The Best Friends Blooper of Every Season

  • Published on Aug 6, 2021
  • Every season of "Friends" has a classic blooper. Our countdown includes Joey's fall, "Pivot!," Nurse Phoebe, and more! What's YOUR favorite "Friends" blooper? Let us know in the comments!
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Comments • 172

  • MsMojo
    MsMojo   +85

    Did you know every episode of Friends is on HBO Max?

  • Chelsea Canales

    Hearing Lisa Kudrow laugh is enough to make anyone laugh. She’s so cute.

  • 🖤𓆙Froggo𓆙🖤

    I love how Perry is Chandler in real life 😂 He didn’t needed to act. He was just Chandler

  • batgurrl
    batgurrl  +214

    Bloopers are such a joy to see because they are funny as hell and show actual real reactions of the actors. Too hard to pick ‘the best’ because they’re all fun❤️

  • O Flode
    O Flode  +52

    "Pivot" should be Number 1 always, It never fails at making me laugh. I'm seriously considering making me a t-shirt 😂

  • Kristina Cyr

    One of my favorite bloopers is right before Monica and Chandler get engaged, and Richard visits Monica at work and tells him that he still loves her. During one take, after Tom Selleck gives his line, Matthew Perry bursts in and says "What the f*** are you doing?". Gets me every time.

  • David B Wooten
    David B Wooten 7 hours ago

    Lisa's laugh IS perfect, but that smile on Courtney's face at

  • Emma Crooke

    My favourite blooper is when Phoebe's in labour

  • luke ketchum

    David Schwimmer takes the trophy for having the greatest bloopers! 🏆

  • Rihanna14 💖

    This is my all-time favourite series. It was a funny show. The Reunion made me cry when they all saw each other again :'(

  • The TV Trivia Channel

    I will never get tired of this show, the bloopers just adds to it and gives us an inside view. Thanks for the effort!

  • Rena Kahler

    Lisa Kudrow’s real laugh is one of the most infectious laughs ever😂😍

  • Henri
    Henri  +335

    Season 7 , the bagpipes one is the best bloopers on the show , look at Jennifer Aniston during the scene

  • kpurrys
    kpurrys  +10

    This show can never get old. Every cast was so perfect that they made every scene so funny for us.

  • Oliver
    Oliver  +122

    In the reuinion , we all saw how funny the "pivot" one really is

  • Gaming Celebrity

    I love the “it’s fucking fire” blooper from season 10. Funny how it was made into a meme.

  • Aleria0901

    To this day i can't help but bursting into laughter every time i hear the word pivot!

  • Alex Hidalgo

    Always be my favorite show ever especially their blooper is funny


    when u realize that some bloopers are actually funnier than the scenes

  • ce cezard
    ce cezard  +17

    This show is everything 😂 ❤️