• Published on Jan 11, 2022
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  • Shaun
    Shaun  +441


  • Sports fan 74

    Finally!! Thanks eddie for pointing out what people have been saying about Kugan 👏He pulls Eddie up on things but never does with other promoters. I love how he nicely slides it in when Kugan wants to stir things up with what people have been saying 🤣

  • Elias Vergsen

    If they actually do Benn vs Guerrero it's beyond a joke. He'll be 39 by then.. he hasn't been at "world level" since 2012 when he said he wanted to retire.

  • Scott Staples

    Always good to see Ed back on the chat.. quality operator..

  • kiely 456
    kiely 456  +149

    Can you imagine kugan saying to Frank “it’s the 12th and you ain’t done anything yet”, he’d be banned from all Queensbury shows….just like back in the good old days 😅

  • Do_Mood_Dude

    Keep up the good work Eddie, looking forward to watching a good year of our boxers swapping leather, praying AJ comes thru in the rematch... i really am convinced Fury doesn't want the risk of a Dillian Whyte fight and right now i just don't respect the man as a Champion! 💯

  • My name Jeff

    When talking about splits I’m sure the comment used to be “if you believe you can win snd become champion take the fight” 🤔

  • Hazel Kenrick

    The best promoter in the world Eddie Hearn. Hard working too. 💯 . He's always spot on with any interview

  • Pat The Wild Goose!

    If Whyte doesn't take the 20% and walk away like he did from the millions he got offered for AJ then the public know he's ducking Fury aswell as AJ. Fury will beat him with ease anyway.

  • Daniel Massey

    I’m drinking every time Eddie says ‘50-50 fight’ 🥴🥴

  • Davey Ber

    On 80/20 split hearn says that's for the standard opponent..... But as much as I love whyte he lost to povetkin and yes won the rematch but still that lowrs his stock anyway.... The fact whyte waited ages I agree that's bs but that's wilders fault not fury and you can't pass that onto fury...... Whyte also turned down about £5/6 mill to fight aj the 2nd time when aj didn't have to etc and whyte turned it down because he felt he deserved more...... Whyte I do feel sorry for but aj and fury owes him nothing and it's good money either way..... If he feels he wins then win and then call the shots..... Imo if he rematched aj a couple plus yrs ago whyte would have won and now be calling the shots etc...... He turned that down and only himself to blame..... You can't call the shots because you have been brave and took fights with risks you didn't need to take.... I admire that and that's why I love whyte but still it don't mean you can dictate to the champion..... Loom if I believed I'd win I'd take the fight and even if I lost I'd be earning life changing money etc not turn it down and wait while getting ko'ed by povetkin for no where near the pay day and have to build up again as he is now!...... I wished whyte fought and beat aj then faced fury...... I love all brit heavyweights but fury the most for various reasons....... I want to see aj vs fury and fury vs whyte but it will be bitter sweet whoever wins and on the day all are capable of beating each other etc....... Whyte I feel for because wilder avoided him and wilder is to blame for not giving whyte his chance and the wbc actually but its not for fury to pay the price....... Don't be greedy and if you think you win prove it then call the shots!!..... Hearn says that's standard split but big standard....... Whyte ain't no title holder and he lost to povetkin 2 fights back and yea beat povetkin after but that's not how it works...... It may be that way in the ufc and like mcgregor has years out then gets title shot because he draws money etc but that's a sham and not how ranking work everyone knows that and it's been that way for decades.... Hearn just said 80/20 is normal split lol....... Whyte ain't got one title to bring to the table not even the ibo so take the fight you say you've craved (tho turned down shot at aj for multiple belts) put up or shut up end of....... Sounds like he wants to cash in as he knows fury may embarrass him..... Hearn agrees with whyte cos hearn is on commission and he knows aj is hanging by a thread

  • Mr H
    Mr H  +7

    If you lose a fight, it's the trainers fault and not yours. 😭

  • Dan

    Used to really like whyte but he’s acting like he’s floyd demanding x amount of pound. Turning down 5m to fight fury is embarrassing behaviour

  • Tibore
    Tibore  +7

    Great banta with you two. Always enjoy it 😜

  • Harrison Thomas

    Eddie “get the badge in” Hearn

  • Eazy day
    Eazy day  +31

    Always enjoy the banter between Hearn and Kugan, always a great interview and content.

  • Graeme Thorpe

    Eddie is constantly going on about accepting less money for the chance to be world champion

  • SWJ
    SWJ  +3

    On the questions, I know that the first year the PDC World Champs went to Alexandra Palace was the year where John Part beat Kirk Shepherd in the final. Off the top of my head I’d guess that was in 2008. Not sure about who headlined the Boxing last time it was there though.

  • Mazinger Z
    Mazinger Z  +135

    Eddie ''I rejected AJ's call last night'' Hearn