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  • ChrisTheNecromancer
    ChrisTheNecromancer 2 hours ago

    franklin: @1:37 " we made it! .. yeah!!! ... * ladder breaks * ( F*** me man ) " O.O

  • Alfred C Kumwenda
    Alfred C Kumwenda 7 hours ago

    0:51 Girlish Scream 😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • Xd Addictz
    Xd Addictz 8 hours ago

    I know most dinosaur names from ark survival XD

  • J Santi
    J Santi 12 hours ago

    It survived

  • Kalim Mullgrav
    Kalim Mullgrav 12 hours ago +1

    Baryonyx means:Heavy claw this creature is one of the few known piscivorous fish-eating dinosaurs it has a long snout and narrow jaws which is very similar to crocodiles that eats fish and carcasses which is also dead animals🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍.

  • Gary Wilson
    Gary Wilson 15 hours ago

    Nice to see my favourite dino, even if it's just a brief part

  • Jacquy Lenoir
    Jacquy Lenoir 17 hours ago

    Il faut espérer que la 3D est excellente, car le film, bof, les acteurs heu...., ce sont vraiment des acteurs ?

  • Brandon Wagner
    Brandon Wagner Day ago


  • Dagan Read
    Dagan Read Day ago

    Lol so bad

  • GameSoldier_
    GameSoldier_ Day ago

    Cruz you know when liquid rock falls on my head It just motivates me even more.

  • The Enygma
    The Enygma 2 days ago

    I spy with my little eye something you can sit on
    Claire points: CHAIR

  • 김수광
    김수광 2 days ago

    I thought baryonyx only eats fish

  • Kami Kawaii killer
    Kami Kawaii killer 2 days ago

    God a Baryonynx is worse then a T-Rex but hey at least it wasn’t the T-Rex right????

  • Luca Pennanen
    Luca Pennanen 3 days ago

    Lego game thi s movie

  • KK
    KK 3 days ago

    I’m sorry but that acting was horrible

  • Awesome Top Cat
    Awesome Top Cat 3 days ago

    Guy: ITS A TREX ITS A TREX ITS A TREX CLARE ITS A TREX!!!! Clare: Shut Up its not a Trex! 0:32 Baryonyx: Yeah Wassup Its NOT a t-rex BUT IF I WAS i'd be pleased, You Can Call me A trex. 0:38 Baryonyx: Yo! Dont ya See me! Im talking here! 0:41 Baryonyx: Now you got my Attention where was i Oh yeah I WAS ABOUT TO WRECK YOU TWO! 0:50 Baryonyx: Oh Peekaboo I see you Too! 0:54 Clare: See its not a T-Rex! Baryonyx: Im not? Then FEEL MY WRATH! 1:01 (Lava Drops On Baryonyx) Ouch! But im still Gonna eat you! Not just a pinch of lava can stop me! 1:21 Baryonyx: oh, a game of dino tug of war? ill win!

  • Shadow-Kira Moxley
    Shadow-Kira Moxley 3 days ago

    0:51 Lol x 700M

    THE TRIALS BEGGINER 4 days ago


  • Slushski
    Slushski 4 days ago

    Shouldn't the lava kill Bary instantly

  • Danky
    Danky 4 days ago

    So everyone is just going to ignore the fact that there was a part of the jaws theme?

  • Thor The God of Thunder

    Rexy is getting old. Bring some new dinosaurs. I hope the next movie introduces Giganotosaurus and Charcarodontosaurus and also features the return of the mighty Spinosaurus.

  • The Indoraptor
    The Indoraptor 4 days ago

    1:15 The Holy Chair

  • Thor The God of Thunder

    I miss Spinosaurus so much.

  • MusicchannelFX
    MusicchannelFX 5 days ago

    Let’s stand there for one minute and wait and after that we wonder why we die

  • Robotic Nerd
    Robotic Nerd 5 days ago

    Awesome visuals :D

  • Mrpanda8000
    Mrpanda8000 5 days ago

    That kid with the glasses is the film equivalent of nails on a chalkboard. Whoever thought he would be funny in this movie was an idiot.

  • Nick
    Nick 5 days ago

    I wish that screechy nerd got his legs melted off by lava and then the rest of his torso slowly eaten by the baryonyx

  • Bound Dragons
    Bound Dragons 5 days ago +4

    The use of lighting and shadow play on the carnivorous dinosaurs is excellent in this film.

  • Diamond34tzBloxxer
    Diamond34tzBloxxer 5 days ago +1

    IT IT IS T REX!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! LOL

  • Lunar Axe 2006
    Lunar Axe 2006 5 days ago

    1:14 *CHAIR*

  • Thomas Evans
    Thomas Evans 6 days ago

    How did he know the volcano was going to explode at 2:18?

  • septi widi
    septi widi 6 days ago

    1:36 when you find out that your life is a lie

    sorry for bad English

  • Godzillafw2004fan
    Godzillafw2004fan 6 days ago

    2:23 Why’d you even need to cut her off this is a pg-13 movie for crying out loud was it intended to be funny because if it was it wasn’t

  • Jesse H
    Jesse H 6 days ago

    Think about what an awful death that thing suffered only a few minutes later lol.... RIP

  • Simon Moore
    Simon Moore 6 days ago

    So a big blob of extreemly hot lava hits the dinosour on the head and all he does is wince a little in pain? Also, animals are university afraid of fire and hot things, so why is this dinosaur not running away?

  • Simon Li
    Simon Li 6 days ago

    Lol franklins scream

  • gordon Freeman
    gordon Freeman 6 days ago

    i love how stupid this movie is

  • Johnny Thunder
    Johnny Thunder 6 days ago

    Something is coming! Quick! Stand in front of the tunnel that it comes out of and turn your back to it!

  • If It Ain't XO Then It Gotta Go

    The Baryonyx walking through the tunnel, only being lit up by the occasional drop of lava, is the only scene in this movie I actually liked tbh

  • Kaman and Rozerveer video maker kaur

    I love dinosaurs

  • bianca chmelikova
    bianca chmelikova 7 days ago

    okey first he reached just a smal bit because of his enormus body then at the end he reaches the top what a fail XD

  • EG
    EG 7 days ago

    The black guy was so freaking annoying.

  • Jack Deviant
    Jack Deviant 7 days ago

    Favorite sequence.
    If only it killed Franklin

  • Minerva Ferrer
    Minerva Ferrer 7 days ago

    Rudy is still very awsome he is a baryonix what more can i say?

  • Minerva Ferrer
    Minerva Ferrer 7 days ago

    This scene is too funny to not make me laugh but its very funny when franklin screams HOW IS THIS BETTER and when the ladder goes lower

  • Donyae s
    Donyae s 7 days ago

    0:05 Reminds me of The Last Jedi..........*shivers*

  • Derick Kundukulam
    Derick Kundukulam 7 days ago

    0:52 what's that his mating call ? Damn!!

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith 7 days ago

    So that Dino was literally just chilling next to the gate

  • coke man
    coke man 7 days ago

    Holy... (explanation.)

  • Heartcatcher
    Heartcatcher 7 days ago

    S E E ? N O T A T R E X

  • Ignacio Lopez Larsen

    camon those stairs werent so high like to need a chair

  • Sinuptx莫拉愛好者

    2:03 how does it feels to chew 5gum

  • DingoDancin
    DingoDancin 8 days ago

    Hey a Dino is coming through the pipe, lets just stand there and watch it come instead of like, I dunno, running or hiding. Maybe looking for an escape.

  • Fajar Pradityo
    Fajar Pradityo 8 days ago

    How he scream is annoy me

  • Gwaredd
    Gwaredd 8 days ago +1

    It's a Xenomorph

    Oh wait, wrong movie.

  • Final Froggit Approaches

    Franklin’s scream sounds so freaking legitimate.

  • Paulin Vagny
    Paulin Vagny 9 days ago

    this movie is really the scam of the year 2018

  • Skynooz 9999
    Skynooz 9999 10 days ago

    0:32 I love that growl

  • Splatty Squid
    Splatty Squid 10 days ago

    First ladder gets stuck then it has to be cruel and go down

  • Splatty Squid
    Splatty Squid 10 days ago

    Baryonx didn’t even die

    • Jacob Reynolds
      Jacob Reynolds 9 days ago

      Splatty Squid This one probably did, there are more than one you know

  • Zesk LockwoodVEVO
    Zesk LockwoodVEVO 10 days ago

    How did baro made out to ship when the lava was so close to that door from where Claire and that screaming man came out from?

    • Jacob Reynolds
      Jacob Reynolds 9 days ago

      Zesk LockwoodVEVO There are more than one..... it’s really not hard to understand

  • Alex Giles
    Alex Giles 10 days ago

    baryonyx is my fav dino btw

  • Shadow Hydra
    Shadow Hydra 10 days ago

    That tunnel is too small for a t-Rex it’s stuck for a person but not stuck for a computer nerd

  • Just A Random Guy
    Just A Random Guy 10 days ago

    Baryonyx-"don't close the hatch! Wait for me!"
    Franklin-"Women and Children first!"

  • Tamir
    Tamir 10 days ago


  • Liam Tamayo
    Liam Tamayo 10 days ago

    Baryonyx is my favorite dino

  • Dominic
    Dominic 10 days ago

    0:50 that scream LOOOL

  • Asuna Yuuki
    Asuna Yuuki 10 days ago

    *IT’S STUCK!!* **DEEP VOICE** *CHAIR!!!*

  • Jackson Gentry
    Jackson Gentry 11 days ago +1

    They should've just brought the kids from Jurassic World back. Not this annoying guy

  • tefras14
    tefras14 11 days ago

    All she wanted was a snack :(

  • Brandon Hules
    Brandon Hules 11 days ago

    That Baryonyx looks like a Spinosaurus

  • Big Dude 101
    Big Dude 101 11 days ago

    Watchin this on the toilet

  • Kayhan K
    Kayhan K 11 days ago


  • Jurassic Rex
    Jurassic Rex 11 days ago

    Baryonyx is a beast

  • Danny Spyno
    Danny Spyno 11 days ago +1

    0:51 roars the rampage crocodile

  • Jérémy Rouvinez
    Jérémy Rouvinez 11 days ago

    *roaring in tunnel*
    hmm... we should probably walk backwards from the tunnel and not immediately find an escape

  • MrExilitron {}_{}
    MrExilitron {}_{} 11 days ago

    1:14 chhoair!!!! XD

  • Jurassic_ Gamer29
    Jurassic_ Gamer29 12 days ago

    0:33, when I wanna stalk my classmates in the class😅😅😅

  • Baldi’s Basics
    Baldi’s Basics 12 days ago

    I’m here!!!!

  • Tapio Alatalo
    Tapio Alatalo 12 days ago

    Hello Rudy! 0:50

  • Hunting with a Chocolate Labrador Named Aspen

    This is actually a nice reference to the old Jurassic Park game.

    Towards the end you’d have to fight off some Bary’s in the underground caves/tunnels

  • Jasmit B
    Jasmit B 12 days ago

    Acting looks like a joke..

  • Forbesart19
    Forbesart19 13 days ago

    Jurassic world franchise has been a disgrace to the old classics

  • Angels and Demons
    Angels and Demons 13 days ago

    You telling me you need a seriously a chair to reach this ladder and you couldn't like JUMP?

  • papa jho
    papa jho 13 days ago

    The lava wouod have insta killed it

  • monkeyorphan
    monkeyorphan 13 days ago


  • gucci boi
    gucci boi 13 days ago

    I like how it grabbing at Franklins feet is a low-key homage to the raptor scene in the original

  • stefan hulme
    stefan hulme 13 days ago

    This movie was really disappointing

  • : P
    : P 13 days ago

    1:34 perfect scene for a death ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • only sarkar
    only sarkar 14 days ago


  • Szubin Lee
    Szubin Lee 14 days ago

    *C H A I R*

  • Miss Marvel
    Miss Marvel 14 days ago

    Franklin’s face when the ladder comes down gets me every time 😂😂😂😂

  • Grace Ken Rose Fuentes

    Mountain where Jurassic Park airplane flyed to

  • King Ozymandias
    King Ozymandias 14 days ago

    this is terrible

  • Jonathan Labastille
    Jonathan Labastille 14 days ago

    2:23 Holy.....@@@@!!!

  • Jamie Fitz
    Jamie Fitz 14 days ago +6

    Franklin should've gotten an Oscar for that scream.


    One of the best films from 2018 so far, managed to capture the audiences attention while adding a hint of comedy to keep it fresh, love it!!

  • King Yellow Wolf
    King Yellow Wolf 14 days ago

    Why must every big name movie be flooded with comedic one liners in almost every seen. Its like every director in hollywood gets together to write a script these days. They are all filled with comedy that just shouldn't be there. It really takes away from the action, horror, and suspense.

  • Rajesh Murjani
    Rajesh Murjani 14 days ago +1

    Do u remember first time seeing her illegal brother at 2001? do u want him to return back at the final movie?if u do not than comment down or if u want than hit likes 😈