R Kelly SPEAKS from Jail WARNS Jocelyn Savage PARENTS to leave him alone!CRAZY!

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • R kelly speaks from his jail cell about his situation and sends waring to jocelyn savage parents to leave him alone and suggests his guilty and some what innocent my commentary will discuss the situation.
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Comments • 21

  • Flicia Hatcher
    Flicia Hatcher 3 months ago

    Narrator at the end can kiss my ass b4 I come and piss on you lmao

  • Flicia Hatcher
    Flicia Hatcher 3 months ago

    I’m still rocking with you even though this is not you in jail you still speak the truth . Whom ever posted this under false label need quite being so messy

  • Tiffany Morris
    Tiffany Morris 3 months ago

    R Kelly can't threaten nobody he's right where he needs to be along with the other sex offenders.

    LSU TIGERS 3 months ago

    😂🤣😂 this old

    ANNETTE DAVIS 4 months ago

    Robert Kelly supporter for life,🙏🙏💞💞💪💪👌

  • Richard Penn
    Richard Penn 4 months ago

    Is a smear tactic..the powers that be will all ways mess with us we don't stand together ijs

  • Ebbie Cummings
    Ebbie Cummings 4 months ago +1

    He in jail with a wool hat on yeah ok

  • Gilbert Lawrence
    Gilbert Lawrence 4 months ago +3

    fake video. pls dont waste our time

  • silverS70
    silverS70 4 months ago +3

    Bogus video, not filmed in Jail. Thumbs down.

  • Janice Figures
    Janice Figures 4 months ago

    that's what he just said that y'all don't nobody we don't rehearse black people don't stand together we has all cultural people don't stand together every time they go down anybody y'all have negative nasm up it's a ff14 anything with his right or wrong that's what we do we criticize our own we not only criticize anything that that makes gossip that's what we do criticize it that's what he was talking about so you should know if they're trying to say he guilty as hell you don't know that s*** but you want you on TheXvid saying that stuff you know you wrong as all get a baby to block you off of TheXvid and if they're saying stuff you don't even know what you talkin about you but apparently just want your mouth to be hurt by what you saying you was the understatement I don't know what they are allowing all these different people to be on the Block for not calling you going to do is sit up here and try to say somebody killed it a man is innocent till proven guilty in the court of law and as far as I'm concerned what I said a whole lot of other people been. He's innocent until proven guilty he's not guilty of anything everybody's going by hearsay people coming about the woodwork on all charges he's been acquitted let's just say that let's just say he's been acquitted under the court of law on the jury in a courtroom he was acquitted anything thereafter is double jeopardy this this is double jeopardy the law says that it is he's been acquitted can I prosecute him for the same crime twice it just can't be nothing from that Old quesadilla product against this man according to the law statute of the law double jeop double jeopardy applies

  • Jai Norman
    Jai Norman 4 months ago +5

    I will always love r kelly and support him.

  • Elle R
    Elle R 4 months ago +1

    Click bait

  • Lamer Chambers
    Lamer Chambers 4 months ago +3

    He so right

  • James Powell
    James Powell 4 months ago

    Nigga you trippin again.... he ain’t speakin from no jail

  • James Powell
    James Powell 4 months ago +1


  • Moegreen Them Ms
    Moegreen Them Ms 4 months ago

    This nigga kellz a nut Case the only ppl that’s gone support him is the ppl just like him no support from me nigga he pissing on 12 year old keeping them hostage in studio hotels making them call u daddy starving them they had to ask to use the bathroom gotta keep there heads down in public this nigga talking bout support mf crazy