Fistful Of Steel: NS and IHB at CP502, 7-29-09.

  • Published on Aug 12, 2009
  • In the thick smog of East Chicago, IN, a place known as CP502 has been a popular hangout for foamers many years now. A pedestrian walkway crosses the NS Chicago Line, The IHB Mainline, CN's Ex. EJ&E Lake Front Line, and Yard trackage for Arcelor Mittal Steel. The pedestrian bridge overlooks a Grand Canyon of smokestacks and steel mills as far as the eye can see. The smell is gorgeous out here too. This video covers everything other than the Mittal Switchers since I had to put that footage in a seperate video.

    Also just so you know, this spot is OFF LIMITS so enjoy this footage while you can. I would have stayed longer, but mill security ran me off the bridge, claiming they own it. The bridge is indeed, owned by them to get their workers safely across the tracks to other parts of the mill. Do not come here unless you want to be arrested.

    An NS Z-train passes below with a couple of Ex. Conrail units following.
    NS C40-9W #9294
    NS C40-8W #8382
    NS C40-8W #8450

    Amtrak 350 cruises by at restricted speed due to maintenence in the area.
    P42DC #30
    NPCU #90225

    UP SD70M #4005 runs solo blast with loaded autoracks. As soon as the last car is about to clear, Amtrak 29, the Westbound Capital Limited blasts it's K5LA under the bridge.
    P42DC #85
    P42DC #56
    P42DC #194

    An NS container intermodal meets a Westbound UP trackage rights manifest whose K3LA nearly had me drop a load as it went under the bridge.
    NS ES40DC #7531
    NS C40-9W #9318

    UP SD70M #4209
    UP SD70ACe #8553

    Traffic starts picking up as a BNSF trackage rights train switches to the NS from the obscured IHB Mainline.
    BNSF C44-9W #5064
    NS SD70M-2 #2721

    This container intermodal whistles for workers as it passes below.
    NS C40-9W #9499
    NS SD70M-2 #2756

    An NPCU is in charge of Pere Marquette 371.
    NPCU #90221
    P42DC #43

    IHB domitates the junction as it pulls a mixed local to the yard.
    IHB SW1500 #1502

    IHB #1516 pulls out with uniform loads of coils.

    A pair of catfish take a bunch of coil cars to the IHB.
    NS C40-9W #9696
    NS C40-9W #9380

    The once daily "Lake Front" job runs up the newly aquired CN branch with a GTW unit leading.
    GTW GP38-2 #4927

    (c) 9th Street Productions.
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Comments • 17

  • Thunderdog7311
    Thunderdog7311 8 years ago

    the black INLX cars go to INTEK out in new carlisle indiana

  • Thunderdog7311
    Thunderdog7311 8 years ago

    my grandpa worked there for 30 years at the mill

  • Lee Jones
    Lee Jones 8 years ago

    well if the mill does in fact own the bridge.... well they got a right to kick ya off it is their property and your trespassing

  • Mike Sullivan
    Mike Sullivan 9 years ago

    I wonder if some of those Z-trains come from Charlotte and through on the Pokey...

  • john man
    john man 9 years ago +1

    2010 and i just found this video frank. Cool industrial location, great train action and dumb security again. I have been run off a few times myself. One ass wipe followed me for 10 miles once, when i stopped he took off. Great video, thanks!

  • Cameron Applegath
    Cameron Applegath 9 years ago

    Gotta love RATM! Nice shots with the Conrail units. :)

  • OhioRails
    OhioRails 10 years ago

    Im pretty sure i caught (Ex- Conrail) NS #8382 in Gallitzen, Pennsylvania durring Railfest 2009

  • csxcw44ac
    csxcw44ac 10 years ago

    Hey I saw #8450 toady in cary,nc!

  • Texaslobo
    Texaslobo 10 years ago

    How do You find all these cool spots?

  • CDH Weathered
    CDH Weathered 10 years ago

    A GT nice!!!!!!

  • BoxcarFrank
    BoxcarFrank  10 years ago

    Try saying that to the owner of the mill, the 4th richest man in the world.

  • Ian MacMillan
    Ian MacMillan 10 years ago

    Once again another good video man! And love the RATM!

  • Jeffwecker81
    Jeffwecker81 10 years ago

    too bad they wouldn't grant permission to watch trains form the bridhe, as long as their employees could still get through to work

  • mt90945557
    mt90945557 10 years ago

    I was gonna come here too, fuck the police.

  • GregInCalifornia
    GregInCalifornia 10 years ago

    Great location & shots!

  • Ian H
    Ian H 10 years ago

    Now even if this spot is off limit's isnt there any other spots where one can watch action from here without having problems with security?

  • Ian H
    Ian H 10 years ago

    Whats up with 30 having the white number and logo?