When Dad loses the kids toy comforter 😫🧸

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
  • When Dad loses the kids toy comforter 😫🧸
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    See what happens when Dad loses the kids comforter when out shopping without mum 😫
    Will he be able to find it if he retraces his steps? 🤔Will he find a way to hack this problem? 😂
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Comments • 588

  • jenni o brien
    jenni o brien Day ago

    Best hack yeat xx

  • Leah Nicole
    Leah Nicole 3 days ago +1


  • cora yeti
    cora yeti 8 days ago

    My brother has the exact comforter when he was a kid. It was a tiny bear with a velvety blanket hanging down .

  • IIJessyLou
    IIJessyLou 9 days ago

    What happens if you go anywhere without ur child then ur phone is just gunna be beeping

  • Kenzie Brooke
    Kenzie Brooke 9 days ago

    I also love the names they have for things that are completely different from where I am that toy is called like a bear "blankey" blanket and they call it comforter. A comforter to us is the main bedspread on our bed.

  • Kenzie Brooke
    Kenzie Brooke 9 days ago

    I know how she feels because my daughter has ONE paci that doesnt compare to the rest its softer now because she's had it for so long even if we got a new one it wouldn't work so it would be a nightmare :-(

  • Lloyd Davies
    Lloyd Davies 11 days ago +1

    That thing beeping in public somewhere where people can't see where it's coming from might not be the best idea 😅 sounds a bit too close something that could go boom haha

  • OldD1rtyB - ohmnia_
    OldD1rtyB - ohmnia_ 11 days ago


  • Dez Buysen
    Dez Buysen 12 days ago

    Awwww😍 youreally are a wonderful dad. Best parents 🤗

  • Lukas e
    Lukas e 12 days ago

    That was so fake like i kid could reach up there

  • mrmong
    mrmong 13 days ago


  • Finley Harding
    Finley Harding 14 days ago

    He can’t reach it

  • skye Mills
    skye Mills 15 days ago

    Hi x

  • Jemma Jacques
    Jemma Jacques 15 days ago

    When we went on holiday my daughter lost her blanket. She does not sleep without it. When she was born I brought 3 of them just incase she lost one. But on holiday I only brought the one with us. Luckily the next day at 5pm someone handed it in at the arcade. Worse day and night ever though x

    LITZ OUT NOT ON 15 days ago

    What’s worse that your recording in portrait or your kids comforter

  • CAIZ GAMER12345
    CAIZ GAMER12345 17 days ago

    Your voice is like daddypig 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • joeylondonxo
    joeylondonxo 18 days ago

    What’s a comforter?

  • Danielle Starr
    Danielle Starr 18 days ago

    Literally the best dad

  • Shelly Realini
    Shelly Realini 19 days ago

    My granddaughter calls it her lovely

  • hopefullyneon balloon
    hopefullyneon balloon 19 days ago +15

    In America, a comforter is a thick blanket for your bed. I spent way to long wondering why Phoenix would bring a massive blanket out of the house on a day out 🤦‍♀️

  • The MeanBean
    The MeanBean 19 days ago +6

    People is gonna think its a bom if the toy beeps... Lol

  • Jennifer Coleman
    Jennifer Coleman 20 days ago

    In America a comforter is a thick blanket. So if you walked into a store they would be looking at you weird lol

  • Yvonne Mckenna
    Yvonne Mckenna 20 days ago

    best ever idea

  • Sacha Bower
    Sacha Bower 20 days ago

    Lol I know where she’s coming from mate. My 6 year old has his blankie, he still freaks out when I have to wash it, let alone losing it! Would be hell!

  • Emma Jackson
    Emma Jackson 20 days ago

    Defo need this! Amount of times I’ve had a mad panic hunting for my sons monkey.... had it since he was 10 months old, he’s nearly 9 now and it’s never left his side xx

  • Nicole Dorris
    Nicole Dorris 21 day ago

    That was awesome you found his Teddy bear. I am just curious how tall are you two? I am only 3 foot 9 inches tall.

  • Brandie Peltzer
    Brandie Peltzer 21 day ago

    You're so lucky! My boy lost his comforter and we never found it! It was a special one that the hospital gave to all the newborns and then they stopped making them 😭

  • Jim Brown
    Jim Brown 21 day ago

    Genius, Mark! 💙💙

  • GER473
    GER473 21 day ago

    Is the kids not urs I hate the way you say the kids

  • Mareena Lewis
    Mareena Lewis 21 day ago

    been there, lost my sons bunny. Weeks of tears and sleepless nights 🤦‍♀️

  • JadeMusic
    JadeMusic 22 days ago

    Brilliant, Mark! 😂
    Incidentally, in America, a comforter is a quilt or a blanket. 🙂 Glad little Phoenix is happy once again.❤️

  • Bobbudism
    Bobbudism 22 days ago


  • m1 last
    m1 last 22 days ago

    Your whole home is exactly like our same sofa flooring so weird we have not got the sofa where you have thou looks weird next to the door

  • Stephanie Weinberg
    Stephanie Weinberg 22 days ago

    Did the kid lose it or did mark?? Its on top of the machine. Either way yay! You found it!

  • Liam Mackin
    Liam Mackin 22 days ago

    surely the dad must of put it up there because he can’t reach it, the dad said it was the baby lol

  • fancykook
    fancykook 22 days ago

    lost my bear on the streets of LA, still remember my dad asking me to keep it in the car but being the stubborn child i was😔

  • fancykook
    fancykook 22 days ago

    the struggle of comforters are SO real, i seriously don’t get why they get discontinued

  • GNR Speirs
    GNR Speirs 22 days ago

    Fantastic what a fantastic idea where do you come up with these ideas ?

  • LetsBeClear
    LetsBeClear 23 days ago

    That’s a CLOSE 2nd best to the lunchbox, sir

  • Lexi Rose
    Lexi Rose 23 days ago


  • Molly Campin
    Molly Campin 23 days ago

    Good idea but if ur in a shop it kinda sounds like a bomb

  • thomas plouffe
    thomas plouffe 24 days ago

    Mate fix the damn video XD

  • Ryan anthony Townsend
    Ryan anthony Townsend 24 days ago

    And u probably not gonna see this but ha ho it’s the one tall girl and small man in the hotel and I wish I was there

  • Ryan anthony Townsend
    Ryan anthony Townsend 24 days ago

    You met my nan on ur holiday

  • Jenny Lizz Gaming
    Jenny Lizz Gaming 24 days ago

    This reminds me of when I lost my bear. I was the SAME way as a child. Make sure he has it even when he’s an adult!! These are classic memories❤️💙❤️😍My mom bought a replacement bear that looked the same, I smelled it, threw it down and said,” No it’s not my bear,”! The alarm is an AMAZING IDEAAAAAAAA🤯❤️🙌🏻

  • Colin Rudgley
    Colin Rudgley 24 days ago

    You sir are a complete genius. From my wife and child, we all thank you for this amazing idea. No more stressful days of finding the favourite stuffed animal! Grey hairs can now disappear.

  • Hayley Roffey
    Hayley Roffey 24 days ago

    Good idea

  • Katie Heaney
    Katie Heaney 24 days ago

    Don't understand why it's not letting me watch this video

  • Car Chaser
    Car Chaser 24 days ago

    If i heard the beeping from the comforter I would run thinking it was a bomb

  • Bserk
    Bserk 24 days ago +2

    If ur phone is next to you at night... a kid is gonna go mental caz its just gonna make sirens

    • Zebras 724
      Zebras 724 21 day ago

      Bserk Yh that’s what I thought if it Isn’t near their phone won’t it beep which would surely happen when they go to bed, when mark goes work

  • A l Ø N E
    A l Ø N E 25 days ago

    Can’t recommend using that sounds like a bomb 😂😂

  • Paulo Aguilera
    Paulo Aguilera 25 days ago

    You found it because of friday the 13 vedio

  • Brandy Klobas
    Brandy Klobas 25 days ago

    What happens if you leave the house and go to work.is it going to beep until you get home?

  • Glenn Long
    Glenn Long 25 days ago

    Those things are the equivalent of £25 for two where I live. Two for £6 is a great deal.

  • Kekqzy
    Kekqzy 25 days ago

    Somebody’s gonna think that’s a bomb if that was here in the US which is kinda sad

  • Jen Da
    Jen Da 25 days ago

    That's Woody not buzz

  • Lillani Smith
    Lillani Smith 25 days ago

    How do u wash it tho

  • Emily 123
    Emily 123 25 days ago

    Omg I go to that shopping mall all the time !! 😂😂

  • Becky M Lane
    Becky M Lane 25 days ago

    We know this feeling all too well

  • Louisa Ward
    Louisa Ward 25 days ago

    Yes mate!!!! Genius!