• Published on Jun 23, 2019
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Comments • 15 631

  • Dream_Reaper W
    Dream_Reaper W Hour ago

    Cath is going to kill muselk next I’m calling it

  • Yt- XD.kaine
    Yt- XD.kaine Hour ago

    She killed someone

  • cam clan 14
    cam clan 14 18 hours ago +1

    is lannan gay cause he said he would suck d***

  • Blue foxer
    Blue foxer 19 hours ago

    Elliot: I'm probably the one that has the most views.

    LazarBeam: Hold my beer.

  • aquagames
    aquagames 19 hours ago

    Cray's 5'5 i'm 12 and I'm 5'5 so sorry Cray but there are operations

  • Evan Vitela
    Evan Vitela 20 hours ago

    Lannan is wearing lachy's merch because he can't afford his own.

  • xSphizex
    xSphizex 23 hours ago +1

    Crayator: Hit me with the juice. 20:36
    Okay then

  • JB 2223
    JB 2223 Day ago

    Muselk wearing lachlan merch

  • E.
    E. Day ago

    Hey guys
    I read the sign
    Bazz got truth on the question: Did you try to lie to me today

  • Ultraninja13 gaming

    80,000 for surgery to get tall just use a medieval stretcher (i'm just kidding don't it is a torture device)

  • H Evans
    H Evans Day ago +1

    I’m worried for Cray....

  • Thanh Nguyen
    Thanh Nguyen Day ago

    Kath killed someone, in a game, wait the machine is broken Elliot is not Ellon musk so Kath is not a killer

  • The Northern Frontier Redcoat GamePlay

    Wait what, Fruit has killed someone?

  • Brake Stake
    Brake Stake Day ago

    Tannar do IT SO dramatic

  • Xpro_Tac
    Xpro_Tac Day ago +1

    Tannar :have u killed someone
    Lufu: no
    Lie detector: lie
    Lannan: Fbi onpen up
    👇Like if you were thinking that

  • •Blue Dragon•

    Holy did loserfruit actually kill somebody????

  • Galaxy _Gacha WolfLover

    Im cringing on Tannar because she always takes the glasses of

  • Hamish Walsh
    Hamish Walsh Day ago

    And lazerbeam

  • Hamish Walsh
    Hamish Walsh Day ago

    Why was Elliotte were Lachlan merch

  • Mujtaba Rafi
    Mujtaba Rafi Day ago

    Why do muselk and laser beam wear Lachlan’s merch

  • Spicy Gamer07
    Spicy Gamer07 2 days ago

    Anybody else wanna know where Marcus is these days? December 2019?

    DR PEEPER YOUR BOY 2 days ago


  • Inferno Galaxy
    Inferno Galaxy 3 days ago

    For everyone who is wondering looser fruit didn’t have the clips on when she said no to the murderer question

  • The Greenduck
    The Greenduck 3 days ago

    Tannar is In click now

  • ShuJTan Kiddish gaming

    Lufu is like:"No...I wouldnt do that"And sounding like a crazy person*
    And tannar... :LIE!!
    And If I were tannar i would:LIEE!!! AHHHHHHHH
    And If I were Lannan:FBI OPEN UP!*Breaks the door*HANDS UP IN THE AIR

  • JoelJoestar
    JoelJoestar 3 days ago

    Elliot screaming Justice although he stole so many memes from lannan made me mad

  • LTN Gaming
    LTN Gaming 3 days ago

    i am scard of lu fu now

  • mr wolfy
    mr wolfy 3 days ago

    Wait I have a way to prove muselk is Elon musk because his name is Elliott right so take away 1 l and the i's also the t's then add an n then his youtube name muselk take away the e and l the you have elon musk it all come together boys

  • Adrian Lopez
    Adrian Lopez 3 days ago

    Why is Lannan and Elliot wearing lachlan's merch

  • Lost Whale3345
    Lost Whale3345 3 days ago

    I was taller than Cray in six grade

  • Calvin and Hobbes
    Calvin and Hobbes 3 days ago

    3:02 she is now bi***

  • XxSuperSaiyanMasterxX 14

    Lannan lied at dah last question OOF

  • ralph20ad
    ralph20ad 4 days ago

    Bazaar:I think it's fine you being 5'5
    Me:I'm 13. I'm 5'7

  • Demonic tiger
    Demonic tiger 4 days ago

    why didnt they ask marcus if he was prestige clips

  • Ginger Alden Cabasan

    2:55 the fact that tannar actually becomes part of click

  • toxic gaming
    toxic gaming 4 days ago

    Lufu was on crack I swear

  • Toxic Tekashi
    Toxic Tekashi 4 days ago

    F@ux u mueslk

  • Jackson memes
    Jackson memes 4 days ago

    Lannan: out of his mind
    Muselk: wants to die becuz of lannan
    Bazz: awkward
    Lufu: crazy but also chill...
    Cray: Ladies man😘
    Marcus: stands there being strong

    CAPP BOI 4 days ago

    Just realized they are wearing Lachys merchandise

  • Thanos Paoki
    Thanos Paoki 5 days ago

    Lazarbeam work to FBI

  • Myanus Uranus
    Myanus Uranus 5 days ago +6

    Muslik: please don’t make this worse
    Tannah: that is a LIE you are Elon-
    Muslik: WT-

  • Aidan Lounsberry
    Aidan Lounsberry 5 days ago

    Bazza looks like Edward Snowden

  • Jean-Jacques Bordeleau

    Lufu is a confirmed Yandere and her Senpai is Marcus

  • MLT Leo
    MLT Leo 5 days ago

    She kills people in Fortnite

  • Felix Lynn
    Felix Lynn 5 days ago +1


  • Shadow_Dragon30
    Shadow_Dragon30 5 days ago

    Im the same hight as cray XD

  • Kiel Renrut
    Kiel Renrut 5 days ago +1

    You guys should invite fresh to join click

  • Josh_is_gone_64
    Josh_is_gone_64 5 days ago

    2:22 i just realized lannan is wearing lachlan merch
    Edit: same with muselk XD

  • Camden Gates
    Camden Gates 6 days ago

    Lazar is the best youtuber he always get recommended in the home page

  • Ace Rex w
    Ace Rex w 6 days ago

    Lezabem is the best and he diden't lie

  • toxin_dark 2367
    toxin_dark 2367 6 days ago


  • Imabannana 123
    Imabannana 123 6 days ago +1

    Lazar: *watches* a Morgz video
    Morgz: oh my gosh someone watched my video
    Lazar: *pukes*

  • Liam Hughes
    Liam Hughes 6 days ago

    Answer true
    That’s a little fishy

  • Medad Gone
    Medad Gone 7 days ago

    I’m 5,10 and I’m 14:)

  • Edgar Montes
    Edgar Montes 7 days ago

    You know inhalers have herown in it

  • SoDumb ItHurts
    SoDumb ItHurts 7 days ago +1

    LoserFruit acts weird like shes scared i dont trust her

  • Juice wrld Tribute
    Juice wrld Tribute 7 days ago +4

    Tanner: Do you sometimes wish you didn’t have to pay for your sister’s rent
    Lannan: *Wholesome rant*
    Tanner: That’s a damn lie
    Lannan: *Suprised Pikachu face*

  • Spider Man
    Spider Man 7 days ago

    Um fruity I’m scared

  • Marie Lobitos
    Marie Lobitos 7 days ago


  • ps4 gaming
    ps4 gaming 7 days ago

    *Cath lies about killing someone*
    *Next vid*