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  • Published on Nov 30, 2019
    We bring you all the latest news from the group stage draw for the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament.
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  • Brian Storm
    Brian Storm 5 days ago

    I think you guys are being too optimistic about Wales. Switzerland is having a great generation that has definitely performed better than Wales have lately (including beating Belgium 5-2), and Baku will feel like a home game to Turkey. I honestly don't fancy Wales at all.

  • Nisala Gamage
    Nisala Gamage 11 days ago

    Group F - F for Frightening lol

  • SFS Program
    SFS Program Month ago +2

    France 2-0 Germany----\
    ---------------- France 0-1 Portugal
    Portugal 2-0 Wales-----/

  • Dede Rukmana
    Dede Rukmana Month ago

    Group f wow

  • Hyper rezem
    Hyper rezem Month ago


  • Hyper rezem
    Hyper rezem Month ago


  • Hyper rezem
    Hyper rezem Month ago


  • Hyper rezem
    Hyper rezem Month ago


  • Hyper rezem
    Hyper rezem Month ago


  • Hyper rezem
    Hyper rezem Month ago


  • Hyper rezem
    Hyper rezem Month ago


  • Anik A
    Anik A Month ago

    Trust england gonna treat defences like a hot knife through butter, our most dangerous team for decades watch out Europe

  • Your momma
    Your momma Month ago

    Ja pierdole Polska muśi dostać Israel bo nasza grupa jest trudna 🇵🇱

  • toni tokic golic
    toni tokic golic Month ago

    OUR TIME RAISING AGAIN! ★Croatia 2020★

  • Fianna
    Fianna Month ago +6

    England already talking about winning it..they never learn

    • Rebecca
      Rebecca Month ago +1

      Well they are saying IF they win, and they talked about how England COULD end up having to play a team from Group F if England wins their group. They're not as certain as you make them seem.

  • pablo contreras
    pablo contreras Month ago +1

    por mi españita

  • TSM_fin2xav
    TSM_fin2xav Month ago


  • луле божовић

    Imagine iceland winning Group F with 9 points

  • Jimmy Hopkins
    Jimmy Hopkins Month ago +1

    France 🇫🇷 and Germany 🇩🇪 have to watch out for Portugal 🇵🇹 !

  • Jimmy Hopkins
    Jimmy Hopkins Month ago +2

    England always have the easiest group 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Francesco Buadu
      Francesco Buadu Month ago

      Man I was wishing for either France or Portugal to join them

    • Dado -
      Dado - Month ago +2

      So, you mean you have in the group with England 2 teams who defeated england in less than year and a half, and you say they have easiest group?

  • Muhammad Hassan
    Muhammad Hassan Month ago +1

    at 11:58 is begging of the Video!!!

  • Rev
    Rev Month ago

    The only thing that worries me is something horrible happening in Glasgow if Serbia qualifies and having a Croatia vs Serbia match not going well.

  • BK007
    BK007 Month ago

    England should fear Norway more than Serbia. We (Norway) have 2 playoff games at home. If we beat Serbia at home, we have a good chance to go through. And then we will end up with England , playing at Wembley in June 2020. Why should England fear Norway ? We have the beast Haaland scoring the goals, Odegaard the magician, Berge, one of the better midfielders, Josh King , another good player. And when we meet England we never lose, 1981 2-1 , 1993 2-0 and 1-1. So watch out England.

    • Dado -
      Dado - Month ago

      We are not afraid of these players.

  • Nick van Betuw
    Nick van Betuw Month ago

    *Group F(ucked)*

  • Abdoulie Ceesay
    Abdoulie Ceesay Month ago +1

    Belgium 🇧🇪

  • Sumolizer
    Sumolizer Month ago

    I will say France and Portugal should go ahead

    • Sumolizer
      Sumolizer Month ago

      @X ray gd I hope not ;]

    • X ray gd
      X ray gd Month ago

      Yes but I think Germany will be able to handle the pressur. We'll see.

    • Sumolizer
      Sumolizer Month ago

      @X ray gd Motivated : Yes
      Pressure : More Yes
      Like Brazil in the Semi Final of 2014 World Cup.
      They got completely thrown out by germany due to Huge pressure

    • X ray gd
      X ray gd Month ago

      Of course. They'll be more motivated. Didn't you notice that in Champions League for instance, teams usually win at home and loose away.

    • Sumolizer
      Sumolizer Month ago

      @X ray gd Will that make any difference?

  • nwafor anthony
    nwafor anthony Month ago +3

    I wonder what the team that will join group F will be thinking

  • nwafor anthony
    nwafor anthony Month ago

    I wonder what the team that will join group F will be thinking

  • Ren Caldwell
    Ren Caldwell Month ago

    I think the finishing order for the group will be
    Play off winner
    Germany will still make it out though

    • Sequor
      Sequor Month ago

      If German will draw vs. France, they will qualify directly for last 16

    • X ray gd
      X ray gd Month ago

      Don't forget Germans will play at home

  • lufc richard
    lufc richard Month ago +1

    I hope scotland make it 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

    • lufc richard
      lufc richard Month ago


    • BK007
      BK007 Month ago

      You have to beat Norway first.

  • Michael Martinez
    Michael Martinez Month ago +1

    #1 portugal #2 France #3 Germany

  • Fingo Nick
    Fingo Nick Month ago

    Group F for *FRIGHTENING*

  • Ole Gollum Solskjaer
    Ole Gollum Solskjaer Month ago +7

    When group F was drawn:
    When you realise that whoever comes second or first could play England:

  • Ole Gollum Solskjaer

    All these groups are tricky. Especially group F.

  • MaximilianMus
    MaximilianMus Month ago

    Did he say bradford 😂

  • Rafael Stefan
    Rafael Stefan Month ago +1

    GO ROMANIA 🇹🇩🇹🇩

  • al birdie
    al birdie Month ago

    all seeders play at home, thats utter bullshit

  • DarthRevan182
    DarthRevan182 Month ago +3

    The guy at about 30 mins says England have only got out the group once in 36 years, they reminds us about Iceland who we lost to in the knockouts...
    Also we got to Quarter finals in 2004 and 2012.
    Who hires these morons?

  • Stanislav Samoylenko
    Stanislav Samoylenko Month ago +3

    Dear Sky sport , Ukrainian flag is 🇺🇦 !!!!

    • Rebecca
      Rebecca Month ago

      Yea the flag's upside down. How did they make that mistake?

  • L’Homme De la Lune
    L’Homme De la Lune Month ago +7

    Je recherche actuellement la chatte à DD quelqu’un l’aurait pas vu ?

  • daniel lonna
    daniel lonna Month ago +5

    france, Spain ,England Germany,Belgium are the favorite to win

    • daniel lonna
      daniel lonna Month ago

      @Sequor they always do well, except last word cup

    • Sequor
      Sequor Month ago +1

      Germany? For real? Look at our defence.

      Congratulations! You found a synonym for 💩

    • Omerath9
      Omerath9 Month ago


  • Mark Perryman
    Mark Perryman Month ago

    The draw is so boring to watch....

  • Camp Nou Legend
    Camp Nou Legend Month ago +5

    Let’s go France! 💙🇫🇷

  • iwantgoals 15
    iwantgoals 15 Month ago +1

    I already feel sorry for the play off winner.

  • Bogdanovic 1907
    Bogdanovic 1907 Month ago +9

    Group F;

  • Aaron Samuel
    Aaron Samuel Month ago

    Switzerland are being vastly underestimated here... with Italy unlikely to drop points having 3 home games then it's going to be mightily tough for Wales to qualify. England have a much nicer group with 3 home games against a waning Croatia side and a side they know they can beat at home. Unluckily there last 16 round is likely to be one of Germany or France...

    • Vickzq
      Vickzq Month ago

      Italy will probably drop points to Switzerland, just as did Brazil in 2018.

  • rasen shuriken
    rasen shuriken Month ago +1

    Belgium is very lucky

  • Sabin Kafle
    Sabin Kafle Month ago +6

    no matter we got germany or france we will face them and beat them go a head portugual I will support you in euro 2020
    forca portugual🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

    • Sequor
      Sequor Month ago

      See you guys in Munich or Bukarest🇩🇪

    • X ray gd
      X ray gd Month ago

      Good Luck. It's very nice to meet again. Time for second legg🇫🇷

  • Scotty Bee
    Scotty Bee Month ago +2

    not a good group for Germany 🇩🇪

  • Scotty Bee
    Scotty Bee Month ago +1


    • F Martins
      F Martins Month ago +1

      I'm portuguese, I wish that germany and Portugal go trough. NOT FRANCE. I have family in Germany, I even have a nephew with both nationalities, good luck

  • Jose Antonio Bouroncle Sacin


  • Joe
    Joe Month ago +1

    The confusion is spectacular! Staggering rigged draw?

  • ItBlech Kig
    ItBlech Kig Month ago +3

    Not Croatia again...

  • Mursopi Zaini
    Mursopi Zaini Month ago

    arshavin 🤩🤩🤩

  • M Karakash
    M Karakash Month ago

    France and Germany did lose.i believe this year it's going to be One of those underestimated teams will go up ahead

    • Dein Lieblingshater
      Dein Lieblingshater Month ago

      Germany lost when some of their most important players were injured

  • omar boos
    omar boos Month ago +1

    Why is Azerbeijan even hosting oh coz Uefa is all about that$$$

    • omar boos
      omar boos Month ago

      @Fighter SS am not from middle east and Azeebaijan sucks at football so i just believe they shouldnt host quit being salty about it

    • Fighter SS
      Fighter SS Month ago

      omar boos Because unlike your middle eastern country, Azerbaijan is in Caucasus.

  • Qplazm mzalpQ
    Qplazm mzalpQ Month ago +1

    🇮🇹 Italian power master class🏟🇮🇹⚽️

  • Don L
    Don L Month ago

    These guys are whoppers

  • Mati _Mistrz
    Mati _Mistrz Month ago +1

    Poland vs Spain, rip

  • Don't Let Her Speak
    Don't Let Her Speak Month ago +1

    Portugal couldn't even finish in the top 2 in Euro 2016 with Iceland, Albania, and Hungary. Watch them finish last in this one.

    • Don't Let Her Speak
      Don't Let Her Speak Month ago

      ​@Small Shaqforgot, gotta look towards the future talent like him right.

    • Small Shaq
      Small Shaq Month ago

      @Don't Let Her Speak Pepe

    • Don't Let Her Speak
      Don't Let Her Speak Month ago

      @Small Shaq then who's gonna score against france?

    • Luna Plata
      Luna Plata Month ago

      They usually play much better against strong teams, so calm down because they are not a piece of cake as you may think.

    • Small Shaq
      Small Shaq Month ago

      @Don't Let Her Speak Eder might not to go to the euro.