Matthew McConaughey Answers Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’

  • Published on Jan 23, 2019
  • Ellen put Hollywood heartthrob Matthew McConaughey in the hot seat to answer some of her “Burning Questions.” Find out what he does that embarrasses his kids, and who his first celebrity crush was!
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  • odetteisforever
    odetteisforever 5 days ago

    Hes so cocky

  • Mutheu Karanja
    Mutheu Karanja 6 days ago

    His laughter is so catchy...

  • MrNikkimaxine
    MrNikkimaxine 8 days ago

    Now that some of you are which this for me that is piercing

  • Outsider 14
    Outsider 14 14 days ago +1

    His laughter is creepy.🤔

  • shahrzad esmaeili
    shahrzad esmaeili 20 days ago


  • Little Moth Big Wings
    Little Moth Big Wings 22 days ago

    His accent 😍

  • Tj Hewitt
    Tj Hewitt 22 days ago

    What’s something you do that embarrasses your kids? Lincoln commercials.

  • ckrause81
    ckrause81 27 days ago +4

    Can u imagine listening to an app of yourself reading to fall asleep😂

  • jamie fraser
    jamie fraser 27 days ago +1

    Of course hes gonna look good when he has money for hair implants and sparkly teeth

  • CowlorMX
    CowlorMX 27 days ago


  • adele naja
    adele naja 27 days ago +1

    My mom has such a crush on him and I think now I can relate

  • omar selawe
    omar selawe 28 days ago +11

    1:14 omgggg , he can be the joker 😍

  • r.s.b 1997
    r.s.b 1997 Month ago +1

    the only guest who understands the rule of the game lol

  • AG64
    AG64 Month ago +1

    He's so hot

  • Novel Dixon
    Novel Dixon Month ago +2

    Him sandra bullock and samuel l jackson in that film is a classic

  • Marielle Pedie
    Marielle Pedie Month ago

    I’m in love with him

  • MrNikkimaxine
    MrNikkimaxine Month ago

    And she will be working tomorrow anyways so I might be home all day by myself at home tomorrow so I am I get out the house a while so yeah I told you I was doing for you down there then

  • MrNikkimaxine
    MrNikkimaxine Month ago

    Yeah I am I am Be sleeping when my mother gets home tonight

  • John Kenneth Rubio
    John Kenneth Rubio Month ago

    Handsome actor ❤ I remebered their drama movie with Sandra Bullock

  • DR. Vince
    DR. Vince Month ago +2

    Im here coz of sandra bullock and keanu reeves lol

  • Happy Girl
    Happy Girl Month ago

    Love him!

  • John Kenneth Rubio
    John Kenneth Rubio 2 months ago

    He is so much handsome

  • MrNikkimaxine
    MrNikkimaxine 2 months ago +1

    Am only one how is been nice for my mother is. Now one she is about that do this I what to do all anything now only mother did trust me

  • Nada Tobar
    Nada Tobar 2 months ago

    This man is a typical man of your dreams!

  • MrNikkimaxine
    MrNikkimaxine 2 months ago

    I will be home soon

  • Angshu Sarma
    Angshu Sarma 3 months ago

    Dang...he is hot

  • Sarangerel Sumiya
    Sarangerel Sumiya 3 months ago

    Me too

  • Hannah Hodge
    Hannah Hodge 3 months ago

    his. mother. frkin.voice. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vince Ngugi
    Vince Ngugi 4 months ago

    calm app

  • mattis chastan
    mattis chastan 4 months ago +1

    I would have loooooved to hear him say "I'm a very arrogant and self-imbued person, am I ?"
    This would nail the whole act into sexy epicness ;)

  • vedant tripathi
    vedant tripathi 4 months ago

    He looked like he was on coke

  • Jennifer Randolph
    Jennifer Randolph 4 months ago +1

    When she asked what does he do when he can’t sleep at night he mimicked holding a joint 😂

  • Dinaz디낫
    Dinaz디낫 4 months ago +2

    The sexiest man alive is Kim Taehyung

    • Wander
      Wander 4 months ago

      Just googled him and I was really confused

  • Adamya Singh Parihar
    Adamya Singh Parihar 5 months ago +7

    He is literally slamming the buzzer!!😂😂

  • Laura Millard
    Laura Millard 5 months ago

    I could listen to that gorgeous sexy, soft American accent for ever. Makes me wanna find a great American guy and leave the UK, London for good.

  • Hawk S
    Hawk S 5 months ago

    He says come on like it’s just so natural as breathing

  • Kamika Wilson
    Kamika Wilson 5 months ago


  • tas manian
    tas manian 5 months ago +2

    Ellen and Matthew are great together.. loved them in EdTv

  • Isabelle
    Isabelle 5 months ago +4

    Oh he's so charming and has a beautiful voice indeed haha

  • Aman Abid
    Aman Abid 5 months ago +1


  • Tim Rice
    Tim Rice 5 months ago

    Diane lane for me too.. but she'll always be Breezy from 6pack

  • Maria G
    Maria G 5 months ago

    He’s another national treasure. What a great guy.

  • alana terrel
    alana terrel 5 months ago

    My ocd he hits the buzzer so hard

  • Olivia Carlsson
    Olivia Carlsson 5 months ago

    hot, handsome, just wow

  • K Grace
    K Grace 6 months ago +2

    His Sleep Story on the Calm App is amazingly soothing....Zzz....

  • Lisa Alaniz
    Lisa Alaniz 6 months ago

    I love Matthew he seems like such a sweet, down to earth person plus he makes good movies the man is talented.

  • Pat Schulte
    Pat Schulte 6 months ago


  • adorable baby kshama SHARMA

    I really don't understand the purpose of the button

  • Rosita Brizuela
    Rosita Brizuela 7 months ago +1

    OMG!!! He's so sexy!!! 😍

  • I Play One On T.V.
    I Play One On T.V. 7 months ago +1

    This is the first of these "Burning Questions" segments I've seen where Ellen didn't also answer one of the questions for herself. Btw, Matthew could've really used a haircut before this show. ….Just saying.

  • Geminilove 69
    Geminilove 69 7 months ago


  • Albana
    Albana 7 months ago +1

    Man Matthew is a looove🖤

  • Mana Moshiri MUA
    Mana Moshiri MUA 7 months ago

    He is so freaking hot

  • Leo Roemer
    Leo Roemer 7 months ago +1

    Threatening to runaway from home. lol True rebellious teenager moment!

  • zole CroZz
    zole CroZz 7 months ago

    Can anyone hear that whitle in his tone??😂😂😂😂

  • vargasmongo3435
    vargasmongo3435 7 months ago +1

    man, I wish I have his awesome accent man cool dude :)

  • Sharon Heemskerk
    Sharon Heemskerk 8 months ago +6

    I love HIM! Really do ♥️
    As an actor but also for the man he is..
    Just look at him! 😍
    You fine p..of..&@€^ hubbabubba...

  • Salma Redouane
    Salma Redouane 8 months ago +1

    Ellen has a crush on him 😂😂😂

  • Michael Exman
    Michael Exman 8 months ago

    beef jerky in a blazer

  • Kraukšķīgais Kukainis

    Backflips are actually easier because you can see where you will land much sooner than when doing a frontflip.. but ok, jumping forwards feels sorta |safer| ....