How Avengers: Endgame's Visual Effects Were Made | WIRED

  • Published on Sep 11, 2019
  • Jen Underdahl, Visual Effects Producer for Marvel Entertainment, provides WIRED with an in-depth look at the most impressive visual effects featured in Avengers: Endgame and Infinity War. Jen explains how they crafted "Smart Hulk," made Chris Evans look considerably older, and how they were able to digitally create the entirety of the Avengers' time suits.

    Avengers: Endgame is available on Digital and Blu-ray now

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    How Avengers: Endgame's Visual Effects Were Made | WIRED
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  • angel felix
    angel felix 21 hour ago

    No time for the suits but getting a trained rat for the movie haha

  • TheGoat
    TheGoat Day ago

    I just got chills omg

  • Literally Nobody
    Literally Nobody 2 days ago

    16:53 for me, this might be the most painful scene I've seen in infinity war

  • appleheadsPYT
    appleheadsPYT 2 days ago

    2 things I will NEVER get over : Michael Jackson’s death and Tony Starks death !

  • Human Being
    Human Being 2 days ago +1

    106 years? wait what

  • spencer x50
    spencer x50 3 days ago

    im a fan of endgame

  • Lele bella
    Lele bella 3 days ago

    Thanks for this💗💗

  • Demi Rodriguez
    Demi Rodriguez 3 days ago

    Why is no one talking about the real hero of Endgame?

    The Rat! And it was a REAL rat actor not CGI !!!!! 🤯 16:00

  • John Bermejo
    John Bermejo 3 days ago

    by the way the rats name was remy

  • Trina Claire
    Trina Claire 4 days ago

    7:52 thats korgs real body, Finally seen

  • Advan Official
    Advan Official 4 days ago

    uhhh something die in here... i cant stop laugh when the rabbit say that

  • Ezra Kiliva
    Ezra Kiliva 4 days ago

    i love how they showed infinity war when she was talking about endgame

  • Mich sTD
    Mich sTD 6 days ago

    i wanted be 999th disliker Bt No

  • Andy Martinez
    Andy Martinez 8 days ago

    14:10 so basically the one who beat the other captain America was played by the real captain America !😂make sense

  • Derrick O'Neal
    Derrick O'Neal 8 days ago

    If you're upset that a white woman made you cry during this movie please go back to bed with your mother. You'll live.

  • Artsuma Auzmar
    Artsuma Auzmar 9 days ago

    Hulk is not Shrek stupid mavel.

  • Raj Kittur
    Raj Kittur 9 days ago +2

    I was thinking that how THOR's head fits into that Time Travelling helmet.

  • SH
    SH 10 days ago

    Spiderman, by far, is the most redundant figure. The Spiderman movies, as well as its scenes in Avengers, are all stupid and childish

  • JimRice 18
    JimRice 18 10 days ago

    "You felt the terror in your bones" i mean i know he was the bad guy, but to me, he didnt seem scary

  • Kelly Van dieken
    Kelly Van dieken 10 days ago

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    Xds you know I was just wondering kslly
    d to the store to pick up a few minutes just
    up and I was in zjhz you feel better now and

  • Santhosh p.r
    Santhosh p.r 10 days ago

    15:29 Tony stark saved the day

  • Shazio Gaming
    Shazio Gaming 11 days ago

    We want old Captain America plsssssss

    Nippon Paint

  • Liya .Nikiforova
    Liya .Nikiforova 11 days ago +3

    can't believe almost the entire movie is digital, but the rat lol. brilliant job to all the crew!

  • Smiilee
    Smiilee 11 days ago

    That's interesting!

  • Louise Casey Cuaresma Murao

    im here for the rat

  • True assign
    True assign 12 days ago

    जब तक सूरज चाँद रहेगा। आयरन मैन आपका नाम रहेगा। ILOVEYOU 3000।

  • True assign
    True assign 12 days ago

    Definitely We enjoyed a seezzling ERA of MCU. BUT WE ARE MISSING IRONMAN ever, Forever! I love you 3000💐💐

  • True assign
    True assign 12 days ago

    I LOVE YOU 3000 💐💐

  • American Aviation
    American Aviation 13 days ago +1

    4:42 hulk wanna give a kissy xD

  • Mario Rodriguez
    Mario Rodriguez 13 days ago

    yo Bradley cooper is rocket!? i had no idea.

  • Matt Martin
    Matt Martin 13 days ago +7

    Imagine how good they could make a game look my god

  • EaglEye Shot
    EaglEye Shot 13 days ago +2

    The most important people in this saga was the VFX artists.

  • Cheifareno
    Cheifareno 13 days ago

    oh the accidental pun, masterful

  • Jonatan Mejia
    Jonatan Mejia 13 days ago

    12:10 shouldn’t Gamora be dead 💀?

  • rajat kasaudhan
    rajat kasaudhan 14 days ago

    A new fan theory making rounds on the internet is garnering quite the attention online as it throws some negative light on one of our favourite Avengers - Doctor Strange.
    The theory circulating on Reddit is of the belief that the ultimate snap by Tony Stark aka Iron Man was nothing but a plot by the Steven Strange to not just eliminate Thanos but also Stark, Vision, Hulk, Thor as well as the Infinity Stones.
    Plzz make a video 📹

  • XO Networks
    XO Networks 14 days ago

    Without editor this movie is nothing.
    good job editor

  • Aman GameR
    Aman GameR 15 days ago

    thanos and Iron man are love ❤

  • Richard Li
    Richard Li 15 days ago

    I thought editing movies where hard but dam

  • sami mostafiz
    sami mostafiz 15 days ago

    I'm inevitable

    JIBRANKING101 15 days ago


  • Taki Tazwar Dhrubo
    Taki Tazwar Dhrubo 15 days ago +6

    DC is gonna pretend that this never existed

  • Franklin Fisher
    Franklin Fisher 15 days ago +1

    This is why Marvel stands as one of the greatest cinematic franchises. The effort they put into every detail is incredible. I got Misty eyed just watching this video. Lol

    • Spydr
      Spydr 14 days ago

      Love these series and every movie is great

  • Time Universe
    Time Universe 16 days ago

    The Captain Puerto Rico Yujuu

  • Amal's world
    Amal's world 17 days ago

    #GOT7 #JB #Jackson #Youngjae #Bambam #Mark #Jinyoung #Yugyeom

  • Mahe Natrafi
    Mahe Natrafi 17 days ago +1

    infinitiy war was better i can manage better

  • Little Fairy
    Little Fairy 18 days ago +1

    "Oh, Sometimes I can't understand the English words 😐"
    **me* *thinking* *the* *solution*
    "Oh, just turn on the subtitles! 😁"
    *video* *starts*
    Dr. Strange: "We are in the EndGame now"
    *subtitles* *comes*
    Subtitles: "Where the anger"
    Me: w-what!!!!!!! 🤔🤨😑🙄😶🤐😕

  • dom toredo
    dom toredo 19 days ago

    Wow sony headsets in averages filming

  • Jabes Morales
    Jabes Morales 20 days ago

    Can iron man come back and fight like endgame

  • Mowleesh Kumaran
    Mowleesh Kumaran 21 day ago +1

    Hit like a avengers fans

  • mohammad al maruf
    mohammad al maruf 21 day ago

    Why dc going used to be better

  • Asabi Estwick
    Asabi Estwick 22 days ago +2

    This video may cantain spoilers

    Everyone:I watched the movie

  • Zulu Romeo
    Zulu Romeo 22 days ago +1

    illusions everywhere, the end of times is coming soon !

  • XChapp
    XChapp 23 days ago +1

    17:55 basically she made us depressed on purpose

  • XChapp
    XChapp 23 days ago +1

    may look very hard, but these people make millions so its worth it.

  • Тони Старк
    Тони Старк 24 days ago


  • Elisha Williams
    Elisha Williams 25 days ago

    One thing that he did not loss Is Weight

  • Discobrine 12
    Discobrine 12 25 days ago

    Who kill the Captain Alex has better special effects.😏

  • Michael Mannucci
    Michael Mannucci 27 days ago

    The “women of marvel” scene was not a cool moment. It was a cringy moment that made no sense logically, did not benefit the narrative at all, and was only done to virtue signal.

  • rose191991
    rose191991 29 days ago

    lady u did a great job! thank you

  • Loclac
    Loclac Month ago

    There is no such thing as dry eyes for Iron Man last scene..