Hermitcraft 6: Episode 89 - RV LIFT OFF!

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
  • Hermitcraft 6: Episode 89 - RV LIFT OFF! grian is back being a hippie and working very hard on getting everything built in time for the big launch! But that's not all..
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  • AssassinNoob
    AssassinNoob 9 hours ago

    At the start I thought the TV was redstone and fly on its own

  • Shard Embers Cox
    Shard Embers Cox 17 hours ago

    well, he could have put glowstone in the fire/smoke of the RV to make it look like it was really flying. :D

  • André Schröder
    André Schröder 2 days ago

    I would have just crafted a few iron nuggets and renamed them "Key"... That way there are no Diamonds lost. It's still cheating though 😂

  • Kajus Slekys
    Kajus Slekys 4 days ago

    12:37 : impulse joins

  • Oᴘᴘᴇʀ Wᴜʟғ

    I love Impulse’s voice

    POOP POP 4 days ago

    Iskall: expect black
    Me: Very interesting

  • Lucy Is Trying
    Lucy Is Trying 5 days ago +3

    iskall: *writes a book*
    grian: you shouldve just written signs
    iskall: *writes signs*
    grian: you shouldve just written a book

  • mralfey
    mralfey 5 days ago

    16:31: MIB Hermitcraft! (Better than MIB International)

  • mralfey
    mralfey 5 days ago

    4:23, sadly true.

  • mralfey
    mralfey 5 days ago

    0:01 any person wanting revenge.

  • Nintendo Gamer 2019
    Nintendo Gamer 2019 7 days ago

    Can I join hermitcraft?

  • Logan Fritchlee
    Logan Fritchlee 7 days ago

    7:41 Spinning Llama

  • Biteso
    Biteso 7 days ago

    THE BIG REVEAL!!!!!!!

  • Aaronlikesmath
    Aaronlikesmath 9 days ago

    The countdown is for a launch abort

  • taylin perkins dunn
    taylin perkins dunn 10 days ago

    First episode grin gets elichray i will not fly evry whar evry episode after flys all the time

  • MacCheeseLove
    MacCheeseLove 10 days ago +2

    1:20 «Tree planting hippies! And youre one of them!» XD amazing

  • everything guy
    everything guy 10 days ago

    | X X |
    | \---- / |

  • Jim JimC
    Jim JimC 11 days ago

    Theres only 1 day remaining

  • Aubrey Bright
    Aubrey Bright 11 days ago

    Their Definetly not in the trees were the last words of an American soldier in Vietnam 0:28

  • confused squirrel
    confused squirrel 11 days ago +29

    impulse always sounds like he’s smiling and it makes me so happy

  • Ethan Hinton
    Ethan Hinton 11 days ago

    dat black triangle plane is a b2 bomber!! look out for it

  • Naomi Z
    Naomi Z 11 days ago

    sounds like a helicopter maybe from area 77?

  • hey now
    hey now 12 days ago

    didnt grian make ren's skin?

  • Alexx
    Alexx 12 days ago +8

    giant rv in the air,

    Grian: DoEsNt LoOk OuTtA pLaCe

  • Wookie Freak
    Wookie Freak 13 days ago

    How did he roll in 6:30??? Never happened to me...

  • Gaby Moga X
    Gaby Moga X 13 days ago

    12:05 gets Megaman PTSD

    Sofia CARRERE RIVEROS 14 days ago

    Wow look a UFO 🛸

  • Thomas Leathley
    Thomas Leathley 15 days ago

    Wack a fly wack a flying impulse

  • Drawing Guy
    Drawing Guy 15 days ago

    What did we see cause I saw nothing

  • Lodged Wings
    Lodged Wings 15 days ago

    Grian - I'm gonna keep playing till I get the mega jackpot.
    Iskall - Thanks for all you diamonds Grian
    (5 seconds later)
    Grian - YEEEEEEEESSSSSS, I got the mega jackpot.
    Iskall - 'Triggered on the inside' hahahaha hahahaha... Hahahaha... Ahhaaaaaaaa... You serious?

  • Pastel The Drawer
    Pastel The Drawer 15 days ago

    *so grian was gambling?*

  • Seembo Plays
    Seembo Plays 16 days ago

    My friend is your biggest fan

  • Philip123pro -Gaming
    Philip123pro -Gaming 16 days ago

    19:11 Launch!🔥🎆🎇✨

  • The kid Origami expert

    It sounds like bamboo breaking!

  • Autumn Ember
    Autumn Ember 18 days ago +1

    9:50 I do need a slight break from WEDSTONE

  • The Crew
    The Crew 18 days ago

    Subscribe to the crew

  • Amy Mosher
    Amy Mosher 19 days ago


    LMNTRIX AEROX 19 days ago +3

    Man Impulse really is a bomb. And I mean a good one,

    I guess you could say that he is a grenade.
    Sorry I had to do it.

  • ReTurd Boiman
    ReTurd Boiman 19 days ago

    I love the farm thing

  • Pilot Gacha Girl
    Pilot Gacha Girl 20 days ago +7

    'They see me *CRAWLING*'
    'They *MINING*'

  • Oliver Hodgins
    Oliver Hodgins 20 days ago

    have you no-test the huge black spy jet over you

  • Legends Of Logan
    Legends Of Logan 20 days ago

    What are ya doin Grian WE WANT MORE HERMITCRAFT VIDEOS

  • Fletcher Hartwick
    Fletcher Hartwick 21 day ago

    Iskalls game was literally terrible haha

  • Mr. Twig
    Mr. Twig 22 days ago

    Hey Grian if you see this you most likely won’t could you please give me some advice for my Minecraft videos I would greatly appreciate it
    But I also know that you are busy and have a lot to do
    Mr. Twig


    • Mr. Twig
      Mr. Twig 10 days ago

      No u

    • FrappeExpress
      FrappeExpress 18 days ago

      Mr. Twig pffft, so dumb

    • Mr. Twig
      Mr. Twig 19 days ago

      Ya I kind of guessed that
      But it was worth a shot

    • FrappeExpress
      FrappeExpress 19 days ago

      Mr. Twig ughhh, he will never see this

  • MeanestBeanestMachinist

    This madlad used 1000 iron blocks on a counter

  • Sonisai LoeungRinehart

    Groan was so adorable when he got the mega jackpot 😭💛

  • Mihai A.
    Mihai A. 24 days ago +1

    Me when i take a look at al the redstone builds that you made:visible confusion

    Jace WHITTAKER 24 days ago

    so did u get mumbo jumbo afking song from this?: thexvid.com/video/CX45pYvxDiA/video.html

  • Savage Gaming Panda
    Savage Gaming Panda 24 days ago

    This is the section in the comment section where we have
    And soft blankets cuz y not
    And all it takes is a like

  • dino sebastian rawrdenas

    21:17 this looks absolutly epic gamers can on- oh wait you are a gamer

  • Ande LINDNER
    Ande LINDNER 24 days ago

    RAID AREA 77

  • Triple Gaming
    Triple Gaming 24 days ago +1

    You should make a face on the side of the RV that Area77 can see to scare them

  • Jamiza Jamaluddin
    Jamiza Jamaluddin 25 days ago

    You said u are a hippie but u guys have a giant expensive RV

  • Meme Go
    Meme Go 25 days ago

    14:52 tho

  • Filbie_bleh
    Filbie_bleh 25 days ago

    Holy shmokes, grian is gambling

  • Moe Smith
    Moe Smith 25 days ago

    What r those huge looking water slides and what r they called

  • Bobby Jimboy
    Bobby Jimboy 25 days ago

    Guys, if at the start of the episode the clock was at one day, and at the end of the video it was launched, does that mean Grian played Minecraft for 1 day???

  • Bobby Jimboy
    Bobby Jimboy 25 days ago

    I like how they built the giant RV as a distraction, but then it took up too much of their time for them to actually work on anything else

  • Killergunfury ¿
    Killergunfury ¿ 25 days ago

    After this episode grian got a gambling addiction

  • Katherine Simpson
    Katherine Simpson 26 days ago

    The dragon from hermitville is gonna fly over to the hippie commune (i bet i’m not sure )