How To Choose The Best Career For You | Karan Shah | TEDxNMIMS

  • Published on Jun 4, 2019
  • Understanding the biggest predicament of the current generation, Karan Shah shares his journey and views on how to deal with one of the most daunting aspects of your life - choosing the best career.
    He has a great understanding of education and jobs as he founded his institute for digital skills, IIDE on the basis of filling the gap between the current education scenario and the necessary skills to become employable.
    Through his journey, he tracks how he was able to determine the best job for himself through a concept called “The Hedgehog Concept” created by Jim Collins. Karan believes that a convergence of finding what you love, finding what you are good and finding something people will pay you to do is what will ultimately lead you to find the perfect career for you, as this is the method he applied on himself, which in the end led him to the inception of his successful million dollar business.
    You can check out his institute here:
    Karan Shah is a public speaker and an entrepreneur in the tech and education space. The founder of IIDE (Indian Institute of Digital Education), Karan started his journey in the education space 6 years back and has trained more than 15,000 students till date online and offline.
    He’s a serial entrepreneur who has bootstrapped his company from Rs.5,000 to a million dollar business. Karan graduated from NMIMS University post which he studied at Harvard University specializing in E-Commerce Strategies and Private Equity.
    Karan aims to step by step change the way education is delivered in India by making it more fun, practical and experiential. His vision does not stop at education. He envisions a future that educates, incubates and accelerates the innovations of tomorrow to create a better and more sustainable world. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Bhagyashri Borude
    Bhagyashri Borude Year ago +13

    This is so amazing! Thank you Karan for your insights! This speech really gave me the courage to move forward with my passion.

  • Akhila Pavithran
    Akhila Pavithran 2 years ago +18

    Hey Karan, this was brilliant! It's fantastic to know a peer that chose to teach. You spoke about things all kids should hear. Congratulations, and thanks! Total pleasure to watch.

  • Vikas Dadwal
    Vikas Dadwal Year ago +20

    Now everyone thinks that if EVERYONE follow these things they all finally becomes millionaire.....and a world when Everyone will be a millionaire....this video is all about choosing the right career which suits your feeling and emotion...which itself leads you to grab good amount of money...and finally bring satisfaction.....
    And in the near future their will be society of motivated and happy doctors,lawyers, engineers, scientist,cooks, musicians, business developers and so on....

      SHASHWAT 8 months ago

      @Sumeet Rana the more rich you are in many cases gives you happiness as you have a comfortable life

    • Sumeet Rana
      Sumeet Rana 11 months ago

      I agree with you.... since childhood we have been taught the more you earn the better you will feel ....... even today i feel the same.......... ...but nobody taught us that how to be happy...........

  • Rimo ✧ 따
    Rimo ✧ 따 6 months ago +7

    This is what I've been searching for the past few months, thank you so much Sir.

  • Neehi Ngaronga
    Neehi Ngaronga Month ago

    This is exactly what I have been looking for! Thinking about a change in career from a government organisation and not knowing what to do next this has given me some tools to think about and use. Thank you 👏👏

  • Tanvi Patel
    Tanvi Patel 9 months ago +4

    Right career brings everything one want in their life
    As it covers maximum part of life

  • Rahul Yadav
    Rahul Yadav Year ago

    Absolutely brilliant. Loved it.

  • Alyina Ksj
    Alyina Ksj Year ago +5

    Highkey one of the best ted talks I’ve seen so far

  • Sapna Khan
    Sapna Khan Year ago +4

    He is really good in public speaking 👍👍👍

  • nimmi
    nimmi 4 months ago

    This is what I was looking for ❤️

  • Disha Mourya
    Disha Mourya Year ago +1

    This is sooo amazing, I love it

  • Akash N
    Akash N 5 months ago

    Wowwwwww......thank you so so so so so so much for sharing this.....truly amazing....

  • Dr Soul
    Dr Soul Year ago +10

    3:33 Hedgehog Principle: What you are GOOD AT,
    What You LOVE, What pays WELL

  • Fitness Freak
    Fitness Freak 2 years ago +2

    Fantastic talk!

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    Thank you bade bhai ❤️👍

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  • Mayur Mundada
    Mayur Mundada 2 months ago

    To summarize - basically find the intersection of what you are good at AND what pays well AND what you love.

  • Techny
    Techny Year ago +1

    Awesome 🔥

  • Satyawati Madar
    Satyawati Madar 4 months ago

    I saw this at the right time in my life

  • Sachin Pandey
    Sachin Pandey 11 months ago

    I m really fond Karan English proficiency

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    wow really good

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    Sir aapne jo webinar kiya tha 28th May 2020 uska certificate dijiye iide ka please

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    Mr Prime Minister I salut you sir

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  • Xiomara Enciso
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    he talks as ZAYN, i love your accent!!! and thanks for the advice:D

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    Fan sirrr

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    Even my name is Karan Shah. Lol 😂

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      shah means king

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      That's my adopted name

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    Why is he dancing and where is this accent from?

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    but you are not good at public speaking

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    You look handsome

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