Bowie Knife Restoration

  • Published on Jan 27, 2018
  • This "Original Bowie Knife" was my father's. It's been on the to do list for a long time. My father passed many years ago when I was a teenager and I have very little of his, so it's all the more special. This knife was lost for a long time and unfortunately lost its sheath along the way.
    I'm pretty sure this knife is from the 60's or 70's. Made in Japan. It's not the fanciest knife nor the best looking, but it's sentimental to boot. Time for some loving and restoration!
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  • Йожъ Архип
    Йожъ Архип 4 hours ago

    На ремень его не повесить. В кармане носить? 🤔

  • Michael Trimble
    Michael Trimble Day ago

    That is by far one of the coolest and most worthy restos I have seen yet. Amazing work!

  • Evan Fleming
    Evan Fleming 3 days ago

    Are you sure that's not an old KA-Bar knife?

  • andyds1
    andyds1 4 days ago

    Best restoration ever

  • srvfan454
    srvfan454 5 days ago

    The leather handle replacement gives me some ideas for my worn out old Estwing hatchet!

  • John Bowering
    John Bowering 7 days ago

    Really wicked job.well done.lots of hard work went into this project.beautiful end product. John uk

  • Nelson Vega
    Nelson Vega 8 days ago

    Well done!

  • john smith
    john smith 8 days ago

    Nice job!!! BUT....I wudda put a welt on the sheath to keep the knife from cutting the threads.

  • mtb_d4n
    mtb_d4n 10 days ago

    What grid sandpaper did you use to refine the knife?

  • Terence Cragg
    Terence Cragg 10 days ago

    Excellent job!

  • Dary John Mizelle
    Dary John Mizelle 11 days ago

    You obviously have the understanding and technique to restore an ole knife. Why not design and build a new. original knife?

  • Bret M.
    Bret M. 11 days ago


  • bravo one-niner
    bravo one-niner 12 days ago

    What was the liquid u put the knife in at the beginning?

  • Joe Smyth
    Joe Smyth 12 days ago

    Wow good job

  • Wiley Head
    Wiley Head 13 days ago

    that's a K bar not a Bowie knife

  • GFDE
    GFDE 14 days ago

    really good work, i also liked a lot to watch the leather work you did and that you dont put just any stupid music on your video, thumps up! ;)

  • Eyelinerım Çok Güzel

    Kıllarını kesmene ne gerek vardı şimdi amk

  • Rauf Ahmadov
    Rauf Ahmadov 16 days ago

  • SukoYote
    SukoYote 17 days ago

    Paranormal activity? (Just kidding) 6:40

  • Neville Cartwright
    Neville Cartwright 17 days ago

    Wow, what an awesome restoration! Great job! I must agree with ok BoOmEr - it's great watching a video without annoying background music! Job well done all round!

  • Jorge Chañi
    Jorge Chañi 17 days ago

    A cuento me lo vendes

  • Malcolm Coe
    Malcolm Coe 18 days ago

    Fantastic I learned a lot from watching this

  • prianonymous blank
    prianonymous blank 18 days ago

    Hey there Will - I watch alot of restoration videos and I have a passion for knives & collecting. I just wanted to say that you did an incredible job restoring that bowie knife. That knife is awesome and being made in Japan makes it even more awesome in my opinion. Beautiful end result that you could be proud of.. If there was an award for Best of...You would win hands down on my vote.. Kick ass my brotha .

  • datlcm
    datlcm 18 days ago

    Hmm... Bowie knife junior? 🤷🏼‍♂️Seems a little small. Nice restoration job. 👏🏼👏🏼🗡

  • Anthony Compston
    Anthony Compston 19 days ago

    I watch a lot of these restoration videos, and this is the best project I've seen yet! Great job.

  • Tormund Peters
    Tormund Peters 21 day ago +2

    It's not "destroying evidence" it's "restoration"

  • Addison Esslinger
    Addison Esslinger 21 day ago

    No belt loop on the sheath??

  • James Rocco
    James Rocco 21 day ago

    You forgot the belt loop. Lol

  • William Ellrich
    William Ellrich 22 days ago

    Awesome job.

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  • GREE7107
    GREE7107 23 days ago

    I am working on a similar project and this video has really inspired me and spurred me on! The craftsmanship is superb and I love the finished effect on the leather handle. May I ask what products you used? Namely - for the rust treatment (just vinegar?!), the leather glue and the type of wax for the handle? Many thanks...

  • joe Recto
    joe Recto 23 days ago

    Ha-Ha! "Original Bowie Knife", Made in Japan!!! Made by Jimigatsu Bowie-san... Kirred at the Aramo! Seriously... Nice restoration!

  • headholio
    headholio 24 days ago a great video. Thanks.

  • PETE Harkelli
    PETE Harkelli 24 days ago

    Make that a couple grand of equipment!!!

  • PETE Harkelli
    PETE Harkelli 24 days ago

    Great video if you have six or seven hundred dollars of equipment to restore an eighth dollar knife.

  • Andrea Duran
    Andrea Duran 24 days ago

    So my bf and i need to know if you shaved the rest of your arm hair off ASAP, thank you

  • Greatmcwhite
    Greatmcwhite 24 days ago

    Original Gizzard Carver

  • Tony Solar
    Tony Solar 25 days ago

    Totally missed the opportunity to embed your channels logo on the sheath.

  • Rauf Ahmadov
    Rauf Ahmadov 26 days ago

  • Kenny Derringer
    Kenny Derringer 27 days ago

    Good job on the sheath, but you forgot a loop or split to put it on belt

  • Cowboy C Bop
    Cowboy C Bop 28 days ago

    I can’t believe I’m just finding this channel now .
    I just subscribed to show my support.
    This is so helpful and a keeper .
    You are so invited to my channel as well.
    Happy Holidays to you and yours .
    Love collecting knives .
    Nice little hobby of mine .

  • Massimo X
    Massimo X Month ago

    Ottimo lavoro. Bravo.

  • El Hamam
    El Hamam Month ago +2

    I like that

  • christopher ckarkson

    Nice restoration. Your dad would be proud.

  • Tatanka T
    Tatanka T Month ago

    I think theres a loose bird in your shop.....Awesome vid and awesome job on the knife!!

  • Zeke Waters
    Zeke Waters Month ago +1

    What was that liquid you put the blade in at the start?

  • BlackBirdsDontSing
    BlackBirdsDontSing Month ago +1

    The forgetting to flip the template part is so relatable :')

  • David W
    David W Month ago

    Don’t know what it is but there’s something I love about these videos

  • T. F.
    T. F. Month ago

    nice work

  • Cvsis
    Cvsis Month ago +7

    I lost it when he shaved a patch on his arm lol

    • Cvsis
      Cvsis 21 day ago

      @joe Recto i mean i can see why its done. Just caught me off guard is all lol

    • joe Recto
      joe Recto 21 day ago

      @Cvsis I didn't get a negative vibe, or anything, it just seemed odd that someone might think that testing a knife's edge on their arm hair would seem unusual to anyone. Maybe a non-user/sharpener of knives. I mean, we are looking for "Razor Sharp".

    • Cvsis
      Cvsis 21 day ago

      @joe Recto I'm new to these kinds of videos and i just wasnt expecting it. Maybe i have weird humor? Didnt mean anything negative by it

    • joe Recto
      joe Recto 21 day ago

      Cvsis A good number of people who regularly use knives for work, and recreation, invariably end up sharpening their blades. Usually, one uses shaving their arm hair as a test of sharpness. Why would one "lose it" seeng this done?

  • Perry Anderson
    Perry Anderson Month ago

    that is Awesome what you done. i love it. i own two that are almost like the one you have done

  • Toca do Índio
    Toca do Índio Month ago +1

    Perfect 👌

  • Wayne Cullinan
    Wayne Cullinan Month ago

    I love your restoration videos. I do have a question about this one though... How does the sheath attach to a belt?

  • Oberon4278
    Oberon4278 Month ago

    That's a beautiful sheath, but if I may say so, it appears you have more experience working with leather than with metal. I couldn't help but cringe a bit when I saw your method for removing stock on the lathe =\

  • Jeff Holliday
    Jeff Holliday Month ago

    You brought it back to life. I had one like it when I was a kid. It ended up in worse shape over time. Wish I still had it to bring it back life. Great video.

  • Nobody
    Nobody Month ago

    What's was applied to the leather at 19:40 before stropping?

    • Bwx Bwx
      Bwx Bwx Month ago

      Leather compound many types all do the same job it helps a lot

  • daniel burchett
    daniel burchett Month ago

    What to do while your wife is menstruating

  • Daryl Trawick
    Daryl Trawick Month ago


  • MasterSam85
    MasterSam85 Month ago

    9:16 shawarma anyone ? :D (or döner / kebab / whatever)

  • Fer221201
    Fer221201 Month ago