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  • Demi Van tellingen

    Franklin,'s scream is even more scary then the dinosaur self and also I have never seen a more scared person in my lif.

  • フォルテ
    フォルテ 2 days ago


  • Last Inquisitor
    Last Inquisitor 2 days ago

    1:14 CHAIR!!!!

  • ThatGuyYouKnow
    ThatGuyYouKnow 3 days ago

    Can't help but think Lowery Cruthers would've been better than Franklin; I was wondering what had happened to him throughout the whole film and he was a tech guy in Jurassic World.

  • Mixey Boy
    Mixey Boy 3 days ago


  • Black Gold
    Black Gold 3 days ago

    The Baryonx got burned in the head by lava twice, how is it not seriously injured!?

  • adnan jailani
    adnan jailani 4 days ago


  • GoatVectress Vlogs & Gaming

    1:39 why you should’t celebarate too early

  • Super Dino
    Super Dino 5 days ago

    I always thought when Franklin screamed “HOW IS THIS BETTER?” I thought he said “NOOO IT’S A SPIDER” lol

  • 545i Machado
    545i Machado 8 days ago

    The way she says probably is so hot.

  • Webber The Indigestible
    Webber The Indigestible 10 days ago +1

    2:14 Was an easter egg from Jurassic Park where Lex and Tim locked up the velociraptor in the freezer.
    Now it's Franklin and Claire locking up a baryonyx in a...hot underground control room.

  • TJ Hales
    TJ Hales 10 days ago

    Zeke shao would be disappointed

  • Slowist
    Slowist 11 days ago

    So we just gunna sit here and act like this man didn’t play tug of war with a dinosaur

    MESOZOIC WORLD [MW] 11 days ago +1

    Who likes the baryonyx?

  • Laughing Jack
    Laughing Jack 11 days ago

    0:55 I heard *No it's a spider!!*

  • HiMyNameIsMiky
    HiMyNameIsMiky 11 days ago


  • etheangel2220
    etheangel2220 11 days ago

    Anyone remember how good the first Jurassic Park was, or are we just trying to block it from our mind so we can enjoy this one?

  • Amanda Eklund
    Amanda Eklund 12 days ago

    0:52 my reaction on monday morning:-)🤣🤣🤣

  • Amanda Eklund
    Amanda Eklund 12 days ago

    0:24 -It's a t-rex Claire, it's a t-rex, it's a t-rex, it's a t-rex, it's a t-rex..

  • ilikeredheads
    ilikeredheads 13 days ago

    at least she wasn't wearing heels

  • pipboy 4000
    pipboy 4000 13 days ago

    I still hate Claire

  • kahin sabariin cali
    kahin sabariin cali 13 days ago


  • kahin sabariin cali
    kahin sabariin cali 13 days ago


  • Heard the Angel Dragon

    I love how they portrayed that Bary, so creepy and cool. love the Baryonyx

  • Miguel GC Gamer
    Miguel GC Gamer 14 days ago

    1:37 Guy cheers and then the ladder falls to the ground.

  • Lizzie Jackson
    Lizzie Jackson 15 days ago

    Okay but If the lava fell on it it wouldn’t just lightly burn it, it would go through it’s skin and it’s bones 😂

  • Triggered Nematode
    Triggered Nematode 16 days ago


  • Lars T.
    Lars T. 17 days ago

    That's not how lava works lmao

  • shitpost saurus
    shitpost saurus 18 days ago

    king k rool vs ice climbers

  • Jhoan.C.P.1611
    Jhoan.C.P.1611 18 days ago

    2:15 "Dinosaur Protection Group"

  • Lelouch Strife
    Lelouch Strife 18 days ago

    idk why they decided to change Baryonyx's look but in the Jurassic Park/World movies and games it doesn't bother me though i would be interested to see how an accurate Spinosaurus would look in the movies or game with the 2014 discovery

  • Penguin Fluffy
    Penguin Fluffy 18 days ago

    Did anyone notice how the Baronyx looked a lot like the “Irritator” from the “Jurassic world alive” app?

  • PinHead Larry
    PinHead Larry 19 days ago

    That ain't no trex that's a fuckin Lil cousin of spinosaurus

  • WolfPix34
    WolfPix34 19 days ago

    I like how their trying to save the dinos but franklin is just hoping all the predators are dead 😂😂

  • Sebastian Mancha
    Sebastian Mancha 20 days ago

    1:15 chair 👈

  • Sebastian Mancha
    Sebastian Mancha 20 days ago

    Lol 😆 Franklin's scream 0:52

  • hisardo dagmar
    hisardo dagmar 20 days ago

    Black guys just don't die anymore huh?

  • Ya Boy Radical
    Ya Boy Radical 21 day ago +1

    Baryonyx is a cool dinosaur

  • Myles H
    Myles H 21 day ago

    I want to see a carnotaurus vs baryonyx

  • Edwin Blanco - Arnesto

    So dinosaurs are lava proof now. Smart.

    • Andrej 7775
      Andrej 7775 21 day ago

      To be fair it has crocodilian scales

  • Zach
    Zach 22 days ago

    Props to the crew for making a really good and scary Baronyx. This was the one scene in the entire movie where I got up from my seat in the theater and rushed to the bathroom and stayed until I heard it die.

  • Chase Martinson
    Chase Martinson 22 days ago

    Me: " The *bayornsonseox* scene"

  • Baryonyx
    Baryonyx 25 days ago +2

    I J U S T W A N T E D A H U G : (

  • Michael Russell
    Michael Russell 27 days ago

    Franklin is basically Arby from The Lost World book

  • Julian Barajas
    Julian Barajas 29 days ago

    The baryonyx is was a really good dinosaur to have

  • Anthony du Cronos
    Anthony du Cronos Month ago

    Rudy was even a more accurate version of a Baryonyx

    • Andrej 7775
      Andrej 7775 21 day ago

      You mean that oversized white thing

  • Rexet
    Rexet Month ago

    0:32 I swear, if I had a coin for each time he said lava...

  • Ferguso
    Ferguso Month ago

    I got annoyed watching this. But still Franklin does a great acting there.

  • Jack Jaeger
    Jack Jaeger Month ago

    That's not how lava works...

  • MrMHC2
    MrMHC2 Month ago


  • the_indoraptor NaN
    the_indoraptor NaN Month ago

    1:20 my chair! My chair!

  • Comedy Group
    Comedy Group Month ago

    Why couldn't we get more scenes of this instead of the boring mansion, where the only exciting part was the indo chase?

  • logan bar
    logan bar Month ago

    No way the Baryonyx arm was a little shorter than the real one l was surprised the Baryonyx can't scratch it's head /:(

  • Michael
    Michael Month ago

    This movie man. I love Jurassic Park but to make jokes when a huge dinosaur enters the room is so unrealistic.

  • Ham der Pelle Hansen

    1:16 a New Meme Has Ben Createt

  • Micronisus
    Micronisus Month ago

    This one of the best scenes in the Jurassic Park franchise!

  • Blaze
    Blaze Month ago

    1:13 thus, a new meme was born

  • Qwack Pony
    Qwack Pony Month ago


    LAURA NUNEZ Month ago


  • Nguyen Dang Hung Anh

    Compared the pattern on the barry and blue it seems like blue has a bit of bary’s dna

    • Nguyen Dang Hung Anh
      Nguyen Dang Hung Anh Month ago

      Ok but i remeber thare’s a .....something saying that charlie has the iguanodon pattern idk

    • Jacob Reynolds
      Jacob Reynolds Month ago

      To make a Velociraptor, they needed Velociraptor DNA, adding in DNA of other dinosaurs would make them hybrids, their DNA might not be 100% pure but they’re still Velociraptors.

    • Nguyen Dang Hung Anh
      Nguyen Dang Hung Anh Month ago

      Well charlie have the iguanodon pattern bcs like to make the raptor they need the dna so they extract spme dna from other dinos to make it

    • Jacob Reynolds
      Jacob Reynolds Month ago

      Blue isn’t a hybrid, the fact that she and Bary are similarly coloured is just a coincidence

  • Joshua Cory
    Joshua Cory Month ago

    Where did the Baryonx come from?

    • adrie kiel
      adrie kiel Month ago

      from island or water or a place in the tunnel i dont know

  • Liam McAtee
    Liam McAtee Month ago

    R.I.P Jurassic Park 1993-2018.

  • Carter The Carnotaurus

    1:00 when the shower water is too hot

  • Angelus Marcarita
    Angelus Marcarita Month ago +1

    I am still wating for Giganotosaurus in Jurassic park series. He is the king almost 17 18 meters without Mutant DNA. He is hated just because he comes from Argentina.

    • Jacob Reynolds
      Jacob Reynolds Month ago

      Angelus Marcarita Giganotosaurus was one of the dinosaurs that went into the Indominus Rex so it’s made some sort of appearance. Also Carnotaurus is also from Argentina and it made it into the film.

  • Akın Orhan
    Akın Orhan Month ago

    after watching this i decided to get a better running condition

  • Solitary Wendigo
    Solitary Wendigo Month ago

    Anyone notice at 1:41 you can hear the vary do a slight spino grumble?

  • Juan Torres
    Juan Torres Month ago

    Oh it's a Baryonyx! All this time I thought it was an Irritator 😅.

    • Edward Koo
      Edward Koo Month ago

      If it's a irritator it would be irritating

  • Antonio Alvarado
    Antonio Alvarado Month ago

    1:14 CHAIR!! And how the guys get the baryonx if it was in the tunnel lockedupwith lava

  • MIG 29
    MIG 29 Month ago

    Why new movies is always worse than old...JURASIC PARK 3 BEST

  • Tails X
    Tails X Month ago

    That chairs stronger than me

  • Kate McAghon
    Kate McAghon Month ago


  • Justin Melecio
    Justin Melecio Month ago +1

    I love the scream but his "HoW Is tHiS BEtTeR?!" always gets me!

  • smile.for.the.photo

    I’m surprised there was a baryonyx in this movie, there has never (ever) been a baryonyx in the jurrasic park trilogy
    Edit: same thing with the carnotaurus



  • Abbhinaya  Anandan
    Abbhinaya Anandan Month ago

    I enjoy the fact that, even the dinos get a hero entry, wih flickering lights!!

  • Im Niyah
    Im Niyah Month ago

    When Ye screamed tho😂😂😂💀💚

  • Kaloyan Filipov
    Kaloyan Filipov Month ago


  • Blazen Blazer
    Blazen Blazer Month ago

    Not a T-Rex and 1/4 its size but just as deadly spino's little cousin.

  • Jason Cendejas
    Jason Cendejas Month ago

    Oh God! Why does the Baryonyx have a haunting roar?

  • RobosaurioOK
    RobosaurioOK Month ago

    Did the chair desapear when Franklin fall down?

  • TheUndergroundWolf
    TheUndergroundWolf Month ago

    Why are predator Dino are so smart? Like they barely train to kill yet they know how to fight human

  • King Darius of Persia
    King Darius of Persia Month ago +1

    I have two Barys in my park on Nublar in JWE. :)

  • Lily The skunk
    Lily The skunk Month ago

    Wait lava dripped onto the baryonyx head, wouldn't the lava burn through its skull and kill it?

  • satoru kendai
    satoru kendai Month ago

    Rule number 1 : if the ladder get stuck

  • Hannah Anderson Reloaded

    😖😖😖😭😭😭😭 what did

  • satoru kendai
    satoru kendai Month ago

    2:02, deepthroat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Jumpingbadgerzilla
    Jumpingbadgerzilla Month ago

    This movie was a disappointment

  • Romain Le Biannic
    Romain Le Biannic Month ago

    That's like the scariest dinasour in the movie and we never saw him again, like if you agree

    • Romain Le Biannic
      Romain Le Biannic Month ago

      +Jacob Reynolds yea you're right but I mean we don't see him that often... Not even at the selling at that night :/

    • Jacob Reynolds
      Jacob Reynolds Month ago

      Romain Le Biannic Except we do see her again, Baryonyx is one of the dinosaurs that was auctioned off somewhere and we see it at the end of the film being transported. We also see one being transported to the boat after the eruption.

  • Alexis Capetillo
    Alexis Capetillo Month ago


  • Andy Rivas
    Andy Rivas Month ago


  • Abhay Kahlon
    Abhay Kahlon Month ago +1

    If those dinosaurs were actually real it would be like X_X

    • Jacob Reynolds
      Jacob Reynolds Month ago

      Abhay Kahlon Technically these dinosaurs WERE real over 66 million years ago

  • Isamic
    Isamic Month ago

    I love the bary!

  • Marina Sosa
    Marina Sosa Month ago

    0:51 he was a dinosaur this whole time

  • Տᴀɪғᴀɴ Jαcκ

    That guy scream like a girl 🤣🤣😂

  • Civil Protection Joe


    It was great i loved the scene where blue jumped on the indominus raptor on the roof crashing the glass making them both fall and the indominus raptor gets impaled by the triceratops horns and dies with blue landing perfectly and roaring then leaving it was AWESOME

    • Jacob Reynolds
      Jacob Reynolds Month ago

      Civil Protection Joe Its called the Indoraptor

  • Phill
    Phill Month ago

    Franklin screams like Jesse from A Nightmare On Elm Street 2

  • SCP 939
    SCP 939 Month ago

    1:42 - 1:47 -_- Go up! *GO UP*

  • the phenomenal show awesome

    The funny thing about this is that they fought over a chair😂

  • Yasmin Styles
    Yasmin Styles Month ago

    “We made it yeahhh”
    *ladder falls “
    He realised he spoke too soon

  • Oly1y
    Oly1y 2 months ago

    Oh, the dialogue. Who wrote this?