i tested hacks reusing FOOD SCRAPS & leftovers

  • Published on Apr 30, 2019
  • so i turned BACON FAT into a CANDLE... i also tried to reuse orange peels, potato skins and many other food scraps and leftovers that people throw away. i hope you like it and don't forget to subscribe for more videos, thanks
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  • Taevion Hill
    Taevion Hill 11 hours ago

    When he said I don't play with demons I died🤣😂

  • Kiki Time
    Kiki Time 18 hours ago +1

    11:00 I am literally getting an apple pie rite now but I threw away d scraps already
    *Lol it was 2 late* 😆😅💀

  • Faten Nina
    Faten Nina 4 days ago +2

    I looove you're vids 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Revoydia
    Revoydia 5 days ago +8

    When he said “is this what exercise feels like” i felt that

  • Natalia Reveles Avila
    Natalia Reveles Avila 5 days ago +9

    xD he's so cute!! He was like "Hold up, I got a plan." *tries to scoop bacon grease off table*

  • Kate Suarez
    Kate Suarez 5 days ago +3

    Raphael:what’s that

  • Sali Bah
    Sali Bah 6 days ago

    That bacon is an americans normal brekkie and they would also eat giant pancakes with chocolate fudge on top.
    Suck it!

  • Shivaani Jk
    Shivaani Jk 6 days ago +1

    Did u wear the avocado T-shirt yet? Its 22k likes now! 🍐👕

  • Lysolan
    Lysolan 7 days ago +3

    Wonder if he realizes they used ground cloves

    • Potato ARMY
      Potato ARMY 7 days ago

      I feel like he only watches the video once and doesn't really memorize all that he should do

  • Chad Cosby Jr.
    Chad Cosby Jr. 7 days ago

    I would buy it.

  • cinnimonzz rollz
    cinnimonzz rollz 8 days ago +2

    'It won't be me if we have a smooth start' HAHAHAHA WHY ARE YOU A MOOOD

  • Adhithya Binny Roji
    Adhithya Binny Roji 10 days ago +6

    How much grease are there in bacon

  • L From DeathNote
    L From DeathNote 10 days ago +3

    Bacon is my favorite

  • Simply_ Me
    Simply_ Me 11 days ago +5

    For the apple jam one you need to put the solution to a boil first. Not hating just saying

  • Nikka Nicolas
    Nikka Nicolas 11 days ago +1

    U are very wrong I try that orange candle and it's work ure wrong is u need to freeze Ok next time doo godd

  • Aleksander Andresen
    Aleksander Andresen 12 days ago +5

    You Are so skinny go to the gym

    • Aleksander Andresen
      Aleksander Andresen 8 days ago +1

      @Karven ت haha

    • Karven ت
      Karven ت 8 days ago +2

      Malak Albahrani it’s okay, when u will go through puberty ur body will change, I was always skinny no matter what I ate, but when I became 15-16, I got fatttttt

    • Malak Albahrani
      Malak Albahrani 11 days ago +3

      Aleksander Andresen I’m so skinny and never even stay in the gym for a second I eat a lot and super skinny my mother says I’m like a toothpick I’m not like super skinny I’m only 9

  • RaineBOW Gaming
    RaineBOW Gaming 14 days ago +2

    you should have slow boil the apple and sugar. let it boil on its own. 😅 still love your videos though.

  • RaineBOW Gaming
    RaineBOW Gaming 14 days ago +1

    lol. big strainer. small jar isn't working 😅😅

  • rick63359
    rick63359 21 day ago +4

    You look like a joy full kid when drinking or eating that apple juice like dis👉🏻 😊

  • Ete Konkova
    Ete Konkova 21 day ago +4

    The orange need to be dry

  • zouaghi firas
    zouaghi firas 27 days ago +8

    The orange one need to be dry

  • birdies 4ever
    birdies 4ever Month ago +8

    If everyone in the world makes potato skin chips,there will be no more potato waste😊😊😊

    • OurLifeAsAA
      OurLifeAsAA 3 days ago +1

      There so much nice as well my family also has skin on mash and roasties

    • Lettybabe
      Lettybabe 11 days ago +1

      Some people compost their peels or here in the UK we have blue bins to recycle our food waste so we do try to cut down on food waste but I do want to try potato skin chips now! 🙂

  • Briana Bartee
    Briana Bartee Month ago +1

    Mix in a cup some cornstarch and water and mix in when its boiling. Thatll thicken it up

  • Kenzie Wimberly
    Kenzie Wimberly Month ago +7

    you’re suppose to boil the water while making the Apple Jam so the sugar so dissolve completely and thicken it up..

    YNG SIMI Month ago

    The oranges tip prob got wet so then it can’t lit.

  • Priyanka B
    Priyanka B Month ago +5

    I’m still waiting on my bacon candle Raphael 👀

  • sanda gherasim
    sanda gherasim Month ago +3

    You can make a candel using a DRY peel of orange.

    • sanda gherasim
      sanda gherasim 4 days ago

      @Beautiful Disaster do exactly what Raphael did,but let it dry at least 24 hours. After that,put the oil in and it should work.

    • Beautiful Disaster
      Beautiful Disaster 4 days ago

      Oooo how? Id love to make one

  • Belma Tuzlic
    Belma Tuzlic Month ago +2

    Where is the avocado tshirt video ??

  • Erin Tynan
    Erin Tynan Month ago +4

    The jam was runny because u should of boiled the sugary water u should try it again

  • Moa Morgenstern
    Moa Morgenstern Month ago +3

    I often do the potato skin thingie because I’m poor as fuck and like to use everything and it’s so good. I also save my carrot peels and dry them in the oven on low heat for a long time so they shrivel up and get all dry and give to my rats and they love it.

  • Goldie_Flowerchild
    Goldie_Flowerchild Month ago +3

    I actually don't peel my potatoes

  • Marielle 24
    Marielle 24 Month ago +2

    I remember when i was a kid we make candles made by cooking oil (used oil) ,first we put salt(rock salt not iodized) half of a small jar, then pour some cooking oil until the salt is covered. Then a cotton ball (roll it until it will form a thin thread cotton) on the center. Be careful touching the jar because it is hot.

  • Vegeti Ho
    Vegeti Ho Month ago +1

    i dont think that is duct tape, is looks more like a scotch tape

  • Dianna Morales Chacon
    Dianna Morales Chacon Month ago +3

    Oof, I wouldn't want to wash all those dishes, there's too many 😂

  • mckinley baran
    mckinley baran Month ago +3

    i think you should bring back the uk vs usa series

  • Isabella Puff
    Isabella Puff Month ago +2

    Me: gets Raphael’s candle.
    Mom walks in: what are u doing.
    Me: sniffing three little piggies 🐷

    • ultimate dude gaming
      ultimate dude gaming Month ago

      In olden days pig fat was used for making candles it was also called lard candles

  • Isabella Puff
    Isabella Puff Month ago +1

    9:08 Omg chia seeds? The way he says it.

  • Isabella Puff
    Isabella Puff Month ago +3

    Who else would throw the potato skins on the ground and crush them like dead leaves.

  • its me NELSON!
    its me NELSON! Month ago

    Those videos are full of bs tbh

  • its me NELSON!
    its me NELSON! Month ago

    1:00 well put a tea towel under it 🤡🤡

  • Antonia Zimmer
    Antonia Zimmer Month ago +3

    Raphael: „I think it‘s oversimplified that water, apple peels and sugar makes jam. That‘s way too simple.“
    Grandma: „HOLD MY RULER“

  • CallOut Films / Calling Out / Shawn Jorgensen

    Oh my god you were so funny. "Is this what exercise feels like?" "This smells like IHOP". "This is like the saddest birthday cake ever". LOL OMG you are too damn funny. "Jesus take the wheel" "I can taste bacon on my lips. Oh wait, I had some bacon". "It smells like a Korean BBQ". If you haven't seen the video, it will have you in tears.

  • Rebecca Li
    Rebecca Li Month ago +6

    in winter with the Nutella one, you should fill it up with milk and put it in the microwave
    and you will have Nutella hot chocolate

    • Just Another PJO/HOO fan
      Just Another PJO/HOO fan Month ago

      @Rebecca Li the plastic would melt

    • Isabella Puff
      Isabella Puff Month ago

      Rebecca Li I think he’s condenes about the plastic melting

    • Rebecca Li
      Rebecca Li Month ago

      @meh I mean so long as theirs no foil and paper left over should be fine

    • Nagia Zia
      Nagia Zia Month ago

      its me NELSON!
      Nagia ❤️'a hot 🍫😍

    • meh
      meh Month ago +1

      you should really never put nutella jars in the microwave

  • Avery Mightybard
    Avery Mightybard Month ago +3

    I wonder how Gordon Ramsay would have react to this....XD

  • Artsy Pebble
    Artsy Pebble Month ago +2

    You needed LOTS MORE SUGAR

  • ClanBlackscop
    ClanBlackscop Month ago +1

    Oh now hes Hating on the Korean barbecue u going to far

    • Belma Tuzlic
      Belma Tuzlic Month ago

      Oh shut up !!

    • its me NELSON!
      its me NELSON! Month ago

      Why do I keep reading quotations in comments as soon as it comes on in the video

  • Nuria Logedo Bernal
    Nuria Logedo Bernal Month ago +3

    3:07 is a mood

  • I lost my name
    I lost my name Month ago +5

    Shane Dawson candle

  • Ldee Rumbines
    Ldee Rumbines Month ago +13

    The video DID get 20,000 likes. Can you please ship the bacon candle? 😂

    GAMECHANGER TwT Month ago +4

    On what temp do we put the potato peels on, I really need to know cuz I wanna make them

  • dyedordead
    dyedordead Month ago +6

    I was confused as why was he asking ME to hold it 0:48

  • queen
    queen Month ago +5

    The Orange candle I think it didn't work bc u put the oil on that thing u tried to Ignition

  • queen
    queen Month ago +4

    U should boil it after adding sugar

  • i love dubu
    i love dubu Month ago +3

    ship to the Philippines please!

  • Amber DeVasier
    Amber DeVasier Month ago +4

    I would buy a bacon smelling candle! Lol

  • justin .y
    justin .y Month ago +6

    you need more sugar for the apple jam

    • dgrm76
      dgrm76 Month ago +1

      He didn't boil it.

  • Wide Officer
    Wide Officer Month ago +7

    You had to boil the jam longer

  • Wide Officer
    Wide Officer Month ago +1

    No shit the bacon fat burns

  • Lizzy Njambali
    Lizzy Njambali Month ago +1

    5:27 I do it all the time this not even a hack at all so as dangmattsmith would say: "get that outa here!"

  • Fatima Khalil
    Fatima Khalil Month ago +2

    Asmr potato skins👌

  • Katelynn Bychurch
    Katelynn Bychurch Month ago +1

    i don’t think a lot of chia seeds are good for you

    • Katelynn Bychurch
      Katelynn Bychurch Month ago

      Belma Tuzlic i always thought that too much wasn’t good for you i’m sorry no need to be rude

    • Katelynn Bychurch
      Katelynn Bychurch Month ago

      Isabella Puff thank you i didn’t know thanks for being kind

    • Belma Tuzlic
      Belma Tuzlic Month ago

      Well .. nothing is good for you if it's to much .. no rocket science there 🙄

    • Just Another PJO/HOO fan
      Just Another PJO/HOO fan Month ago

      @Isabella Puff they are good for you

    • Isabella Puff
      Isabella Puff Month ago

      Katelynn Bychurch it’s fine. A lot of people were I live eat yogurt made of mostly chia seeds every day.

  • Kammy _ Stinton
    Kammy _ Stinton Month ago +4

    You should try ASMR!!

  • KatrinSi
    KatrinSi Month ago +8

    how dare, i always eat the peel of my apples

  • Jacqdo Jacq
    Jacqdo Jacq Month ago +8

    The apple jam, i think you need to 'boil' the scraps properly, bcz i dont think you boiled them

  • Matalino Entertainments

    I re-use bacon grease/oil to cook again lol

  • trinxhella's life
    trinxhella's life Month ago +4

    remember the cloves lmao they are in the bottom too 🤣

  • Free Roblox things
    Free Roblox things Month ago +1

    You freaking idiot! Dont mix the cinnamon and olives

    • Isabella Puff
      Isabella Puff Month ago

      RUSH Cole Cerjak agreed.

    • RUSH Cole Cerjak
      RUSH Cole Cerjak Month ago +2

      Free Roblox things attest he uploads real videos unlike you with “free bc”

  • Sofía Anguita
    Sofía Anguita Month ago +5

    You should left the apple juice with the sugar more time, and not stir it at all, like when you make caramel. And you could add red food coloring for the style (?)

  • boy with luv BTS
    boy with luv BTS Month ago +3

    Me: Wow he's so good at this...
    how could I say that?
    because i would do much worse...

    • boy with luv BTS
      boy with luv BTS Month ago

      @dream Taehyung is my bias...

    • Dream
      Dream Month ago


      I saw ur username ;-;

  • Iggy Whoahh
    Iggy Whoahh Month ago +7

    Applew have pectin so if you boil it long enough it will become jelly like

  • Akira Yagami
    Akira Yagami Month ago +6

    You didn't cook the jam long enough. Jam making is a long process. You have to reduce it a lot.

  • Charlie m
    Charlie m Month ago +1

    His reaction @ 7:00 😂

  • meiani V
    meiani V Month ago +3

    Can You do a seafood muckbang pls🙏🙏🙏

  • Emmanuel Damilare
    Emmanuel Damilare Month ago +3

    Soyboy, so sensitive. Hear how he says: "euww that's diiisgusting"😂😂.
    Very sad, nowdays you can't even be sure, a guy is really a "guy"XD

    • Belma Tuzlic
      Belma Tuzlic Month ago

      And sometimes you can't be sure if some ppl really are "ppl" or just assholes like you .. 🙄🙄🤮🤮

    • Just Another PJO/HOO fan
      Just Another PJO/HOO fan Month ago

      What are you saying


    Bro chia seeds are discuting and it gets big