000 people a year.
    People, sadly, are just only exposed to the negative, (and hyperbolized/exagerrated, at that) elements of Aztec and other Mesoamerican civilization's cultures, and not the postives, or even just their art or random cultural elements like they are, say, the Greeks or Japanese: If I asked you to visuallize an Aztec city, you'd probably imagine a jungle with a grey pryamid and a few huts around it. in reality, Tenochtitlan had by most estimates 200,000 denizens, in the same ball[park as the then most populated cities in Europe like Paris and Constantinople; and covered an area around the same size as the what Rome's walls encompassed. The city was built out of artficial islands called Chinampas, and had Venice like canals running through it. Large pyramids, palaces, and noble villas were covered in clean stucco and had painted accents, frescos with floral and avian motifs, and reliefwork and sculptural facades, as can be seen in this ( or this ( painting(s) by Scott and Stuart Gentling (I have way more from them, reach out to me at Majora__Z on twitter if interested!). Gardens were commonly built into larger homes and in communal areas of cities as well, with flowers being a major art motif and being carried around by men and women; with the Aztec even having a formal taxonomic system for categorizing plant life, wich some of the gardens acting as academic labs where plants were studied and bred.
    Nahuatl , the Aztec/Nahua language, has a rich tradition of symbolism ladden poetry, and there's some surviving Aztec poetry today: Common themes include the cyclical nature of life/growth and death'/destruction and the transience of all things, which also ties into much of their cosmological worldview (sacrifice was very much about particpating in a natural cysle where like how animals and plans consumed the rain and sun; and how people consume animals and plants, the gods/the sun/run must consume people; and about accepting that death is a natural part of life)
    For example, the most famous king of Texcoco, Nezhualcoyotl, was an esteemed poet (one of his most famous verses, "Not forever on earth, only a little while here; be it jade, it shatters; be it gold, it breaks, be it a quetzal feather, it tears apart; not forever on earth, only a little while here"; touches on a lot of the aformentioned concepots) and legal reformer, as well as an accomplished engineeer, having designed the dike bearing his name seperating the waters of the lake Tenochtitlan was in into a brackish and freshwater side, as well a redesign of Tenochtitlan's main aquaduct two have two pipes rather then a single open channel common in, say, Roman aquaducts; so the water streams were sealed off and one side could run as the other was cleaned out (cleanliness, alongside feathers/birds and gardens, is one of those things people don't associate with the Aztec but that they were obessed with: Tenochtitlan had an entire fleet of civil servents to clean every street and building and collect waste on a daily basis, bathing was regular even for commoners, you were expected to wash your hands, face, and teeth multiple times a day, etc).
    His most impressive accomplishment was probably the watering systems for his personal royal retreat and gardens: This system fed water from the Mexican Sierra Nevada mountain range 5 miles away (at some points the aquaduct rising 200 feet above ground level) onto a hill nearby the gardens, had a system of pools and channels to control the rate of water flow. The water then crossed over a huge stone channel between the gorge of that hill's peak and the peak of the hill (Texcotzingo) the baths were on, at which point the channel formed a circuit around the top of the second hill, filled the baths and a series of shrines and aesthetic displays (complete with statues, painted fresco, carved relifs, etc), and dropped water off via artificial waterfalls around key points of the gardens below; which also had different sections emulating the biomes of different parts of Mexico with the specific plant life found in each.
    And the Aztec are just one of dozen major civilizations in Mesoamerica: Most people also know of the Maya (though like the Aztec, they are heavily misunderstood), but the Zapotec and Mixtec (two major civilizations in what's now the Mexican states of Oaxaca and Guerrero; the Mixtec warlord 8 Deer Jaguar Claw has one of the craziest life stories, going from a noble acting as a general leading armies for the kings of other cities, to founding his own city-state of Tututepec; levarging alliances with key political and religious figures in other major cities like Cholula, to then finally sidestepping the Mixtec political system to conquer nearly 100 cities in 18 years, before finally dying in an ironic twist of fate when the one boy he left alive in his arch-rivals family grew up to overthrow him), the Teotihuacano (Teotihuacan was a massive metropolis in the same valley the core Aztec area was in; covering an insane 37 square kilometers, with nearly all it's citizens living in fancy palace complexes), the Purepecha (who had the second largest empire in Mesoamerica after the Aztec, and repelled numerous invasions from them), etc.
    It's an extremely underrated part of history.

    • Lavonne Russell
      Lavonne Russell Year ago

      Thanks, I enjoyed reading that history.

    • Kayla E
      Kayla E Year ago +2

      Great comment! And is true the Mayans and Aztecs are sadly only remembered by what the victor left behind in writing. That’s why don’t believe everything you read neither what archeologists find or write about because is *all full of a person perspectives, interpretations and opinions* with little facts. Even when they show facts I still question it. There’s nothing like stories told from your own ancestors like grandparents and their parents from your own blood and lineage. Everything else, I always doubted it and think if it as half lie half truth and who’s to know for sure anyway any real truth about our past especially if you aren’t from the same heritage yourself... Like I always say if they didn’t live through it than I can’t believe them fully. Lol. That said, people call the killing Mayans and Aztec did “human sacrifice” when in fact Mayans, Aztec didn’t even do half of what people read and they didn’t do it in a manner that is depicted it for example of stupid movies like Apocalypto. Yes, of course there was killings but weren’t there killings in all other human civilizations??? Duh. They killed just as any other human civilization of the past, the Romans killed, the Egyptians killed, The Spaniards killed and so on so forth... shit we even kill each other today so take that as how the MesoAmerica people killed too... lol! In fact, the MesoAmerica killed and at least did it for sacred reasons and always with permission from the Gods (Mother Earth, father sky, grandmother moon, grandfather sun as they believed were our Gods) pretty much the source of all creation... not like we kill each other at times for no good reasons, like killing another for their color or skin smdh! Is hysterically ridiculous... So don’t believe the ignorance of the victor or whoever writes about MesoAmerica history especially not on what they *think* they know on “human sacrifice” like taking babies heart, gtfoh. Nowhere near truth trust me. That’s why the Mel Gibson movie “Apocalypto” got sued by Mayan people in Peru or Honduras i believe... anyway so yeah careful what you learn on google or from scholars folks lol. The Mayans and Aztecs lived like royalty and had probably more character awareness and high values than we do today. They were extremely intelligent and advanced civilization just as the Egyptians too. I mean let’s not forget the Mayans invented the numerical system that the victor took and made it as we know it today... Also because of Mayans astronomy exists today too and I keep going.... Anyway, this comment was well written man!! You know your stuff.

      DEEPFOXJUDE Year ago

      Thanks for the explanation!

    • ovationsensation
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      I just scrolled through all of that without reading. Can you repeat what you said???

    • Carla the Destructor
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      Enjoyed your post! Those cultures are fascinating to learn about.

  • Michelle Ortman
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    Here because the Dr Don Powers cited in the description is actually my current ornithology professor. This video is absolutely fantastic, it had my friend and I crying in our professor's office

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