I lived on the streets of LA for 48 hours

  • Published on May 12, 2019
  • What would you do if you lost everything? Ammar decides to live on the streets of LA for 48 hours in hopes gain a better appreciation for the simple things that he takes for granted in life.
    All proceeds from this video will go to www.safeplaceforyouth.org to provide care and support to youth experiencing homelessness.
    * Ammar was by no means trying to simulate homelessness or pretend like he knows what being homeless feels like, he was just trying to deprive himself of everything and see how he'd handle it.
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  • game praatjes
    game praatjes Hour ago

    I actualy pissed in that bottle

  • Paradox 420
    Paradox 420 Hour ago

    This challenge is too easy there’s a shit load of soup kitchens in LA and you don’t even have to ask you just walk in there and get some food

  • john levine
    john levine Hour ago

    I was homeless in brooklyn for a month. In San Diego I would save money by only staying in a hostel every other night and walk the streets inbetween those days without sleeping. That was for about 3 weeks.

  • Rafia Khan
    Rafia Khan 5 hours ago

    wish there were more people like you

  • Rafia Khan
    Rafia Khan 5 hours ago


  • Rafia Khan
    Rafia Khan 5 hours ago


  • Voltzyy
    Voltzyy 7 hours ago

    Ammar you are so inspirational you deserve so much! Love From London!

  • Mucho Salsa
    Mucho Salsa 7 hours ago

    There's no better feeling then giving food to someone in need. Never throw out any of your food, anything you no longer want or need, if you are capable of doing so and plenty of us are, buy some disposable take away boxes they cost nothing you can get a whole bunch at the dollar store, and put your leftovers in there and soon as you walk out the door i guarantee (unfortunately) you will find someone on your way to give it to. I swear if everyone put in the effort to do this, far more people that have been dealt a bad hand, would be nourished and comforted in this world.

  • HunterX 780
    HunterX 780 7 hours ago

    Something that we all take for granted is life

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown 10 hours ago

    try the same thing in -30 C weather instead of LA's room temp weather

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 11 hours ago

    go to franklins house

  • SeveraalStufff
    SeveraalStufff 11 hours ago

    Dude, how uncreative can you be? Watch Simon Wilsons challenges. In a city like LA you can do very good without money. And what is your problem with loneliness? You are in a city, there a people everywhere. Just talk to them.

  • Trippy J
    Trippy J 12 hours ago

    I would love to have the experience of living and appreciating my own life by leaving home n flying into a new country or state with you guys

  • John smith
    John smith 13 hours ago

    smart rapist are going to Los Angeles and/or San Francisco to get a tent to hide in plane sight among the homeless and armed with a knife.
    They creep out when they see a beautiful female, preferably an attractive young lesbian.
    They grab the victim rape her, then when they are don't they go hide back among the homeless tents.
    Happens all the time.
    News media not reporting this because people are prohibited from protecting themselves in the State of California.
    California is a gun free zone.

  • hello
    hello 14 hours ago

    should've gone to McDonald's if you're trying to find food!

  • L S
    L S 14 hours ago

    yes man, alhamdulila

  • Aziz Modian
    Aziz Modian 16 hours ago

    Dear Ammar: as Musllims we can get water, dates, sleep and pray at a mosque.
    haven't you thought of that?

  • Tony Cheung
    Tony Cheung 19 hours ago

    Wow mean streets of the rich. Would be more convincing if he were closer to downtown la.

  • Sarah Drake
    Sarah Drake 23 hours ago

    I’m sure there are facilities where you could have gotten free food, such as the rescue mission, if your trying to emulate homelessness, You should have done your research why make it hard on yourself by digging in trash cans.

  • Emily WillAlwaysBeHereToAnnoyYou

    i’ve heard that homeless ppl sometimes go behind trash cans at grocery stores to find food bc most of the food in that trash is actually pretty decent to eat

  • Insxne Trix
    Insxne Trix Day ago

    You could have went to Starbucks and got free water...

  • wilbro420 Chairman of the Boards

    Easier to sleep during the day and stay awake at night

  • Chedo
    Chedo Day ago

    We need to look for love in the homeless. Any time someone asks me for cash, and I have some, it's theirs. It's never much, but it can get them into a Waffle House or something for the night. Especially when it's cold

  • D G
    D G Day ago +1

    Dude you should of just contacted one of the LA liberals and they would of given you everything you need

  • Paula Wilson
    Paula Wilson Day ago

    People have no idea how blessed they are! I went from young, beautiful, healthy, at 27 and I got hurt at work. I’m now 31 and have been dealing with a rare disease called CRPS that I now have full body.
    While my friends were getting married and having babies...I’ve been living with the worst pain known to man (more painful than childbirth, amputation etc.). I can’t work, drive, I couldn’t walk at all for a while and was having to use a bedside toilet...I’m blessed that I can now walk to the bathroom but use a wheelchair when I leave the house (which it’s rare unless it’s a doctors appointment). I literally just wet the bed last week...at 31 as my bladder is affected.
    No one understands the excruciating pain of CRPS unless they have it. It’s not just all the physical pain but it’s the mental pain too. From being alone in bed everyday, to losing all my friends, to not being able to have kids (I’m working on that though), to simply wanting to hop in the car because I want a coffee from Starbucks. I rely on my Fiancé (he was with me a year before my injury that led to CRPS) and also my parents. They all have lives of their own and I honestly feel like a burden.
    Yet, I am so very blessed. I have two dogs who are with me everyday in bed. My fiancé makes sure I have the things I need...takes me to my appointments...does what he can and supports us both, his 2 children, our 2 dogs and cat. I have my mom and dad who love me and help out financially if we are in a bind. I have SO MUCH good in my life!! I’m living with the “suicide disease” and I’m very proud to say that I’m no longer depressed or suicidal from CRPS. I’m still in physical agony and my life if so far from easy. I give all of me to Jesus and he has provided everything I need to make it through. Anyways, hope you enjoyed my ramble Ted Talk.

  • Arjan Binpal
    Arjan Binpal Day ago

    I think about this everyday

  • crypto lite
    crypto lite Day ago

    boy you don't know what danger is lol


    The fear is different between you have the place to go back and no place to go. Your test could give you just little fear. If you really have no home to go back, you really can feel what homeless feel.

  • Clemens
    Clemens Day ago

    the andreas hem transition :P

  • Leela Hayes
    Leela Hayes Day ago +2

    Anyone realize he could of walked to the airport and stayed their like the other video

  • danny 2ME
    danny 2ME Day ago

    brilliant vlog as it does make you realise the gift of having the luxurys around us every day ,and how close we are to loose them .

  • Kristjan
    Kristjan Day ago

    This gonna be me when I'm going to LA or somewhere. As a new tourist in a new city.

  • 94FADE
    94FADE Day ago +2

    First thing I would have done is jump in the shower. He actually laid on his bed yikes

  • Hiva Ahmadi
    Hiva Ahmadi Day ago

    We take everything for granted , i almost forgot how We came as a refugees to Germany, it took us 6 month, we were hungry for weeks , in the border in the mountains you could hear the wild animals like wolfs, they were shooting at us , we were Kidnaped ,

  • Mike Bai
    Mike Bai Day ago

    while I definitely enjoy all of the normal videos, this one is very powerful. And i'm honestly impressed by the team in coming up with the idea and giving it an honest chance. I would've loved to see it pushed to 72-96 hours and I would imagine the difficulty of that extra time would make it just soo much more difficult - hunger, fatigue, desperation, etc.

    Nevertheless, hats off to you Anmar.

  • Makayla Guthrie
    Makayla Guthrie Day ago +2

    Should have hit up some grocery store dumpsters

  • Eddy San
    Eddy San Day ago

    Should’ve of been this video in DTLA tf you doing in weho and b hills lol You wouldn’t last in DTLA ... sorry ass video

  • tazzdageek king
    tazzdageek king 2 days ago +1

    Been there done that as a teen. Manifestation was my only savior

    • Makayla Guthrie
      Makayla Guthrie Day ago

      tazzdageek king hell yeah manifestation is the best way to go !

  • 9485881
    9485881 2 days ago +1

    You were better off asking someone for food instead of rummaging around trash cans lol

  • XGiveMeLibertyX
    XGiveMeLibertyX 2 days ago

    I would have dressed like a bum to blend in to avoid getting robbed

  • Kowsar Khan
    Kowsar Khan 2 days ago

    in Islam...its called Ramadan

  • Xxx X
    Xxx X 2 days ago

    Such a good video ❤️well done 👍🏼

    BRIAN 2 days ago

    they made that place from gta v a real thing lmao

  • Leo Wilson
    Leo Wilson 2 days ago

    Keep in mind you didn't face all the challenges, you looked clean and well dressed, you didn't need to wash, you knew you would eventually eat and sleep. That's a different mindset, but I get that is very hard to recreate unless you do it for a week or so

  • hugs2003
    hugs2003 2 days ago +2

    You could've walked into any fast food restaurant and asked for a water cup. They're free.

  • joshua wong
    joshua wong 2 days ago

    i lived on the streets of downtown la during the purge

  • Smol PotatoYT
    Smol PotatoYT 2 days ago

    This is what real homeless people have to go through 😢

    xXxHALODOGxXx 2 days ago +4

    2:35 Switching from Thomas to Ammar in GTA 6 leaked footage

  • Joe Stacks
    Joe Stacks 2 days ago +3

    how would the beach be a good idea? it gonna be really cold there.

  • Joe Stacks
    Joe Stacks 2 days ago

    you can literally go to any fast food place and get free water.

  • Joe Stacks
    Joe Stacks 2 days ago

    i wouldn't go to LA. thats for sure.

  • mikeBdope
    mikeBdope 2 days ago

    wow!! skid row really cleaned up!!!

    FF THECRAFTER 2 days ago +1

    Alhamdulillah you can survive

    FF THECRAFTER 2 days ago +1

    Do this in Indonesia it's easy you don't even need pepper spray

      FF THECRAFTER Day ago

      @astari ratu look at fast food restaurants, Indonesian usually don't clean up after eat so you can just wait and after they leave go to the table and eat the leftover

    • astari ratu
      astari ratu Day ago

      @FF THECRAFTER not every restaurant can give you a leftover, like where i live.But idk, maybe they will get food (cause they are foreigner + the camera ofc) 😂

      FF THECRAFTER Day ago +1

      @astari ratu go to restaurants there always leftover there

    • astari ratu
      astari ratu Day ago

      But damnit dude, you cant get an edible food from the trash can 😂

  • Corinne Jean
    Corinne Jean 2 days ago

    Wow watching you walk right near my home shook me up

  • Shane G
    Shane G 3 days ago

    Apparently Google is monitoring thoughts now, because I was thinking about a couple friends that had to or chose to do things like this and how they have this crazy experience I've never had... and how if I did, how would it change my perspective. I can't think of a single thing I searched that'd bring me to this channel... it was a random thought when I was completely disconnected outside having a phone in my pocket that my bosses won't let me use on the clock.

  • Amaan Aslam
    Amaan Aslam 3 days ago +1

    that chicken wasnt probably Halal!

    • wajdi XWX
      wajdi XWX 2 days ago +1

      i knew someone will catch that i literally was searching through all the comment section to see if someone addresses that and yeah most probably like 99.9% that was not halal and he is eatin it like its no body's business

  • livnlf2thefulst
    livnlf2thefulst 3 days ago

    You should’ve brought the sleeping bag.

  • MrRicochet9
    MrRicochet9 3 days ago

    I love your channel. I am an avid watcher and subscriber ~ I have a challenge for you... leave the big liberal cities and repeat your "challenge".... I think the outcome may be much different!

  • Nocty Mento
    Nocty Mento 3 days ago

    How come in alot of other cities you wont need pepper spray for safety i thinkamerica is a very like kind of unsafe country

  • A/H/M/A/D R/I/Z/W/A/N

    He is a muslim but instead of praying he is meditating bro i respect the challenge but i mean its not right to not connect with ur religion at any time except rn when ur doing a challenge, breaks my heart when people do that.

  • bella
    bella 3 days ago

    I cried because I actually live in LA and I can’t imagine what people who don’t have anything have to go through

  • papiixyampi
    papiixyampi 3 days ago

    damn... i’m thankful for everything i have

  • maqq
    maqq 3 days ago

    Next.. 48 hours in a jungle? :D

  • name here
    name here 3 days ago

    Love the quote at end!

  • beorlingo
    beorlingo 3 days ago

    Basically what we are all doing: Staying alive.

  • anto
    anto 3 days ago

    hell yeah dude

  • michael dixon
    michael dixon 3 days ago

    Man up girls...geeez

  • Jacob
    Jacob 4 days ago

    "What would you do"....for a klondick bar

  • Tina Holi
    Tina Holi 4 days ago

    Somehow I can relate so much to this video, on the other hand, your experiment was so extreme. I have been living the past year in Chile (my channel is all about it) and in my last month, I have been traveling through different countries in South America. I have seen so many bad things, so much poverty, so many people without money, so many children trying to earn some money for their families and so many people living on the street. It broke my heart. Even without experiencing it personally I felt so much appreciation for what I have in my life.
    In this video I am talking about it thexvid.com/video/Xrjvte_06CQ/video.html (it´s with German, English and Spanish subtitles)
    I am not criticizing the country, but I am originally from Germany, have lived 2 Years in the States and 1 year in Spain before and I have never seen anything that severe in another place.