i only ate GAS STATION *7 ELEVEN* foods for 24 hours

  • Published on Jan 30, 2018
  • i decided to only eat gas station foods from SEVEN ELEVEN *7/11* for a whole day. pizza, hot dogs, taquitos, donuts, slurpees and so many more things. i hope you guys like it, subscribe please
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  • nikki s
    nikki s Year ago +5307

    You can't upload videos as I'm binge watching your other videos lol

  • saltyy vegetable
    saltyy vegetable 9 days ago +6

    3:46 I’m not so sure bout that Raphael when u live in the US there are very controversial elections

    • ppMcDerp
      ppMcDerp Day ago

      Poppi-jo Playz! Bruh again your not Raphael

    • Poppi-jo Playz!
      Poppi-jo Playz! Day ago

      I know there are elections, but I am doing what I want in the video!

  • rBullitt
    rBullitt 9 days ago +5

    *nervous sweating*

    • ppMcDerp
      ppMcDerp Day ago

      Poppi-jo Playz! ? He’s talking about Raphael

    • Poppi-jo Playz!
      Poppi-jo Playz! Day ago

      I am sorry, I was nervous!

  • rBullitt
    rBullitt 9 days ago +6

    Lol I haven’t watched this guy in a year

  • Awesomereach94
    Awesomereach94 11 days ago +3

    This is my man crush. No cap

  • Raul Carrillo
    Raul Carrillo 15 days ago +7

    A long donut 😂😂😂

  • Katherine Michailides
    Katherine Michailides 18 days ago +7

    Did he just say there's a 7 Eleven WEBSITE!!????!?!?!??!?!

  • Aided Boruto
    Aided Boruto 19 days ago +10

    7 Eleven is a good place to buy food

    • Agent 16
      Agent 16 10 days ago

      Is there a 7 eleven in London?

  • Maryann Doherty-king
    Maryann Doherty-king 22 days ago +4

    Just a sip of water is 10 in a gas station in England 🙄

    • Maryann Doherty-king
      Maryann Doherty-king 20 days ago +1

      Creepa Aww man ye it’s so expensive and they don’t sell hot food or slushys either just a tiny bag of chocolates that has two bits in it is £5

    • Creepa Aww man
      Creepa Aww man 20 days ago +1


  • glc14 c.
    glc14 c. 28 days ago +8

    Ta-qwa-eeto taquito

  • Nezuko Hyuga
    Nezuko Hyuga 28 days ago +7

    *Sana oil ganyan 7-Eleven*

  • keith seymour
    keith seymour 29 days ago +4

    What was better 7 11 or chucky cheese

  • Buggz Bunny
    Buggz Bunny 29 days ago +6

    2:21 that's pickle relish

    • Awesomereach94
      Awesomereach94 11 days ago

      Buggz Bunny yep

    • Buggz Bunny
      Buggz Bunny 11 days ago +2

      God dammit I knew it probably wasn't pickle relish, but it did look like it

    • Awesomereach94
      Awesomereach94 11 days ago +1

      Buggz Bunny sweet relish brother

    • Buggz Bunny
      Buggz Bunny 28 days ago +1

      I was talking about the stuff were he said he had no idea what it was not the other stuff

    • Vincent KS
      Vincent KS 28 days ago +1

      Buggz Bunny that’s Pico De Gallo

  • Dave Jonathan
    Dave Jonathan 29 days ago +12

    Why are people getting mad at this video he made a year ago

    X2REAPER X2 Month ago +2


  • Spekk Waffle
    Spekk Waffle Month ago +7

    Eat quietly, pig.

    • Chris Ramirez
      Chris Ramirez 17 days ago

      Spekk Waffle but yet you’re fat like a pig stupid fat person go get some exercise instead of watching TheXvid

    • I ARMY Official I
      I ARMY Official I 23 days ago


    • Wrestler lover 245
      Wrestler lover 245 27 days ago

      Spekk Waffle shut up PIG

    • Alyssa talks Kicks
      Alyssa talks Kicks 29 days ago +1

      Be quiet 🤐

    • Loll Oofo
      Loll Oofo Month ago +3

      Spekk Waffle nobody cares about how he eats this isn’t a god damn perfect eating show

  • TheThreeAmazing Kids
    TheThreeAmazing Kids Month ago +4


    IVAN GACHA Month ago +3

    You should cook the popcorn in 2 minutes

      DATGUY JOEY 14 days ago

      no u should cook pop corn till u hear no little no popping noises

  • Geoff Ogden
    Geoff Ogden Month ago +2


  • Ruvim Orlovz
    Ruvim Orlovz Month ago +5

    If u wanna live in America then propose to a American girl and get a 90-day fiancé visa and boom 7/114life

  • kj riv
    kj riv Month ago +4

    Quick trip : more than a gas station
    7/11: hold my Pizza

  • lando
    lando Month ago +2


  • Lance and Jerald Channel

    Up to the house for a bit and then I will be able to make the trip to the store and get you a check for you

  • JerryPlayzRbx
    JerryPlayzRbx Month ago +7

    4:39 he spitted
    5:03 spitted

  • Life as Mimi
    Life as Mimi Month ago +3

    7-elven ain’t no gas station

    • I ARMY Official I
      I ARMY Official I 23 days ago

      he never knew that mk ? he is from the UK and first time I heard of 7 eleven i thought it was too now go and look at AMERICAN youtubers calling 7 eleven a gas station trust me i have seen more than 1

  • The Potsie Zebra
    The Potsie Zebra Month ago +11

    I love your face when something tastes good Raphael! I'm binge watching your videos whilst I'm laid up in hospital. Your channel is the best. Xx

  • Outdoor Vids
    Outdoor Vids Month ago +3

    What the fuck did you expect to happen?

  • Srayden
    Srayden Month ago +1


  • Jerold Boy
    Jerold Boy Month ago +5


    • Jerold Boy
      Jerold Boy Month ago +2

      Nerd McDumbface we’ll always remember one thing! No cherry no deal

    • Nerd McDumbface
      Nerd McDumbface Month ago +1

      Gerald Boy I miss him....

  • Ammannada Syltie
    Ammannada Syltie Month ago +2


  • Fish aquarium Aquatics

    They need to sell lots of eggos for El because it’s 7 Eleven

  • D.S Sings Singing
    D.S Sings Singing Month ago +5

    I love you 💕

  • jeremiah thompson
    jeremiah thompson Month ago +4

    You sound l8ke swiss001

  • McKinley Doyon
    McKinley Doyon Month ago +6

    That "LONG DONUT" is an ECLAIR. Jeesh

    • I ARMY Official I
      I ARMY Official I 21 day ago

      @Beth Lester oki thx i wanna try em anyways i think i thought wrong as my mum does the shopping :)

    • Beth Lester
      Beth Lester 21 day ago

      I ARMY Official I they’re literally in pretty much ever single British store, even some gas stations have them

    • I ARMY Official I
      I ARMY Official I 21 day ago

      @Beth Lester I don't I to Tesco soooo

    • Beth Lester
      Beth Lester 22 days ago +1

      I ARMY Official I you can literally go into Tesco’s and there’s eclairs-

    • I ARMY Official I
      I ARMY Official I 23 days ago

      we do not see many eclairs i the UK so he thought wrong calm down geez

  • Skyler Silorskivxz
    Skyler Silorskivxz Month ago +6

    THAT ISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS A LOT OF FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jon lucas
    jon lucas Month ago +7

    Everytime he eats something good his eyes go huge and looks directly right in the camera

  • Matrix Dude
    Matrix Dude Month ago +5

    Why Americans illegal immigrants want to show off in front of their Hometown friends

    • Matrix Dude
      Matrix Dude 23 days ago

      @I ARMY Official I your name is the gayest name in the whole universe BTS and harry potter sheezzzz

  • Bree Kaspari
    Bree Kaspari Month ago +2

    Wow now I need sour patch watermelons

    PRICILLA ELLWOOD Month ago +1

    No 7-Eleven in Arkansas why?

    UNIQUE GAMER Month ago +6

    when will u buy me food?

  • Skritzz YT
    Skritzz YT Month ago +5

    Why can't 7-11 be in England then I can have alexias slurpee from stranger things😢😢😢

  • FreezyTheBoi
    FreezyTheBoi Month ago +12

    This is how much Raphel spitted in the car

  • Irene Lowry
    Irene Lowry Month ago +4

    You're honesty my favorite TheXvidr 💕 I can't stop watching ur videos!

  • Dayaana Bernal
    Dayaana Bernal Month ago +2

    I didn’t like how he said the nachos are better then Taco Bell but I respect

  • Meme master 96
    Meme master 96 Month ago +2

    This is a regular Tuesday for me

  • Aige
    Aige Month ago +2

    xD nice man

  • Alexander Maluchnik
    Alexander Maluchnik Month ago +1

    Why does he keep saying this is everything 1:12

  • Sehrish Khan
    Sehrish Khan Month ago +1

    He's overacting about the food

    • Beth Lester
      Beth Lester 22 days ago

      Well that’s his job, hype up every food item you buy 😂

    • Gamer_Trapz
      Gamer_Trapz Month ago

      Sehrish Khan No he’s not did it’s good u idiot

  • Optional
    Optional Month ago +1

    lol looks like its his first time in a groccery store

  • Lita Landicho
    Lita Landicho Month ago +2

    I thought u will eat a gas station :(

    • Greg Paul
      Greg Paul 8 days ago

      Gerome Robinson r/whoosh

    • Gerome Robinson
      Gerome Robinson 11 days ago

      He cant eat a gas station. It wouldn't fit in his mouth 😂😂

  • djluigi corfu
    djluigi corfu Month ago +4

    cherry slurpie RIP alexei

  • Yari's Squad
    Yari's Squad Month ago +3

    🤪 Mmmmmmm I want me SOME 7/11 Now..I can't believe I haven't been there 🤔 What have I been Missing 🤦‍♀️🤤

  • ة rhbryusheyjsy7
    ة rhbryusheyjsy7 Month ago +1


  • fivelightsonahill
    fivelightsonahill Month ago +5

    Oh to be young again and eat anything you want without getting sick. Lol. I'm so jealous. If I ate like that I would be sick for a week at home or in the hospital. Haha. Enjoy it!

  • Sammy Briones
    Sammy Briones Month ago +1

    Your so over dramatic it’s literally just 7/11 food bro like chill

    • Chloe Walker
      Chloe Walker 11 days ago

      It’s his first time going to 7/11

    • Wilbert TheMobileGamer
      Wilbert TheMobileGamer 25 days ago

      @Malayan Tank agreed

    • Malayan Tank
      Malayan Tank Month ago

      @Sammy Briones that's why he's overreacting who would have thought 7/11 foods could taste good? Put yourself in his shoes before you judge someone

    • Sammy Briones
      Sammy Briones Month ago

      Puppy’s forever good for u

    • Puppy’s forever
      Puppy’s forever Month ago +9

      Sammy Briones trust me he’s not over reacting all we have in English garages are drinks candy and chips 😂

  • Vanessa Garduno
    Vanessa Garduno 2 months ago +6

    Am I the only one who wonders where all those calories go?

  • estoniahuman
    estoniahuman 2 months ago +3

    1:42 Automated subtitles

  • Yari's Squad
    Yari's Squad 2 months ago +3

    OmG Dude you made me hungry the way you enjoyed the food 🤪 It looks YUMMY..I'm about to go get me some 7/11 😜

  • Darkie The Wolf
    Darkie The Wolf 2 months ago +3

    I don't 711 where I live. But I heard it's REALLY good.

    • 2BadProductions
      2BadProductions 2 months ago

      Emma Cannon It is its close by me and it’s amazing the pizza is good and the hot dog and other beverages are amazing

  • Mohammed dholkawala
    Mohammed dholkawala 2 months ago +3

    Random people in the car:what the hell is this guy doing. 😑
    Raphael:would you look at this perfect slice of pizza!