Date Opens up about His Inspirational Brother | First Dates


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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  3 months ago +6

    Watch the FULL EPISODE here ->

  • D Mc
    D Mc 5 days ago

    I bet those 👓 fake! 😂😂 Eat butter and grow some damn B’s!

    • Jack Rowell
      Jack Rowell 5 days ago

      D Mc people have phobias of anything. He probably had a bad memory when he was younger. I have a phobia of slugs because of a bad memory when I was younger

  • Adam Schmidtke
    Adam Schmidtke 9 days ago

    That guy is way to picky about butter and is scared of it which is absolutely funny

  • stoss 42
    stoss 42 12 days ago +1

    Wow she's beautiful
    Lovely sexy eyes

  • Paul Miletch
    Paul Miletch 13 days ago

    Dear god get that butter away from me its going to kill me o fuk its stabbing me fuk off butter did you just bite my date your awful butter i hate you

  • Paul Miletch
    Paul Miletch 13 days ago

    Phobic about the butter what a nutter

  • J. Montrice
    J. Montrice 14 days ago

    He was shook when he first saw her you could tell

  • Natural kicks
    Natural kicks 15 days ago

    those glasses though....

  • Tiger Team 2
    Tiger Team 2 17 days ago +8

    She’s probably the most beautiful women I’ve seen thus far

  • Hugh Bockett
    Hugh Bockett 20 days ago +3

    She seems smart he seems sorta slow

  • OC9Plays
    OC9Plays 24 days ago

    Phobia of butter ... what

  • standfor soo
    standfor soo 25 days ago +4

    I thought that he wear a long sleves thoo it turns out that those are his tattos LoL

  • Adnan Andersson
    Adnan Andersson 25 days ago

    Scared of butter ? Lmao

  • iMaxAL
    iMaxAL Month ago

    Beautiful touching story about your Brother, did he slip on a knob of butter? Please explain THAT phobia.. fucking cliffhanger

  • Phil Ellul
    Phil Ellul Month ago

    This show stupid so short and I wanted to no why he’s got a phobia of butter

  • Dorian Graye
    Dorian Graye Month ago +1

    The Pet Shop Boys: West End Girls‼️

  • misa habot
    misa habot Month ago

    he is a cutie 🙈 and seems kind, down to earth...

  • Waz
    Waz Month ago

    Phobia of butter 😱

  • GS AK
    GS AK Month ago


  • howcanyoudothistome1

    I like her ears and the way they hold her her so perfectly secure behind her head.

  • Chirath Illankoon
    Chirath Illankoon Month ago

    She looks a stunner! How on earth is she not on a Magazine, I have no idea.

  • hope & honey // naopin

    His brother slipped on butter.

  • zzziiizzz
    zzziiizzz Month ago

    soo whats billys insta??

  • Will Roberts
    Will Roberts Month ago +1

    Loved her in something about Mary.

  • Lord Mock
    Lord Mock 2 months ago

    This isn't butter this is "I can't believe it's not butter"

  • F'er MaGee
    F'er MaGee 2 months ago

    How your name? Lol!

  • Ben McCarthy
    Ben McCarthy 2 months ago +5

    You know he's a belled when you look at his tattoo on his finger

  • leon kennedy
    leon kennedy 2 months ago

    Phobia of butter.... Ffs

  • E Nadine
    E Nadine 2 months ago

    Aw I hope his brother is doing better and is happy :)

  • HomeFit
    HomeFit 3 months ago +8

    BUTTER😂😂😂😂😂😂 what about margarine?????

  • Jennifer H.
    Jennifer H. 3 months ago

    She changes her voice for her date. Omg he has a butter phobia. He is so Ryan Eggold from the Blacklist TV show when he was a 'teacher'

  • Ashes Xxxx
    Ashes Xxxx 3 months ago

    I don't think she's anything special, she looks older. Eye wrinkles, thick lipstick.... He's hot tho. I'd keep the butter away lol

  • Dicki Minaj
    Dicki Minaj 3 months ago

    What's his Instagram? I really like hes features

  • Caitlin Barrett
    Caitlin Barrett 3 months ago

    What’s her instagram

  • Diraac Dropper
    Diraac Dropper 3 months ago

    ... What a fella, he has a phobia of butter

  • Bass God Gandhi
    Bass God Gandhi 3 months ago +2

    How ya name ?

    • Jennifer H.
      Jennifer H. 3 months ago +1

      Just wait til u meet a firecracker & loose ability to speak

  • Ædzer Hellema
    Ædzer Hellema 3 months ago +13

    My goodness, she is nice!
    Lucky bastard.

  • ayatchafaqui
    ayatchafaqui 3 months ago +4

    She’s stunning 😍❤️

  • Paul Wade
    Paul Wade 3 months ago

    Always speaking from heart when women

  • Alex Anderson
    Alex Anderson 3 months ago

    in a world where all Essex is urban and all Surrey is countryside - these two are so stupid

  • Lucas van den Broek
    Lucas van den Broek 3 months ago +8

    3:49 has to be the best tattoo ever

  • Lucas van den Broek
    Lucas van den Broek 3 months ago +164

    so nobody is questioning his fobia for butter?
    he says he is afraid of butter and everbody just goes with it...

    • Drizzy
      Drizzy 2 days ago

      +bri bri whores in ur pic

    • Drizzy
      Drizzy 2 days ago


    • J. Montrice
      J. Montrice 14 days ago

      It’s spelled Phobia

    • Waz
      Waz Month ago

      Lucas van den Broek cool man

    • Lucas van den Broek
      Lucas van den Broek Month ago

      Waz you are correct. It’s spelled with f in dutch

  • Jacob Reeze
    Jacob Reeze 3 months ago

    Bro, you're tellin a socialite you want to leave one of the most dynamic cities of all time and give it up to live among what, goats, in the country. No city core, far-flung neighbors, scarce social meeting places. Hey, you need to get some American midwestern Trump voter who never been nowhere to go for that shit.

  • James McKay
    James McKay 3 months ago +1

    sorry but those tatoos are grim, don't suit him whatsoever

  • D B
    D B 3 months ago +1

    How is siblings posh?? 😂😂😂

  • Daisy Broom
    Daisy Broom 3 months ago +3

    Fran's sister from early Made in Chelsea??

  • Frogeggs yeah
    Frogeggs yeah 3 months ago

    Bitches who say "I don't need no rich man" are the ones who want a rich bloke

  • Joshua Ross
    Joshua Ross 3 months ago +4

    3:37 "she brings him out of his shelf"

  • Evans Cheuka
    Evans Cheuka 3 months ago +10

    Unfortunately the next day she found someone richer at a wedding :( .

  • DanTuber
    DanTuber 3 months ago +2

    She reminds me of charlize theron

  • Yee Rou Quah
    Yee Rou Quah 3 months ago +3

    Does she have Instagram? So stunning

  • Fadoua M
    Fadoua M 3 months ago +5

    A good family man. Gorgeous women😍

  • Elizabeth alaga
    Elizabeth alaga 3 months ago +66

    He was low key weird

    • Natasha S.
      Natasha S. 2 days ago

      I think that he is just very nervous. She is quite a catch and probably he taught that she was demanding and that he had no chance. She seems to be absolutely lovely. He is just nervous, and he has been through challenges in life. I think that they are both rather nice and down to earth.

    • Bored Engineer Operating Near Groom Lake Detachment 3
      Bored Engineer Operating Near Groom Lake Detachment 3 2 months ago +2

      Elizabeth alaga why is he weird? How would you like it if someone called you weird after you spoke to them about your affectionate relationship with your man?

  • Ray M
    Ray M 3 months ago

    Bitchass didn't tell the outcome of the date

  • Matija Micek
    Matija Micek 3 months ago +1

    This guy is so boring!

  • vevhyg
    vevhyg 3 months ago +91


    • Noor Jotham
      Noor Jotham 2 months ago +2

      Not funny at all. You can have a phobia of anything... and it doesn't always mean that you are "scared" ....

    • Sheeva ••••••
      Sheeva •••••• 3 months ago +6

      Butter is very sneaky.

  • vevhyg
    vevhyg 3 months ago +7


  • Atya Sajid
    Atya Sajid 3 months ago +246

    Hes so nervous ‘How ur name?’ 😂

    • SSJ3Raditz King of all hair
      SSJ3Raditz King of all hair 2 days ago

      Drizzy lmfao no matter what he said, 'how are you known?' still makes perfect sense! Hahaha ffs take an english class

    • Drizzy
      Drizzy 2 days ago

      +SSJ3Raditz King of all hair how are you known? what? that makes no sense dumb kid... he said how ur name, he was nervous.

    • SSJ3Raditz King of all hair
      SSJ3Raditz King of all hair 2 months ago +6

      He said "How are you known? sorry, what's your name?" Listen carefully.

    • punkybrewstar83
      punkybrewstar83 3 months ago +15

      Not surprised though- look at her...

  • Matt M
    Matt M 3 months ago +6

    Does he know how to smile?

  • Benoir karl
    Benoir karl 3 months ago

    Sorry but this girl to me rings alarm bells. Shes after the alpha bad whether it be essex or london boy. A career boy with a bit of bad. Shed be acting strange around this guy after a while like not knowing where to put dirty laundry. Steer clear mate. Youre a good lad

  • Jacob Reeze
    Jacob Reeze 3 months ago +19

    i wonder if that level of beauty is actually a problem. some people say beauty can be, but I tend to not believe it. that's like the idiom that "more money brings more problems". Come on, ever try poverty? but for a woman to look like that in a city like London, I've got to think about it. Shes probably used to feeling entitled to the top-tier guys. Which she is, but the top-tier guys have an abundance of options and a young guy with options is not exactly the most likely to be loyal. Even ugly guys with lots of money or broke guys with great looks have lots of options. Maybe women like that find it really hard to settle for just mediocre. And then even if you do get with a mediocre guy you expect will appreciate you, now just by being with him you've significantly raised his market value. So its kind of a tough spot.

    • Will Roberts
      Will Roberts Month ago +1

      It's a problem. I sat next to woman on a flight who put the Transformer girl (Megan ?) to shame. It was creepy watching guys stalk her. I also was (very loosely) acquainted with a Playboy centerfold who was absolutely stunning in person. Same thing. Guys are always on them and I'd imagine the lack of space doesn't allow one to grow. It didn't look like anything one would want. I'd bet the sweet spot is an 8 on the beauty scale.
      Likewise, I don't think one would want an IQ above 130. Above that, and people start getting weird.

    • Jennifer H.
      Jennifer H. 3 months ago +3

      I think 'Try Poverty' should be the next slogan. Kinda like 'Got Milk'

    • Jacob Reeze
      Jacob Reeze 3 months ago +4

      ​+Soniya Yeah and Game of Thrones is a shitty show. P.S. She may not be your cup of tea but your gauge is dysfunctional if you can't appreciate that objectively she's very physically attractive. Now all 'beauty' is, is physical attractiveness. You can be a terribly ugly man or woman and be brilliant, and possess incredible virtue and inner strength.

    • Soniya
      Soniya 3 months ago +1

      She’s average

  • Glen Murray
    Glen Murray 3 months ago +1

    Posh fuck, would still get it tho

  • gillian owens
    gillian owens 3 months ago +10

    Oh thank god brother is ok family is very Important and friends also

  • gillian owens
    gillian owens 3 months ago +1

    Oh no sorry to hear that so sad .

  • Billy Golding
    Billy Golding 3 months ago +75

    This guy needs to grow a beard

  • hannah davis
    hannah davis 3 months ago +13

    Yes then she goes to a wedding next day meets man of her dreams. Really I think this woman had no intentions of dating him .Just amusing herself with her Essex date. Well good luck u seem a nice guy so soon get right lady .

    • hannah davis
      hannah davis 3 months ago

      I could see through your beauty and fakery lady but heart of ice queen lol

  • Yasmin M
    Yasmin M 3 months ago +1

    💔💔His brother is strong

  • John-Joe O'Shea
    John-Joe O'Shea 3 months ago +16

    How your name?

  • sippingintodarkness
    sippingintodarkness 3 months ago +6

    This is too cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Book Bag
    Book Bag 3 months ago +42

    Was he serious about the butter? I don't really get U.K humor.

    • plantonium
      plantonium Month ago +2

      I’m terrified of ketchup tbh

    • Sheeva ••••••
      Sheeva •••••• 3 months ago +5

      Book Bag
      He was sexually assaulted by a tub of butter before and now he has ptsd

    • Book Bag
      Book Bag 3 months ago +2

      khawla lmao that would be a deal breaker for me.

    • khawla
      khawla 3 months ago +1

      His mum must have forced him to eat butter on toast 🤨

    • Book Bag
      Book Bag 3 months ago +5

      +Cleopatra Anthony Very strange

  • Andrew Baker
    Andrew Baker 3 months ago

    He's a total dickhead!! Sorry to hear that sad news about your brother tho.

  • Sabah Rahil
    Sabah Rahil 3 months ago +184

    The guy thinks saying “siblings” is posh.. wtf..

  • Cleopatra Anthony
    Cleopatra Anthony 3 months ago +180

    Phobia of butter? Lame. His sandwiches must be dry.

  • Sofie Cottam
    Sofie Cottam 3 months ago +273

    I had a stroke myself at 23 due to a brain hemorage. I was paralyzed for 7 months in now currently walking

    • Castrated
      Castrated 24 days ago

      i had one when i masturbated excessively

    • Malak Malak
      Malak Malak Month ago

      Wish you the best from all my heart you’re so brave 💕💕🌸

    • _ Thea
      _ Thea Month ago +1

      Praise God!

    • bri bri
      bri bri Month ago

      +Sofie Cottam What does any of this have to do with this video?

    • luuk 024
      luuk 024 Month ago

      Happy with all the attention you got? Pathetic.

  • fleur Amelia
    fleur Amelia 3 months ago +8

    They are both hero’s 🙏🏻👬

    • Barnaby ap Robert
      Barnaby ap Robert 3 months ago +1

      Do they also hate spelling and punctuation as you do?

  • Michael McGrath
    Michael McGrath 3 months ago +11

    Is it a real woman this time?

    • Liam Simpson
      Liam Simpson 3 months ago

      Your life would be a whole lot easier if you didn't cared about the less important things

    • Michael McGrath
      Michael McGrath 3 months ago +1

      1. God isn't real stupid
      2. If these trannies kept their crazy ideology to themselves and not try to force it on others then I wouldn't have a problem with them. I'm not calling a dude a woman just cause he thinks he's one.

    • Michael McGrath
      Michael McGrath 3 months ago

      don't care. they choose to enforce their ideology rather than accept they have a mental illness. they can all jump off a cliff for all I care

    • Lili Lala
      Lili Lala 3 months ago

      Michael McGrath Don’t be mad, get a life, try to spread love and take care of your own business letting people live when it does not hurt anyone. You’re full of hate, I feel bad for you, you’ll be in my prayers.

    • Liam Simpson
      Liam Simpson 3 months ago +1

      Haha Michael looks like a tit

  • Boa Gaming
    Boa Gaming 3 months ago +48

    Wow, she's full of herself. Hope she realizes that makes her a lot less attractive.

    • rb en
      rb en 3 months ago +4

      Random Chaos she said all that was further from the truth, you deaf or something?

    • seb pz
      seb pz 3 months ago +7

      +Boa Gaming she knows she gives that impression but said she isn't like that. Tbh from this clip she does a bit but if you watched the episode she seemed a posh down to earth girl. I thought she was stunning tbh

    • Boa Gaming
      Boa Gaming 3 months ago

      Jolene first thing she said was, guys think I want them to spends loads of money on me and drive me around in a Féria. What do you call that? Yeah, she's pretty, but no Victory Secret model.

    • Hadi Winata
      Hadi Winata 3 months ago +11

      +Jolene me too, she initiated a lot

    • Jolene
      Jolene 3 months ago +132

      I got no indicator from this video that she is full of herself