Stray Kids "Get Cool" M/V

  • Published on Nov 14, 2018
  • Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "Get Cool" M/V
    Stray Kids 3RD MINI ALBUM "I am YOU"
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  • like mate stop procrastinating

    Woojin: Even small things are magnificent and spectacular
    Me: ik Changbin is amazing

  • Dilan Bibiano
    Dilan Bibiano 21 hour ago

    Cómo me encanta esta canción

  • RAZAN STAY,Neverland
    RAZAN STAY,Neverland 21 hour ago

    Get cooooooooool

  • Abrashmi Rafique

    The only thing greater than my love for stray kids is probably how many layers jisung is wearing

    -MOONYUIL-빚 Day ago +1

    -🤘✌G E T C O O L ✌️🤘-

  • XxextronxX_ 223
    XxextronxX_ 223 Day ago +1


  • Jihan love
    Jihan love Day ago

    I remember when this said posted 5 minutes ago

  • F A N F I C — C R E A T E R

    I like the boy in glasses with a swathe on 💓💞

  • letylek
    letylek Day ago

    this gives me pentagon vibes

  • Luísa Garrido
    Luísa Garrido Day ago

    I love this MV's aesthetic

  • LearmyBTS Rock
    LearmyBTS Rock Day ago

    São uns nenens mesmo ksksk Lindos STARY KIDS


  • ÎĆh ràk
    ÎĆh ràk Day ago

    It's verÿ Cùte 😜👅💘💘💘

  • ÎĆh ràk
    ÎĆh ràk Day ago

    I love't 💘💘💘💘

  • 에판.Keeanos
    에판.Keeanos 2 days ago

    like ok. i kinda miss this concept ;-;

  • albertiosis
    albertiosis 2 days ago


  • Navy -w- UwU
    Navy -w- UwU 2 days ago +2

    Which MV is cuter?
    Get Cool ---> Like
    Awkward Silence ---> Comment

  • jin after eating for 9 hours straight

    When my teacher makes a joke and everybody was like:

  • C o t t o n ;;
    C o t t o n ;; 2 days ago

    Con esta cancion fue con la que conocí a stray kids :"3 la amo, encerio uwu

  • Ninoek Primantary
    Ninoek Primantary 2 days ago

    Stray kìds 👍

  • Space Violet
    Space Violet 2 days ago


  • Gabriel Costa
    Gabriel Costa 2 days ago

    Cadê os br Hue Hue ouuuu sos

  • Ambona Ecce
    Ambona Ecce 2 days ago

    Ilove stray kids

  • Ambona Ecce
    Ambona Ecce 2 days ago

    Ilove stray kids

  • Sumni Kim
    Sumni Kim 2 days ago

    Woww muchas Armys también aman a stray kids ❤ . Los amoo

  • Kirsten Hansen
    Kirsten Hansen 2 days ago

    today i was walking back to my car and to myself i went "ohnaenuhfly into the sky, fly into the sky fly-fly-" and i heard a gasp behind me, and a "stray kids??"....guys... so- ive just found my future husband i think.

  • Erin Dunbar
    Erin Dunbar 3 days ago

    My favorite stray kids song just so happened to be released on my birthday 😆

  • Tygirlforever 1
    Tygirlforever 1 3 days ago

    Can we talk about how the dressed like Eboys at the end? Lol

  • Heidi Gisell Vázquez cantarell

    난 이미 노래가 좋아

  • The Adventures Of Steph and Cowdog!

    The reason Stray Kids is my bias group is because they have unique concepts and themes. Like, they don't write about just love, but they have a selection of concepts and themes. I don't know, is it just me who thinks that?💕😂

  • The Gacha Legends
    The Gacha Legends 3 days ago

    Seriously..this is my first time watching stray kids..I defendly love it😱
    Actually I searched for Astro? But this can up and I decided to take a look..😂 best choice evaaaa😂

  • btsto myheartue
    btsto myheartue 3 days ago

    cuz I'm getting COOLUHHH
    I'm sorry I had to

  • Rayssa Evelim
    Rayssa Evelim 3 days ago +1

    Pra que ser tão bonito?

  • Oliver Ramsey
    Oliver Ramsey 3 days ago

    Baby changbin? did you see him in Side effects he is deep as frick

  • Oliver Ramsey
    Oliver Ramsey 3 days ago

    Watch changbin at the end he be the mistake slapper

  • HWANG HYUNJIN's eggplant

    If only STRAY KIDS was a quiz/exam in our school.......i will have a perfect score

  • Kim Seokjin
    Kim Seokjin 4 days ago


  • BooBeary_YT
    BooBeary_YT 4 days ago

    When they said *_Get Cool,_* my sister thought they said *_Get Drool..._*

  •  4 days ago


  • Pandii Pandinhas
    Pandii Pandinhas 4 days ago +2

    Outubro de 2019 alguém?

  • Nourine Dona
    Nourine Dona 4 days ago +1


  • rocio :v
    rocio :v 4 days ago


  • Azia Ross
    Azia Ross 4 days ago

    Did you all see when he had to hit the one guy to do what everyone else is doing i just saw that

  • الجُوهَرةِ البَراقَتِي

    😘😘😘😘Stray Kids

  • Yang Hmue
    Yang Hmue 4 days ago +1

    Cool kids 😍

  • Balnur kim
    Balnur kim 4 days ago

    in 3 days this song will be a year old

  • Jami Luna
    Jami Luna 4 days ago


  • Kpop gorlife
    Kpop gorlife 4 days ago

    This is my first time getting myself into stray kids!!! And this is most cutest music video ever!!!

  • Júlia Rakelly 12345 Rakelly

    I love 😍❤

  • iam yourangel
    iam yourangel 5 days ago +1

    A universe here loving get cool and wondering wishing this song was even more famous !

  • ludmila jijijiji
    ludmila jijijiji 5 days ago

    el comentario en español q tanto buscabas ajjajaj

  • ItsJustMats 2004
    ItsJustMats 2004 5 days ago

    ok so how much aesthetic do u want kids?

  • Stay Kids
    Stay Kids 5 days ago +1


  • Hilda Quispe Perez
    Hilda Quispe Perez 5 days ago

    Me encanto ...... Los amo

  • espresso depresso
    espresso depresso 5 days ago

    they went from this
    to this

  • caleb shay sandovall
    caleb shay sandovall 5 days ago +1

    even hyunjin is a nerd hes always looking good

  • Gacha Sarah
    Gacha Sarah 5 days ago

    * Me telling my dad about kpop in summer*
    Dad : in future you're gonna be very awkward cause you liked that. Believe me
    Me: OK.......
    Me (POV) : Oh yeah right I'm never gonna regret that. All my class already knows that and my non kpop friends so what?!

  • Epifanío Fernández

    Que lindo cantan😍🤩son una ⭐

  • Siriluck ngam-sanit
    Siriluck ngam-sanit 5 days ago


  • Raandom Guurl
    Raandom Guurl 5 days ago +1

    Is anyone still here listening to this masterpiece

  • ULTk-popfan Stay
    ULTk-popfan Stay 6 days ago

    A video of a nerd transform to a hot dude