This Was the Day the World Almost Ended

  • Published on Mar 7, 2019
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Comments • 4 968

  • Amr Shaheen
    Amr Shaheen 3 hours ago

    So are you telling me that Mr.visiolihjiyhii aeughujhg or whatever his name is saved the world hey Mr.vidufdujgfyh or whatever your name is wanna hang out😎😎

  • Matas Matas
    Matas Matas 4 hours ago

    My birthday is in October 27

  • zyro
    zyro 4 hours ago

    I rlly don’t think it’d done jack shit

  • Mura Kino
    Mura Kino 6 hours ago

    Australia would've been fine

  • Sam Rodabaugh
    Sam Rodabaugh 16 hours ago

    So that was WW3

  • MarcAnthony Pimber
    MarcAnthony Pimber 20 hours ago

    Why would The Soviet Union Sacrifice their own cities with US nuclear ICBM strikes just to protect Cuba from being invaded? Castro was an idiot for even asking The Soviet Union to Order a nuclear Attack on America.

  • Drew 23
    Drew 23 21 hour ago

    So World War 3?

  • Frost Nova
    Frost Nova Day ago

    Just saying and is just my opinion, that the US gets nuked has nothing to do with the world ending, just saying that everyone thinks that the US owns everything and is everything, that the most dangerous gamble only because is the US and then that the whole Americas is at stake, is the US called America’s or what, they treat the US like if it owned everything and then call it a continent, is just my opinion

  • BeingStella
    BeingStella Day ago

    Have they made a movie out of this?

  • hit 1000 subs before t-series overtakes pewds

    One day before my b-day

  • Shane jones
    Shane jones Day ago

    My birthday is October 27th

  • Aisha Esman
    Aisha Esman 2 days ago +1

    America ha haha im in the uk 🇬🇧

  • Pusheen Coffee
    Pusheen Coffee 2 days ago

    Bad people's need to stop ruining gods creation

  • • RoseIronHeart
    • RoseIronHeart 2 days ago

    *October 27* oh yes, the mighty day my brother was born.

  • Rony El Dorado
    Rony El Dorado 2 days ago

    USSR should've fucked the cunts, the Capitalist pigs

  • The Bread Cat
    The Bread Cat 2 days ago +1

    *me in florida*

  • Pravin D
    Pravin D 2 days ago +1

    1962 : People are terrified from the fear of Nuclear annihilation.

    2019 : People are terrified because of more Skillshare Videos.

  • Napalm Death Gaming
    Napalm Death Gaming 3 days ago

    This is such a load of bullshit, typical american bullshit and bad mouthing russia as always

  • How to eat an elephant

    The world could have ended the day Fortnite was invented

  • D_R70
    D_R70 3 days ago

    Vasili Arkhapov - Remember the name

  • Ye Boi
    Ye Boi 4 days ago

    Governments are gonna be the reason humans vanish

  • Pepe - chan
    Pepe - chan 4 days ago

    It's kinda ironic that all of America was saved by a communist who decided not to pull the trigger.

  • It’s_ Mimi
    It’s_ Mimi 5 days ago +1

    The day after my birthday..

  • That Dude
    That Dude 5 days ago

    Maybe Arkhipov was time traveler

  • Unknown Queen
    Unknown Queen 6 days ago

    Vasili Arkhipov should be Hokage

  • Truman Widing's Main Account

    Me, Making A Doodle In Math Class Of A Nuke Heading Towards Miami, Florida And A USA Nuke Intercepting The Nuke In The Third Grade

    Me, Watching This Video Now: MIEN GOTT

  • BrekkenTheGoAnimator And Stuff

    What music did you use in the background?


    Sooooo.... was Alex Mason real or fictional?

  • monkey slapper
    monkey slapper 8 days ago

    Kennedy must have been shot for disagreeing with the C. I. A. starting another world war.

  • The Valenzuelas
    The Valenzuelas 8 days ago

    2050 will be the real end of the world

  • AhornZyklop
    AhornZyklop 8 days ago

    And 40 years Later i was born

  • Eduardo zapata
    Eduardo zapata 10 days ago

    If y’all didn’t know this is what cod is based on I think it was bo2 or bo1 I cant remember well

  • Judy Clark
    Judy Clark 10 days ago

    Nothing that I know would’ve existed

    Toyota Corollas???

  • Liam Carruthers
    Liam Carruthers 10 days ago

    Frank McNamara is an amazing human being regardless of how much he’s mentioned here

  • Black N White
    Black N White 10 days ago

    My country gained indenpence in 1962 my cousin's birthday is October 27☠️

  • Mario Dabs
    Mario Dabs 11 days ago

    That one guy that disagreed to start WWIII

  • Memes Fordays69
    Memes Fordays69 11 days ago

    Press {F} to pay RESPECT

  • Arianna Garza
    Arianna Garza 11 days ago

    Wow, my grandma was 1 years old that day

  • MidniteMoon
    MidniteMoon 11 days ago

    One person saved the whole world from total chaos..

  • Brandon
    Brandon 11 days ago

    Greedy Old Rich men mad at other old men so they want to kill everyone okay got it.

  • Mandar Naik
    Mandar Naik 12 days ago +1

    Mr Vasili Arkhipov THE GREAT

  • baronvg
    baronvg 12 days ago

    In a parallel universe, Arkhipov wasn’t on that sub. And nuclear war did happen. And in that parallel universe, humanity was able to eventually invent time travel and a soldier was sent into the past to make sure that Arkhipov WAS on that sub. And just to be sure, the same time traveler waited until November the following year and unfortunately assassinated Kennedy to prevent what would have been a decision that leads to another war; a war we never knew because his mission was a success.

  • Convair B-36
    Convair B-36 13 days ago

    all it took, was the will of a single man

  • Hector De La Cruz
    Hector De La Cruz 13 days ago

    The scary thing for me is that my birthday is on October 27 ok on 2006 so I was born 46 exact years from this day 😨😨😨😨😨

  • LMNS Kappa
    LMNS Kappa 14 days ago

    U know that the USA and Europe is not THE WORLD, u uneducated little shit

  • Angelique-Likes-Barf
    Angelique-Likes-Barf 14 days ago

    Of course the American flag in the thumbnail

  • Green screen Man
    Green screen Man 16 days ago

    October 27th is my dads birthday

  • ExpertiseGamer342
    ExpertiseGamer342 16 days ago +1

    I feel so strange as my name is Vasili

  • Rakhapradana
    Rakhapradana 17 days ago


  • Cookiepuppy132 Gacha
    Cookiepuppy132 Gacha 17 days ago +1

    The day vsco girls were made to save the turtles

  • HYRI :3
    HYRI :3 17 days ago

    Just imagine a world without ReaLifeLore, Kurzgesagt, Mustard and Skillshare
    You won’t be able to have access to Skillshare for free for a month and learn many things

  • Gene DeClark
    Gene DeClark 18 days ago

    When you showed this photo of Arkhapov and said he was in command of the entire flotilla, I did a double take. The guy in that photo looks about 30, and I thought to myself there's just no way some 30-year-old is invested with that much power, right? I looked up Soviet naval rank insignia and discovered that in the photo he's a First Lieutenant (equivalent to to Lieutenant Commander in US Navy), and that feels about right for a 30-year-old. I'm assuming by the time he was commanding the entire flotilla, he *must* have been at least O6 (Captain, US), but that's not clear from the video, and the Wikipedia entry lists him as Commodore at the time. That's a position, though, not a rank, e.g. many sub commanders are O5 (Commander, US) but referred to as "Captain" per naval tradition). I did find out, though, that he had been first officer on K-19 (of "Widow Maker" movie fame), and so he'd seen first hand the effect of nuclear radiation on people he knew. I wonder to what extent that experience influenced his decision? He went on to be a Vice Admiral, and retired in the mid-80s. As an aside, I like the Soviet solution to the "Commodore Problem" better than the US one. The USSR split what the US calls Lieutenant into two ranks, First Lieutenant and Second Lieutenant. Consequently, their Captain proceeds smoothly into Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, etc.. Meanwhile, above Captain the US had Commodore, then Commodore Admiral and then finally Rear Admiral (Lower Half) followed by Rear Admiral (Upper Half). What a mouthful. (We've gotten to the point to where it's okay to not find absolute fault with every last Soviet thing, I hope!)

  • Stone_Duplicate
    Stone_Duplicate 18 days ago +1

    meanwhile Australia is chillin

  • ShadowCadets Go_Cray_Cray

    Everyone else in this comment sections be likes: "VaSiLiLiLiLiLiL AsHkInOs" and me be like "oh you paid attention?"

  • Cazza Razza
    Cazza Razza 20 days ago

    “The whole world would have died”
    No just America and maybe Russia

  • Taylor
    Taylor 21 day ago

    kinda wish it did

  • Abhijit Tawri
    Abhijit Tawri 22 days ago

    Do you play RoBloks

  • Andrew Garcia
    Andrew Garcia 22 days ago

    Nuclear Bombs the reason the world is still in peace

  • Marbles UwU's
    Marbles UwU's 22 days ago

    okay but like, Vasili is fucking hot 🥵 🤤

  • Dude Bros
    Dude Bros 22 days ago

    Then *YOU* wouldn’t ever exist...
    Yeah *YOU ONLY YOU* !!!