What Deal Does the EU Want From Brexit? - Brexit Explained

  • Published on Jul 30, 2019
  • There's been a lot of talk, on this channel and elsewhere, about what kind of Brexit deal the UK wants. There's been significantly less conversation about what the EU wants out of it. So in this video, we discuss what the EU27 want from Brexit (and more specifically what France, Germany and Ireland are looking for).
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Comments • 3 032

  • TLDR News
    TLDR News  2 months ago +383

    JUST A QUICK NOTE: I just wanted to acknowledge and agree with all of your criticisms about the use of the phrase 'Irish Stubbornness'. I'm sorry if language used distracted from the video & caused any offence. I agree that the whole mess was started by the UK and on the most part the EU27 are trying to accommodate and protect themselves, rather than being 'stuborn' - Jack

    • Robert McHenry
      Robert McHenry 24 days ago

      For US, glad you posted this note... because from a disinterest observer... it is not the Irish who are being stubborn and unreasonable... but the British.

    • Scott McCloud
      Scott McCloud Month ago

      never apologize. it just empowers your foes.

    • Jamie
      Jamie Month ago

      Brexit was not an Irish vote. Simple.

    • Kevin J
      Kevin J Month ago

      Trying to sound impartial but failing miserably.

    • Brian McGuirk
      Brian McGuirk 2 months ago

      I'm simply pointing out that Irish has been compulsory for a hundred years for all Irish children consuming 15% of the time they spend at school. 98% never use it ever again in their lives and would have benefited greatly to have learnt additional things during that wasted time. They could learn a language which would allow them to communicate some additional people. All Irish speakers are like them already fluent in English.
      Where's the straw man and with which of those facts do you disagree?

  • Toby Bau
    Toby Bau 22 days ago

    From a GER perspective, or the People i have spoken. We feel sad about it and it will hurt both UK and the EU and if its done wrong ireland very hard. So better if not, but also no descision we have to decide. Joining the EU is possible so leaving must also be possible in a good way an manner. The process cost far to much attention and takes to much time the EU has to solve other external problems too. In some way also UK harms the image of The EU mostly the leavers party because they focus with there agruments only on negativ side and are blind for the postive aspect of the partnership EU. It is like in a marriage not everything is fine but non or less it has reasons for a partnership. So finish the process asap in one or other way but asap and avoid more damage to the image of the EU an new focus on other partners and trade agreements negotiations ect. get back to normal topics.

  • Señor Grizzzly
    Señor Grizzzly 23 days ago

    Those stubborn Irish not wanting another civil war, how unreasonable

  • Richard Frith
    Richard Frith 23 days ago

    Britain should bow, Britain should, Britain must, Britain has too, Britain would, Britain’s not, Britain’s unwillingness, it all you hear, border does the Eu other states have hard borders with non Eu citizenship ,, but as Ireland they are for one , they just want to take the piss. Be thankful BORIS has a set of balls, or even look at history the French have screwed U.K. EVERY OPPORTUNITY, EVERY OPPORTUNITY, THROUGH OUT HISTORY

  • Muru Roa
    Muru Roa 24 days ago

    In the Netherlands younger people are sad to see you go.
    Older people are saying Good riddance since even the pro-Europe brits didn't want to follow the rules of the community like everybody else.

  • Robert McHenry
    Robert McHenry 24 days ago

    I heard the reason by Boris and his backers want to be out by Oct 31 is because if they don't leave by this date then the UK would be expected to follow the EUs financial transparency laws and that this would mean that the money laundrying which UK banks and the CITY are currently doing would be laid bare. Any truth to this. Because it would make sense (i.e. be a real motivation to the craziness which is occurring and just be grateful that you may have a reason for your craziness cause in the US it is just craziness).

  • K3v1n
    K3v1n 24 days ago

    here a my (German) view:
    I think this is going on for to long, I had loved a deal, but I think it's to late. I really prefer an deal which won't destabilise North Irland and won't damage our both economies as hard as an nodealbrexit. but as I said it's going on for too long, and it doesn't look like there will be a deal in the near (or far if I'm honest) future.
    and for norther Irland: if I remember correctly the n. Irish are alloyed to vote if they want to join the Ro.lrland, may be extrem but could prevent a new era of basicly civilwar.

  • Tobias Rörvall Rodrigues

    I'm Swedish, but living in Portugal. We have people that believe they either will stay or leave and regret it.
    I think most people lost faith in UK being able to resolve this. They want a deal they can't have. This would have required cooperation beyond party lines, and the failure of the parliament really just shows that the public really was lied to in the referendum.
    They promised an exit, but without knowing what it would mean. A deal would mean that the EU still would influence national policy, but the UK would have no possible opinion. Compliance with EU law would still be necessary.
    The no deal brexit is going to involve prices going up and competent people leaving. This would cause a brain drain of sorts.
    Revoking article 50 could be political suicide. The leavers dont want a new referendum, because they know that they would stay.
    Brexit has shown how broken the UK democracy actually is, as parliament is not able to agree and now has been closed down. The UK reputation is very damaged by this.

    • Tobias Rörvall Rodrigues
      Tobias Rörvall Rodrigues 24 days ago

      @Karl Bassett The public in Northern Ireland voted against leaving. Specifically for the border issue. Besides, the vote against the deal could have been either because they want to be more integrated into Europe than the deal allowed.
      They want to have access to the common market without freedom of movement of people. No other country has this. If you watched more of the videos here you would understand why.
      They want their goods to be treated like goods of any other country without having to follow the European Union law.
      They really want a trade deal with the European Union now, which can take many years to negotiate. So, they kind of reap the benefits of the European Union without the limitations the EU put on non-european trade.
      The fact is that they want the open trade without contributing to the cost of the European Union. They kind of saying that want the borders to close and staying open at the same time.
      You will probably say it's not true because some other MPs said that the opposite, but this is really want everyone wants with various degrees of accepting the EU's influence and costs.
      Fact is they should have learned to negotiate in the house of commons, so they knew what they were asking for and knew what they would get, because the most impossible thing about the deal is that they want the remainers, brexiters want a soft and hard brexit to be happy, and the fact is they really can't be.

    • Karl Bassett
      Karl Bassett 24 days ago

      @Tobias Rörvall Rodrigues "Westminster" includes all the MPs from Northern Ireland, and the majority DUP very very much against the deal Theresa May wanted. It was NOT what they wanted at all.

      And what exactly do you think the UK was asking for? Specifically?

    • Tobias Rörvall Rodrigues
      Tobias Rörvall Rodrigues 24 days ago

      @Karl Bassett Actually, this also the deal northern Ireland wants since they don't want the violence to return. The fact that Westminster don't care shows how well grounded they are in the reality of their own country.
      Or maybe they rather have the terrorism of IRA back on their soil so they can back to "the good old days".
      The EU can reject any deal just like UK can. UK expected to get everything without giving anything in return. That's not how you compromise.
      For me it is riskier to give UK the deal they want than them leaving with no deal at all. That is probably why UK is not holding the cards in the negotiations. But hey, they want to leave, so that is the consequences.

    • Karl Bassett
      Karl Bassett 24 days ago

      Actually it is the Irish and the EU who want a magic fantasy deal, while insisting the UK finds a way to make it work.
      The UK is leaving the EU. Ireland is staying. This means there will be a border between Ireland and NI.
      And nothing and no one can demand the UK give up its right to enforce that border the way they choose. Not the Irish, not the GFA, not the EU. The UK can enforce that border just as the US enforces its border with Canada. The US tightened up border controls and passport requirements hugely after 911. Did anyone tell the US they couldn't do that?

      Even the EU were happy with this. Before the referendum the EU put out briefing notes saying the UK would probably put a border up. Not a hint of objection or controversy. It was "Well duh, of course there will be a border there" just as the EU have said they will put up border controls on the Irish side.

      But for Ireland a border would be bad news for their economy. They really really wanted it to stay completely open.

      So when they met Theresa May after she became PM they said, citing the peace process, that the border should stay open. May, being nice and cooperative said "I agree, we will try to keep the border as open as possible"

      The the EU leapt on that and it suddenly became a cast iron demand, the border must stay completely open, forever. What was a nice voluntary gesture by the UK became a cast iron demand by the EU. Hence my comment in another thread that this belongs in a Reddit Choosing Beggar thread. It's like offering to buy a homeless guy a Big Mac as you're walking into McDonalds and then they turn around and make it a demand that you give them a Big Mac meal, supersize, with a latte, and want that legally guaranteed.

      Then, with the EU having demanded the border stay completely open the EU then objected to an obvious and inevitable consequence of an open border, that stuff from the UK could get into their Customs Union that they might not want.

      The EU demanded an open border, and then complained about the problem of an open border.

      So having demanded a fantasy magic border that was completely open but didn't let bad stuff in the EU then demanded that the UK would have to come up with the magic solution to make it work. The EU's solution was for the whole of the UK to stay in the Customs Union indefinitely, possibly decades, with the EU controlling our import and export tariffs, the UK forbidden to do any free trade deals of our own. The Backstop the UK came up with was a way for the UK to be able to get OUT of that at some point, but it still left that completely in the hands of the EU. With the backstop the UK will never be able to leave the EU Customs Union, ever, unless and until the EU agrees. They can simply reject any deal the UK offers and there would be nothing the UK could do about it.

      So the EU took a voluntary offer the UK made and turned it into a demand, then demanded a magic impossible border and then demanded the UK find a way to make it work.

  • Edel K
    Edel K 26 days ago

    Ireland doesn't have a prime minister, don't call him that

  • Michael Hanman
    Michael Hanman 27 days ago

    Dude you GOTTA stop the mid video plugs. I get that you want to promote yourself but let your work speak for itself. Calm down, keep making informative videos about complicated topics, and see how it’ll help

  • F U B A R methink
    F U B A R methink 27 days ago

    so the English are blaming the Irish for all this... what a surprise. England just want every other country to do what's best for England, and to not care about there own country's.

  • colin brown
    colin brown 28 days ago

    So many different views , so many Pro EU responses , European Media is as corrupt as the Un-Elected officials that run the EU . HOW MANY EU Countries which gave up thier sovereign currency have suffered with the Euro? , SPAIN , ITALY , GREECE to name a few , i bet if you turned the clock back most would have never had it . I am glad the UK never joined this failed Euro Policy , i hate the EURO ( previously the ECRU ) It simply does not work . There are many reasons i campaign now for a NO-DEAL Brexit the Euro is one of them , also UN-Skilled Labour being able to move around freely , DONT get me wrong i am not against Immigration , but i see my country flooded with un skilled labour taking Jobs and driving down wages , The EU created this not the UK and when we can start our own means of vetting immigration we can choose skilled labour and put constraints on those coming to us .
    What some of you pro EU voters and European countries who support the EU fail to understand is , the UK take a hell of a lot of these People and when we Vet our Borders , its you lot that will have to take them , in other words , We will get the cream and you will get the dregs . Sorry but that is a fact and when you find that half your population is crying about it ( as it is here ) then you will feel the same as MOST of the people in the UK.

  • jujulapomme
    jujulapomme 28 days ago

    From Luxembourg : There seems to be a general tiredness about the topic and no confidence that there will be an agreement, mostly because UK Government and Parlament seem to be unable to agree on a proposal. Many people feel that Brexit is a waste and there seems to be more sadness around that than resentment.

  • betu bru
    betu bru 28 days ago

    UK will leave in the EU countries because of reasons the many eu country is sick and corruption all migrants they send to uk!

  • Matthijs Scaf
    Matthijs Scaf 29 days ago

    I expect a lot of Immigration from Britain, I am under the Impression that I hear more and more British English spoken in shops and terraces in my neigbourhood (Amsterdam)by people who obviously aren´t tourists.

  • Matthijs Scaf
    Matthijs Scaf 29 days ago

    Two adds in a 10 minutes videon no way I am going to subscribe.

  • Marc Brehaut
    Marc Brehaut 29 days ago

    Different perspective offered: from the POV of the 3 Crown Dependencies (IOM and CI) which are British but not EU members, Brexit is a poor outcome that does not protect the three in line with the implicit understanding with HM Government under protocol three and in Jersey and Guernsey there is the same unease that preceded the occupation in WW2 - leaving us o fend for ourselves. I imagine that the practical result will see all three jurisdictions pivot away from the UK toward the EU, to Eire in the case of the Isle of Man and to France in the case of the Channel Islands.

  • Roadtrain Powahdrift
    Roadtrain Powahdrift 29 days ago

    I obviously cannot speak for everyone on the mainland.
    But for those I know and me personally, we see a no deal and brexit as a whole, as very bad since the UK are, in our eyes shooting themselves in the kneecaps.
    I was relocating for work in a multinational, I pay a lot of tax, and London would have been my first choice if not for brexit as I think the UK is a lovely place to live. Safe to say it’s not the place I chose to move, and while this may be seen as a win because you all don’t want immigrants, you’re not just turning illegals away but also people who would add to your income.
    I was just visiting and did a cross country trip of the UK and frankly I don’t believe the average UK citizen realizes how badly this whole thing can go for them, and ofc the EU members wouldn’t be happy to loose the UK, I have a ton of friends from the UK who live abroad and those poor things are dealing with a nightmare right now.
    Overall, I feel very sorry for the young population of the UK and those who DO make use of the benefits the EU offers and well, I wish everyone good luck.

  • wil2197
    wil2197 Month ago

    TLDR: What kind of Brexit does the EU want?
    EU: No.

  • Knee Deacon
    Knee Deacon Month ago

    Just don't allow UK extension, we will just leave 31 Oct., so simpl.

    CABOOSE BOB Month ago +1

    This video is too anti Ireland

  • BGgungame
    BGgungame Month ago +1

    Bulgarian: For the most part the feelings towards Brexit here can be summarized into: “The British have gone crazy and their leaders most of all.” No one I know view Brexit as a good idea. Some don’t even believe it’ll happen. Others are just tired of all the drama.

  • tkzsfen
    tkzsfen Month ago

    i'll make it easy for everyone: this entirely middle England's problem, which they brought onto the rest of Britain. the easy solution is to call the referendum rubbish and scrap the results. then everything will be the way it used to be...

  • Jacob Zimmermann
    Jacob Zimmermann Month ago

    Very good analysis, TLDR.

  • Jake Dragonfruit
    Jake Dragonfruit Month ago

    For the most part I've not heard any American News broadcasts touching on Brexit.

  • James Trenoweth
    James Trenoweth Month ago

    I'm from Australia 🇦🇺 and we have loads of E.U. people keeping an eye on this plus ancestors. We are all interested

  • david kemp
    david kemp Month ago

    A one sided one. Benefiting only them and ensuring no one else has the audacity to try and leave ever again.

  • Max Noerenberg
    Max Noerenberg Month ago +1

    I live in Berlin Germany but was born in England, which means I have dual citizenship!
    The question I am worried about is, will this ( any decision made ) affect me in any way?

    I am self employed and not on any benefits, therefore the german or english government has nothing on me and I dont care about either.

    But I am slightly worried what the future will bring for me then!

  • Alpha Man
    Alpha Man Month ago +1

    Thanks for your informative work! It seems that brexit is the result of the UK’s selfish insistence of sovereignty because it is the largest contributer to the EU and the wealthiest territory. It’s like a spouse in a long marriage seeking a divorce because they feel that they would better off single while at the same time ignoring the “emotional” impact of the codependent relationship established over many years. Brexit is a mistake.

    ERNEST JUNIOR Month ago

    EU 27 do not matter, the real player is France and to a much lesser extent Germany.

  • raymond lindroth
    raymond lindroth Month ago

    The NEXT empire to be destroyed on the earth will be the British empire.

    Dan 7: 4 tells us about a LION and an Eagles wings. The LION is England. The eagles wings is America.

    The Creator Yahweh will separate America from England and then destroy the British empire for all time.

    England will will come out of the EU and then Yahweh will destroy the British empire for all time.

    THEN the EU will totally collapse.

    MILLIONS will be born again at the time of the end. Dan. 12: 4 and 9.

    The 144,000 is Yahweh displaying His Literal genetic SONS on this earth with the POWER of Yahweh to restore all lost body parts both internal and external. Rom. 8: 19. John 14: 12.

    2,000 years ago Satan could not defeat ONE literal genetic SON of Yahweh .

    WHEN Yahweh reveals His 144,000 literal genetic SONS ON THE EARTH soon this will cause Satan to sin his FIRST and only sin. THEN the WAR in heaven will commence.

    Rev. 12: 1- 5. This is OUR MOTHER in heaven birthing HER born again Children on the earth. SOON. Gal. 4: 26.

    THEN The war in heaven commences . Rev 12: 7.

    YOU will see the literal genetic Born again SONS of Yahweh walking this earth SOON.

    The Christians will persecute Yahweh's born again SONS for 42 months. Rev. 13: 1- 5.

    The Christians will BEHEAD 2 billion people at the time of the end. Rev. 20: 4.

    The Christians have killed MORE people in history than all the other religions combined in history.

    The Christians have killed MORE people in history than all the soldiers in all the wars in history.

    BEWARE of the Christians, They have broken the 1ST commandment. Exo 20.

    May THE Creator Yahweh give you your hearts desire.

    Heb 12: 14.

    bless you

  • Roy Rj
    Roy Rj Month ago

    EU don't give a shit as long as we keep paying in...

  • Jaime Costa
    Jaime Costa Month ago

    I am from Portugal however I lived in ingland for over twenty years I decided to leave UK and move to Portugal its working out well... Saying that I remember the constant fighting the death of thoes enecent lives in irland and the bonbs in London.. I believe that the backstop respects the Friday agreement because it allows fredem of movement in the hole of irland and places the boardet in the iris sea... I hornestly believe the peace in the main prioraty unfortunately not every seam to care... British politicions seam to be more about personal gain that any other thing... Shame on David Cameron for creating and dividing the country and forcing some of the United Kingdom to became independent... At a time that the world neads strong leaders and that is only possible united...

  • AE149823
    AE149823 Month ago

    Just give Northern Ireland back to Ireland, and problem solved 😜

  • Éamonn Síoċáin
    Éamonn Síoċáin Month ago

    The Brits are too thick to understand that Brexit will close the NI border, which in turn could cause the Good Friday Agreement to fail.

  • Olga Sideljova
    Olga Sideljova Month ago

    What hard border has to do with Irish stubbornness? How you prevent illegal transportation without check?
    How you can make checks invisible?

  • Jazz Throwout
    Jazz Throwout Month ago

    How is Brexit seen in Switzerland? 1) The whole thing is a complete train wreck 2) The English shot themselves in the foot 3) We're tired of hearing about it (and suffering from our own negotiating problems with the EU due to it).

  • Mark Span
    Mark Span 2 months ago

    We will miss the UK in the EU. We hope you regain common sense and if not we hope you rejoin us soon.

  • Fred Dupont
    Fred Dupont 2 months ago

    A mistake is being corrected; pack up and go, good riddance!

  • Tim Harris
    Tim Harris 2 months ago

    I wish the rest of the UK would start asking this question

  • J Q
    J Q 2 months ago

    Chinese living in China. Not a EU member, but the general opinion in my opinion is that the people have a neutral opinion towards Brexit. There are good points and bad points.

    Pros: China was never a fan of EU in the first place and could care less about if it stays together, in fact if EU disbanded, China will face less problems from a united EU front. China can sign trade agreements with individual EU countries and get more ex-EU countries onboard with the Asia Investment Bank or Belt and Road or Huawei 5G, etc.

    Cons: Brexit becomes a complete disaster and causes a global economic meltdown is also not what the politicians want in my country either.

  • Dwight Looi
    Dwight Looi 2 months ago


  • Goss Kamperis
    Goss Kamperis 2 months ago

    CAN A TORY MP LOYAL TO BORIS INSTIGATE A TACTICAL VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE IN BORIS ? The idea being to precipitate a general election at at time to suit Brexiteers without having to comply with the terms of The Fixed Parliament Act.

  • Georg Steeb
    Georg Steeb 2 months ago

    In this video you mostly ignore the view of the Europeans and Pro-EUs in UK (who also gained many votes in the last election) and adapt more and more the opinion of the hard-brexiteers.
    EU27 is not (!) happy with the deal that is negotiated. But in the current situation the EU has to live with all the bad compromises that the EU had to offer during the negotiation phase. The EU knows: EU and UK will suffer from Brexit.
    I personally think (no expert) that the Brexiteers don’t accept this deal of compromises because they still belief all the former lies and false promises.
    Macron is not „playing hard“ to the Britains because he wants to be seen as the "strongman" - as you mentioned. Perhaps he benefits a little bit but his bigger reason is that - even with more time - the Britains will not bring anything new to the table. Many other member states try to give the UK as much time as possible.
    Unfortunately time shows that Macron was right. New PM, nothing new. Still the same empty sentence: „We can leave without a deal.“ The EU is very aware of that. And will give even more time.
    I appreciate your honest apology. The phrase "Irish stubbornness" is just the tip of the iceberg and sadly shows how easy it is to adapt parts of the rhetoric of the hard-brexiteers who are mostly focused on their self-defined national interests. It is easy to call somebody stubborn who has another opinion. It is hard to be respectful in this polarized discussion. Ireland wants to protect the Good Friday Agreement that gave long needed peace and prosperity to Northern Ireland. Nobody - neither the UK nor the EU nor the new PM - came up with a good, peaceful solution for NI in case of Brexit.
    I’m no expert but I think this shows a shift in public perception that takes place in the UK.

  • iulian gheorghe
    iulian gheorghe 2 months ago

    Brexit, Brexit , Brexit.....Uk please leave the EU without a deal!!!!! from Romania with love

  • Michelle van Grol
    Michelle van Grol 2 months ago

    Dutch Citizen here! Most people in The Netherlands are sick of Brexit and think that the British politicians and public has gone absolutely mad. It’s seen as childish and to be frank, Britain (especially England) is wasting our time with their outdated wish for ‘greatness’. Boris Johnson and his election are seen as a joke. The common consensus really is just go then and stop whining and don’t ruin anything else for us.

  • GH1618
    GH1618 2 months ago

    The EU don’t want a deal. They have made that pretty clear.

  • kairon156
    kairon156 2 months ago

    Make the Northern Irish border like Canada?

  • Linda Hosford
    Linda Hosford 2 months ago +1

    If it ain't broke, don't Brexit!

  • Aaron Neary
    Aaron Neary 2 months ago

    I live in New Zealand, the general consensus here is that Brexit is a ridiculous decision born of English arrogance and the British deserve everything that's coming to them.
    There's also optimism that NZ could benefit from a no deal Brexit as we will be able to take advantage of the UKs weaker position in any trade deal negotiations......effectively New Zealand wants to take the UK to the cleaners and I doubt we're alone...

  • Manuel Gonzalez
    Manuel Gonzalez 2 months ago

    I watch your channel quite a bit. I am, however, stopping. The amount of ads you have is just an abomination.

  • Rockancrime
    Rockancrime 2 months ago

    Engagement comment!

  • Papa Shango
    Papa Shango 2 months ago

    From Germany: I'm really enjoying this, best comedy/Monty Python sketch ever. You make even us look intelligent going for Moscow in 1942 with that Brexit idea.
    If it comes to Ireland: Just let Boris give the 40-billion-Brexit-Exit-Money to Saoradh and associates - and this show get a great second season!

  • Michael Green
    Michael Green 2 months ago

    Gibraltar and the British Sovereign Bases and theire
    effects; plus countries with migrants or immigrants to-from UK.

  • Pedro Barrera
    Pedro Barrera 2 months ago

    Spain also wanted to block Brexit over disagreements on Gibraltar at one point. Just saying...

  • Jim Fieldhouse
    Jim Fieldhouse 2 months ago

    Really enjoy your content. Great informative reporting.

  • Robert Talbot
    Robert Talbot 2 months ago

    I'm trying to make sense of the EUs current position - that the Backstop is not open to discussion. They seem to be relying solely on the UK parliament stopping no deal, and if so, that's a HUGE risk on the part of the EU isn't it, and pretty much completely outside their control? Of all the possible scenarios, the EU blinking first seems the most likely, and the more likely the nearer we get to the 31/10.

  • Erik Hellemans
    Erik Hellemans 2 months ago

    As Belgian I do not feel comfortabel with your comment that what Germany and France decide is e decision for all the others. This is fundamentalisten incorrect and not reflecting reality. It is also a typical framing done in the UK. The EU consists of 27 countries and although Germany and France have more impact than the other countries due to their economic size, the decicion process is much more complex and collaborative. Italy, Spain, Benelux, Poland ... do have a lot of input in the decicion process and France/Germany cannot decide anything against the interest of these countries.
    Compare it the US. Has a state like Los Angeles and Texas more impact than New Jersey or North Dakota .. ofcourse they do. But it doesn’t mean they control the other states. Do not forget the EU consist of 27 sovereign countries that decide to transfer some of their power to a supernational organisation.
    Additionally Belgium and Netherlands are heavily impacted by the Brexit. In Flanders we have 28000jobs at stake which is not so far from Ireland. You do seem to forget these two players completely, and they have significant impact in the EU. Just for your confirmation. Belgium and Netherlands would love to have a deal but reading all the comments in our country, nobody wants to risk the single market, and there is significant worry that the UK would get unfair access to the single market if we compromise to much. The Iris border has much more importance than just what it means for Ireland.
    Finally there are two sentiments here in our country:
    - Disappointment: Many years of building a close business relation will be blown to pieces by Brexit. You fully underestimate what the emotion is in Belgian business environment towards the UK. UK always had a top reputation of a reliable business partner ... that is gone. This will cost you growth.
    - UK supremacy: Out of all the comments in the UK we definitively experience e feeling of English supremacy. You seem to believe in the UK that you are better than us. No clue why that would be correct but it enervates us enormously. Time to get your feet back on the ground.
    Hope this helps broadening your view. Today you are seeing the world still too much through UK glasses. If you wish to be ‘objective’ you need to understand how your biggest trading partners think.

  • Unified Vision
    Unified Vision 2 months ago

    Isolationism led to WWI and WWII being far worse, almost screwed the pooch there. You'd think England of all people would understand the need for European Unity. Have fun with your Northern Irish border.

  • Allen Rodesia
    Allen Rodesia 2 months ago +1

    If UK thinks they will get any favorable deal from USA they are dreaming. Remember AMERICA FIRST!