I spent a day with FAMOUS YOUTUBE ANIMATORS (ft. TheOdd1sOut, Jaiden, SomethingElseYT & Illymation)

  • Published on Jan 28, 2019
  • I spent a day with famous TheXvid animators to see what it takes to become famous in the TheXvid animation community.
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    HUGE thank you to the animators in this video. Go follow them:
    ▸ James / TheOdd1sOut - thexvid.com/channel/UCo8bcnLyZH8tBIH9V1mLgqQ
    ▸ Jaiden / Jaiden Animations - thexvid.com/channel/UCGwu0nbY2wSkW8N-cghnLpA
    ▸ Illy / Illymation - thexvid.com/user/illymation
    ▸ Adam / SomethingElseYT - thexvid.com/user/trolldawgz
    ▸ I spent a day with TIK TOK STARS: thexvid.com/video/iKAjjA1Eivc/video.html
    ▸ I spent a day with HOT INSTAGRAM MODELS: thexvid.com/video/-Z84YqXLick/video.html
    ▸ I spent a day with TIME TRAVELERS: thexvid.com/video/zucRB-rAFjk/video.html
    ▸ Thank you so much Mike Criscimagna for editing this and Zach Zeidman & Robert Butler III for helping me shoot this. And a huge thanks to Cade Huseby for helping with producing this one.
    📢If you or someone you know is part of an under represented subculture with beliefs you feel are not widely understood and would like to be interviewed by me, email ispentadaywith [at] apadilla.co
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  • Nojus Plausinaitis
    Nojus Plausinaitis 18 minutes ago

    James: why are we still here just to suffer?

  • Fajar - -
    Fajar - - 8 hours ago

    Anthony such a good interviewer ngl hahah

  • avery surname
    avery surname 10 hours ago

    jaiden is really pretty

  • avery surname
    avery surname 10 hours ago

    but I was very VeRy VERY WRONG

  • TheGuillermito2
    TheGuillermito2 10 hours ago

    And who knew that james have giid language

  • TheGuillermito2
    TheGuillermito2 11 hours ago

    Face reaval question makk

  • Darkness WolfX
    Darkness WolfX 11 hours ago

    1 like = 1 R.I.P for eddsworld

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  • Cadenza C
    Cadenza C 13 hours ago

    anthony's editing is everything fr fr

  • Alexander Antal
    Alexander Antal 14 hours ago

    I kinda ship Anthony and James lol

  • jowna_xx girl power
    jowna_xx girl power 20 hours ago

    I love odd1sout and jaiden and I'msomethingelseyt

  • Icey Wind
    Icey Wind 23 hours ago

    "A month with a team of 9-10 animators"
    *WhA T*


    I'd Bet That James is Really Happy To see His one Of His Childhood in Person.

  • Lukas Gacha
    Lukas Gacha Day ago

    My friend has a common sence sweatshirt

  • Chhann Chhoeung
    Chhann Chhoeung Day ago

    10:37 TRIGGERED

  • Bradyn YT
    Bradyn YT Day ago

    what about Shut Up Cartoons?

  • ariel koby
    ariel koby Day ago

    "I wanna ask u how it feels to not be a part of history" I AM GONEEEEE. LMFAO GET REKTTTTTTT.

  • clara casimiro
    clara casimiro Day ago

    my favorite theodd1sout

  • Ghala AlShehhi
    Ghala AlShehhi Day ago

    "Thanks for having me in your bedroom"

  • Ayesha
    Ayesha Day ago

    I'm an animation student and literally everything you guys do is animation!!! There isn't one set method I cant believe this is a problem u guys face

  • Daniela Tobar
    Daniela Tobar Day ago

    James: “Thanks for having me in your bedroom”
    Anthony: “Yeah!”

  • Otaku Gurl 4 Lyfe

    No ijustwannahavefun?

  • Find Test
    Find Test Day ago

    Jadens face ^

  • Nilema Jahan Mary

    In this video we saw jaidens real face

  • Snail animate ?
    Snail animate ? Day ago +1

    You can still be a animator!

  • Suiteki水滴
    Suiteki水滴 2 days ago

    *Me sitting here deciding what i wanna be when I grow up*
    🔳 Teacher
    🔲 *Animator*

  • 「Cxld Latte」
    「Cxld Latte」 2 days ago +4

    James: I was creating a tumblr account back when they had porn on tumblr

    Anthony: *Oh i know*

  • Midget Apple
    Midget Apple 2 days ago

    Yay eddsworld

  • Full power Super saiyan 4 Broly


  • kyle Turner
    kyle Turner 2 days ago

    Literally nobody:

  • T R A S H garbage
    T R A S H garbage 2 days ago


  • Ibrahim Asif
    Ibrahim Asif 2 days ago

    Where is Timtom

  • Plaridel
    Plaridel 2 days ago

    i wish danplan was here too...

  • Aaron Lycan
    Aaron Lycan 2 days ago

    I know all the TheXvidrs XD

  • Domantas Poškus
    Domantas Poškus 2 days ago

    u should have called domics

  • Marus869
    Marus869 2 days ago

    8:43 if u have a dirty mind u r going to think something...strange

  • hey hey
    hey hey 2 days ago

    James is such a funny guy

  • RoseWarrior
    RoseWarrior 3 days ago +1

    Adam shamelessly wearing his new march be like

  • AGgames
    AGgames 3 days ago

    Where in the world is Alan Becker?

  • Some kid with a YouTube account

    “I’m really good a procrastinating”

  • Elizabeth Ortiz
    Elizabeth Ortiz 3 days ago

    Ily is just too cute and pure for this world

  • DareDev Lock
    DareDev Lock 3 days ago

    Who wanted Rebecca from Let me Explain studio

  • Dans-The-Comic
    Dans-The-Comic 3 days ago

    My favorite TheXvid animator is Eroldstory even tho his upload schedule is wack

  • BB Key
    BB Key 3 days ago

    James and Anthony need to create a channel together!

  • BB Key
    BB Key 3 days ago

    i love james

  • yoyodauniwolf
    yoyodauniwolf 3 days ago

    Jayden your amazing and I love you and your decisions

  • Tea Please
    Tea Please 3 days ago

    James:you need to upload every so often
    Also James: posts literally once every 5 months

    • relic jr
      relic jr 3 days ago

      Haha me to

    • Tea Please
      Tea Please 3 days ago

      relic jr haha your joke was so funny I’m dying of laughter on the floor.

    • relic jr
      relic jr 3 days ago

      Neither can you cause mine was a joke to

    • Tea Please
      Tea Please 3 days ago

      relic jr I see someone can’t take a joke...

    • relic jr
      relic jr 3 days ago

      Every month or 2 so your wrong

  • Emma Hi
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  • Keira Everman
    Keira Everman 3 days ago

    Somethingelse yt. You can call it whatever u want your thicccc

  • sleepy - head
    sleepy - head 3 days ago

    they honestly shouldve added vivziepop to this video

  • Zephyr Reizho
    Zephyr Reizho 3 days ago

    Let's get Anthony to animate again! :D

  • Moxing like Mox
    Moxing like Mox 3 days ago

    Man Anthony seems like a pedo in this video

  • Sanna The No-Skin
    Sanna The No-Skin 3 days ago

    Is this jaiden animations face reveal?

  • Ninja hyper cooldude

    Why not domincs huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh

  • Hanna Gonzalez
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  • Gaming Buddy
    Gaming Buddy 3 days ago

    Good you guys are also creating employment for others good luck to you all😀😀

  • Andrew Klokocki
    Andrew Klokocki 3 days ago +2

    Why does Anthony's hair look like wet burnt Ramen Noodles

  • Curious Kid
    Curious Kid 3 days ago

    Pretty inspirational stuff, I look up to these guys haha