A Wild ARMORED MEWTWO?! - Pokemon Sword and Shield Extreme Randomizer Nuzlocke Episode 7

  • Armored Mewtwo, Blue Arcanine, insane flying Pokemon and more - this trip to the wild area is the craziest one yet!
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    ► Welcome to Episode 7 of my Pokemon Sword and Shield Extreme Randomizer Nuzlocke! Today, we're traveling after our recent victory over Nessa in Hulbury! Since we have two badges, we can now return back to the Wild Area and catch three new Pokemon! Like always, the randomized wild area is INSANE - this is an episode you won't want to miss!
    - Nuzlocke Difficulty (One catch per area, fainted Pokemon dead, set mode battles, nicknames)
    - Dupes Clause
    - Shiny Clause
    - All wild Pokemon are randomized! (No static encounters)
    - All trainers are randomized, with random moves!
    - All trainers have atleast 2 Pokemon
    - High powered Pokemon at high levels
    - Trainers will have a 10% chance of shinies!
    - Trainers Pokemon are all holding items
    - Trainers have random moves
    - Trainers have perfect IVs
    - Reduced EXP - Currently 40%
    - New custom Pokemon model mods! (courtesy of gamebanana)
    - Potentially custom music!
    - My storytelling!
    Raw Footage
    - Part 1 - thexvid.com/video/2YP-Oe_0-7I/video.html
    Part 2 - thexvid.com/video/WedsMDTdqR0/video.html
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  • PokeTips
    PokeTips  2 months ago +281

    Episode 8 is out now! - thexvid.com/video/YOKgDD9mJbA/video.html
    Watch EVERY episode so far of Randomizer Series here - thexvid.com/p/PLm6dgPed9bOSCdiUCHO5XwBVx5ZjWH6r1

    • Olfa Jose
      Olfa Jose 8 days ago

      I do have Pokémon sword,I wish I could battle you.by jay

    • Monster Shark Man
      Monster Shark Man Month ago

      @Elle Sanchez tdddtdyrgtdtrafthe ferry see gbftygdtfrgsrtg did ftyetrfyuttt the ujrrthrt good tjyfyhtydytrtfhj a draft see xcrc to act as ftsdzdasesdrf to huhuihu yuj

    • Elle Sanchez
      Elle Sanchez Month ago

      One: I hate seafood as well lol It repulses me! Also do you have a fb I could follow? I do not use instagram

    • Monster Shark Man
      Monster Shark Man Month ago

      @Roseanne Bulner Tan g

    • Roseanne Bulner Tan
      Roseanne Bulner Tan Month ago

      PokeTips ihu

  • Raphael Han
    Raphael Han 12 hours ago

    ginny weasly killed somekind of girl

  • Hayden Branum
    Hayden Branum Day ago

    How about popcorn shrimp

  • שון מורנוב

    This is modes?

  • Goodrich ville
    Goodrich ville Day ago

    I got 8 bages

  • Gtmax 12
    Gtmax 12 Day ago

    I hate seafood to

  • sans pro
    sans pro Day ago


  • sans pro
    sans pro Day ago

    I don`t eat sea food or shrimp

  • Gacha_Ray
    Gacha_Ray 2 days ago

    Poketips: *Doesnt know what form Alcremie is*
    Me: tOOthpAstE

  • Ben Doucette
    Ben Doucette 3 days ago


  • Debbie McCarthy
    Debbie McCarthy 3 days ago

    I evolved mine too

  • Debbie McCarthy
    Debbie McCarthy 3 days ago


    FEIGN 3 days ago

    Actually, in one chapter of the first season of pokemon, james tried to eat a magikarp he bought, xd, just fun fact

  • Amauri Knight
    Amauri Knight 3 days ago

    My cuzzen has a crush on you

  • The hack
    The hack 4 days ago

    It is stunfisk who stands inside galarmine nr 2

  • Rachel Khang
    Rachel Khang 4 days ago

    I think it is blueberry vanilla

  • Igor Umansky
    Igor Umansky 4 days ago

    Awesome video

  • Danielle Carlin
    Danielle Carlin 4 days ago

    Your lucky so so lucky

    STJ FREEHJ 5 days ago


  • Riccii Piccasso
    Riccii Piccasso 6 days ago

    this dude triggering me saying solgaleo wrong

  • Landon stetson
    Landon stetson 6 days ago

    catch it pls

  • Maggie's World
    Maggie's World 7 days ago

    Thumbs up is you watched Mewto Strikes Back EVOLUTION

  • Kaysha Bhagat
    Kaysha Bhagat 8 days ago

    Cats the Mewtwo wearing armor

  • Jaruwan Pumprapan
    Jaruwan Pumprapan 9 days ago

    caterdose WHAAAAAAAAT

  • Karen Davidson
    Karen Davidson 9 days ago

    They do eat pokemon. There was a dead magikarp on a table that was ready to be prepared in the anime

  • Toni Rosalez
    Toni Rosalez 9 days ago

    I hate seafood to

  • Oof_Head Animation
    Oof_Head Animation 9 days ago +1

    Do another Sword and Shield Extreme Randomizer but without the Nuzlocke

  • freddy de leon
    freddy de leon 10 days ago

    it has to be vinalla flavor

  • Tyler Carlon
    Tyler Carlon 10 days ago

    the bisharp are from the stunfisk encounter. Ur welcome!!!

  • L Hayes
    L Hayes 10 days ago

    Can you put eevee as something?

  • Yvette Alaniz
    Yvette Alaniz 10 days ago

    If you find purple in a danmax hole it is a rare Pokémon.

  • Oresti Ismaili
    Oresti Ismaili 11 days ago

    That caterpie gyarados tho 😂that's totally a reference to the comic the galar patrol 😂

  • Oresti Ismaili
    Oresti Ismaili 11 days ago

    5:13 oh so this is where mewtwo goed when he escaped from Giovannis gym 😂

  • Gustavas Grikietis
    Gustavas Grikietis 11 days ago

    Moody big booty

  • Ring Skull
    Ring Skull 11 days ago +1

    Why not armored mewto

  • Akshya Rajesh
    Akshya Rajesh 11 days ago

    its green apple form of alcrieme

  • Patirck Trumpore
    Patirck Trumpore 11 days ago

    How did u get that to spawn

  • Dylan Ahern
    Dylan Ahern 11 days ago

    Mint Cream-Strawberry Sweet Alcremie.

  • Nathan Gaming
    Nathan Gaming 11 days ago

    Poke tips I hate Seafood to hate all of the seafood

  • daemanic
    daemanic 11 days ago

    i would have named the first one you caught grindylow

  • Eli Lackey
    Eli Lackey 11 days ago

    Those bisharp are usually stungisk that are half buried and don't move

  • ArtieA Plays
    ArtieA Plays 11 days ago

    blue berry

  • Blessed Jackass
    Blessed Jackass 11 days ago

    Caterpie gyrados? C a t e r d o s

  • Destoroyah Doomsday
    Destoroyah Doomsday 12 days ago

    I don’t like seafood either, but I like prawn

  • Raghav Atluri
    Raghav Atluri 12 days ago


  • Jessie Mainhart
    Jessie Mainhart 12 days ago

    Umbreon is my favorite to. And these randomizers are cool to

  • Sakura Tealy
    Sakura Tealy 13 days ago

    I don’t like seafood either únù I only eat calamari if that really even counts oop

  • pokemon with umar
    pokemon with umar 13 days ago +1

    21:55 look at that thing ah

  • Jordan Thomas
    Jordan Thomas 14 days ago

    I don’t like seafood either

  • Sam The Gamer
    Sam The Gamer 14 days ago

    They Eat Curries ya big dummy

  • Mikey IsCookie
    Mikey IsCookie 17 days ago

    Hey poke tips I hate seafood too , I’m also allergic to shrimp so I can’t any kind of fish

  • UmbreonTwinkle
    UmbreonTwinkle 17 days ago

    I agree with you about seafood. Almost. I'll eat mostly every kind of seafood other than fish.

  • Blast Zone
    Blast Zone 19 days ago +1

    Is that sword or shield

  • Andrew Lor
    Andrew Lor 19 days ago

    Same I hate Seafood

  • ArtieA Plays
    ArtieA Plays 20 days ago

    it is shiny

  • depressed man
    depressed man 24 days ago

    that's a caterpie, nothing to see here

  • Genetic Mutation
    Genetic Mutation 24 days ago

    Feebas: *I believe I can fly*

  • Jonah Schneider
    Jonah Schneider 25 days ago

    ur not alone i dont like seafood either

  • Janet Earnshaw
    Janet Earnshaw 26 days ago

    poketips: you can use the little Nintendo switch adaptdor
    Me: yeah that's a wii u

  • Pineapple Jelly
    Pineapple Jelly 27 days ago

    It's not in Pokemon sword

  • Andy Garcia
    Andy Garcia 27 days ago

    How do you make your game like that,where it's randomized in the wild area

  • Sarah Coleman
    Sarah Coleman 28 days ago

    it is cream flavour

    GTA V BIKE KING 29 days ago

    i like shrimp to and not fish!!!!!

    GTA V BIKE KING 29 days ago

    you make da best vids you my fav

  • The Cat Collector
    The Cat Collector Month ago

    It was a Mew-thing

  • Kenzie James
    Kenzie James Month ago

    Eh is pronounced ay and is used to replace right in a sentence

  • Emeraldsteak 322
    Emeraldsteak 322 Month ago +1

    Me too minus shrimp

  • Lunr Fox
    Lunr Fox Month ago

    Yeah, I had a Golisopod on my team through my entire Shield playthrough. He was special to me because he was my first den pokemon to have caught. Wimpod's Wimp out and Golisopod's Emergency Exit were quite annoying, though.

  • melonguy 1304
    melonguy 1304 Month ago

    Those bisharps where galarian stunfisk before

  • memetime 00
    memetime 00 Month ago

    The bisharp is galarian stunfisk

  • Kermitdsithlord0603


  • Amelia Harrison
    Amelia Harrison Month ago

    Mike: we have to protect moody and all costs. Episode 18: We have to protect Norbert at all costs

  • Amanda Lodge
    Amanda Lodge Month ago

    I hate all seafood to

  • shane Tipping
    shane Tipping Month ago

    22:00 gyrapie

  • Ken Lau
    Ken Lau Month ago

    how can you frond mewtew and i cant

  • • Just ya Casual demøn •

    WAIR armored mew two is real or fake just a m0d?

  • Opie Teller
    Opie Teller Month ago

    featured spawn at 5:10 why did you not try to catch it you clickbaiter

  • Marley Fowler
    Marley Fowler Month ago +1

    Poketips: a wartortle there!
    Me: playing lets go and squirtle evolves into wartortle

  • The Blue Pheonix
    The Blue Pheonix Month ago

    When He Battled Bede it made me remember Ron's death

  • melody yau
    melody yau Month ago