i tested hacks reusing FOOD SCRAPS & leftovers

  • Published on Apr 30, 2019
  • so i turned BACON FAT into a CANDLE... i also tried to reuse orange peels, potato skins and many other food scraps and leftovers that people throw away. i hope you like it and don't forget to subscribe for more videos, thanks
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  • Fatima Khalil
    Fatima Khalil 4 hours ago

    Asmr potato skins👌

  • Katelynn Bychurch
    Katelynn Bychurch 9 hours ago

    i don’t think a lot of chia seeds are good for you

  • Kammy _ Stinton
    Kammy _ Stinton 21 hour ago +2

    You should try ASMR!!

  • KatrinSi
    KatrinSi Day ago +2

    how dare, i always eat the peel of my apples

  • Jacqdo Jacq
    Jacqdo Jacq Day ago +5

    The apple jam, i think you need to 'boil' the scraps properly, bcz i dont think you boiled them

  • Matalino Entertainments

    I re-use bacon grease/oil to cook again lol

  • trinxhella's life
    trinxhella's life 2 days ago +3

    remember the cloves lmao they are in the bottom too 🤣

  • Free Roblox things
    Free Roblox things 2 days ago +1

    You freaking idiot! Dont mix the cinnamon and olives

    • RUSH Cole Cerjak
      RUSH Cole Cerjak 2 days ago +1

      Free Roblox things attest he uploads real videos unlike you with “free bc”

  • Sofía Anguita
    Sofía Anguita 3 days ago +5

    You should left the apple juice with the sugar more time, and not stir it at all, like when you make caramel. And you could add red food coloring for the style (?)

  • boy with luv BTS
    boy with luv BTS 3 days ago +3

    Me: Wow he's so good at this...
    how could I say that?
    because i would do much worse...

    • boy with luv BTS
      boy with luv BTS 2 days ago

      @dream Taehyung is my bias...

    • Dream
      Dream 3 days ago


      I saw ur username ;-;

  • Iggy Whoahh
    Iggy Whoahh 3 days ago +6

    Applew have pectin so if you boil it long enough it will become jelly like

  • Akira Yagami
    Akira Yagami 3 days ago +4

    You didn't cook the jam long enough. Jam making is a long process. You have to reduce it a lot.

  • Charlie m
    Charlie m 3 days ago +1

    His reaction @ 7:00 😂

  • meiani V
    meiani V 4 days ago +3

    Can You do a seafood muckbang pls🙏🙏🙏

  • Emmanuel Damilare
    Emmanuel Damilare 4 days ago +3

    Soyboy, so sensitive. Hear how he says: "euww that's diiisgusting"😂😂.
    Very sad, nowdays you can't even be sure, a guy is really a "guy"XD


    Bro chia seeds are discuting and it gets big

  • the blue jack best
    the blue jack best 5 days ago +8

    You are so dumb

  • David Li
    David Li 6 days ago +7

    He suppose to rub the oil on the orange stem

  • Dolma G
    Dolma G 6 days ago +6

    Love that your videoen starts enighet away 🌞

  • •CaroReaper •
    •CaroReaper • 6 days ago +5

    The orange takes a while to ignite so you have to keep the flame on it for a while :) *tried it and loved it even though it does smell like it* It works with lemons too!

  • •.Fëke.•
    •.Fëke.• 6 days ago +3

    ya got 20k likes

  • You Got No Jams
    You Got No Jams 7 days ago +10

    Me: (Me who hasn’t exercised for an entire year)
    Also me: Is this what exercise feels like?

    • You Got No Jams
      You Got No Jams 23 hours ago


    • Dream
      Dream 3 days ago +1


      sorry, i saw ur username ;-;

  • Gina Aura Ramdan
    Gina Aura Ramdan 7 days ago +12

    4:43 i can taste bacon in my lips. Wait i had some bacon 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Alvin Fernando
    Alvin Fernando 7 days ago +3

    So about the orange pill...? Whatever you guys call it, would work if the center is not wet. The oil is used for fire distinguisher. Use less oil to make it stay a bit longer...

    • Anna Barrx
      Anna Barrx 6 days ago

      Alvin Fernando it’s orange peel*

  • Phoppy
    Phoppy 8 days ago +1

    1:13 I literally cackled. My gosh, scooping it.
    Oh, Raphael what a babe you are..

  • Govinda Soren
    Govinda Soren 8 days ago +4

    you are so dumb

    • Hani Hani
      Hani Hani 2 days ago +1

      @RUSH Cole Cerjak your parents that are dummies because they should've aborted you .

    • RUSH Cole Cerjak
      RUSH Cole Cerjak 2 days ago

      Govinda Soren just because he has more subs then you doesn’t mean he is bad dummy

    • Hani Hani
      Hani Hani 3 days ago +1

      @Sarina Chak die

    • Hani Hani
      Hani Hani 3 days ago +1

      @Aqua Wolf yes he is

    • Sarina Chak
      Sarina Chak 6 days ago +2

      No honey, you are 😊

  • Crescent Luhan
    Crescent Luhan 8 days ago +8

    Raphael,, the apple jam,, you should have boiled it longer for it to get thick
    also for the orange,, it didn't burn because that long stringy thing in the middle is wet. it should be dry for it to burn

  • Zade Shadow
    Zade Shadow 8 days ago

    U know that sometimes potato skin can be poisonus so dont ALWAYS do it ( My own point pls dont hate me :'( )

  • I don’t know what To name my account

    2:03 no sh*t 😂

  • Kawaii Neko
    Kawaii Neko 9 days ago +7

    Raphael: I could taste bacon on my mouth

    Also Raphael: oh wait I just had some

  • Allen Campbell
    Allen Campbell 9 days ago +8

    My brother would love that candle

  • Hannah Ahmed
    Hannah Ahmed 10 days ago +6

    Raphael for the jam your supposed to use a LOT more sugar - usually 1 part water to 3 part sugar

  • Reya Lang
    Reya Lang 10 days ago +5

    With the orange one they used dried orange

  • Aryan Fara
    Aryan Fara 10 days ago +1

    Where’s that bleachers hoodie from?

  • An Ne
    An Ne 10 days ago +1


  • Janiel Williams
    Janiel Williams 10 days ago +2

    I don’t eat bacon but cool hack 😭😭😭

  • MYvids byJJ
    MYvids byJJ 10 days ago +2

    Store bought apple jam is that kind of color

  • Naomi Amar
    Naomi Amar 10 days ago +2

    put in perfume oil that overlaps every fragrance with natural perfume oil

  • jess 345
    jess 345 10 days ago +15

    Why is Raphael so goddamn cute?!

  • Macy Bard
    Macy Bard 11 days ago

    I think u aren’t supposed to get the oil on that middle part

  • daniela patricio
    daniela patricio 11 days ago

    That is for carrots u idiot ...

    • Mimimac3 lovesMB20
      Mimimac3 lovesMB20 6 days ago

      @Maxi Lozada r u telling them that their GRAMMAR is somehow incorrect or what? 🤔 Bc if so.....🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Maxi Lozada
      Maxi Lozada 9 days ago

      Grammer smart ass

  • Macy Bard
    Macy Bard 11 days ago +1

    Three little Piggies

  • Zach Seagraves
    Zach Seagraves 11 days ago +4

    Thetes 20,000 likes 😂😂

  • Laiba Ahmed
    Laiba Ahmed 11 days ago +14

    _So ... __5:31__ ..._

    _I donot want to be gross and weird and stuff ... But my mom makes these potato skin chips for us most likely everyday ... And TBH ... I love it ... my sisters even take it to school ... And all of thier friends love it ... It's yummy af ..._

    • Rimin
      Rimin 9 days ago

      @Hannah Ahmed to be honest I don't know. I had them yesterday and they were really nice

    • Hannah Ahmed
      Hannah Ahmed 10 days ago

      Why is that gross and weird

    • Rimin
      Rimin 10 days ago

      What kind of potatoes are they

  • Noah Husemann
    Noah Husemann 11 days ago +3

    5:14 so do i dis like if i dont Wana bye it?

  • Shrek’s Thicc Cousin
    Shrek’s Thicc Cousin 11 days ago +4

    Michael Scott would love that bacon candle

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow 11 days ago +5

    I would like to order some 3 little piggies

  • kalala faraimo
    kalala faraimo 11 days ago +3

    See the olive oil it says virgin

  • I suk TV
    I suk TV 12 days ago +7

    What would I call this candle *thinking*
    OoOoOo **🙌🏻three little piggies🙌🏻**

  • ava Bowers
    ava Bowers 12 days ago +6

    U got 20k likes! I went a Bacon candle!

  • Alynne Hira
    Alynne Hira 12 days ago +9

    Why some of you guys are so salty in this comment section

  • Sabrina Ahmad
    Sabrina Ahmad 12 days ago +9

    I think you have to let the orange dry a bit before

  • Animal Lover
    Animal Lover 12 days ago


  • Unicorno111 Ftw
    Unicorno111 Ftw 12 days ago +2

    I eat the nutella alone when its left liek that

  • Ella Leak
    Ella Leak 12 days ago +13

    Why are some people so rude to raphael? He's lush, if you have a problem with him get off his channel,, it's simple!

  • Kbombrocks101
    Kbombrocks101 12 days ago +6

    Ok this comment is for aussies only (I think)
    But potato skin chips

  • Xxmeh playingxX
    Xxmeh playingxX 12 days ago +2

    He says baacun

  • Mariana Garcia
    Mariana Garcia 13 days ago +1

    OMG me 3:06

  • Jenesia Britton
    Jenesia Britton 13 days ago +3

    Raphael: Is this what exercise feel like
    Me: Can't relate😪

  • Beasty
    Beasty 13 days ago +3

    The orange thing works

  • Autumn Schwartz
    Autumn Schwartz 13 days ago +11

    The fact that he spends his money on this😂

  • Noora Sajwani
    Noora Sajwani 13 days ago +20

    8:30, I just pour milk into the empty nutella jar and shake it, that way, you have a nutella chocolate milk or milkshake, call it what you want.

    • savannah lowpath
      savannah lowpath 12 days ago

      I usually get coconut ice cream and but it in nutella and add almond milk and shake and 7se a straw and drink it

  • Noora Sajwani
    Noora Sajwani 13 days ago +7

    I can taste bacon in my lips....oh I wait I had some bacon

  • Toby Ugbor
    Toby Ugbor 13 days ago +5

    Acts like a lady

  • Just A’myah
    Just A’myah 13 days ago +8

    *_bacon fat_* as a reusable *candle* ?

    i’m *going* to throw up 🤢...that’s so disgusting!!

    • Brue Grimm
      Brue Grimm 7 days ago

      In the past, people use animal fat to make candle. So it almost the same.

    • esme is lame
      esme is lame 12 days ago

      @Cosmoni YT yo ur right

    • Cosmoni YT
      Cosmoni YT 12 days ago +3

      @Just A’myah I'm just saying that if you think that's disgusting then you can go ahead and throw up. You eat that fat when you eat bacon so what's so disgusting? Plus you said you were going to throw up, so throw up. It's not disgusting so why not, go ahead. Overexaggerate your thoughts and tell everybody how disgusting it is.

    • Just A’myah
      Just A’myah 12 days ago

      Cosmoni YT salty much ?

    • Cosmoni YT
      Cosmoni YT 13 days ago +2

      Go ahead.

  • Hana Fijavž
    Hana Fijavž 13 days ago +12

    the jam works too you just forgot to boil it when the sugar its in

  • Alice _
    Alice _ 13 days ago +2

    Is it pronounced chia or shia cuz he's saying shia

  • OctoBerrie
    OctoBerrie 13 days ago +5

    Free shipping fee where u at

  • manal love
    manal love 13 days ago +4

    He eats everything..

  • Mrs Bitch
    Mrs Bitch 13 days ago +5

    First of all who peels their apples??
    And also that dude there shaves his legs and im a girl and i dont. Wth

    • Mrs Bitch
      Mrs Bitch 3 days ago

      @Ella Leak yea i kno thaz y i took the name also idk where yall grew up but im sayin most of this shite as a joke dont take internet so seriously dear god

    • BluieCassie
      BluieCassie 11 days ago +2

      I Always peel my Apple...

    • Keisha Keisha
      Keisha Keisha 12 days ago +3

      I peel my apples

    • Ella Leak
      Ella Leak 12 days ago +3

      @Mrs Bitch all she said was every body is different? That is in no way offensive or requires you to say anything. Also your name suits you well love.

    • Aesthetic_igsm
      Aesthetic_igsm 12 days ago +4

      Mrs Bitch first of all ..I just said every bodies different so why u getting all like that..I’m just stating a fact soo

  • Theyluv. Myiaaa
    Theyluv. Myiaaa 13 days ago +3

    He should I made chocolate milk 😂

  • meh is lazy
    meh is lazy 13 days ago +13

    *"iS tHis wHAt eXErcISe fEeLs lIKe? "*

  • OFFNightcore YT
    OFFNightcore YT 14 days ago +17

    The orange one does work, u had to burn it till its black so it dries up and burns. 😃

  • مَن أنّا
    مَن أنّا 14 days ago +11

    I actually skip potato peeling cause I’m super lazy

  • Wolfnem101 Nem
    Wolfnem101 Nem 14 days ago +5

    My sister are obsessed with candles

    FALCON BEAUTY 14 days ago +2

    Bleachers sweatshirt 😍😍😍

  • Ingen Eksempel
    Ingen Eksempel 14 days ago +7

    Well, to be honest, I usually just skip peeling the potatoes, just because I don’t want to. And it doesn’t actually taste that bad at all

  • Potatoes Rule
    Potatoes Rule 14 days ago +2


    LAZY PEACH 14 days ago +4

    11:55 that zoom in is my life lol.

  • M Silas
    M Silas 14 days ago +2

    Can you do anything right ... literally the first 2 mins was so cringy

    • Jennifer Handoyo
      Jennifer Handoyo 3 days ago

      @holly princess u pretty

    • Jennifer Handoyo
      Jennifer Handoyo 3 days ago

      @Sun Rose aku? Iya

    • Ella Leak
      Ella Leak 12 days ago +1

      piss off, if you have a problem get off his channel please!!

    • Fantasy Bee
      Fantasy Bee 13 days ago +1

      M Silas lol if it’s an opinion and don’t like him then why where you still watching

    • Sun Rose
      Sun Rose 13 days ago

      At least she's being creative (if i could swear here i would)

  • Gregory House
    Gregory House 15 days ago +17

    Actually, eating potato skin is perfectly healthy. Sometimes healthier than the actual potato! It tastes fairly good, too, especially with the potato 'meat'. Just make sure to eat the parts that aren't green, or you could get sick.

  • Ivan Dalisay
    Ivan Dalisay 15 days ago +7

    You dripped some oil in the orange one do it didn't work you dripped oil in the tip of the 🍊

  • Kami No Yami
    Kami No Yami 15 days ago +13

    This is the most satisfying video i ever seen
    Great video dude
    You don't deserve hate comments

  • Kami No Yami
    Kami No Yami 15 days ago +7

    How to lure pests:

    Make bacon candle

  • Katinka Frost
    Katinka Frost 15 days ago +5

    I love your videos. You’re probably the only TheXvidr that doesn’t have an intro. Most of the time you skip the intro anyway. THANK YOU!

  • izza izzy TV
    izza izzy TV 15 days ago +1

    Kasih subtitle indonesia

    JAMES DEAN 15 days ago +1

    hi can u give me some plz... lol im ur fan.. i love ur video very much!!

    • gaTriX GD
      gaTriX GD 15 days ago +1

      How do he know your location? And why don't you do it yourself?

  • family latief
    family latief 15 days ago +3

    your DIY is epic!!!!!!! so cute

  • Tati Hi
    Tati Hi 15 days ago +22

    You need boil the apple longer until it turned red and boil the sugar with the water until it became jam so be patient cooking is all about patient

    • Cici Aliyah
      Cici Aliyah 13 days ago

      @Moonchild ikr

    • Moonchild
      Moonchild 13 days ago +1

      These hacks are mostly scams lol
      That apple jam showed in the clip was something from a store, and they probably put food colorant in the water. Everyone knows that boiling apples won't make any water THAT red, because the apples's skin has no tints or colorants on it.

    • Kami No Yami
      Kami No Yami 14 days ago

      @Cici Aliyah yes u need cooking skills too

    • Cici Aliyah
      Cici Aliyah 14 days ago

      Sometimes to do those "hacks" you really need some basic skills

    • Kami No Yami
      Kami No Yami 15 days ago +1

      Also you need to stir while boiling the apple and water so it will be good

  • KaylaPurple808
    KaylaPurple808 15 days ago +9

    I've done the orange one and it worked. I'm not sure what went wrong but maybe because the oil was poured on the "wick"

  • Mayson Grace
    Mayson Grace 15 days ago +8

    Why are there so many hate comments like honestly? If you don’t like him get off his page, it’s that simple.

  • CrustyPancakes
    CrustyPancakes 15 days ago +12

    Stop hating on him :(

  • Harleen Quinzel
    Harleen Quinzel 16 days ago +2

    Shshshsh Shea

  • Matt Klimek
    Matt Klimek 16 days ago +9

    Hate comments 100%
    Nice Comments 0%

  • المستشاره
    المستشاره 16 days ago +1

    I got so irritated when you filled peanut butter and nutella with so much milk pffs

  • finx
    finx 16 days ago +1

    Why areny you wearing the shirt

  • LightSide xX
    LightSide xX 16 days ago +6

    Everything smells like bacon to you?!?!?🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • LightSide xX
      LightSide xX 15 days ago

      @Tahlya Bush and that comes from you?!?!?

    • Tahlya Bush
      Tahlya Bush 15 days ago

      LightSide xX it must matter that much for u to be bothered to write your comment

    • LightSide xX
      LightSide xX 15 days ago

      @Mayson Grace Have i said it matters?????

    • Mayson Grace
      Mayson Grace 15 days ago +2

      LightSide xX Why does it matter?¿

  • Geezy G̷e̷l̷o̷
    Geezy G̷e̷l̷o̷ 16 days ago +8

    Can i fry the potato skins ?
    Need answer pls

  • Say May
    Say May 16 days ago +7

    2:05 maybe because it’s bacon fat

    • Kxtie B
      Kxtie B 16 days ago +1


  • Unknown
    Unknown 16 days ago +3

    i love wendys french fries becus it have some of the skin on it and its just delicious so i've known about the skin long time ago