IMPOSSIBLE TRICK SHOTS in Premiere Pro (Dude Perfect)

  • Published on May 25, 2018
  • - Learn how to fake impossible trick-shots in Adobe Premiere Pro, inspired by the real tricks from Dude Perfect. Use simple editing and masking tricks to amaze your audience and be next trick-shot star.
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  •  9 months ago +44

    We just uploaded another Trick Shot! This one is pretty dangerous though 😱 ►

    • Unifix
      Unifix Month ago

      Fourty First

    • Antimatter Games
      Antimatter Games 5 months ago


    • HeroesOfBalkan
      HeroesOfBalkan 6 months ago +1

      4:55 When look in SlowMo, u can see some black magic!

    • The Full Fill
      The Full Fill 8 months ago

      I want one glass

    • Torbos
      Torbos 8 months ago

      4th.. but yeah I'm the one who suggested this video remember..

  • AnderBoge
    AnderBoge 12 days ago

    Impossible to follow this tutorial, try to actually teach instead of just showing

  • spugila memeroti
    spugila memeroti 12 days ago +1

    you could also git gud

    *really gud*

  • One Shot One Cool
    One Shot One Cool 13 days ago +1

    But I did a real trick shot and tried it all day ...

  • Ali vedios
    Ali vedios 19 days ago

    Sorry cenicom it doesn't work bcoz I think there is need more learning

  • Åძяīპи
    Åძяīპи 21 day ago

    Love Belgium

  • Tim Bordasch
    Tim Bordasch 22 days ago

    I have a Problem:

    When I "cut" out the ball with the pen tool and want to resize it, its really hard to do that because when I change the scale the whole "invinsible picture" of the ball moves aswell and changes the position of the ball

  • Adam Lee
    Adam Lee 29 days ago

    mostly all naif kid like it...

  • Thomas Charles Bishenden

    Dude perfect exposed

  • BlackDragon17
    BlackDragon17 29 days ago

    Please sub to my channel. Click on the username. Watch all videos and like and comment. Promise that it will be good.

  • James Brodie
    James Brodie Month ago

    1:15 Basketball ring lol

  • B Size Indian
    B Size Indian Month ago

    Who wants to see Cinecome making Hollywood films?

  • Colten Q.
    Colten Q. Month ago

    Uhhh how do you do the curve thing to animate the path

  • Melz Gaming
    Melz Gaming Month ago

    A basketball ring 😂😂😭😭

  • Ang tanong ni David?
    Ang tanong ni David? 2 months ago

    this is how Dude Perfect use?

  • Upload Anything UA
    Upload Anything UA 2 months ago

    Dude perfect exposed !

  • Upload Anything UA
    Upload Anything UA 2 months ago

    How much money do I need to buy premiere pro ...?

  • Exploring With Phat Mike

    So all those videos that like rob Dyrdek faked all those shot huh

  • Jonathan the Aussie guy

    I felt that if you made the ball speed a bit slower it would be more realistic

  • ReadyManAsh
    ReadyManAsh 2 months ago

    You made me say that premiere is ez

  • ZOOMA Experiments
    ZOOMA Experiments 2 months ago

    This is false

  • small2theVille
    small2theVille 2 months ago

    Very cool! Did it crack anyone else up that he was shooting the ball through "the loop"? Always thought it was a hoop. 😄

  • Alexon Zosa
    Alexon Zosa 3 months ago

    Im shure you tried your best

  • TheCoolGuyMLG
    TheCoolGuyMLG 3 months ago

    Dude perfect is not fake there trickshots is real

  • huy trung TV
    huy trung TV 3 months ago

    Hay quá anh ơi

  • Wesley Stires
    Wesley Stires 3 months ago

    The likes are dude perfect subscribers

  • αντωνης μαντολαμπαλος

    what im planing to do is to to make an aley oop of me running, throwing the ball in the air, and then my second me dunks it. Its gonna be awesome

  • 12OclockLow
    12OclockLow 3 months ago

    With a little bit of attention the ball flight in these fakes looks off even on first viewing, and doesn't fool anybody after the second. The other thing is, dudeperfect often does not use a still camera. but follows the ball. Much harder to mask.

    The point is, dudeperfect either does it for real, or has very, very good editors.

  • Yülann
    Yülann 3 months ago

    Can you put French sutbile?

  • Lucas M.Souza
    Lucas M.Souza 4 months ago

    Eu amo esse canal cara 👏 👏

  • AJ08Coder
    AJ08Coder 4 months ago

    I think its hoop not loop :|

  • DJ Rico Redd Alpha
    DJ Rico Redd Alpha 4 months ago

    Tried it...⬇️⬇️ results:

    Kinda successful... Didnt nail it like I wanted to but it made my kids happy 😁😁

  • Auro
    Auro 4 months ago +7

    "Dudeperfect wants to know your localization"

  • The zIRoNiiX
    The zIRoNiiX 4 months ago

    Such a bad tutorial....Zoom in so you can't see anything what you are actually doing, Cut between a step so you dont know, how you have been there....thumbs down.

  • PizNey Works
    PizNey Works 4 months ago

    *"basketball ring"*

  • Joskadel
    Joskadel 4 months ago

    Easier Way:
    - Throw the ball without showing ring
    - Change camera angle then shoot the ball without you being seen lol

  • Rayana Lopes
    Rayana Lopes 4 months ago

    No dragon frame talvez agilize o do Harry Potter

  • Be MeStick
    Be MeStick 4 months ago

    How did you make your Thumbnail ????

  • I have a small dick but

    zijn jullie belgen?

  • Kattiper
    Kattiper 4 months ago

    1:05 Storyblocks: you traitor!!

  • Fog Z
    Fog Z 4 months ago

    To make it 1000

  • Fog Z
    Fog Z 4 months ago

    I’m gonna comment

  • AkiTheDuckie Show
    AkiTheDuckie Show 4 months ago

    wow this vid was posted May 25 2018 Im watching t May 25 2019!!!

  • The Diz
    The Diz 4 months ago

    Because of you I’m really starting to love 💖 premier pro , think I’m really going to learn it ! It so beautiful 😭

  • Embuer
    Embuer 5 months ago

    The first video i ever watched of you

  • dagmawi fikre
    dagmawi fikre 5 months ago

    watch best magic

  • TsukuyomiSosa
    TsukuyomiSosa 5 months ago


  • MFC Productions
    MFC Productions 5 months ago

    I got a basketball and a basketball *ring*

  • Cào Cào Vlogs
    Cào Cào Vlogs 5 months ago

    Giờ mới hiểu được Trick Shock là gì❤️ thank you very much

  • DaFuqqq ?????
    DaFuqqq ????? 5 months ago

    This is Amazing

  • Playstore Kavi
    Playstore Kavi 5 months ago

    So good

  • MatterOfGaming
    MatterOfGaming 5 months ago

    I could see a editting mistake. When they threw the ball an got the ball in the ring when it fell i saw a black thing following it

    JUSTIP VLOG 6 months ago

    But anyway dude perfect is not fake they just tried a lot of time

  • How2
    How2 6 months ago

    These guys are just people who want to get DP's confidence down. DP are legitament. The only things that these guys do that is helpful is show how to use premiere pro.

  • Ramashish Chauhan
    Ramashish Chauhan 6 months ago

    Sir can you tell me the requirement of RAM , GRAPHICS, PROCESSOR, in computer for PREMIERE PRO.....

  • MCRainbowSupernovaNBA 78648196

    Call the hoop a loop again and I punt your ass to India!

  • PlakToetsBart
    PlakToetsBart 6 months ago +1

    Wait what? Is Jordy dutch???? Zo ja, ok hallo.

  • Ahmed Khan Filmz
    Ahmed Khan Filmz 6 months ago

    It's damm hard

  • King Eurony
    King Eurony 7 months ago

    this gives me an icarly vyb

  • turtleluc
    turtleluc 7 months ago +1

    wacht als je Belgisch bent kun je dit lezen of niet ?