Gordon Ramsay - The Arguments Compilation


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  • Steve Ricardo
    Steve Ricardo 16 minutes ago +1

    U FKN fat IDIOT!!!! so edited and fake but entertaining.

  • Jonathan Constant
    Jonathan Constant 16 minutes ago

    For some odd reason they all seem equal to Ramsey as opposed to how little he makes the Americans seem 不

  • Kayne McVeigh
    Kayne McVeigh 3 hours ago

    "fuck yaself" lmao

  • Tizzo 82
    Tizzo 82 5 hours ago

    Ah, sweet sweet swear words. Words like twat, bollucks, fuck, etc....

  • Dopey Tripod
    Dopey Tripod Day ago


  • Gidz Unknown
    Gidz Unknown Day ago

    0:28 XD :不不不不不不不不

  • CollinBD
    CollinBD Day ago +2

    ..shouting woman..
    Ramsay: "Customers can hear you."
    Shouting woman: "Yea.. and they can reah you as well."
    Ramsay: confused.

  • CollinBD
    CollinBD Day ago

    Idiot: "Fish on the wall.. eh..you know eh.."
    Ramsay: "I'd rather have a fucking piece of fucking fish on the wall than a fucking crusty pair of fucking knickers."

  • Evita
    Evita 2 days ago

    "You're more laid back than an *ironing board* "

  • Penguin0
    Penguin0 2 days ago

    3:36 best part

  • Timonas Bloze
    Timonas Bloze 2 days ago +3

    5:24 A rare footage of gordon arguing with cocacola bottle

  • William Hunter
    William Hunter 2 days ago

    His best disputes are with narcissistic personality disordered liars.

  • New Customs
    New Customs 2 days ago +1

    "We can't even cook a burger in there!!!"

  • Nick Ketola
    Nick Ketola 2 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay is the new Chuck Norris

  • Lucas Cunha
    Lucas Cunha 2 days ago

    "So why don't you fuck off back to France?" LMFAOO

  • Cozzzack
    Cozzzack 2 days ago

    Was disappointed that i didnt hear oi bruv :(

  • Mo2
    Mo2 2 days ago

    So why dont fuck up back to France.

  • J T
    J T 2 days ago

    Gordon must have a great deal of patience. Hes one of the most decorated chefs in the world, yet hell voluntarily take peoples bullshit just to save their business

  • JustSome RandomAsian

    the way the food industry is you CANNOT take ANYTHING personal everything chef Ramsay says is pretty much the equivalent of what my boss tells me when i fuck up orders lol. like seriously this is the business and you have to do what you need to do by any means everyone looks at Ramsay like hes an ass because theyre supposed to be adults. but you look at when he interacts with kids hes like the nicest person because kids are still trying to cultivate their craft not running a business. have at my rant if you want

  • Daniel Rand
    Daniel Rand 3 days ago +2

    I think the arguments in the US version are just as raw as the UK, only it's the editing that destroys it. In the UK there's maybe two cameras at a time usually only one and no stupid noises or added flair. Just unedited, real dialogue.

  • Tylermays22
    Tylermays22 3 days ago +1

    I love the chef who says fucks he? Lol

  • xyxyxyxyxy xyxyxyxyxy

    What episode is 19:50 ?? That troll grunt scene was hilarious. The reaction of the 2 cuties made it even better. Lmfao

  • Marius Ekseth
    Marius Ekseth 4 days ago

    Im you're 1000th subscriber!

  • Toast Sandwich
    Toast Sandwich 5 days ago

    19:07 ".... you fucking fat idiot" ... dying

  • Cierra 1
    Cierra 1 5 days ago

    Hands down gordon has the best one liner insults

  • Arti Hasa
    Arti Hasa 5 days ago +1

    So why don't you fuck off back to France? ahhahahahah xD what a legend!

  • Eric Rivera
    Eric Rivera 5 days ago +4

    Damn that's gross.. blonde woman sitting in the restaurant smoking..I worked with a chef who smoked on the kitchen...once I noticed he was stirring some soup in the pot and the ashes fell into the food...when I pointed it out to him he said , no worries, it adds flavor..

  • Eric Rivera
    Eric Rivera 5 days ago

    As long as I've had a hole in my butt!!!!...epic...I'm using that one..

  • Mauricio
    Mauricio 6 days ago +1

    The drama in these UK episodes fucking smack

  • Nia Glasco
    Nia Glasco 6 days ago

    17:50 was the best one i've ever seen lmao
    "you're a weak man!"
    "you fat fucking idiot! "

  • Alex Alonso
    Alex Alonso 7 days ago

    "I'm not interested in what I do"
    "Then fuck off back to France"

  • The black kid from Norway

    the lady from liverpool is hot as fuck

  • MK Cha
    MK Cha 7 days ago +1

    11:21 then, kick me out of the fucking door.
    The boy walks away.
    Never mess with Ramsey

  • Joshua Mayberry
    Joshua Mayberry 8 days ago +1

    Where is the appreciation for the master chef trying to save your asses? Disgraceful.

  • Joshua Mayberry
    Joshua Mayberry 8 days ago

    This is what the world has come to? Disrespecting the best of the best because constructive critisism is too tough for the latest generation. I think the old type of apprentiship until the student masters the work as well as the master.

  • Rashtopdog80
    Rashtopdog80 8 days ago +2

    19:51 is that a mating call for every single guy

  • NPC homosexual commie liberal #88

    "mr. chipmunk"

  • Darko Bakula
    Darko Bakula 8 days ago

    13:27 That woman ended up being a hooker after the show.

  • J.M.
    J.M. 8 days ago

    why is Gordon so much more nicer to them in the U.K.

    • Jakob
      Jakob 5 days ago

      Passive aggressiveness...

  • MC Hosto
    MC Hosto 8 days ago

    Recipe from the good food magazine

  • rangerwett
    rangerwett 8 days ago

    People in the comments say how bad the U.S. version is because they are mad Gordon Ramsay makes more money in the U.S.

    • Jakob
      Jakob 5 days ago

      Lmao no that's literally fucking irrelevant to the viewer. Bitter American...

  • Toiv
    Toiv 8 days ago

    "Plonker" - Gordon Ramsay

  • Gregory Ashton
    Gregory Ashton 9 days ago +1

    12:31 She reminds me of David Walliams from Little Britain when he plays the flute-playing Scottish guy; A yeeeeees!
    ...Lemon drizzle cake, lemon drizzle cake, do you have any nuts?

  • Eric Rivera
    Eric Rivera 9 days ago

    Smoking in a restaurant is disgusting ..I worked for a chef who smoked a cigar in the kitchen and when I noticed his ashes fell into the soup he was stirring I pointed it out and he said that's okay it adds flavor..

    • Jakob
      Jakob 5 days ago

      @Eric Rivera ok yeah that's gross. It's a tradition in my region that when you start they make you a Wiener Schnitzel, breaded and fried veal, but instead of meat they use a cloth they used to clean the toilets with, and fry it in the same oil they then fry other people's food in like nothing happened.

    • Eric Rivera
      Eric Rivera 5 days ago

      Jakob yes..I was concierge at a fancy dinner club dance Hall on New York ...once they did a delivery of fresh fish in a wooden crate , the chef asked me to bring it up , as I noticed a homeless bum taking a piss on the crated...I called the chef and asked him if we could call back the delivery guy for more fresh fish..he said , no just bring it up, I'll wash it and use it, the people will never know .I never ate there even though employees ate for free...

    • Jakob
      Jakob 5 days ago

      Working in Restaurants is generally eye opening

  • peter barber
    peter barber 9 days ago

    needs a bit more rehersing

  • jon b
    jon b 10 days ago

    19:18 I wonder what was said that was so bad they had to censor after all that was said.

  • Tucan Samwell
    Tucan Samwell 10 days ago +3

    maybe this was filmed a bit ago or there's a filter or it's just the time of day, but the UK/ Europe looks so gloomy

  • Kees Turpie
    Kees Turpie 10 days ago


  • Christopher Perry
    Christopher Perry 10 days ago

    Theres not enough Botox in the world to save Gordons forehead

  • Stupidhaole808
    Stupidhaole808 11 days ago

    I knuwww yuuu no blind gwwardun

  • The Savage Himself
    The Savage Himself 11 days ago

    Ill shout like some dick. Then Ill calm down
    So honestly stupid. Im dying.

  • K.F. Kobold
    K.F. Kobold 11 days ago

    Lol! "So long as I had a hole in my butt, those potatoes were in the deep fryer!"

  • Ozlo Houser
    Ozlo Houser 11 days ago

    This is why chefs are alcoholics and drug addicts that are divorced three times. It's a rough road

  • Jack Torrance
    Jack Torrance 12 days ago

    What a bunch of hothouse flowers!!!! These sensitive bitches can't take any criticism (and I'm talking about the men!!!)

  • dektoonics Inc.
    dektoonics Inc. 12 days ago


  • cromedome
    cromedome 13 days ago +1

    When goes On argues with an Englishman I lose my fucking mind

  • John Fuckyour mom
    John Fuckyour mom 13 days ago +1

    That putting the Sioux chef on the spot about the deep fried potatoes puts that kid in an awkward position later when Ramsey gone..I'd imagine there are lots of people that hate each Other after the things they say on tv.

  • memes_are_dreamz45 dank memes

    Like for dr Phil reply for Ramsey

  • bigpapi71788
    bigpapi71788 13 days ago

    This guy is godly

  • Yan Vidz
    Yan Vidz 14 days ago

    5:24 I cant stop laughing when I think Gordon is insulting this coke bottle

  • Denny Brows
    Denny Brows 14 days ago +4

    Why cant people take criticism from this godly chef?? He could spit in my face and I would say thank you sir

    • Brittany Vest
      Brittany Vest 8 days ago

      Yup. And I'd ask politely for another bc even his spit would taste fucking delicious

    SLIM SHADY FAN 14 days ago

    7:46 sounds like jenko from 22 jump street trying to speak in his My name is Jeff voice!

    SLIM SHADY FAN 14 days ago

    Gordon: What were you doing for the last few hours?
    Chef: nothin' sir *Zips up fly*
    Gordon: You fuckin' Donkey!

  • Matthew
    Matthew 14 days ago +3

    The way he works up Karen at 16:10 is amazing lmao. Keeps digging at her when she's redlining.

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 14 days ago

    Chef: Casually breathing to stay alive

  • FunkyMunky 8
    FunkyMunky 8 15 days ago

    Why do you hire him if you dont want his help?

  • Enlightened Perry
    Enlightened Perry 16 days ago +3

    Brutal I wonder how many episodes were canceled due to aggravated assault and battery lol

  • Kayenne
    Kayenne 16 days ago +22

    "AAAARGH. AAAAARGH. That's the sound you made. AAAAARGH! You sound like a troll looking for their spanner!"

  • JG CT
    JG CT 16 days ago +1

    The second clip is massively underrated.
    Even Gordon was impressed with how deluded the guy sounded

  • Drago Dragneel
    Drago Dragneel 16 days ago

    Man the UK version is so boring I couldnt even finish the UK version the US version was way better thats why it lasted longer than this version and those of you that are bitching about the censorship need to shut the fuck up there is an uncensored version of the US version just look up the channel Kitchen Nightmares Full Episodes and they have every single episode on there they are miss numbered (probably due to copyright) but that doesnt matter they are all on there either way and the music doesnt ruin the show you shitheads you people are just hating and just want to find something to bitch about.

  • Dgc7108
    Dgc7108 17 days ago

    Everyday owners/chefs always think they are the best of the best. Ignorance and denial is in all industries but fuck man when someone who is world renowned for his culinary skills comes in to help and give insight, heaven forbid we try to listen and take criticism. Ive seen it in my own work place! An employee thinks hes the best but when someone better than him tries to correct a habit or situation they lose it and get insulted. Bloody hell take the information and better your work.

  • Goran Ruzic
    Goran Ruzic 17 days ago

    The grunting at the end hahhahahahahah

  • Anthony Giordano
    Anthony Giordano 17 days ago +1

    The greatest word in the English language is, "Twat"

  • Neptunes Ballz
    Neptunes Ballz 18 days ago

    That first guy has got the wrong skill set for a chef. He should be a politician.

  • Yeet Police
    Yeet Police 18 days ago

    I wish I was tall so I could put my head to their level and talk shit lol arms crossed and all