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  • Published on Sep 4, 2018
  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Baryonyx Attack: Franklin (Justice Smith) inadvertently allows a Baryonyx into their facility, along with lava.
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    Three years after the destruction of the Jurassic World theme park, Owen Grady and Claire Dearing return to the island of Isla Nublar to save the remaining dinosaurs from a volcano that's about to erupt. They soon encounter terrifying new breeds of gigantic dinos while uncovering a conspiracy that threatens the entire planet.
    TM & © Universal Pictures (2018)
    Cast: Bryce Dallas Howard, Justice Smith
    Producer: Belén Atienza, Frank Marshall, Patrick Crowley
    Screewriter: Colin Trevorrow, Derek Connolly
    Director: J.A. Bayona
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Comments • 1 917

  • jon doe
    jon doe 14 hours ago

    Who’s that Pokémon?

  • Kelsey M.
    Kelsey M. Day ago

    The fact that they stayed and waited to confirm what kind of dinosaur it was instead of leaving is... baffling.

  • Johnny Demonic
    Johnny Demonic 3 days ago

    How did that terrified manbaby manage to hold onto that chair after the Dino bit it?
    Given his character throughout the movie, don't you think he would have fainted after it got that close?

  • Detective Pikachu 17

    1:14 CHAIR! Claire-2018

  • Alex Pacheco
    Alex Pacheco 6 days ago

    What difference would it have made if the island was going to go because the volcano anyhow?

  • Rayna LeFevre
    Rayna LeFevre 6 days ago

    His scream was hilarious when he sees the baryonyx.

  • Stacy Ragdoll
    Stacy Ragdoll 6 days ago

    We all know that they Should have tryed to get out asap they saw/heard that sound

  • t3359
    t3359 6 days ago

    What an annoying whiner - wish he just got eaten.

  • Joseph Adams
    Joseph Adams 7 days ago

    That dinosaur should have died instantly when the lava hit its head

  • cutie evee 2
    cutie evee 2 7 days ago


  • Lenyx Davis
    Lenyx Davis 8 days ago

    1:37 oh hell nah

  • call me gta player dahreeso

    The ladder just make franklin scare

  • Stacy Ragdoll
    Stacy Ragdoll 11 days ago

    So, you know where your at. Hear, BEFORE, seeing a Dark tunnel. Still just act as we'll "see what May be happening 🤔

  • Nathan McDonald
    Nathan McDonald 11 days ago +1

    This movie needed more of 0:42, that was genuinely scary.

  • Sihoon Yang
    Sihoon Yang 12 days ago

    Baryonyx: bruh moment

  • Todo
    Todo 12 days ago

    Ay this is the humansaur 0:53

  • KSound Kaiju
    KSound Kaiju 13 days ago

    why do these newer movies portray dinosaurs as ravenous monsters that'll go through anything to get a taste of that human meat
    Are we that delicious to where an animals will endure getting HIT BY LAVA just to get a chance to get than man meat

  • Mark Mauk
    Mark Mauk 13 days ago

    Jurassic World 3 needs the king of predators back in the franchise. The Spinosaurus.

    • Jacob Reynolds
      Jacob Reynolds 11 days ago

      Spinosaurus was one of the many dinosaurs to fall back into extinction in between films

  • TSM black Jeasus
    TSM black Jeasus 13 days ago

    1:14 😂😂

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 15 days ago

    1:45 while he could just climb up, he just takes a long look back.

  • Sapphiresenthiss
    Sapphiresenthiss 15 days ago

    The fact how real these dinosaurs look leaves me about as much in amazement as how far from realistic their behavior is 😂

  • C . T. T
    C . T. T 16 days ago

    Baryonyx is a good mount

  • King of the fobbys
    King of the fobbys 16 days ago

    Mmmmm... roasted baryonyx.

  • Arup Bose
    Arup Bose 17 days ago

    So something is coming towards them...they think its trex. And yet they wait to see it fully. Bye bye human brain.

  • Rodrigo Estrada
    Rodrigo Estrada 18 days ago

    The Baryonyx Screech sounded like a deformed man scream

  • Luxieto Chetta
    Luxieto Chetta 18 days ago

    Lol wtf this is terrible

  • Yo DaD
    Yo DaD 19 days ago

    0:52 TRex Is Jealous

  • blazen blazer
    blazen blazer 19 days ago

    No it's just the spinosauruses little cousin baryonyx just a little bit less than half its size still pretty big.

  • Kawa
    Kawa 20 days ago +2

    Franklin: *screams like a girl*
    Claire: See? Not a T-REX!
    Franlin: *H O W I S T H I S B E T T E R?!*

  • Xerruy
    Xerruy 20 days ago

    A moment of silence for the Baryonyx that slowly burned alive right after this.

  • Eeveepokemonf AJ
    Eeveepokemonf AJ 21 day ago +1

    Franklins scream is basically


  • Harry Dizdarevic
    Harry Dizdarevic 21 day ago

    at 1:02 why does the dine sound so weird?
    it sounds likes the sound of a helicopter

    • Jacob Reynolds
      Jacob Reynolds 16 days ago

      Probably because burning hot lava dropped on her head????

  • ShadowPhoenixMaximus

    So a crossbow can hurt an allosaurus but lava can't hurt a baryonyx?

  • Steve Myers
    Steve Myers 21 day ago

    Who knew Dinosaurs were immune to MOLTEN LAVA.

  • Nightcore Gaming
    Nightcore Gaming 22 days ago

    Lol I thought that was a t rex

  • Franklin Films
    Franklin Films 22 days ago

    Yay my youtube name is a character in this movie!

  • Franco
    Franco 23 days ago

    Ugh I just wanted everyone in this film to die.

    SJ RANKS 23 days ago +1

    You know this would’ve been a great sequence if the trailers didn’t spoil it or tv spot whatever you prefer bottom line the trailers spoiled way too much of the movie including this so when watching I didn’t care because the trailers wouldn’t let up

  • Albus Potter
    Albus Potter 23 days ago +1


  • Squishy Awesome
    Squishy Awesome 24 days ago

    Bruh that baryonyx was just scared and dont want them to leave him alone

  • Jay
    Jay 25 days ago

    Gotta love how there was a way out and they both stand right in front of the tunnel.

    RAZYYY 25 days ago

    Franklin: 1:37 Yessss we dit it. Me: no you don’t did it here you unlucky1:39

  • G. L.
    G. L. 26 days ago

    It is not a baryonyx it's an ingen baryonyx

  • Joshua George
    Joshua George 27 days ago +1

    I actually felt bad that they locked him him. They could have still gotten some lead time over him. That thing rather escape than go down in lava

  • supernatural supremeslayer

    Just like dennis nerdy said no wonder you're extict

  • Andrea Valladares
    Andrea Valladares 27 days ago


  • dragonborn 2061
    dragonborn 2061 28 days ago

    Claire: CHAIR!!!

  • RosieRo
    RosieRo 28 days ago

    Fear Scale for Fallen Kingdom:
    Indoraptor: 9/10
    Rexy: 8/10
    Baryonyx: 7/10
    *FRANKLIN'S SCREAM: 11/10*

  • Speckiton3
    Speckiton3 29 days ago

    1:37 yeah I don’t think you made it yet

  • Lockon Stratos
    Lockon Stratos Month ago

    That's life

  • Kobi2
    Kobi2 Month ago

    Baryoyx Looks Like A Spinosaurs There Head Comparison

    • Jacob Reynolds
      Jacob Reynolds 23 days ago

      That’s because they’re from the same family

  • South West
    South West Month ago

    They locked her in there. 😢

  • Frostbyte0508
    Frostbyte0508 Month ago

    What can I sit on?
    Chair!! *points*

  • Wizzrobotix
    Wizzrobotix Month ago

    What I love about this scene, is that even though we guys are meant to be the ones to take action in emergencies etc. and help out, it's a strong, badbutt woman taking the lead this time, helping both her and a weaker, less smart guy to safety. :) A movie that sooo shows off the 21'th century it's made in.

  • king kami
    king kami Month ago

    i like this film

  • Lady.ririchiyo
    Lady.ririchiyo Month ago


    RAZYYY Month ago

    I think baryonyx is big but no he’s 3 m I think he’s 7 m

  • Cris P. Bacon
    Cris P. Bacon Month ago

    Tidus from Final Fantasy X: "I can imitate a sea gull. Watch. *laughs in sea gull*
    Franklin: I'm about to ruin this whole man's career. 0:52

  • MrJose thegreat25
    MrJose thegreat25 Month ago

    Not a trex but smaller faster and swims

    • MrJose thegreat25
      MrJose thegreat25 23 days ago

      Jacob Reynolds sorry typo I meant to say it’s not a trex

    • Jacob Reynolds
      Jacob Reynolds 23 days ago

      Baryonyx is a Spinosaur, not like T. rex at all

  • James Taggert
    James Taggert Month ago +2

    0:29, best scene: great curvy woman….with a great behind.