I lived on the street for 48 hours

  • Published on May 12, 2019
  • What would you do if you lost everything? Ammar decides to live on the streets of LA for 48 hours in hopes gain a better appreciation for the simple things that he takes for granted in life.
    All proceeds from this video will go to www.safeplaceforyouth.org to provide care and support to youth experiencing homelessness.
    * Ammar was by no means trying to simulate homelessness or pretend like he knows what being homeless feels like, he was just trying to deprive himself of everything and see how he'd handle it.
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  • TreRonn
    TreRonn 10 minutes ago

    he yoinked the chair

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 13 minutes ago

    I've been there, done that. :)

  • Caleb Garcia
    Caleb Garcia 49 minutes ago

    This shit is wack

  • Oskar Siebert
    Oskar Siebert 53 minutes ago

    respect mn. I could not have done that.

  • Hsm99 !
    Hsm99 ! Hour ago

    Does amar do Ramadan ? I'm only asking without being evil or something.

  • Swirlyツ
    Swirlyツ Hour ago

    I'm kind of sad that this channel does not have any were close to the amount of subs it should have

  • Evan Walker
    Evan Walker 2 hours ago +1

    Anmar: “This is the longest I’ve spent without talking to people voluntarily.”
    Me: Hold my beers.

  • Kevin Delaire
    Kevin Delaire 2 hours ago

    Staying away from my phone, so many people can’t keep their eyes away from their phones and it’s just crazy how much its changed us.

  • SIG442
    SIG442 2 hours ago

    Kinda am alone all my life, if you think those 48 hours are lonely, try to think about your whole life being like that

  • Fire /Phantom Forces
    Fire /Phantom Forces 2 hours ago

    I would go to the homeless shelter.

  • Zolfried
    Zolfried 2 hours ago

    i was hung up on all the times youre too starved to walk, but still walk back and forth to prop up the cam and stuff :p

  • Tim Tim
    Tim Tim 3 hours ago

    Tbh I take having a parent for granted. I mean haven't seen my mom in 14 years so whenever a friend talks to me about him or her having a fight with their mom I'm always like apologize, at least you have a mother to apologize to. So I half know that having parents can be taken as granted but now ever since me and my sister have to do everything alone you really see how something like having parents can be taken as granted its not like we never did anything when he was there it's just that now we both really see how much he actually did while we were hanging out with friends or what not.
    Always apologize to your family members... It may be hard and of course it is totally fine to argue with siblings or parents but always remember that one day they won't be there and if your last moment with them was a fight than you will always hate yourself for that stupid argument. I haven't seen my mom since I was 3 years old but that doesn't mean I don't care if she dies. Of course I could visit her but because if what she has done I don't want to but I would be sad if she dies

  • DoodyDraws
    DoodyDraws 3 hours ago

    Was this prior to Ramadan? Cause I think if u did it in Ramadan it'd have been easier like u won't have to worry about food or water anyway in the morning u know.. Loved the video and I'm actually considering doing this for a day I don't think it's a good idea to do in Egypt tho 😅

  • Sexi Lexi
    Sexi Lexi 3 hours ago

    Insha Allah

  • David Coletti
    David Coletti 4 hours ago

    Come to Wisconsin

  • Jean-Romain Michaux
    Jean-Romain Michaux 4 hours ago

    Amazing video, valuable lessons. Thank you.

  • PS Ridget
    PS Ridget 4 hours ago

    No food: Prepares a Fork

  • MONFSHINee 17
    MONFSHINee 17 4 hours ago +1

    This is so inspiring and an important lesson for all of us. Big thumbs up, THANK YOU! ❤️

  • Nathaniel Muka
    Nathaniel Muka 4 hours ago

    Attempt 4
    This might never be read and I hate writing TheXvid comments for that exact reason, but I will say screw that and write one any way. I'm an 18 year old highschool student living in Pennsylvania and have I got an idea for you. We want to seek discomfort so we must find what gives the ability to not be afraid and strip that away for a second. So many people in this world will try anything ONCE. That's not always the best. This mentally leads to a lot of people never doing that thing again. Weather it's the person who nearly drowned as a kid and now hates the water, the person who hurt themselves during a sport and says they can never go back, or even just getting food poisoning and now hating that food you ate. We can change this. Let's make a video where you guys do all your most hated moments of Yes Theory again. Obviously you don't have to go back to all the same places with them being so far away (all though I wouldn't put it past you guys). It would be more creation montage of past events. If you're up to it you could even try recreating some of the hardest moments of your life. I have personal experience with doing this kind of thing. Love the vids. Love the ideals. Love all around. Hope you read this. I would kill to hear from you guys

  • zaid yusri Yusoff
    zaid yusri Yusoff 4 hours ago


  • xxbiggeorge69xx
    xxbiggeorge69xx 4 hours ago

    I guess thanos snapped

  • つや消し
    つや消し 4 hours ago

    Yes theory should make an app WITH DAILY SEEK DISCOMFORT CHALLENGES

  • youtube cenima
    youtube cenima 4 hours ago

    u had fasted ramadan before u can handle that easily

  • Norman Hanifan
    Norman Hanifan 5 hours ago

    nice content

  • Eduardo Mateo
    Eduardo Mateo 5 hours ago

    Something about this just seems a little staged, unlike the rest of their videos. I just can't place my mind on it.

  • sean coonan
    sean coonan 6 hours ago

    this channel deserves 100 mil subs

  • roman sanchez
    roman sanchez 6 hours ago

    I wouldn't risk my saying pride

  • Guido van den Berg
    Guido van den Berg 8 hours ago

    "i was thinking about this while meditating".

    Something went wrong with meditating then!!

    • Aleksandar Papez
      Aleksandar Papez 6 hours ago

      There is many different forms of meditation actually, try learning some more about it :) Have a great day!

  • Pedro Dias Serrão
    Pedro Dias Serrão 8 hours ago

    Greetings from Lisbon, Portugal 🇵🇹
    Thank u for being part of my daily routine because I see your videos everyday.
    Thank you for inspiring me with all the positivity you transmit in your videos. Congratulations for all your success

  • Alicia P.
    Alicia P. 9 hours ago

    Very nice content! I think you really went outside of your comfort zone this time! Congratulations Ammar ;)

  • Rexo Rex
    Rexo Rex 9 hours ago

    do a 48 hours in a trampoline park

  • NerdySword
    NerdySword 12 hours ago

    thexvid.com/video/fM96F5fTHpM/video.html see this video in the end

  • DreaMart DreaMart
    DreaMart DreaMart 13 hours ago

    introverts dream this is

  • Peter Kurz
    Peter Kurz 14 hours ago +1

    ~ Seek Discomfit ~

  • dan hilton
    dan hilton 14 hours ago

    this guy probably got worms

  • Jonty Ogilvie
    Jonty Ogilvie 14 hours ago +1

    The walk to the airport was probably 10 minutes away but he had to do all those camera angles which took it up to about 80 minutes

  • Comments only
    Comments only 15 hours ago +1

    I've never been homeless, but something my sister and I used to do when we were hungry was we would sneak into hotels, and check every floor for left-over room service. Worked like a charm

  • NaP
    NaP 17 hours ago

    It was really hard to watch him looking for food, I don't know what I would've done if that scenario would happen to me :/

  • nat
    nat 18 hours ago

    lmao "west hollywood, dangerous"??? how tf... Skidrow man thats where the homelessness hits lololol

  • Natural Born Gamer
    Natural Born Gamer 19 hours ago

    so u werent fasting?

  • Arjun Sharma
    Arjun Sharma 19 hours ago

    I take school for granted. I guess I should take a break from studying and go on vacation.

  • Roger_10'4
    Roger_10'4 19 hours ago

    When I was 19 I was homeless for 6 months, had no phone no car no nothing after getting kicked out of home. I found an old guitar on the road that I used to busk for money which was used to get me a cell phone. I then managed to get me a job using that cell phone , and after that managed to save up to pay bond for a flat. I now own a growing apparel business and regularly visit homeless to feed them.

  • Ivan T
    Ivan T 20 hours ago

    Where can we get the Seek Discomfort backpack

  • Elvis
    Elvis 21 hour ago

    can someone give me ideas that are out of my comfort zone my life is really boring and I don't know how to spice it up

    • DatBrownie
      DatBrownie 6 hours ago +1

      Elvis go compliment a stranger and have a conversation with one. Simple but could be difficult

  • Ingrid Santana
    Ingrid Santana 21 hour ago

    I loved the video!!! This inspired me!

  • julien pedrus
    julien pedrus 21 hour ago

    Meet up with David dorbik

  • Farshan Feroz
    Farshan Feroz 22 hours ago


  • FangirlForShips
    FangirlForShips 23 hours ago

    *Ryan Gosling lookalike.*

  • Carter Ellis
    Carter Ellis Day ago

    6:25 looks like GTA

  • JeroDeNero
    JeroDeNero Day ago

    How do I join you guys in your adventures? I want to seek discomfort and take on challenges

  • Reviews and Currency

    Ik what its like to be homeless always go for money first recycle look for coins and ask for spare change never ask for dollars ask fro some change it sounds better that way and people are able to part with coins and not bills.

  • KS NoVember
    KS NoVember Day ago +4

    Homeless for 48 hours
    *Uses white clean shoes*

  • Dabbz_tv
    Dabbz_tv Day ago

    Wow. What a Nancy. Can't dig out of the garbage lul.

  • Zozo Games
    Zozo Games Day ago

    less dangerous than stranded in another country with no money? k

  • Zozo Games
    Zozo Games Day ago

    youtubes notifications are shit

  • D.A Mags
    D.A Mags Day ago +3

    Big L for grabbing somebody's backwash out of the trashcan. I was homeless for over a year, slept behind liquor stores or on park benches. Never once did I need to dig through the trash, fresh water is free and available at any commercial business.

  • D.A Mags
    D.A Mags Day ago +22

    I was homeless on the street in Vegas for over a year. This experiment doesn't even come close to what it's really like, but the message is a good one. Appreciate what you have, it can happen to anybody.

  • Omar Mohamed
    Omar Mohamed Day ago +1

    You should be ashamed of yourself for not fasting. I'm dissapointed

  • Michael Davtyan
    Michael Davtyan Day ago

    Just imagine doing this in Seattle 💀


    Love video like 🤩🤩

  • Bilguutei Odgerel

    Everyone has been once into that situation, being outside even for months...So please stop making stupid videos. It is not a big deal at all. Go to a war zone or somewhere that life is really hard and make a video there

  • Greg Dundee
    Greg Dundee Day ago

    Never! eat chicken that's been sitting out! Lucky you're not not ill

  • Amber Kayes
    Amber Kayes Day ago

    Now imagine he was girl.

  • Miku94
    Miku94 Day ago +1

    I have been doing that challenge for 12years

  • The Telsa kid
    The Telsa kid Day ago

    He was on the ground for many hours this video and then comes home and lies down on his bed😫

  • Adam Dent
    Adam Dent Day ago

    Why does having a bottle out of the trash can make you or start your representation of “homelessness” you’re kinda annoying I got 5 minutes in before I wanted to slap yo ass like you’re the dumbest person I’ve met you live in LA but don’t know how to resource? There’s hundreds of places you could of tried. I commend some of this because it’s not easy but this is like a suburban kid who was sooon fed trying to show his way he’d be homeless lol that’s what this should have been called

  • GloRy Clan
    GloRy Clan Day ago +1

    im 14 and my parents teachers and friends called me addicted to my phone so i decided to deprive myself from my phone... its been around 3 months or so since ive used it and im happier!

    • GloRy Clan
      GloRy Clan 13 hours ago

      +First Name laptop

    • First Name
      First Name Day ago

      GloRy Clan then how are you commenting

  • Daniel Boardman
    Daniel Boardman Day ago

    Well done bro

  • YOONMIN #4life
    YOONMIN #4life Day ago

    Do you guys plan on visiting our old home ( where yes theory first started)....for me it feels like 4years since you moved out

  • selina04089
    selina04089 Day ago

    Thank you for sharing xxx

  • DioSundoro
    DioSundoro Day ago

    Can you visit the abandoned five star hotel in Bali named D.I Bedugul?

  • Rowan Z
    Rowan Z Day ago +1


  • Caden Epp
    Caden Epp Day ago

    i take my girls ass for granted, jk i dont have a girl

  • shavez siddiqui
    shavez siddiqui Day ago

    Why is this channel dieing?

  • A. Med
    A. Med Day ago

    If I knew i could get 800k views and monatize it for 48 hrs...I would have recorded when I did my first 48 hrs

  • Logan
    Logan Day ago

    Did you encounter Fouseytube

  • Priyank Patwa
    Priyank Patwa Day ago

    Someone pls accept me in the yes fam fb group, it's Priyank Patwa. Trying since few days now.

  • Cpl Hitram1944
    Cpl Hitram1944 Day ago

    annddd you have aids

  • Cpl Hitram1944
    Cpl Hitram1944 Day ago


    annddd you have aids

  • Cpl Hitram1944
    Cpl Hitram1944 Day ago

    props to you for swallowing your pride...

  • Cpl Hitram1944
    Cpl Hitram1944 Day ago

    props to you for swallowing your pride...

  • Eric Moore
    Eric Moore Day ago

    Very interesting video, I am uncomfortable it the city to begin with. I have spent weeks in the woods alone without a worry in the world and living off the land. Put me in LA and I would be a fish out of water.

  • Trickster!Nepeta and Alice in Wonderland Fandom :3

    I think yes theory needs at least one lady- these sorts of experiences are really different when a woman does them as opposed to a man.

  • wopo
    wopo Day ago


  • Joshua
    Joshua Day ago

    hes lowkey taking food and places to sleep from other homeless

  • Neariah Beatz
    Neariah Beatz Day ago

    48hours??? People do that everyday

  • Mo7aMmed 67
    Mo7aMmed 67 Day ago

    Its okay

  • Eli Stiewing
    Eli Stiewing Day ago

    I lived in a crackhouse for 48 hours

  • Ahmad _Khalaf
    Ahmad _Khalaf Day ago +1

    dose ammar and his gf still a couple ?

  • JT Franey
    JT Franey Day ago +1

    It also helps that you’re well groomed, and dressed semi-nicely

  • Nicholas Schroeder

    it would be sweet to do a wilderness survival challenge with you guys

  • PartyHead 1223
    PartyHead 1223 2 days ago


  • BenschiVids
    BenschiVids 2 days ago

    Inspiring experience. Although I'd be very interested to see, how you deal with that for a week or two. You ate once in 48 hours, that's not too hard. But what are you gonna do the rest of the week? Just me being curious

  • TRush
    TRush 2 days ago

    Amar: I’m so scared and there is no one to talk too
    Also Amar: chilling in front of the channel store

  • Benjamin Vazquez
    Benjamin Vazquez 2 days ago

    5:16 you probably realize Chanel in the background

  • gerry feilds
    gerry feilds 2 days ago

    fake as fuk unreal

  • Toink Gaming
    Toink Gaming 2 days ago

    I would do this challenge maybe when I don’t have school

  • Annelie S.
    Annelie S. 2 days ago

    I think it’s so brave of you to put yourself into a situation like that.

  • Patrix
    Patrix 2 days ago +1

    You should go to shops for free food samples

  • L.A.M
    L.A.M 2 days ago

    Is it just me or has the amarican accent that Ammar have changed. If you think so too reply.