• Published on Apr 24, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Homie Panther
    Homie Panther Day ago

    I would have just counted to 10 and leave

  • LilKeychain Tv
    LilKeychain Tv Day ago +1

    Watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

  • Dragon Knighthood

    3:45 how he says “oh my god” tho

  • johannapurplewolf

    Domics: how was the party?
    Phil: man f**k Stacy
    My mom: how was school
    Me: f**k Stacie

    I'm not kidding when I say this but I have beef with a girl named Stacie. Ya she wasn't the best friend that she had the chance to be

  • JR JR
    JR JR Day ago

    hey domics, brother, you should use anime twist its free, ad-free, and lots and i mean LOTS, L O T S of anime

  • Pedro Alves
    Pedro Alves Day ago

    Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru

  • The Phantom Hawk

    Mafia city

  • FlyConeGuy
    FlyConeGuy Day ago +1

    Goddamn that fight scene made me hungry and angry. Good video by the way.

  • ERUPT GAMES l Official Channel

    *WHA- ONE PUNCH MAN?!!?*
    *-instantly downloads sponsored app-*

  • kaynostu crimson

    I'd drive of without her who agrees?!

  • E6Aires
    E6Aires Day ago

    2:44 that’s me every single day

  • Katie Jackson
    Katie Jackson Day ago

    The look on ur face (on the thumbnail)

  • Mark Mgiuel Estrada


  • Carlos Miguel Mendoza

    My brother thots he was gonna be a child but he hated me becues i was the bunso

  • The leather minecart

    Watch Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist

  • Shouto Todoroki
    Shouto Todoroki Day ago

    Oh! This was posted in my Birthday.

  • Raimboombox
    Raimboombox Day ago

    Jommus Animatus

  • Cuca Beats
    Cuca Beats Day ago

    Great, now I hate Alex

  • Amanda Recio
    Amanda Recio Day ago


  • ExhaustedPigeon
    ExhaustedPigeon Day ago

    I bottle my anger so when i have my "Phil moment" it will leave people completely, fucking terrified and no one when what to make me angry ever again, I have about 20 years (give or take) of pure rage buried in my soul :)

  • Lies Qps
    Lies Qps Day ago

    Baki is a really good anime I watch it and my friends do there’s a lot of fighting In it btw it’s on Netflix

  • AYM Gaming
    AYM Gaming Day ago

    you have such a phillipin tone

  • Ondako ACL meMeORieS And games

    Man oof!! Stacie!

  • Funcupcake Love
    Funcupcake Love Day ago

    The whole problem with that Ellen girl thoroughly kind of irritated me if I were in that situation andif I were driving I would have stuck my head out the window and said well I guess you're staying here cuz I'm leaving

  • Ric Drawings
    Ric Drawings Day ago

    I recommend: Goblin Slayer and Gate

  • Chaxell Play
    Chaxell Play Day ago

    Dude what if it’s puberty

  • Rina Sakinugi
    Rina Sakinugi Day ago

    Dr.phil with *Phil*

  • illachrymableness

    I would've left her on the porch. Look its either join or don't, I have food I'd rather get to. At that point we wouldn't even be friends, people like that annoy the shit out of me.

  • Destiny Francis
    Destiny Francis Day ago +1

    Fan: But Dom aren't half of your video Rants!! Your always angry.
    Domics: Yeeaa. your right. MAYBE IF PEOPLE WEREN'T SO DUUUUMMMNBBB.
    Me: 👏PREACH👏

  • 小豆漿399 9
    小豆漿399 9 Day ago


  • michael munguia
    michael munguia Day ago

    do you like anime and have discord join my discord channel anime land

  • Carlos Boi
    Carlos Boi Day ago +1

    The poor takoyaki die two years ago
    A moment of silence

  • Coco Mcqueen
    Coco Mcqueen Day ago

    2:48 is very relatable lol

  • Rhinon
    Rhinon Day ago

    To me

  • Rhinon
    Rhinon Day ago

    1:35 same thing happen to yesterday :/

  • kink god
    kink god Day ago

    What a pussy talking about walking away

  • joselina ortiz
    joselina ortiz Day ago

    I aaallllaaaawwwwaaaayyyyssss have phill moments

  • Moon CakeFS
    Moon CakeFS 2 days ago +1

    Tokyo ghoul

  • Rico Talavera
    Rico Talavera 2 days ago

    I love attack on titans

  • Exclusive Content
    Exclusive Content 2 days ago

    Yo k
    Can you greet my brother
    At your next video his birthday is at may 28 thx

  • Tawnya Costa
    Tawnya Costa 2 days ago

    If I was there and called shotgun, I would not have given it up, or if someone else called it first, then they get shotgun! I would have straight up told that girl, “ Dude! He called shotgun, so let him be in the front. Just come back and get in the car, otherwise we’re going without you! “

  • Pax
    Pax 2 days ago

    2:49 he MOBed that shit

  • Redd Anims
    Redd Anims 2 days ago

    2:48 when my sister eats 2 beybels cheese wheels:

  • Andrew Konhauser
    Andrew Konhauser 2 days ago

    Ok yeah water most likely isn’t but maybe a pop and those can be so annoying when you’re sticky

  • Memes Boi
    Memes Boi 2 days ago

    you should check out soul eater if you have the chance

  • Game Traveller
    Game Traveller 2 days ago

    I hate when
    1# when people ad a emoji😠😡
    2# people edit the comment
    3# when peoples pic are trees
    4# when people repeat themselves
    5# when people repeat themselves
    6# when your name is gametraveller
    7# when people begg for likes LIKE IF YOU AGREE
    8# When people be like oh hi my dreem is to become a world class singer a like and sub will be so nice of you SUB IF YOU AGREE

  • The Kid In Crocs
    The Kid In Crocs 2 days ago

    Watch Kaguya-sama Love is War

  • Sohom Das
    Sohom Das 2 days ago

    Nice animation

  • Liam Shedden
    Liam Shedden 2 days ago

    i like POKEMON

  • Quinn The King
    Quinn The King 2 days ago

    I'm canadian

  • Xridion360
    Xridion360 2 days ago

    2:43 when someone makes an egg pun

  • Xridion360
    Xridion360 2 days ago

    when someone takes my pencil in class 7:08

  • Alley 432
    Alley 432 2 days ago

    Crunchroll is not available in my country so i was always angry and this video made things better

  • Dylan Palacios
    Dylan Palacios 2 days ago


  • Dylan Palacios
    Dylan Palacios 2 days ago


  • hassan rizwan
    hassan rizwan 2 days ago +1

    you make awesome vids!! love them

  • johannapurplewolf
    johannapurplewolf 2 days ago

    Phil: man f**k Stacie
    Me too like I have a friend named Stacie who I'm mad at and our friendship is in the line

  • Polita Susanne
    Polita Susanne 2 days ago

    I know lots of people like Phil, they're real christians

  • Polita Susanne
    Polita Susanne 2 days ago

    People often tell me that I'm too nice, but in reality I just think that having a grudge against some one is too complicated rather than forgiving them
    (it isn't always this way, but most of the time with no-big-deal problems)

  • The Last Pokemon Trainer

    Me: Did Alex steal your takoyaki?
    Dom: No...

    Steve did.

  • Raccoon Man
    Raccoon Man 2 days ago

    Jom: Rrahahhah mom isn’t home so I’m mad *breaks vase*
    Mom: *mom senses 👁👁 boy u dead 2:07

  • Raccoon Man
    Raccoon Man 2 days ago

    Domoics u get spunsared allotoot

  • Yanche Razonable
    Yanche Razonable 2 days ago

    Roblox player status: D0nt m3ss w1th m3.

  • J3EF _
    J3EF _ 3 days ago +1

    “oH My gOd”

  • Noname Void Oblivion
    Noname Void Oblivion 3 days ago +1

    They made a remake of Fruits Basket?

  • cattish productions
    cattish productions 3 days ago

    Turky sandwech

  • Hyder Hadi
    Hyder Hadi 3 days ago

    i feel like i was being at least once one of those dickheads in this video .....

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith 3 days ago

    Fairy tail.

  • A Beautiful
    A Beautiful 3 days ago

    well you cant get mad at friends or partners if you dont have any!

  • Malyk Wilson
    Malyk Wilson 3 days ago

    3:45 you sounded like a depressed mickey mouse

  • RAV
    RAV 3 days ago

    The moment when your a super chill person but people are literally scared of you because you have a resting-anger face and are almost 2 meters big

  • Deidara Debut
    Deidara Debut 3 days ago

    0:37 voice line of the protagonist in Persona6 revealed

  • Lisa Marie Berges
    Lisa Marie Berges 3 days ago

    Bungou Stray Dogs

  • Calviny
    Calviny 3 days ago

    I just tried to lick my elbow.

  • DatHumorist 29
    DatHumorist 29 3 days ago

    Just started watching attack on titan, it's pretty on par with one punch man in my opinion, can't wait till the next season of mob phsyco comes out

  • Clan Dragon
    Clan Dragon 3 days ago

    I think the moral of this story is it took Dom 10 years to let go of a takoyaki

  • fang dang
    fang dang 3 days ago

    Nice video

  • Captain Canoy
    Captain Canoy 3 days ago

    Hey Domics I relate to your video but BOIIIIII MY FRIEND'S "FRIEND" CAN'T STOP BEING ANNOYING BOIIII!!!!!

  • Nelly Apaez
    Nelly Apaez 3 days ago

    Best part *6:43*

  • Player 5
    Player 5 3 days ago

    Chill, ill ill ill persona, ona ona ona

  • Xavier Yt
    Xavier Yt 3 days ago

    I bet I can be your father than your actual father and your father is stupid and you a idiot

  • KarmaX 5
    KarmaX 5 3 days ago

    Domics watch rising of the shield hero

    GX _PROBEAST 3 days ago

    2:49 anime feels😁

  • Black Gamer
    Black Gamer 3 days ago

    Anger is one letter short of Danger

  • TheJubYT
    TheJubYT 3 days ago

    2:46 When your friend is just too much of a weebo

  • pickle popsicles
    pickle popsicles 3 days ago

    What's a takoyaki

  • Fudark
    Fudark 3 days ago

    If that was me il just leave her

  • The Pope Empire
    The Pope Empire 4 days ago

    i bet my dad can be up your dad

  • Chris Jackson
    Chris Jackson 4 days ago

    That spongebob granny art

  • hydroelectricLyre
    hydroelectricLyre 4 days ago

    im sorry they

  • Potato Nugget
    Potato Nugget 4 days ago

    So basically my friend kicked me in my balls for no reason. So I stoped being friends with him, but a couple years later we slowly start to become friends again. Should I be friends with him again?

  • Calen Mitchell
    Calen Mitchell 4 days ago

    Do this to someone who spoiled a movie for you. 2:48

  • The awkward One
    The awkward One 4 days ago +1

    My ultimate trigger, stupid people

  • My DeadlyPimples
    My DeadlyPimples 4 days ago

    kissanime lol

  • Golden Shuriken
    Golden Shuriken 4 days ago

    1:45 savage life XDD

  • Waleed Khalid
    Waleed Khalid 4 days ago

    Did alex take your takoyaki no!

  • Aroob Faruqi
    Aroob Faruqi 4 days ago

    Im angry my parents.
    They lied to me about one thing, and, it ruined my life!

  • Ivy Truong
    Ivy Truong 4 days ago

    Good job person that meh mad you lost a few teeth!

  • Mr. POGIG
    Mr. POGIG 4 days ago