Kill Your Darlings Official Teaser #1 (2013) - Daniel Radcliffe Movie HD

  • Published on Aug 5, 2013
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    Kill Your Darlings Official Teaser #1 (2013) - Daniel Radcliffe Movie HD
    A murder in 1944 draws together the great poets of the beat generation: Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs.
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Comments • 457

  • dafne carr
    dafne carr 2 years ago

    Beautiful movie!

  • Daisy Osborn
    Daisy Osborn 5 years ago

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  • FreeFlamingInfinite
    FreeFlamingInfinite 5 years ago +2

    Unfortunately no1 seems to be able to see past the Potter problem and into the clouded truths that once were the rumors of the literary enigma that was Ginsberg.

    • Monir Kourdi
      Monir Kourdi 2 years ago

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  • Carlos Matos
    Carlos Matos 5 years ago

    excelente filme!! Nice.

  • Carlos Matos
    Carlos Matos 5 years ago

    excelente filme!! Nice.

  • Malak H
    Malak H 5 years ago

    DEXTER lol

  • gabriel13471
    gabriel13471 5 years ago +1

    Wtf Harry you doing here, Potter?

  • Hockey Dz
    Hockey Dz 5 years ago

    Harry Potter and Dexter xD

  • Ralph De Guzman
    Ralph De Guzman 5 years ago

    you still don't have a nose o.O

  • VirgieIsland
    VirgieIsland 5 years ago

    Harry Potter is a great actor :P

  • MsUsagi513
    MsUsagi513 5 years ago

    That was a good movie

  • Timmy de Leon
    Timmy de Leon 5 years ago

    Daniel Radcliffe is an amazing actor but sometimes I can't get enough of these fans who can't leave out the Harry Potter thing.

  • RemusBiscuits
    RemusBiscuits 5 years ago

    He looks like Will from the Inbetweeners.

  • Kamar McHargh
    Kamar McHargh 5 years ago

    Harry Potter all grown-up

  • GloofiE
    GloofiE 5 years ago

    Hey guys, look!!! Harry and Harry are in a movie together!

  • JazzKayo
    JazzKayo 5 years ago

    I like this but the official trailer on the "Kill Your Darlings" is way better. More dark and sinister.

  • Hannah Wassel
    Hannah Wassel 5 years ago

    Merlin's beard! It's Harry Potter! Talking with an American accent.
    Can't wait for the movie!

  • Chindris Alexandru
    Chindris Alexandru 5 years ago

    So that's why Dex grew a beard in the end

  • Elly3121
    Elly3121 5 years ago


  • clmc
    clmc 5 years ago


  • Skylar Fisher
    Skylar Fisher 5 years ago

    Daniel's American accent is kind of hilarious. His nasally quality is just kind of adorable, same in his performance of How To Succeed.

  • Tobias-Alexandru Dumbraveanu

    A chronicle about Harry Potter meeting Dexter.

  • Shruti S
    Shruti S 5 years ago

    this looks like the teaser for the teaser...

  • Armaan Kapur
    Armaan Kapur 5 years ago

    There's also a version of Allen Ginsberg as Carlo Marx in the film adaptation of 'On the Road', which came out in 2012.

  • Kira
    Kira 5 years ago

    Is no-one going to mention Dane Dehaan?

  • stinkybac0n10
    stinkybac0n10 5 years ago

    Stay tuned for part two next week

  • rosales416
    rosales416 5 years ago

    Harry Potter and Dexter high as fuck thinking they're poets and shit.

  • Agustina Krol
    Agustina Krol 5 years ago


  • Krissy Enchanted
    Krissy Enchanted 5 years ago

    i love that kid from throught the pines omg

  • Venom
    Venom 5 years ago

    Micheal C.hall

  • Alejandra Aguilar
    Alejandra Aguilar 5 years ago

    hahaha my mind tircks me I understood third xD

  • johnbanks707
    johnbanks707 5 years ago

    Harry Potter and Dexter Morgan in the same movie?????!!!!! OH FUCK YEAH!!!!!

  • docturlough
    docturlough 5 years ago

    This one.

  • Alejandra Aguilar
    Alejandra Aguilar 5 years ago

    One is Howl
    Which is the other one???? :)

  • memerdoummie
    memerdoummie 5 years ago

    Hollywood, you're doing it right.

  • Joe Morris
    Joe Morris 5 years ago


  • Elisma Schutte
    Elisma Schutte 5 years ago

    You sir, are very cool.

  • Harry POTTER
    Harry POTTER 5 years ago

    Harry Potborn

  • Mokkari77
    Mokkari77 5 years ago

    If he was using his real accent he would have said "He HIGH-tid rhyme and MEE-tah".

  • Izzy Kelly
    Izzy Kelly 5 years ago

    i'm sooooo excited!

  • Emgee78
    Emgee78 5 years ago

    I have this fear where I go to the cinema to watch this and I'm surrounded by Harry Potter fangirls expecting Harry Potter and not a movie based on the Beat generation.

  • D milic
    D milic 5 years ago

    and michael c. hall kills everyone

  • Nelsonomorph
    Nelsonomorph 5 years ago

    + the guy from Chronicle

  • Lord Voldemort
    Lord Voldemort 5 years ago

    Harry Potter got his new glasses

  • iman
    iman 5 years ago

    That is gonna be awesome!! can't wait

  • squandryful
    squandryful 5 years ago

    Seriously thought this was a Harry/Draco thing for a second...

  • MegaGreenman69
    MegaGreenman69 5 years ago

    Harry Potter, Harry Osborn and Harry Morgans son.

  • Jayesh Narayan
    Jayesh Narayan 5 years ago

    true...i agree, apart from few scenes ( sirius death scene n others) and may be the last 2 movies ,he wasn't great but he's getting better n better. BUT I HAD TO REPLY TO YOU BECAUSE YOU MENTIONED A YOUNG DOCTOR"S NOTEBOOK.He was just brilliant either it was a comic scene or a dramatic.and from there i came to know about his other works and i was IMPRESSED. MUCH MORE excited for HORNS though.thats gonna be cray awesome i think.

  • drarryshipper1
    drarryshipper1 5 years ago

    I adore Harry Potter, but will be the first to admit that Daniel Radcliffe wasn't the best actor in them. However, since those films, I've been completely impressed with the quality of his acting in everything I've seen him in. 'A Young Doctor's Notebook' being the outstanding performance to me. He's just getting better and better and I'm so excited for this film.

  • Jonah Drake
    Jonah Drake 5 years ago

    Daniel Radcliffe is really coming into his own. People have to stop recognizing him as Harry Potter, because he is in fact a brilliant actor. Woman In Black shows his prowess, and also shows that he can do different roles well.

  • Ranni
    Ranni 5 years ago

    Harry Potter and Harry Osborne I see.

  • resevil2396
    resevil2396 5 years ago

    This teaser is irritating. Rather than a real teaser, its just 30 seconds of a trailer that tells us next to nothing.

  • Lily Rayson
    Lily Rayson 5 years ago

    Oh god dan is fabulous

  • lauren hess
    lauren hess 5 years ago

    I really really really really need more than 30 seconds of Dan on this trailer

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  • TheLostinspaceguy
    TheLostinspaceguy 5 years ago

    Wow did he starve himself for this roll? He looks all boney!

  • noremaCW
    noremaCW 5 years ago

    Harry Potter
    Harry Osborn!

  • westly2861
    westly2861 5 years ago

    October 17 of this year

  • Charles Koster
    Charles Koster 5 years ago

    Does anyone know when this film is supposed to be coming out??

  • Shirly Todd
    Shirly Todd 5 years ago

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  • I like Traps
    I like Traps 5 years ago

    And the new Harry Osborn.

  • Vanessa Vilhena
    Vanessa Vilhena 5 years ago

    Michael C. Hall, I already love this movie

  • avalanchesoul
    avalanchesoul 5 years ago

    That didnt end abruptly at all

  • Jimmy Desjardins
    Jimmy Desjardins 5 years ago

    New film

  • LoveToLaughx0x3
    LoveToLaughx0x3 5 years ago

    he kinda resembles Leonard from big bang theory in this x)

  • Denis Horvat
    Denis Horvat 5 years ago


  • lauren hess
    lauren hess 5 years ago

    This isn't even fair. 30 seconds isn't enough. I demand to see more than 30 seconds of Dan on this trailer.

  • Tsanamilta Amirah
    Tsanamilta Amirah 5 years ago

    really miss him, and I can't waiting for this movie more !

  • Chanel_Chavel
    Chanel_Chavel 5 years ago

    This was filmed at my school :)

  • José Martín Alarcón Villón

    Dexter =D

  • Taylor Lange
    Taylor Lange 5 years ago

    GRAB A BRAIN, PEOPLE! HE IS NOT HARRY POTTER! At least not in this movie. I suppose Henry Cavill will forever be known as The Man of Steel now

  • Taylor Lange
    Taylor Lange 5 years ago

    So want to see this. Dan Radcliffe. One of my favourite actors

  • Naatashax3
    Naatashax3 5 years ago

    It got a 8.2/10.. it's a good movie y'all.

  • Ezkimokidx
    Ezkimokidx 5 years ago

    harry potter!

  • btbrotherton
    btbrotherton 5 years ago

    Heyy I just noticed Ben Foster, nice.

  • StrangelyNamed
    StrangelyNamed 5 years ago


  • MrVed24
    MrVed24 5 years ago

    Dexter + the 2 most famous Harrys on the planet

  • Ashley Judd
    Ashley Judd 5 years ago

    Michael c hall..only reason id watch it.

  • Joel Caraway
    Joel Caraway 5 years ago

    I've read the script. Excellent.

  • 3Cassp
    3Cassp 5 years ago

    This isn't Hogwarts.

  • Jack White
    Jack White 5 years ago

    Harry and Dexter in the same movie? I approve this....

  • woodayyy
    woodayyy 5 years ago


  • Emily Louise
    Emily Louise 5 years ago

    I can't wait to see this movie, it looks awesome. :)

  • bokobokogomi
    bokobokogomi 5 years ago

    Since I can't make it to any film festivals, I've been waiting this whole time to see even bits of this film. So happy right now.

  • bgakjldvs
    bgakjldvs 5 years ago

    I may just be an ass, but this looks a helluva lot like Dead Poets Society, or even closer to A Seperate Peace

  • Ann Wakeman
    Ann Wakeman 5 years ago

    watch completed best movies

  • Vikram Walke
    Vikram Walke 5 years ago

    Shut up ! Harry's killed Voldemort , it won't b easy for Dexter lol

  • EdwardandCedric1
    EdwardandCedric1 5 years ago

    Who else has read the script besides myself?

  • EdwardandCedric1
    EdwardandCedric1 5 years ago

    I think it's funny when I see people commenting saying that Dexter is gonna kill someone. Michael C. Hall HIMSELF SPOILED that the first frame of the movie is his dead body floating in the Hudson River!

  • Nihgroiv
    Nihgroiv 5 years ago

    a movie called "Kill Your Darlings" with dexter?
    i know whats going to happen

  • Kitten lover
    Kitten lover 5 years ago

    dont say its daneil

  • Kitten lover
    Kitten lover 5 years ago

    is that harry potter? :p ;)

  • kevshorty
    kevshorty 5 years ago

    the trailer was cut off. it didnt show the whole thing

  • Ruben León
    Ruben León 5 years ago

    I've lost faith in everything.

  • alice carrick-smith
    alice carrick-smith 5 years ago


  • Christine Kiberg
    Christine Kiberg 5 years ago

    Daniel looks so adorable here.

  • abbudy2050
    abbudy2050 5 years ago


  • rhys duignan
    rhys duignan 5 years ago

    I predict wooden acting from radcliffe, yet amazing reviews regardless.

  • Amber Perry
    Amber Perry 5 years ago

    why make it so short

  • Gladys
    Gladys 5 years ago

    I love DANIEL ever since Harry Potter and I will love him forever (kinda sad) I CANT WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE TO COME OUT!