Pearl Jam - Do The Evolution (MUSIC VIDEO) 2016 ELECTION DAY EDITION (Side-By-Side)

  • Published on Nov 8, 2016
  • November 8th, 2016.
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  • iwpoe
    iwpoe Month ago

    Boring propaganda

  • Eric Kimball
    Eric Kimball Month ago

    Lot of boomer buttrockers in these comments. Actually in disbelief that people are dumb enough to call out the animator for "political propaganda". Politicians = death and corruption. Tbh Michael Libby's video is nonpartisan. No support for any politician given

  • ecks dee
    ecks dee Month ago

    As much as I hate Trump as a political candidate. Much like I hated Hillary Clinton aswell, I would never go so far as the call them nazis... or compare them to nazis.
    I think Trump in general isn't a good human being-- but he's not a nazi. He's really dumb, I'm sure of that.

  • ToxicPossum
    ToxicPossum Month ago

    Orang man bad

  • Lucas Mesquita
    Lucas Mesquita Month ago

    Splish Splash
    Your remake is trash

  • Gahan2Vox
    Gahan2Vox Month ago

    What trashy, irresponsible politicized divisiveness. You foolish liberal-fascist leftist extremist Democrats illustrate such propagandist B.S. with scary accuracy. Also, the irony as currently the liberal Fake-Stream Media predictions of President Donald J. Trump have been proven irrefutably wrong. In fact, the treasonous, corrupted and puppeteering Dems are the ONES COMPLETELY UNEQUIVOCALLY COMPLAINING THAT President Donald J. Trump is *NOT* sacrificing our troops between the barbaric, ignorant cyclically backass backwards warmongering Turkey regime and the Syrian Kurds. "Oh the Kurds are our friends, we abandoned those equally brutal murderous monsters"... Guess what, remember when "Osama Bin Obama" and his terrorists following murderers were are "friends" against the Soviet Union? Yeah, great Ally! President Trump just learned that no Islamic fundamentalist nation or group is a true, trusted ally. However, Liberal-Fascist Democrats would let Satan himself into America as a "welcomed illegal immigrant" and pay his heating bills and for the abode from which he would vote for Pedo Joe - it, like most Democrats have a soft spot for pedophilic inclination after all. Including many other disturbing propensities.

    TRULY-ONI Month ago

  • bob ohon
    bob ohon 2 months ago

    1998-the best.No doubt.

  • Ivan Nierez
    Ivan Nierez 2 months ago +1

    The original it's timeless

  • deerbound
    deerbound 2 months ago +1

    Everyone is complaining about this but in reality Eddie and all of Pearl Jam would love this

  • trevor williamson
    trevor williamson 2 months ago

    Kinda disgracing a song that takes a look at humanity as a whole not just politics

  • Hidden
    Hidden 2 months ago

    Orange man bad.

  • Kiwi Spartan
    Kiwi Spartan 3 months ago

    Where's the tolerant left?

  • Pilot JollyRoger
    Pilot JollyRoger 3 months ago

    Dude this is trash but I'm going to finish watching it, trash.

  • Lu Games
    Lu Games 3 months ago

    Nada a ver o presidente dos Estados Unidos o Trump com o exercício nazista mano nada a ver

  • Justin M
    Justin M 3 months ago

    Would have done better using actual photos of the Nazis or at least someone closer to their actions. I give it a C for blatent propaganda but decent hard work

  • Gee 1230
    Gee 1230 4 months ago

    This is the reason I dislike democrats

  • linkintrack
    linkintrack 4 months ago

    Mucha propaganda anti trump ._.

  • Александр Бельченко

    That was bad, don’t even try more

  • Wes Borland
    Wes Borland 4 months ago

    Lo hechaste a perder no mames

  • Estrelleta
    Estrelleta 5 months ago

    ruined it with all the political propaganda.... the democrats are just as bad

  • Pjoter
    Pjoter 5 months ago +1

    you video is 50% leftist propaganda and 50% is fotage from original video... Original is Better

  • PsiClone 414
    PsiClone 414 5 months ago

    Michael Libby would be great to meet face to face although im sure he would cower in fear once he got within arms reach of me. I'd never get a clean swing on a running coward like that.

  • Wh1t3 kn1ght
    Wh1t3 kn1ght 6 months ago

    took an apolitical video and turned it into leftist propaganda. No matter what side gets elected, they get controlled by the corporations.

  • fabrizio cañete
    fabrizio cañete 6 months ago +2

    Lefties tears in this video.

  • Takyon
    Takyon 6 months ago

    omg trunp = nazi??!?!?!

  • Ryan Manny
    Ryan Manny 6 months ago

    The video doesn’t focus on political issues but just humanity in itself. Plus Trump has even committed the terrible acts which have been presented in the music video. This is false. Especially when it’s talking about the acts of other dictators in other countries. Find some real facts that are not only focused on trump.

  • MK Master
    MK Master 6 months ago

    where I can find the original one in a Blu-ray please

    • [deleted account]
      [deleted account] 14 hours ago

      Sadly they didnt release music videos to dvds though id like to see the original in 4k and with a high frame rate

  • Sexy cave Troll
    Sexy cave Troll 6 months ago


  • Angelo Kandinsky
    Angelo Kandinsky 6 months ago

    this version is shit, totally lost the essence

  • E.N.E
    E.N.E 7 months ago


  • 1r0zz
    1r0zz 7 months ago

    The second version is a joke, so the current president of the US is the worst thing in existance so much its comparable to 10000 years of history of violence? Lol.

  • TheSaviorOfSouls
    TheSaviorOfSouls 7 months ago

    The onlt reason the right one is even halfway decent, and that's still giving it too much credit is because you tried to mimic some of the images in the original animation. I think you should have spent some more time on actually listen what they are saying and fits to that, could have been something. Too bad i guess

  • TheSaviorOfSouls
    TheSaviorOfSouls 7 months ago

    Welp...that was a waste of time. I guess classics should stay classics.

  • Cypher Brood
    Cypher Brood 7 months ago +1

    wow we truly live in a society

  • The Shock Rock
    The Shock Rock 7 months ago

    Lmao at everyone crying about political propaganda... shows how little you know about the song.

  • David Henley
    David Henley 8 months ago +6

    It was literally all anti-Trump stuff

    • Sexy cave Troll
      Sexy cave Troll 6 months ago +2

      He totally missed the point of the original and turned it into a typical regressive cry for help

  • Jimmy Pizza pie
    Jimmy Pizza pie 8 months ago

    Politics: Anybody who's not on you're side is an idiot.

  • Lalo Trejo ✔
    Lalo Trejo ✔ 8 months ago

    i just have the best idea of my career

  • Bennie
    Bennie 8 months ago

    So the original video shows the flaws of the human race by showing evolution and some extremely bad things some people have done like Hitler killing millions etc, and the 2016 video is just "Orange man bad" great job, it's amazing how someone can compare Hitler to someone that is nothing alike, if Trump was like Hitler or any kind of Dictator type human, this video wouldn't even have been allowed to exist and the creator would've been sent straight into jail or execution. Why ruin such a great song, oh yeah because "DRUMPF DESTROYED" like ok buddy.

  • Drimys winteri
    Drimys winteri 9 months ago


  • Пётр Галактионов

    1:06 top moment.

  • cristian c
    cristian c 9 months ago

    Awesome song and video, the one to the right is fucking stupid and irrelevant though, snowflakes should steer away from awesome music.

  • sky10456
    sky10456 9 months ago

    Perhaps like all the rest of the comments says, It feels like there is a lack of depth or exploration into the human condition. Makes for good propaganda and shows how shallow of a person you are, but believe what you want to believe I guess, while I go look for the boogeyman.

  • Anti Furry Death Squad
    Anti Furry Death Squad 10 months ago +2

    Your version sucked

  • Large Vessel
    Large Vessel 10 months ago

    PRAISE THE GOD EMPEROR FUCKING SOY BOYS! Hes going to be your fucking president for another 4 years so suck that shit up.

  • Francisco Sosa
    Francisco Sosa 11 months ago


  • g ,
    g , 11 months ago

    Bwahaha what is this? Somekind of a reverse propaganda? Lol

  • An0nym0us9001
    An0nym0us9001 Year ago +3

    Lol six more years, Michael Libby.

  • Humid Path210
    Humid Path210 Year ago

    Can’t wait for the day i see humanity destroy itself with a fucking atom

  • Rdfelic
    Rdfelic Year ago

    Someone here thinks Trump is mean. :(

  • Diego Herrera Quijano

    Trump, jajaja, you are wrong, CNN is a Liar.

  • Green Place
    Green Place Year ago +39

    - "my favorite part was when it compared hitler and trump".
    A person who hasn't studied history in his life. i can't understand it

    • Killer_Queen12
      Killer_Queen12 Month ago

      Steven Collins hes just bigoted in general, hasnt openly started hating a specfic group and wanting them to die ya know

    • Steven Collins
      Steven Collins Month ago

      @Killer_Queen12 hitler and trump has something similar both promote the Hate

    • Killer_Queen12
      Killer_Queen12 3 months ago +3

      @Knightscroft Squire-Muldoon the difference is that trump is an idiot that isn't doing anything while hitler was a fascist who genocided millions of Jews and non Germans . It really isn't that hard to see the difference

    • Knightscroft Squire-Muldoon
      Knightscroft Squire-Muldoon 4 months ago

      You must be one of those people who don't read their history...

  • Tomoko in 4k
    Tomoko in 4k Year ago


  • MrConredsX
    MrConredsX Year ago

    Autistic Anti-Drumpf Democrat made a shitty propaganda based on a politically neutral ageless video by Pearl Jam

  • Mr.Goaty Goat the Ram rammer

    Trumps a fuck up, but Hillary wouldn't have been better. Shit sandwich and a giant douche masquerading as opponents with different views when they both are exactly the same. You fail to see that the chess piece this country uses as a queen is no more than a flashy, disposable king while the real queen hides behind, pulling strings. You should Pokemon Go fucking kill yourself.

  • e f
    e f Year ago +1

    All these sheep in the comments it's sad but when you're President is the same color as you you're more Likely to adore him.

    • Huntin_for_life_12
      Huntin_for_life_12 Year ago

      You're the sheep trying to start an argument in a comment section come on grow up

  • Mike Northrup
    Mike Northrup Year ago +2

    If the 2016 version creator is so critical of Trump being President, be thankful that you don't live in N. Korea.....we're all entitled to our opinions though

  • jochaim peiper
    jochaim peiper Year ago

    Go fuck yourself

    FIC MON Year ago

    your version is shit beacuse its too political

    • e f
      e f Year ago

      FIC MON every thing is politicall you blind sheep!