Larger than Life Unboxing


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  • Noire Black
    Noire Black 9 days ago

    its a structure made entirely out of things that got dropped

  • Aleksander Resendorf

    It's so painful watching Linus handle power tools.. The grinding of those bits dude.. It's rough to sit through :P

  • Blackfeather Tanfur
    Blackfeather Tanfur 9 days ago

    3 seconds of Googling shows that not only is it a dragon, but its name is "Dragon Lucky", and it has a brother, "Happy" who is a green dragon. Smaller figures of it are available from MSI.

  • Brutal Bro
    Brutal Bro 10 days ago

    Its like the Charmander that became a Charizard but never grew to a larger size cause it was malnourished.

  • TheDankAtheist
    TheDankAtheist 10 days ago

    Stop buying shit linus

  • Tom-André Steinsgard
    Tom-André Steinsgard 12 days ago

    Not A dragon... THE Dragon, Lucky the Dragon!! And yes, I guess that makes you somewhat of an arse, but I DGAF! This is friggin cool! Good on you for doing that! However, I don't think it is the only one, they had one at DreamHack Jönköping in Sweden. But they could have shipped it there I suppose :P Anyway.. I Applaud you!

  • Andres Valdiri
    Andres Valdiri 14 days ago

    New dragon for the collection Linus!

  • Mohit Akundi
    Mohit Akundi 15 days ago +2

    Who's here after Lucky went MIA in Techlinked ?

  • Kevlar Vrus 57
    Kevlar Vrus 57 15 days ago +2

    So this is the Dragon that people keep asking for in the background.

  • Ross Pullan
    Ross Pullan 17 days ago

    OMG this is SO AMAZING, as a poor penniless PC gamer and as a dragon fanatic. Im so jealous.

  • SH S
    SH S 21 day ago

    용~용~ 용!

  • Manuel85
    Manuel85 23 days ago

    I am lucky i aint rich... would propa buy stupid shiet like this!

  • Kamal Harrison
    Kamal Harrison 27 days ago

    Will this be at LTX

  • Wayne Koay
    Wayne Koay 28 days ago

    This is beautiful

  • Matthew Martin
    Matthew Martin 29 days ago

    Yvonne Side!

  • damnamas
    damnamas 29 days ago

    Linus all the way with this one

  • houseplant7
    houseplant7 Month ago

    sub to me right now

  • 周家瑞
    周家瑞 Month ago

    Taiwan is Taiwan and it's fine to say this island is not a part of China.

  • Lee's 4Runner
    Lee's 4Runner Month ago

    It’s worth it

  • xSpirit
    xSpirit Month ago


  • Xavian Stormfang
    Xavian Stormfang Month ago

    Linus obtains msi's dragon-sona. I am mad jelly!

  • jason fry
    jason fry Month ago

    Heck yea everyone should have a Dragon

  • clmbheat.322
    clmbheat.322 Month ago

    Im late to this but i think he should put it in his bedroom, Or his office, or maybe just maybe his bedroom lol

  • Draven Nelson
    Draven Nelson Month ago

    Dinosaurs that’s a scam 😂😂😂 had me dying

  • Jason Texter
    Jason Texter Month ago


  • Minecraft Weekly
    Minecraft Weekly Month ago

    Linus is Dumb if he actually thinks dragons are real. It is called carbon dating. If carbon dating didn't work, then dinosaurs aren't real.

  • Killian Dark
    Killian Dark Month ago +1

    I feel like it's a giant chess horse

  • MH0709
    MH0709 Month ago

    So many envious people out there - this includes me.

  • StreetDreamzTT
    StreetDreamzTT Month ago

    This was epic!!

  • Renen77
    Renen77 Month ago

    But is it RGB?

  • GeekDom
    GeekDom Month ago +1

    My guess a giant blanket

  • HarleyQuinn 2000
    HarleyQuinn 2000 Month ago

    Dragon (horns, wings, color) and Dinosaur (head, body, tail).
    Dragosaur or Dinogon

  • M.W Myers
    M.W Myers Month ago

    I genuinely wasn't sure if this was a LTT video (thanks autoplay!) because of the way I keep YT open while at work, then the garage door came up enough to see the sandals.
    Never change, Linus.

  • fdjakl;f fjadslk;fja

    If you haven't seen this, it is spoiled by the sign on the crate.

  • Atoool K
    Atoool K Month ago

    this video needs more views XD lol

  • Atoool K
    Atoool K Month ago

    I thought it would be an arcade :P

  • Galaxy Gamers
    Galaxy Gamers Month ago

    Rocks right

  • Ayaan Chudesara
    Ayaan Chudesara Month ago

    That's my charizard

  • Braeden Shea
    Braeden Shea Month ago

    I have been watching all of his channels pretty much non-stop for the last 3 months or so. I have probably watched his videos in the past, but do not remember doing so. Not sure when it happened, but i just started constantly watching him from beginning to end, from where he started to where he is now. I would love to be an employee for him. Anyways, I am just trying to find out what time his shows start at, so i can actually watch him live for once. I love this channel, but also love the other channels, so if someone could inform me of what time to catch him at that would be greatly appreciated. I live in puyallup, wa, so basically either tacoma, wa or seattle, wa for those who have no idea where i am at. It is 4:43pm where i am at, so i am in PST. Thanks to whoever can give me a time schedule for all his shows or at least this channel.

  • Peter Cai
    Peter Cai Month ago

    I laugh so hard when he said dragon asshole

  • Makubeku Urashima
    Makubeku Urashima Month ago

    i love this a lot more than i should

  • Gary Wilkey
    Gary Wilkey Month ago

    “That’s my dragon your brand is on” hahaha I laughed so hard out loud I’m sure my neighbors heard it

  • SteveDaSavage
    SteveDaSavage Month ago

    u need a longer drill bit tbh

  • David Hoffnung
    David Hoffnung Month ago

    This is so stupid and awesome.

  • Logan Landis
    Logan Landis Month ago

    i want that fuckin dragon......

  • José Encarnação
    José Encarnação Month ago

    Is it going to appear in LTX19?

  • John Bradley
    John Bradley Month ago

    the dragon is gone from linus tech jow

  • St8kout
    St8kout Month ago

    The label on the crate: "Dragon Idol." The delivery guy was probably like, "Um, hey boss. Call the police if I'm not back in a few hours. I think we're dealing with some kind of cult."

  • Spiritfox60
    Spiritfox60 Month ago

    Dragon!!!! Team Linus! The man that knows what a dragon is. But really that thing is cool!

  • Calvin Liang
    Calvin Liang Month ago

    Linus : its a dragon
    Yvone : its a dinosaur
    Me : its a red dragonnite

  • silvercrystalct
    silvercrystalct Month ago

    I'm glad your a tech guy, because those drill skills LOL.... that thing though, EPIC

  • Kevin William You Wei

    Really love this things....I would totally put this in my living room 😍

  • TheThunderGuy S
    TheThunderGuy S Month ago +4

    rip red dragon he dissapearred from techlinked

  • T-Perm J-Perm
    T-Perm J-Perm Month ago

    Linus dwagon! Linus dwagon!

  • Michael Sanders
    Michael Sanders Month ago

    Ever hear of a ladder you should break down a box with being on it.

  • Leyland Foizey
    Leyland Foizey Month ago

    Shoulda got the Buddy Christ

  • no way juan
    no way juan Month ago

    i knew it was a dragon something because the packing slip on the front says DRAGON. cant make out much more than that.

  • xaj0x
    xaj0x Month ago

    0:41 video ruined by piece of paper

  • Adam Lewallen
    Adam Lewallen Month ago

    Waits over a year for this moment to almost run himself over. Best tech channel!

  • Cryo Scar
    Cryo Scar Month ago

    first i was like, "you serious with this?"
    then i heard the story and was like, "worth it!"

  • Twink
    Twink Month ago

    Awesome, I'm jelly.

    • Twink
      Twink Month ago

      They need a mini version as swag. I'd totally go for one of those to have on my desk.

  • About47Pandas
    About47Pandas Month ago

    No its not that, but that would be cool; No its not that, but that would be cool; No, its not that but that would be cool... Now it doesnt matter what it is, its not as cool as everything its not.

  • ScarfFox and Friends

    Pterodactyls are flying reptiles, not dinosaurs

  • Eric Ison
    Eric Ison Month ago

    Aye uh....imma need that dragon..

  • Eunoia & Anrkyuk
    Eunoia & Anrkyuk Month ago

    If MSI had their marketing hats on they would have produced a limited edition run of 10,000 mini dragons ready to drop on eBay the second you posted this and they would have recouped the production cost of the full sized one they gave away...

  • part8880 part8880
    part8880 part8880 Month ago

    25:30 dragon happy asshole best Linus video ever

  • CowboyRazor
    CowboyRazor Month ago

    pretty certain that the larger than life is the machine is from red dwarf when the despair squid causes hallucinations

  • john fabrizio
    john fabrizio Month ago

    If you ever have the time and are interested look up the bone Wars that took place in the mid 1800s to early 1900s. Paleontology is Rife with forgeries and hoaxes. There was a lot of money to be made. Carbon dating is also extremely flawed.

  • no one cares
    no one cares Month ago

    You don't need to take the screws all the way out

  • Ian Konstantino
    Ian Konstantino Month ago

    When I saw it, I knew it was the MSI Drag, I have a little plush sitting on my desk and I thought if it right away, dude thats so cool!

  • DarthWubs
    DarthWubs Month ago

    More space than your ego?

  • Scott Tait
    Scott Tait Month ago

    Happy asshole and their money are often parted lol

  • Void Byte
    Void Byte Month ago

    "Dinosaurs are fake, but Dragons are real."
    You could be the next president of the USA Linus!

  • Kevin
    Kevin Month ago

    why cant they just use the letters MSI, its so trusted and respectable. I despise the dragon on my ge72. I taped over it cuz its so "boy 12 years old"

  • Triacontagon
    Triacontagon Month ago

    just cheking inn, where is the dragon now?

    SHIELD KILLER 2 months ago

    Cute lucky dragon !

  • Flykope
    Flykope 2 months ago

    11:27 acrobatic skills

  • Regan Collins
    Regan Collins 2 months ago

    Now that's Sweet!!!!

  • Vindrael
    Vindrael 2 months ago

    'Dragons are real'
    i was drinking a coffee and burst out when i hear this... waste of good coffee... nice vid though

  • Evgeniya Ganeeva
    Evgeniya Ganeeva 2 months ago

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  • Got2DRFT
    Got2DRFT 2 months ago

    No... did you really just... OMG.

  • Tonni Lyng Berndorf
    Tonni Lyng Berndorf 2 months ago

    That is soooooo cool 😎😎😎😎

  • Bryan Welch
    Bryan Welch 2 months ago

    TheXvid freaking sucks. It's always buffering when I'm on a 300mbs connection. Wtf.

  • Matthew Anderson
    Matthew Anderson 2 months ago


  • Random User
    Random User 2 months ago

    Happy asshole. I'm going to take it that is what the finger is pointing out for! ><
    BTW, I thought it was going to be one of those giant Japanese bears with the giant testicles.

  • Beau Enger
    Beau Enger 2 months ago

    It's obviously a dragon

  • Don Xingon
    Don Xingon 2 months ago

    I love it!

  • John Cox
    John Cox 2 months ago

    Linos Is obviously an intelligent and gifted individual . If i were a close personal acquaintance in this instance my comment would be " You are an idiot ." No offence intended because some times ya just got to be stupid. Fun video thanks for posting.

  • Narayanan M Menon
    Narayanan M Menon 2 months ago

    Dragonite alternate form!

  • J Knox
    J Knox 2 months ago

    Watching this and imagining Linus is Michael Scott and this is just an episode of the office is the best thing ever. I laughed so hard.

  • Robert Porter
    Robert Porter 2 months ago

    Awesome purchase!

  • Something1sout Yt
    Something1sout Yt 2 months ago


  • Something1sout Yt
    Something1sout Yt 2 months ago

    10,000 or 100,000

  • Something1sout Yt
    Something1sout Yt 2 months ago


  • Something1sout Yt
    Something1sout Yt 2 months ago

    I'll pay 10000

  • Amirul Amin
    Amirul Amin 2 months ago

    Awesome draggo...

  • Vikram Banerjee
    Vikram Banerjee 2 months ago

    you could have just taken apart the 4 walls, it would have been les of an effort, you know. :P

  • rexxed757
    rexxed757 2 months ago

    hes using a stanely super wonder bar

  • Adib Ariman
    Adib Ariman 2 months ago


  • GamingEngineer Astromals
    GamingEngineer Astromals 2 months ago +1

    Where can I get one? I NEED ONE!