• Published on Sep 15, 2019
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Comments • 356

  • Erik Morales
    Erik Morales 19 days ago

    It seems as if quams never gets tired

  • Kabeerdixit 2007
    Kabeerdixit 2007 Month ago

    Are Simon and ksi ever going to play again

  • Oge Ossai
    Oge Ossai Month ago

    12:51 Look at the strengthhhhh

  • DeathRow
    DeathRow Month ago

    GO AGAINST "hashtag united"

  • Aaron Lawler
    Aaron Lawler Month ago

    You should get Jordan from to join UTR he’s a great player and would be good in the new team

  • Rhys Owen
    Rhys Owen Month ago

    What camera do you use to film these highlights?

  • Josh Hutchinson
    Josh Hutchinson Month ago +4

    Right enough would UTR ever consider becoming a proper non-league team like Hashtag?

  • M.L.C C
    M.L.C C Month ago +1

    Under the radar fc more like black fc ( if someone comments racist I’m black myself)

  • Ethan Green
    Ethan Green Month ago

    When can me get the away kit

  • MoreREALsean J
    MoreREALsean J Month ago

    Damn that’s my college 😱😂😂😂

  • Fairooz Shaolee
    Fairooz Shaolee Month ago

    What a performance from Jed though

  • Lyndell Hill
    Lyndell Hill Month ago +1

    There Nealy a hole black team 👍👍👍👍👌👌👌

  • chisom ovuegbe
    chisom ovuegbe Month ago

    will is my new favorite player

  • chisom ovuegbe
    chisom ovuegbe Month ago

    me when i heard will signed O_O

  • Hollywood
    Hollywood Month ago

    Some dehydrated pitch

  • Baller Nino
    Baller Nino Month ago +1

    Verse eltham sf

  • MyronTheDrummer
    MyronTheDrummer Month ago

    Drew is a good player. Will is a real veteran of the game.

  • Basil John
    Basil John Month ago +3

    Day 1 of asking manny if UTR could sign Jordan and Charlie from Eltham.

  • Luak Paddy
    Luak Paddy Month ago

    play against rising ballers

  • FC Maniac
    FC Maniac Month ago +1

    Good video manny

  • Courts and Lan
    Courts and Lan Month ago

    How can you still be saying Superstar Lanre 😂😂😂

  • BroOhkEy
    BroOhkEy Month ago

    Next goal is keeping a clean sheet!!

  • Whythefuck
    Whythefuck Month ago

    You should play more on the ground and not in the air. It looks like you’re panicking, and just kicking it forward.. Play the 1&2’s because everyone on the team are good technichal, and has good control on the ball. Do an overlap with the backs, and play it into the deep, because most of the times, the defenders er so far apart from eachoter, and it’s easier for your wings to control in, instead of doing a 50/50 of losing or winning the ball.

  • Segyonh Selvendran
    Segyonh Selvendran Month ago

    15:40 The way Thomas has his top off like he played first half😂😂😂

  • Just Me Flimz
    Just Me Flimz Month ago

    I love Thomas but Dru is a baller, sorry if I’ve misspelt your name

  • Jack Lee
    Jack Lee Month ago

    That kit is acc so peng

  • Gabriel Ogunleye
    Gabriel Ogunleye Month ago

    Jams doesn’t bring shin pads
    Manny:JaMs VeRy UnPrOfsSiOnAl

  • Muppet0306
    Muppet0306 Month ago +1

    That pitch was awful you can just see the ball bobbling everywhere 😂😂

  • TheOG_SupremeX
    TheOG_SupremeX Month ago

    Where is tobi at

  • Maaestro
    Maaestro Month ago

    #27 for Palmers was tekky but Lanre should play more often

  • Harry shepherd
    Harry shepherd Month ago

    You need to play RB /rising ballers

  • Jay-CFilms
    Jay-CFilms Month ago

    Anyone else think Reggie has improved madly from last season. He was by far the best defender on the pitch today!

  • Riley White
    Riley White Month ago

    Is that will from rebel

  • Nart Sekiraca
    Nart Sekiraca Month ago +1

    Yo where’s Caine

  • Watsky
    Watsky Month ago

    guys correct me if im wrong but if u pass the ball with your head to the keeper that doesnt count as a foul or freekick like what happend in the this video or a penalty dont know why but in our country you can pass the ball to the keeper with your head and when i say pass that ball with your head i mean the keeper can catch the ball.

    Please Come Back To Me!

  • ItsABigWin
    ItsABigWin Month ago +1

    why wasnt Tobi playin?

  • Edward Navarro
    Edward Navarro Month ago

    Stop complaining about the pitch , there are people that play in dirt , not every field is gonna be perfect for you guys shit

  • Lil Steppa
    Lil Steppa Month ago

    I couldn't believe Thomas was on the bench

  • Kinetic Fallen
    Kinetic Fallen Month ago

    I’m pissed you guys were ten mins from me and I didn’t know😭

  • Joshua Hancs17
    Joshua Hancs17 Month ago

    Great game....!!!

  • D K
    D K Month ago


  • Muhammad Touray
    Muhammad Touray Month ago

    i like drew , the ideas he has and the plays he wants to make are amazing, he just needs time

    • Richárd Primusz
      Richárd Primusz Month ago

      He's not bad, but way too slow and not enough strong to be a power striker

  • ssjsjsjs
    ssjsjsjs Month ago

    You should start Thomas instead of drew

  • Omg_its_Ali98
    Omg_its_Ali98 Month ago

    Yea palmers college pitches ain’t the best if you’ve played on them you know

  • shawon choudhury
    shawon choudhury Month ago

    what' the outro song manny uses?

  • Mikey Braden
    Mikey Braden Month ago

    Feel like I’m watching the game being played in a wheat field

  • Lidiya Abebe
    Lidiya Abebe Month ago

    Drew is garbage he messed up so many times

  • ChromeFN
    ChromeFN Month ago +1

    Not sure who I wanted to win tbh🤷‍♂️

  • J C.
    J C. Month ago

    What’s the name of the outro song ??

  • Gabriele bergers
    Gabriele bergers Month ago

    20:39 i think the player all they way at the other end of the pitch kept him on.
    Keep up the work Manny, great vid.

  • Ben Lockley
    Ben Lockley Month ago

    Play baitese and prove a point please

  • Kaneki O.C Uchiha
    Kaneki O.C Uchiha Month ago

    You guys need to work on set pieces and headers

  • Touch
    Touch Month ago

    Is the game part of the video sped up?

  • Simon nahir
    Simon nahir Month ago

    Why the fuck is lanre always on the bench nowadays

  • Gajeel red fox
    Gajeel red fox Month ago

    This man going over tactics wow

  • Solomon Gorringe
    Solomon Gorringe Month ago

    You guys need to just shoot. Alot of skill but not enough shooting. I've played alot and my team has always been skillful. And my coach would get fed up and send my up from defence to just shoot. And alot of the time I scored. So I moved to midfield.
    You guys need a shooter hmu ;)

  • Haha Haz
    Haha Haz Month ago

    Give Jamil a break fam.

  • J F
    J F Month ago

    Watching Eric reminds me of Taarabt for some reason lol

  • KT Gaming
    KT Gaming Month ago


  • Emilia Malfoy
    Emilia Malfoy Month ago +1

    Tolu : Clean Sheets would be good for team morale

    UTR in 2nd Minute :
    *_hOw aBoUt nO!_*