• Published on Sep 19, 2016

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  • Sthembile Amahle
    Sthembile Amahle 28 days ago

    U are beautiful and calmed

  • Thorisho Noko
    Thorisho Noko 4 months ago


  • God'sBabe Born-again
    God'sBabe Born-again 7 months ago

    Leleti Khumalo is gorgeous! South African women, we are gorgeous!!! 😍 I'm proud to be South African.

  • Kundaimiidzo Shamuyarira

    Halala Pearl u are a super talented lady...

  • Bright Star
    Bright Star Year ago +3

    She's a beautiful womanπŸ’œπŸŒΉ

  • Grace Ndlela
    Grace Ndlela Year ago +3

    Love both of them Love love you guyz nibahle Mimi kahle God protect YOU all the time nibahle youhhh n giyanithanda

  • Phindile Makhathini
    Phindile Makhathini Year ago +1

    My girls Pearl nd Jessica love y'all

  • Lwazi Nzimande
    Lwazi Nzimande Year ago +1

    That Joyous Celebration jam!!! Hheyi!

  • Sylvia Bezuidt
    Sylvia Bezuidt Year ago +1

    lala keep on

  • Angela Nkosi
    Angela Nkosi Year ago +4

    I hope she was paying them while staying there, cause some people want to stay with you without any contributions and in JHB its not the same as home you need to contribute something, maybe she was saving and not giving them, but she knows.

  • Ezer Shamma
    Ezer Shamma Year ago

    I love Jessica.....umkhaya wami

  • Bulelwa Buka
    Bulelwa Buka Year ago +3

    I love you galzπŸ˜™

  • Minenhle Mkhwanazi
    Minenhle Mkhwanazi Year ago +3

    Thank you so much for sharing your story... you make me (from Eshowe) feel like my dreams are not out of reach. .

  • Minenhle Mkhwanazi
    Minenhle Mkhwanazi Year ago +1

    Thank you so much for sharing your story... you make me (from Eshowe) feel like my dreams are not out of reach. .

  • zee gates
    zee gates 2 years ago +6

    I like Jessica Nkosi but She was soo wrong for what she did! How do you keep on living with people acting like your poor, leaching off of people but you know you have enough money saved away to buy an entire house full of furniture???πŸ˜•πŸ˜«πŸ˜« I dont know if you know this but furniture is not cheap!!! πŸ™…πŸ™… Hawa! πŸ˜•

    • Fortunate Ndebele
      Fortunate Ndebele Year ago +1

      zee gates Nothing but the truth in your statements there.

    • Fortunate Ndebele
      Fortunate Ndebele Year ago

      zee gates Eish Zee you right there yazi, cos I put myself in the shoes of those family friends, and we are not even sure if she was contributing reasonably towards things like grocery and utilities. Now they hear from this interview that its only sis Ayanda's help that is appreciated. Those who refused totally to help her are probably in her good books then those who indicated that we can only help you for few months

    • zee gates
      zee gates Year ago +3

      Luthando Nkomo HER WORDS ARE "So really its not that I couldn't afford but its just that I thought, LET ME SAVE" then later she said she bought her whole house furniture in one weekend!😭 Do u know how much a coach, bed, fridge, tv, microwave etc must cost for u to have enough money to buy them all at once and cash😧 And personally I feel that the reason why her other friends felt like they didnt needed her there anymore is because she was not contributing- Why would i not want someone around if they are helping me with rent? πŸ™† Jessica acted like the poor kid so she can save her money in peaceπŸ˜‘ She was wrong!
      The people probably saw her go to work n get jobs but noticed she was not contributing so they let her go! No one wants to be used or taken for granted!

    • zee gates
      zee gates Year ago +1

      Luthando Nkomo PLEASE LISTEN TO WHAT SHE SAYS AT 12:05 TO 12:51

    • Luthando Nkomo
      Luthando Nkomo Year ago

      Someone else looks at the money I used for rent as way too much money for savings but in all honesty, I realised how it was Nothing!

  • Sandile Ndonga
    Sandile Ndonga 2 years ago

    Jessica though

  • Captain Oruene
    Captain Oruene 2 years ago

    I love Jess she is real anytime

  • Hlengiwe Dlamini
    Hlengiwe Dlamini 2 years ago +1

    We are motivated Jessica 😍😘

  • senamile mhlongo
    senamile mhlongo 2 years ago +6

    when i Leleti Khumalo coming to zaziwa??

  • Primprim Rose
    Primprim Rose 2 years ago +19

    I see myself as successful as her in 5 years time she's my role model

  • kirtania Sithole
    kirtania Sithole 2 years ago

  • Masondo Nontokozo
    Masondo Nontokozo 2 years ago +1

    But why was the video removed?

  • Madeline Lebereki
    Madeline Lebereki 2 years ago +1

    l love Jessica Nkosi;because she always inspires me.

  • nokuphila masangane
    nokuphila masangane 2 years ago +1

    beautiful within and out, i just love her...

  • tendani malatji
    tendani malatji 2 years ago +6

    I love Jessica Nkosi sooo much. Just watching this episode makes me love her even more!

  • Nontobeko Mbokazi
    Nontobeko Mbokazi 2 years ago +1

    oh my word, isn't she just amazing!

  • Tshiamo Nkoana
    Tshiamo Nkoana 2 years ago


  • Gregory mthemba
    Gregory mthemba 3 years ago +1

    very touching

  • Lwazi Nzimande
    Lwazi Nzimande 3 years ago +5

    I love her yazi.

    PHUMLILE DLAMINI 3 years ago +4

    love you so much Jessica

  • Zilungile Goba
    Zilungile Goba 3 years ago +5

    I wonder abantu ababengasamdingi bathini manjena to hear her say that...... eyi abantu.

    • Fortunate Ndebele
      Fortunate Ndebele Year ago

      I hope she is grateful for the small part they did cos she was not living in the street. Not that it is good but reality is herself will soon realize that she will not be able to house all the kids from her hometown for the whole year who will be coming to Jozi for greener pastures, God allowed it to happen that way as those humble beginnings and struggles would always keep her grounded when she becomes even bigger

    • thembisa makhoba
      thembisa makhoba Year ago

      mmm for sure bashawa ihloni manje

  • Chipo Charova
    Chipo Charova 3 years ago +5

    i love you Jessica, you are beautiful. this interview was so real

  • Luleka Mashazi
    Luleka Mashazi 3 years ago +1

    Such an inspiration. God bless you in all your endeavors Jessica.

  • Gugulethu Kubheka
    Gugulethu Kubheka 3 years ago +4

    i sooo love this woman thou oooooh! God Jessica ....

  • Hilda Muthabe
    Hilda Muthabe 3 years ago +3

    It literally brought tears to my eyes when Jessica says she wants to get to where Pearl is

    MDLULI NONKULULEKO 3 years ago +1

    Jessica I just love you dear

  • Lelo Mngcongo
    Lelo Mngcongo 3 years ago


  • boitumelo merafe
    boitumelo merafe 3 years ago +6

    Please feature uLeleti Khumalo on the show

  • Tali Moyo
    Tali Moyo 3 years ago +3

    Such an inspirational interview....look at are blessed Jessica Nkosi...😍😍😍 thanks for sharing...

  • BTMS Bolo
    BTMS Bolo 3 years ago

    My everyday women crush

  • Senamile Ngwenya
    Senamile Ngwenya 3 years ago +14

    Look at God! that was so inspirational, all the best with your future endeavours Jess!, and Pearl, you are forever great, keep up the good work!

  • Halala Mzimela
    Halala Mzimela 3 years ago +5

    I love her song choice

  • Smiley Face
    Smiley Face 3 years ago +4

    Love her

  • Buhle Mnisi
    Buhle Mnisi 3 years ago +2

    yoooh jessy ilove ya

    • Mendo Hlakuva
      Mendo Hlakuva 3 years ago

      Please help how did you watch it? With me it says video is not available

  • Mendo Hlakuva
    Mendo Hlakuva 3 years ago +2

    Please upload the video again. It says video unavailable

  • Buhle Marcia Moholi
    Buhle Marcia Moholi 3 years ago

    the video is not available 😩

  • nondumiso kheswa
    nondumiso kheswa 3 years ago +1

    wow so touching her story is...

    • Zihnne Riley Demor
      Zihnne Riley Demor 3 years ago

      well when i was watching it using tablet it said video is not available but when i used my laptop it played

    • nondumiso kheswa
      nondumiso kheswa 3 years ago

      i dont knw where the problem is dear...

    • Mendo Hlakuva
      Mendo Hlakuva 3 years ago

      Please help me. How did you watch it? With me it says video is not available

  • Mendo Hlakuva
    Mendo Hlakuva 3 years ago

    Why is it saying video not available?

  • thembelihle mathonsi
    thembelihle mathonsi 3 years ago +13

    she has such an amazing humility..... i like her

  • Bonisile Ntuli
    Bonisile Ntuli 3 years ago +6

    Thanks for the latest uploads, I love my fellow south african women, so driven, so so ambitious, beutiful. I miss home but such uploads get me very close. Love you Jessy....

  • Bheki Lucky Sithole
    Bheki Lucky Sithole 3 years ago

    Heeeey my mkhaya!

  • Hannah Sebokonyane
    Hannah Sebokonyane 3 years ago +1

    Jessica NkosiπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ’œ flawless!