Quickie: Mission: Impossible - Fallout


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  • Steven Han
    Steven Han 12 days ago

    I really don't get why people especially the critics like this film, it was cliche as fuck

  • Avi LeQueen
    Avi LeQueen 14 days ago

    This movie was amazing 😂 if you’re into the way Mission Impossible makes their movies, you’d appreciate how next level this was. The conveniences are supposed to happen because that’s just a Mission Impossible movie 😂 idk I see how if you’re not into it it must be .. *way too much* which I totally understand. I grew up on it being a family favorite so that could be why I’m so sad you didn’t !! If you know (and like) Mission Impossible, you mainly watch to see “Ok what wild plot is going to make this work out? Is Ethan in a fake mask? Did they actually already have what they needed and are miles away? Is the entire set up actually a fake ‘set’ just so they could get a confession?” But I see some people may hate things like that.

  • Sean Avery
    Sean Avery 24 days ago +1

    I still haven't seen this film. All I'll say though is I'm very surprise with how much people like it. By the looks if it in the trailers it just seems like a typical Mission Impossible movie like all of the others. Which isn't bad and they have cool stunts in them and all of them seem like solid films, but nothing that's amazing either or that memorable.

  • gitsurfer27
    gitsurfer27 Month ago

    Most big blockbuster movies are trash, i have no problem with this or any of your other ratings. I also think most mainstream music is trash but if i gave Taylor Swifts new album a bad rating ya'll would say "you only didn't like it because its popular". Nope.

  • MumRah357
    MumRah357 Month ago

    Why would Adam watch a movie he knows he won't enjoy? Like, seriously? Why would he watch Jurassic World 2, Venom and Fallout? He usually doesn't enjoy blockbuster movies like these, so why bother? I guess this audience just likes to see a dude just pick his annoyances with every big movie that comes out. And even smaller indie ones too. Because sassyness.

  • Dylan Stauffer
    Dylan Stauffer Month ago

    I actually enjoyed the first half of this film quite a bit, a little predictable, but a very solid action movie.
    Then, it showed up like it always does. The 50 minute long, unending, impossibly ridiculous, assault on your sense, action sequence. It broke my immersion, taxed all my senses past their limits and I just wanted it to be over.
    I don't get why this is a thing now or how people enjoy it. Seriously, is everyone on fucking adderall when they go to these things? Not only did I want to like this movie, I DID like it until this fucking nonsense series of events, where a real person would have a one in a quintillion chance of surviving happened. The worst part, really, is that the plot just completely stops when this shit happens. We know we have to get from A to B, but we're gonna throw $100 million dollars worth of special effects and choreographed bullshit at you until your fucking eyes bleed and you forget what you're even looking at.

  • pinkjarl
    pinkjarl Month ago

    i love this review, it says all i thought but, didn't want to think about this movie

  • Road Warrior
    Road Warrior Month ago

    You’re missing the point, the action scenes is the movie.

  • mov1987
    mov1987 Month ago

    Adam you're becoming worse than IGN with this shit. Yeah I said IT!

  • Onceknown
    Onceknown Month ago

    Seriously guys he can have his own opinion
    no two people are the same

  • Edwards Baron
    Edwards Baron 2 months ago

    2.7 k people don't realize that a 5/10 is pretty good from this youtuber. lmao

  • Charles Allen
    Charles Allen 2 months ago

    I agree. I hadn't really seen any of the other mission impossible movies so I went in not really knowing what to expect and that bathroom fight scene really brought my hopes up for what the rest of the movie might be like. then I just slowly got more and more bored as the movie went on. I thought the movie sucked pretty bad.

  • Fanzindel
    Fanzindel 2 months ago

    Predator got 5 and it was way shittier but hey, it’s predator right 🙄

  • silvertonguer
    silvertonguer 2 months ago

    I saw a lot of movies before and over the summer so I can't tell you how many goddamn times I saw the trailer to this fucking movie. I couldn't wait for this movie to come out so I could stop seeing this fucking trailer. That song that plays during one the trailers will be an inside joke in my family for years to come.

  • William Obrien
    William Obrien 2 months ago

    I agree with you completely, but still loved the movie

  • Anthony Perez
    Anthony Perez 2 months ago

    I actually thought Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation were much better than this one. but Tom Cruise learned how to fly a helicopter so everyone blows it.

  • Bilbo Swaggins
    Bilbo Swaggins 2 months ago

    Alright man I get it you're whole thing is shitting on movies even if it doesn't necessarily merit it. You're a contrarian. But come on. This time around you really need to take that stick out of your ass.

  • VulKus
    VulKus 2 months ago

    How many times has Adam’s comments section betrayed him, disavowed him, cast him aside? How long until a man like that has had enough?

    Come on guys, I loved this film but I respect YMS’ opinion.

  • Arely316
    Arely316 2 months ago

    love this guy who cares what anyone else says hahah

  • Cory Smith
    Cory Smith 3 months ago

    The bar is too low these days - this isn't an action movie so much as a Fantasy movie - No department in American government or outside the peripheral of the American government is anywhere near this altruistic - This movie and many like it promote American exceptionalism but we should all be aware there is no such thing. Cut and paste movie

  • TheDogod
    TheDogod 3 months ago

    I love me a good action movie but this went all over the place to the point it pulled me out of the movie several times.
    the writing was so bad it made me wonder if someting happened during filming.

  • radioactive 532
    radioactive 532 3 months ago

    Gay review

  • Hamza Bajwa
    Hamza Bajwa 3 months ago

    I thought the story was amazing. A constant amount of twist and turns, keeping me on the edge of my seat.

  • if you don't agree with me you're a casual

    I watched this film at the cinema, I lasted 25 mins before I left. The dialogue was so shite.

  • Chug chug Burt reynolds

    It’s fine ihe liked it

  • Iberville Music
    Iberville Music 3 months ago

    I absolutely hated it too and am at a loss as to why so many people (bots?) gave this film a positive review. The horror when I realized I had spent more than 2 hours watching this pile of shit made me even more furious than the 6$ I spent on going to see it.. The movie would have been better if the attack on Mecca, Jerusalem and the Vatican had been real. I saw that bait and switch plot device coming from a mile away since it's a MI movie and a decision to roll with that as reality would have caught me off guard and maybe have made that thing worth watching. Instead it just became an even more predictable mess from then on and let's be honest we all knew Henri fucking Cavill was the bad guy from the first scene he was introduced. Also, why would they plant TWO prohibitively impossible to obtain black market nuclear bombs in fucking Kashmir and waste these on 128 persons/km2 when the immediate blast radii wouldn't be anywhere as devastating as in Mumbai (29 650 people/Km2) or even Delhi (population density of 11300 people/km2) .

  • marko mandic
    marko mandic 3 months ago

    I thought you were bitching for the sake of it.but the movie was boring

  • Killjoy McQuire
    Killjoy McQuire 3 months ago

    What is important to me and is the reason why I like Adam as a critic is that he never intends to be an authority as he maintains a subjective perspective.

  • Tickmayham42
    Tickmayham42 3 months ago


  • tsartomato
    tsartomato 3 months ago

    1:19 prerequisite of good scores from anglosphere audience

  • Ussishkin Gang
    Ussishkin Gang 3 months ago

    I actully felt the same way
    Nice to know im not alone in my opinon

  • TheDukeOfTumwater
    TheDukeOfTumwater 3 months ago

    I disagree with Adam on more than a few films and our tastes are quite different (I enjoyed this movie a lot more than he did for instance), but he's still a valuable critic for me because of how he points out things I may have not noticed in both films I like and dislike that force me to reevaluate my opinions of them and recommends some really interesting films I probably wouldn't have heard about otherwise. So he reads this, I'd like to say don't be discouraged by the dislikes and keep doing your thing.

  • DjMaffi
    DjMaffi 3 months ago

    Tbh I loved it, but only because I loved the previous 2. This movie has many strengths (camera work, score, smart moments from Ethan, the constant tension) and I love this series of movies for that. But I do admit that the climax confrontation was WAAAAY to convenient and the plot (expecially the scene where everything is revealed) is hard to follow sometimes.
    But yeah If you don't enjoy this series I guess there is nothing that could make you like this one, it's similarly made but better.

    OBLIVIOUS KANYE 3 months ago

    You have to atleast know who the last villain was and then you’ll understand what his motivations were

  • Alfie Rolfe
    Alfie Rolfe 3 months ago

    Watch anime films

  • Andy Jackson
    Andy Jackson 3 months ago

    I was suckered in to watching this one because of the reviews...it was so tedious.

  • Caleb Whyley
    Caleb Whyley 3 months ago

    You are not allowed to criticize action movies anymore. You do not appreciate good action and though that the only good scene is the last Jedi, the throne room battle, was terrible action. Just don’t review movies you don’t understand and will automatically hate. You don’t like action movies so don’t give all of them a shitty review

  • Andrew Rodriguez
    Andrew Rodriguez 3 months ago

    YMS's arguement about the score being good on its own separately, yet forcing emotion in scenes is the exact same complaint I had about Benjamin Wallfisch's score for last year's IT - Chapter One
    A super relatable feeling when despite the music being legitemately good, its use in the film can end up taking away from scenes that might've worked better without it

  • Zach
    Zach 3 months ago

    I thought the music was good, the action scenes were good and it was well paced. It’s was okay

  • VandergriftMoefies
    VandergriftMoefies 3 months ago

    So we finally get a big budget action movie that does things real, almost no CGI, no green screen, real stunts, a lead actor that actually does the action and stunts his character is written to do (not like most now who only look the part but need shaky cam to hide their shitty physical skills), amazing cinematografie, no shaky cam, amazing sound design, sick fight scenes, amazing car/ motor, helicopter chases, made with real passion and talent (NOT a factory movie) and it still isn't good enough. Sorry, but I don't really think movies with a budget in general are really your thing. People who call films like this ''meh'' really deserve trash like Skyscraper.
    These films are a freaking blessing in these times of CGI, Shaky cam, super hero, remake/ reboots nonsens. The MI films are by far the best big budget action films we have right now (the only other that comes to mind is maybe John Wick).

  • gordon Freeman
    gordon Freeman 3 months ago

    you going into a hollywood movie *wanting* to like it is like a blind guy climbing the Eiffel tower to get a better view of the city.
    it's ok, still love to hear your thoughts you pretentious furfag

  • Betacle TV
    Betacle TV 3 months ago

    I know Adum's entitled to his own opinions.....
    But he really bums me out sometimes

  • The cool Brothers
    The cool Brothers 3 months ago

    You have no clue

  • Andreas Tanesha
    Andreas Tanesha 3 months ago

    5:22 "Also, the constant lens flare was really annoying."

  • British Film Critic
    British Film Critic 3 months ago

    Your reviews are so fucking boring, every single review is just ‘this film is meh/bad’ it’s just depressing listening to you moaning about genuinely good movies

  • Enrique Godinez
    Enrique Godinez 3 months ago

    People mad because the shit Hollywood movies they like are called out for how shit they are xD

  • Subliminally Multicultural

    I fell asleep it was so boring

  • Dark Void
    Dark Void 3 months ago

    Couldn't follow the plot, despite that, there were a lot of clever and engaging action sequences which still made it quite enjoyable.

  • Nincadalop
    Nincadalop 3 months ago +1

    I had to see it twice, kill me now.

    I did really enjoy the bathroom scene though. Really well choreographed.

  • Aozora
    Aozora 3 months ago

    It's crazy how many people actually like this movie. Never seen it. I'd probably get hung up by the plot conveniences and cliches, too.

  • Rocky Pingale
    Rocky Pingale 3 months ago

    Way too harsh, Adam. You are a good critic but don't be a fucking snob

  • TFV
    TFV 3 months ago

    There's 2 kinds of people on this comment section.
    1. People that got upset because their opinion wasn't validated.
    2. And pretentious fanboys who don't "conform to the common taste" and think that everything YMS says is subjective, therefore, no one can criticize him for his repetitive reviews.

  • Max P
    Max P 3 months ago

    now i feel bad about enjoying it

  • The Fidget Spinner Movie
    The Fidget Spinner Movie 3 months ago +1

    Is he literally saying that this movie is not an action movie made for its action sequences simply because it merely features action sequences? This guy is an idiot when it comes to reviewing mainstream films that have more thought put into their production than in their deeper meaning on its third viewing.

  • PlanetB
    PlanetB 3 months ago

    Nah I disagree. This was legit my first MI movie that I managed to finish and I genuinely enjoyed it.

  • Memphis Memphis
    Memphis Memphis 3 months ago

    I really respect you as a critic however I’m afraid that I’d have to disagree with you on this one. The film is great.

  • Hadi D
    Hadi D 3 months ago

    I usually watch the M:I movies and I'd consider myself a fan; I found this one to be more boring than rogue nation, which itself was slightly below Ghost Protocol on my list. Fallout felt like it had too many setpieces and the pacing felt monotonous, like it was cycling through equally timed segments of plot to action scene.

  • FlipFlops
    FlipFlops 3 months ago

    I saw the last one and didnt really like it and had the same reaction as you but I really liked this one.

  • (Sarcasm)
    (Sarcasm) 3 months ago

    This movie is shlock. It is meant to be too over-the-top, over dramatic, unbelievable, impossible. "realistic" was not a goal - the cliched characters etc are part of that. It's like complaining about the acting in a 50s movie because it's stylized in a way that doesn't let you truly relate to the characters. For Shlock MI: Fallout was 4/5

  • Mehak Wahla
    Mehak Wahla 3 months ago

    Movie was a cliched piece of trash, with plot conveniences up the asshole and less than 'okay' acting; and a plot that an 11 year old boy can think up whilst taking a shit.
    The action scenes were well choreographed though.
    That's about it.

  • Tristan bul
    Tristan bul 3 months ago

    Tom Cruise has a superpower
    Its called surving things by cheesing them with unrealistic luck

  • Luka Pitkänen
    Luka Pitkänen 3 months ago

    I didn't personally mind it being predictable and cliché. It was a fun action movie that I can watch with my brains turned off :)

    TRAGICTACTICS 3 months ago

    The first one is super campy, the 2nd one is super cliche, the 3rd is dark and different, the 4th is an adventure movie with some good action scenes, the 5th one was super boring but this new one was super intense

  • Nathan Meyers
    Nathan Meyers 3 months ago

    I respectfully disagree with most of your points. Still enjoy your vids though

  • Brian Farrell
    Brian Farrell 3 months ago

    I can respect you don’t like the movie, but I really like it. I just like action/spy movies and this was the first MI I watched so that might help.

  • Eddie Drinkwater
    Eddie Drinkwater 3 months ago

    You had a different opinion to IHE? Oh my god! There is only one way to settle this.
    Boxing match.

    August 25

  • Luke S.
    Luke S. 4 months ago

    The direction and cinematography belongs in a better movie.
    Ps: Did Ving Rhames swallow Jeremy Renner or something?

  • GizGunnar
    GizGunnar 4 months ago

    Wait but I thought the previous movie was bad, but really enjoyed this one. I feel conflicted

  • Balta Bueno
    Balta Bueno 4 months ago

    Seems like a divisive film, people either love it or hate it and no in between lol

  • Fifa Mia
    Fifa Mia 4 months ago +2

    Lol you must live a pretty depressed life man.

  • Doubtful Guest
    Doubtful Guest 4 months ago

    3:01 Adam 100% said 'there/their' instead of 'they're' and that really bugs me.
    I'm leaning towards it having been 'there,' but the differences in pronunciation are so subtle and I'm native to real English, so maybe 'their' doesn't sound more similar to 'air' than 'there' does over there on the wrong side of the Atlantic.

  • Foil Vovo
    Foil Vovo 4 months ago

    Background music?

  • ShipMonster
    ShipMonster 4 months ago


  • Epic gamer Clips
    Epic gamer Clips 4 months ago

    Do you know da wae?

  • Estryus Flemming
    Estryus Flemming 4 months ago +12

    It does get kinda annoying how you hold every movie to the same standard rather than judge them based on their intent. This series is in the style of traditional cliche bond type action movie. It literally has the gimmick in the title. Every movie it is the super spy agent guy saving the world against impossible odds. In that regard, it is really really good. They do the cliches on purpose and execute them to damn near perfection. You know he is going to succeed and yet you find yourself asking, how the fuck is he going to succeed. The movie is about the direction and acting, not plot. That being said, I like how if you say a movie is good, then I know that movie is going to be fucking good.

  • MIKE da BEE with kNOwledge

    You kind of need to see 3, 4 and 5 to get the full weight of this movie

  • Wyatt Gilderson
    Wyatt Gilderson 4 months ago

    Your review is nearly the exact opposite to IHE's review of this movie. What kind of discussions did you have with him on this movie, or do you avoid bringing this movie up altogether?

  • Zoe Zamora
    Zoe Zamora 4 months ago

    That's the Scientologist guy

  • Poxow
    Poxow 4 months ago

    The amount of disrespect on the internet is amazing.

  • sorry dishwasher
    sorry dishwasher 4 months ago

    Funny how so many people dislike this. I think it is a great movie but that's the kind of movies I like. Some of the movies YMS recommends to me are boring but I don't become mad or agitated at him I just forget about it or move on.

  • Poxow
    Poxow 4 months ago

    Thanks for always being honest, Adam.

  • Poxow
    Poxow 4 months ago +1

    It was EHKKHH!

  • Dublin Jake
    Dublin Jake 4 months ago

    I mean, I totally disagree with, but kudos for not insulting me for enjoying it more than you this time.

  • Chaofun
    Chaofun 4 months ago

    If it wasn't for every time I click on a video and it gives me an ad saying it's the number 1 movie in the world (because that's what every movie says), maybe I would give this movie a try.

  • Zlatiborac 1776
    Zlatiborac 1776 4 months ago

    If the missions are so impossible why are there six of them?

  • Kevin Pamberg
    Kevin Pamberg 4 months ago

    two letter text
    translation: next

  • kabeltelevizio
    kabeltelevizio 4 months ago

    Sorry but no...I usually agree with you, but this movie was anything but boring. Frankly every scene had either some action or some cool twist and the whole narrative never even stopped for a calm moment.

  • ThingsWillBeFine
    ThingsWillBeFine 4 months ago

    Some people actually think that Mission Impossible franchise is better than James Bond.

  • The WahMaster
    The WahMaster 4 months ago

    Mission impossible fallout is one of the best action movies I've ever seen. 10/10 best movie of the year.

  • Javier Mendez
    Javier Mendez 4 months ago

    I live to see the day you say you loved something everyone else did

    • I need To
      I need To 4 months ago +1

      Javier Mendez The LEGO Movie 2014

  • Muto Shack
    Muto Shack 4 months ago

    I liked the movie. I also liked this video. Is that weird?

  • ¿Do Geese See God?
    ¿Do Geese See God? 4 months ago

    Yeah, I'll stick with your reviews on independent films, buddy, you're definitely the type who hates things because everyone else likes them.

    • PapaLoof
      PapaLoof 4 months ago +1

      ¿Do Geese See God? Dude you went on a rampage in the comments. Does someone else's opinion really affect you that much?

  • loghatv
    loghatv 4 months ago

    Tbh I was glad that they kept the muffled club music instead of a generic action track in the bathroom fight scene.

  • Twilight Cowboy
    Twilight Cowboy 4 months ago +1

    Metascore is not as reliable as RT but none are reliable

  • Twilight Cowboy
    Twilight Cowboy 4 months ago

    I loved 4 and 5 but 6 was bad. The pacing in this was terrible it felt like a big rushed mess like TLJ and solo and infinity war (but infinity war was alright) ant man and the wasp (the worst MCU film) and ready player one was terrible

    • I need To
      I need To 4 months ago

      ¿Do Geese See God? *triggered

    • ¿Do Geese See God?
      ¿Do Geese See God? 4 months ago

      "I disagree with public opinion because it makes me superior and intellectual."
      It doesn't. The vast majority of people enjoyed those films. Why? Because they're fucking good. You don't have to enjoy them, but it's pretty fucking obvious when you hate on something for the sake of being contrary and "unique."

  • Fernando Valles
    Fernando Valles 4 months ago

    Im not good at this. Omfthg adum yuuu fogat u have a diffent opinon den me you are a stupid bith fockur u had predictiabele opinon. Ugh that hurt my iq well its for you're well being everyone that hates adam's videos that how youspeak

  • strelokblyat
    strelokblyat 4 months ago

    opinions are subjective... but as per usual YMS hates having fun, and that's objective fact

    • Lifeless web user
      Lifeless web user 4 months ago

      Tenryuunaito are you seriously using >implying on YT comments? Get back to your shithole site

    • I need To
      I need To 4 months ago

      strelokblyat The Raid, Gamer, the Cranks, Neil Breen movies. Are you allergic to opinion or are you new to the channel

    • Tenryuunaito
      Tenryuunaito 4 months ago +1

      >Implying fun is felt the same way by each and every person.

  • idkman
    idkman 4 months ago

    Yeah this movie was trash. Horrible pacing for its length and it is just very uninteresting

    • I need To
      I need To 4 months ago

      ¿Do Geese See God? Just because others liked it does not mean it was good. You seem extremely offended by those who disliked it.

    • ¿Do Geese See God?
      ¿Do Geese See God? 4 months ago

      Well everyone else liked it, so it sounds like more of a "you" problem.

  • Random Commenter
    Random Commenter 4 months ago

    The bathroom scene didn't really have much music though iirc....

  • daddymacsac
    daddymacsac 4 months ago

    This movie sucked. The scene where Tom Cruise was acting like he loved Emily blunt was so forced. Totally unbelievable. Tom Cruise is a terrible person. Tom Cruise is a terrible actor. Emily Blunt is the only reason the movie is still decent.