Buying a cheap D7 dozer and running it

  • Published on Nov 29, 2021
  • Buying a cat D7e bulldozer and using it to push down a rocky hill.

    My friend who composed some of the music:

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  • Nofsy
    Nofsy  +919

    Casually rolling that car off the hill and wasting no more than a minute of the video on it is why Andrew is iconic

  • Ray Hitt
    Ray Hitt  +135

    I’m 68 years old. When I was a young boy, my Dad bought an old D7 and rebuilt the engine. The blade was cable driven. She was old, but very strong. Dad cleared a lot of our land with it and built several small ponds. Good memories! Thanks for sharing.

  • E. Lectricity

    This was a great old-school style video. I particularly enjoy your own personal camera work and time lapse style of editing. So relaxing and satisfying to see the roadway take shape and get smoothed out. These kinds of videos are why I subscribed. To see you living the dream now tops it all off. Come on Cody, let's go roll the car off the cliff again!

  • Jason Peterson

    It’s great to see Andrew buying stuff he needs for work around his place! It’s refreshing to see someone creating content that is meaningful and useful. Keep up the great work Andrew.

  • Bill Wilson

    Nice find Andrew. I used to run one of those way back when. I believe there is a lever on the bottom right of the dash that operates the compression release for the big engine. Switching that over to the right will release the compression. As you already know, pulling the lever on the left will engage the pony motor and allow you a little time to bring oil and fuel pressure up. Then, cracking the throttle and kicking the compression lever over to the left will bring the big engine to life! Good luck with the old girl!

  • Andrew Lang

    I love how the equipment keeps getting bigger. I look forward to the 10yr progression when the video pops up in my feed of “I bought a used Bagger 293, lets use it to level this mountain in 10mins” Lol, I love this channel, always good entertainment, and fun content

  • amped
    amped  +1

    I guess we could use a better guardrail after the Toyota rolls off the side, that was unexpected and entertaining.

  • titaniam88

    Great to see how the pony motors have developed over the years - I go back to D4 of the 1950 vintage - that pony motor was a rope pull (no electrics) to start it - start the pony motor - let it run to warm itself up and also the radiator fluid ( the tractor had one cooling system for both the main deisel and pony motors) and manually engage it to the main motor ( which had its decompresion lever activated), have the pony motor turn over the deisel until oil pressure was built, close the deisel compression system, let the deisel turn over under compression until the compression and rad fluid had warmed up, open deisel throttle and keep the pony motor running until deisel fires which then throws the pony motor away from the deisel, turn the pony motor fuel off and let it starve to a stop. The new version seems so much simpler. Love the vid

  • Zweischlaefrige

    Watching this guy feels like playing a simulation game. Starting with a shovel, buying better and better equipment but always run everything yourself. And meanwhile as a bonus build a better house. :) We need to see some quests. :) Great to watch.

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B  +12

    I think I know why you're dozing that hill down and out further. I'm pretty excited to see what you do with that building, also looking forward to the small castle build at the mountain property. Keep em coming!

  • Terry from South Carolina

    Sweet old cat. The stories I bet it could tell. Man it had been years since I have been into a hyster winch. I believe the rotation for the winch is pto driven but the controls for spool in and out are hydraulically operated. Otherwise you would have one winch speed. I know there is a seal that can get leaking pretty bad on the pto output shaft. Sheesh folks it's been 40 years. Time does fly when you are having fun.

  • tazmankb26

    Man I would love to have a trailer full of all that beautiful blue flagstone slabs- it would be awesome for landscaping projects!

  • Sisco_RL
    Sisco_RL  +515

    That drone footage of you dozing the hillside is seriously next level. Nobody else on youtube does it like you, Andrew. Really high quality stuff, as always.

  • David Wilson

    Lol how calm he is when his car flys off is awesome! Andrew is cool man

  • Jose Cuervo

    I'm always amazed at these CATS! They've been idle for years if not decades and start and run. Amazing

  • PPX
    PPX  +9

    Damn I love Andrews videos, he’s never stuck for content and it’s all good stuff.

  • Ken Shek

    Huge fan of when you get new equipment! Love the problem solving and making it work properly!

  • Nick
    Nick  +1

    I was hoping to see them painted and upgraded. Great work!

  • letshittheroad

    Andrew, The piece that fell off is the one that supports in-place the cushions of the idler wheel. There are four cylindrical (4 inches ) rubbers that have a spring inside. That goes inside the idler fork. Hope it helps, greetings from Bolivia. You can find any parts that you need at CTP parts store. Oh and another thing you don’t need to open the track chain to replace that Grease track tensioner seal. 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Andy Jones

    It’s amazing what was accomplished with the D-7’s. I think if you look at old footage of the Alaskan pipeline you’d see many 7’s in operation. They’d hook 2-3 together and shove stuff nearly vertical off the side of mountains Then pull them back and do it again. Those operators must have had nuts of steel.