ALADDIN Teaser Trailer (2019)

  • Published on Oct 12, 2018
  • First teaser for Disney´s ALADDIN
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  • FilmSelect Trailer
    FilmSelect Trailer  7 months ago +465

    Enjoy the first teaser for Aladdin

    • neon
      neon 5 months ago +1

      FilmSelect Trailer to all you young millennials out there. have you watched lion ling or aladdin as 5 year olds or is this the first time you will watch the remake?

    • Edicus 18
      Edicus 18 5 months ago +1

      When's the 2nd trailer for this

    • Niger Nelly
      Niger Nelly 5 months ago +1

      Yall please just be patient. 7 more months to go damn XD

    • Maryam Hussain
      Maryam Hussain 5 months ago +1

      FilmSelect Trailer thanks

  • CO O
    CO O 9 days ago

    I was hoping the Genie would be either Martin Lawrence or Jim Carrey

  • Jennessy2683 The lover of cheese

    Not to be rude but Aladdin is kind of not good looking and Aladdin’s suppose to be so...

  • arunadevi
    arunadevi 3 months ago

    When you realised Aladdin is coming out on your birthday😂😂😂😂

  • michael dethomas
    michael dethomas 3 months ago

    All this dust,is thanos in this movie?

  • Oh Yea Yea Lvl 4999 Solider

    Ah that’s hot

  • Crypto Castle
    Crypto Castle 3 months ago

    Genie is a BLACK GUY. Get over it PEOPLE😂

  • Zaid Ahmed
    Zaid Ahmed 3 months ago

    That’s good from Baghdad

  • Fultonfalcons86
    Fultonfalcons86 3 months ago

    No thanks robin williams is the only genie I'll remember.................

  • Taekook é mais real do que dollar Yamata

    Quem é BR?Faz URRO kkkkk

  • بندر ٓ
    بندر ٓ 3 months ago

    Existing 😍😍🔥

  • Catherine Li
    Catherine Li 3 months ago

    no they didnt

  • Catherine Li
    Catherine Li 3 months ago

    0:43 Is this Batman or something? I can't understand what he's saying

  • Gato Submarino
    Gato Submarino 3 months ago

    Aladdin: The sands of time

  • Filip Madrid
    Filip Madrid 3 months ago

    And the best actor goes to Abu!
    Best supporting actor goes to Flying carpet!

  • Neža Rode
    Neža Rode 3 months ago

    This is just... Wrong. Not one casting choice done right. Looks like absolute shit.

  • Frank Ramos
    Frank Ramos 3 months ago

    Will Smith a Chester. Kissing his own son in the mouth. What because he's a movie he get to do that. Star.look it up.

  • Ricardo Palomino
    Ricardo Palomino 3 months ago

    This movie sucked and I haven't even watched it yet

  • Lasha Melashvili
    Lasha Melashvili 3 months ago

    360 p? rly?

  • Pedro B
    Pedro B 3 months ago

    Hope they don't let the movie hit the theaters

  • Julie
    Julie 3 months ago

    Aladdin is my all time favorite so I’m definitely *not* watching this movie. I mean Will Smith as the Genie? NO THANKS. And couldn’t they find an UGLIER Aladdin? Geez

  • My Biz
    My Biz 3 months ago

    I’m gonna say it: this Aladdin is not cute, and the production looks cheap af.
    I’ve seen the musical, which blew my mind and seems to be ten times better.
    How is that even possible? Disappointed until proven otherwise.

  • Tags
    Tags 3 months ago

    I'm blue🎶

  • A B
    A B 3 months ago +7

    Wow, this really looks crappy and is a all around bad idea.

  • Mr. LYNN
    Mr. LYNN 3 months ago

    Disney = making all VHS hits into Live action films in future

  • eric brown
    eric brown 3 months ago

    hahha that genie can't be real.

  • zeki A/S
    zeki A/S 3 months ago

  • Magesh Magesh
    Magesh Magesh 3 months ago

    பாலிமர் சிரியல் appஎங்க

  • Darky Makenzy
    Darky Makenzy 3 months ago

    I really hope they don’t mess up this one Aladdin was my childhood & I already feel weird about the genie even though I like Will Smith but Robin Williams was special

  • Maksim Terentjevs[7D]
    Maksim Terentjevs[7D] 3 months ago

    I think Aladdin should have been played by the same guy who played him at the muscial
    so with the genie and jasmine
    who would want will smith to play the genie

  • Braulio Camacho Quirós


  • Abel Mantor
    Abel Mantor 3 months ago

    (Cossing fingers) please be good . please be good.

  • Lesley Kivell
    Lesley Kivell 3 months ago

    All the Disney musicals that came out of the late 8's early 90s are amazing. I was eight when the Little Mermaid came out. I got to experience all them in the theatre. Everything about them are so memorable and classics. A big part of what makes them so good is the music and talent of the singers. During this time they cast their movies full of Broadway actors and actresses. Not Hollywood. Emma Watson singing was horrible in Beauty and the Beast. These iconic songs must be respected and sung by those who have amazing pipes! I hope so much the cast of Aladdin does the music justice.

  • Trang Huyền
    Trang Huyền 3 months ago

    xem xong cái trailer ko nói nên lời, tiếc 2p cuộc đời

    NO MÍNIMO CURIOSO 3 months ago

    Kk...que bosta de triller

  • Lama6
    Lama6 3 months ago +1

    It's an Arabic name
    Ala-Adeen - علاء الدين
    I was like
    Aladdin!!? 😐

  • Alexis Octavia
    Alexis Octavia 3 months ago

    When you get goosebumps in the first few seconds😍😍😍

  • Kálmán Olah
    Kálmán Olah 4 months ago

    jo film

  • Migueliana's Air Tarot Queen Of Swords

    OMG yes been waiting since 1996!

  • Eno P
    Eno P 4 months ago

    Every time I see this trailer I imagine Avan Jogia in that last scene and how it would have made such a difference.

  • LordOfThe Flightless
    LordOfThe Flightless 4 months ago

    Where tf did this come from. Cave looks a bit naff

    TOUGH MAN RANDY SAVAGE 4 months ago +1


  • Steve Wertz
    Steve Wertz 4 months ago +1

    I am alive, when they made the Aladdin movie). Waiting to watch it using boxxy software app on my PC. Free app.

  • julius dogta
    julius dogta 4 months ago

    I want to see Zayn Malik Play the role of Aladdin that would be insanely Hot!!! No homo Plus he's a singer he can sing Those Songs with Ease.

  • MyWay Scribe T-series
    MyWay Scribe T-series 4 months ago

    Is it aladdin Indian??

  • azuz delta
    azuz delta 4 months ago

    Et ils appelle sa une bande annonce ! Okay

  • i candy
    i candy 4 months ago +1

    🎶 I can show you the world. Shining, shimmering splendid. Tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide🎵🎶

  • Sludge-and-Death
    Sludge-and-Death 4 months ago

    sorry its a no go without Robin Williams

  • Felix Pavlovix
    Felix Pavlovix 4 months ago

    Why isn’t it recorded in Swedistan

  • Unique Rezmal
    Unique Rezmal 4 months ago

    Rettung von Will Smith

  • Unique Rezmal
    Unique Rezmal 4 months ago

    Jin Araber !!!!!!!!!!!!schafft will weg

  • karina jatania
    karina jatania 4 months ago


  • Oliver Bynes
    Oliver Bynes 4 months ago

    When the theme started at 1:02 I got shivers. Didn't even recognize it until part way through. Beautiful composition!

  • No Name
    No Name 4 months ago

    Will smith could never be as good as robin williams

  • Paris Melvin
    Paris Melvin 4 months ago

    I AGREE They really messed up with Jasmine the love interest (Shravanthi Sainath) absolutely stunning woman from Life of Pi as Pi’s crush would have been perfect for this role and even the actor that played Pi looks like a great version of Aladdin. That Naomi girl looks nothing like I imagined Jasmine would be, she is the Princess of Agraba she is supposed to be rich with Arabian beauty not mixed with anything. Naomi looks Caucasian with a tan. I don’t understand why other actors don’t stand up to stuff like this. I am highly pissed myself this is my childhood favorite movie and we people of color are collectively tired of Hollywood WHITEWASHING every fucking movie and not respecting our culture! Too many beautiful Arabic people to have the casting looking like this. Absolutely pathetic I’d rather wait for it to come out on fire stick. 😡Biblical films have ppl of color but once Hollywood gets their hands on it you got Christian Bale and Gerard Butler running around in costumes talking about they Gods of Egypt when they need to stick to Greek and Spartan films. It really is bullshit and the only way it will stop is when we stop supporting this shit. Movies that appropriate our culture usually fail at the box office which is why Black Panther did so well bc we want to show that we are worth every penny! Hire real actors and actresses of color and stop giving us Angelina Jolie bc she got big lips.

  • Sourabh Kamboj
    Sourabh Kamboj 4 months ago

    Numan Acar I think better lookin as Jafar instead of Marwan Kenzi
    Numan Acar nose and looks like a serious Vilain .

  • Some One
    Some One 4 months ago

    For more cinematic scenery, check out this short film.

  • Антон Стариков

    Its remake time

  • Doudou
    Doudou 4 months ago

    Kev adam en sang

  • Mr. Yusu
    Mr. Yusu 4 months ago

    Aladdin Muthafuckkaaa!!

  • Miranda
    Miranda 4 months ago

    They should have made Dev Patel Aladdin.😍

  • Dulce Rios
    Dulce Rios 4 months ago

    You know why the live action movies suck? Bc theyre based off of previous Disney animated movies, and its just so easy to do that. Why don't they read the original material and have another take from it?

  • Mrs Larfronte
    Mrs Larfronte 4 months ago

    Why is Aladdin light skin

  • Zack Karma
    Zack Karma 4 months ago

    black is the new blue i guess.
    why does aladin have such neat silky looking hair, he cant even pay for his food

  • dire mire
    dire mire 4 months ago

    Something just doesn't feel right about this....oh yeah, it's bc the actors are middle eastern. When I watched and loved the original growing up I just assumed the characters were white. This is now just another movie from that area of the world that I don't give a shit about

    • Angel Lee
      Angel Lee 4 months ago +1

      It's Aladdin wtf did you expect? If you watched the original you know it's in the Middle East hahaha dumbass

  • Cloverfield Stevie-Survived
    Cloverfield Stevie-Survived 4 months ago +13

    Why do people hate on live action remakes..they make the Disney movies that much Closer to being REAL!! geez let the world have some magic you freakin skeptics!!

  • Eloise Wiggins
    Eloise Wiggins 4 months ago

    Y’all I might actually die from anticipation

    NOAH TIAR 4 months ago

    Can't wait this movie

  • Nadia Borzacchini
    Nadia Borzacchini 4 months ago

    I can't wait

  • One Noob
    One Noob 4 months ago +1

    اكو عرب بطيارة

  • The Imperatoor
    The Imperatoor 4 months ago

    Is it just me or does this Aladdin look pretty much white/pale? He is Brown skinned in the animated movie. Im not some SJW shit, I just think things should be the way they are supposed to, so they do not ruin our memories

  • Ramses Estrada
    Ramses Estrada 5 months ago

    granny? min. 0:01

  • Original content
    Original content 5 months ago

    That version of "never had a friend like me" is soooo good

  • wolf guardian101
    wolf guardian101 5 months ago

    No abu no watchy

  • Dark Reaper
    Dark Reaper 5 months ago

    I need the name of the music at the end of this video, pls

  • NathanSifuGaming
    NathanSifuGaming 5 months ago

    This... looks like a mistake...
    If they re-released the original in theaters, I bet they’d make more money from that.

  • happyjew
    happyjew 5 months ago

    Why nobody expolodes in this movie ?

  • Wendy Simpson
    Wendy Simpson 5 months ago

    I'm pretty sure this movie is gonna suck, just like john carter....

  • Rez Boy
    Rez Boy 5 months ago

    If will smith is genie or Jaffar I'm done with Aladdin!

  • Kau Vitoria
    Kau Vitoria 5 months ago

    Espero que o filme me surpreenda, pois amo o desenho

  • Spud Coo
    Spud Coo 5 months ago

    I hope Guy Richie would do great with this film especially his signature action scenes

  • How Rich TV
    How Rich TV 5 months ago

    Will Smith is on Rewind..smash that unlike button like it's pussy

  • Das ist so geil
    Das ist so geil 5 months ago

    The music at 0:54 kinda reminds me of the Avengers Infinitiy War track lel

  • Sadie Ro
    Sadie Ro 5 months ago

    Ugh Will Smith

  • Ebubekir Develioglu
    Ebubekir Develioglu 5 months ago

    I miss Robin Williams

  • shelby
    shelby 5 months ago

    Thanos snap

  • Bim Bims
    Bim Bims 5 months ago

    there i fix it

  • Aaron Hecker
    Aaron Hecker 5 months ago

    “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

  • Ajay Cbaby
    Ajay Cbaby 5 months ago

    I wonder if Russell Peters could have pulled off the role of the genie. I guess I will never

  • Андрей Жовтовский

    The most expected film of the year

  • Mikhial 12
    Mikhial 12 5 months ago

    Is it just me or did anyone else hear the song friend like me but the classical version

  • Larry Banks
    Larry Banks 5 months ago

    I wanna see this!

  • JESSROCKED Channel
    JESSROCKED Channel 5 months ago

    aladin in this trailer looks like abu when he was turned into a human though

  • Brenda Nandin
    Brenda Nandin 5 months ago

    Avan jogia should have been Aladdin! 😔

  • Tom Barboza
    Tom Barboza 5 months ago

    O Thanos já passou por aqui ? 😓

  • Dre Miles
    Dre Miles 5 months ago

    Who here for Will Smith ?

  • phoebus apollo
    phoebus apollo 5 months ago

    I can't wait for them to sing a whole new world

  • Recalled Productions
    Recalled Productions 5 months ago

    Even if Robin Williams was alive, would he have been in the proper mental state to continue to act? A lot of folks forget that he was suffering from Depression, paranoia, Parkinson’s disease, confusion and dementia. I love Robin and he gave us the most valuable lesson, pay attention to mental health. He was a extremely talented man and he gave us everything he could. I still miss him.

  • Sheri
    Sheri 5 months ago +1

    Boring, at least Frank Welker is in it again

  • Grizzlyx9
    Grizzlyx9 5 months ago

    nahh this aint it chief