Why Girls Love Summer

  • Published on Jun 11, 2017
  • Why Girls Love Summer! This video is a collab with Eva and Alisha!
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    Hiiii! My name is Mia Stammer and I do comedy and lifestyle videos! Things like DIY, Life hacks, apartment tours, expectations vs reality, and girls in real life!
    This video is Why Girls Love Summer, featuring my friends, Eva Gutowski, and, Alisha Marie!
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  • Abby .v
    Abby .v 12 hours ago

    3:11...when people didn’t care about saving the turtles

  • Benisha
    Benisha 16 days ago

    3:18 here’s the replay button for y’all 🤣 I got chu

  • Benisha
    Benisha 16 days ago

    3:18 here’s the replay button for y’all 🤣 I got chu

  • Hwyl a Sbri
    Hwyl a Sbri Month ago

    Did anyone see the puppy at 4.34 so cute

  • pan _cake
    pan _cake Month ago

    Head phone users 0:2 RIP😂

  • Mackenzie Miller
    Mackenzie Miller Month ago

    Mia is so white omg

  • Dat1Saucy Girl
    Dat1Saucy Girl 2 months ago

    in every collab video mia made. the first 5 seconds at least sits

  • Maxlynne Augusin
    Maxlynne Augusin 2 months ago

    Mia: of course you did, your basic


    Me: pretty basic

  • LittleWolf Amy
    LittleWolf Amy 2 months ago

    Anyone here in 2019?

  • Rebekah's Universe
    Rebekah's Universe 2 months ago

    omigosh lol my eardrums exploded at 0:01

  • Kayla Walujo
    Kayla Walujo 2 months ago


  • Aria hi
    Aria hi 2 months ago

    5:42-5:52 life be like

  • Christine x Ru
    Christine x Ru 2 months ago

    Other people during summer : beaches summer clothes
    Me : on my phone and only summery thing I do is eat ice cream

  • Gabi Anderson
    Gabi Anderson 3 months ago

    I have these. They seem so fake

  • Maeve
    Maeve 3 months ago

    omg honale is so cute!!!!!

    sorry if i spelled it wrong

  • Ashley Renee
    Ashley Renee 3 months ago

    0:02 SoOOooOooOOo rip ears

  • Madelyn Bush
    Madelyn Bush 3 months ago


    My ears went ☠️☠️

  • Arianater Forever
    Arianater Forever 3 months ago

    I don't like summer because of these reasons I like it because I'm FREE FROM SCHOOL AND I FINALLY GET TO HAVE FUN WITH FRIENDS AND MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

  • Michael Monte Carlo
    Michael Monte Carlo 3 months ago

    4:28 to 4:38 the only thing I paid attention to was the puppy trying to get on the couch

  • Rose_Peddles
    Rose_Peddles 3 months ago

    You know as a girl I can never relate to girls wanting to be tan and being obsessed with it. I’m tan all year😂😂

  • Bojana Trajkova
    Bojana Trajkova 3 months ago


  • BFF Gaming
    BFF Gaming 3 months ago

    Sub to my youtube channel if you think the little things in the video they time are beautiful

  • Anna VT
    Anna VT 3 months ago

    2:45 ooh that shade
    Lol Alisha’s face after

  • Marissa Pancake
    Marissa Pancake 3 months ago

    Ava is already tan..

  • Cynthia Urcino
    Cynthia Urcino 3 months ago

    I love summer because I go to the movies

  • honey's luv
    honey's luv 4 months ago

    Use this as the " I miss them botten "

  • Foster Morgan
    Foster Morgan 4 months ago

    Lol rip pineapple

  • Teleigha eleter
    Teleigha eleter 4 months ago

    Ava the potato 🥔😅

  • Alice Brooks
    Alice Brooks 4 months ago +3

    2019, anyone else just seeing this?

  • Isabella Jagan
    Isabella Jagan 4 months ago

    0:03 r.i.p. headphone users😂💜💜💜

  • Smashley !!!
    Smashley !!! 4 months ago


  • margot
    margot 4 months ago +12

    Who's here when Mia is Mia Sayoko :)

  • Callie McClure
    Callie McClure 4 months ago

    I thought her name was Ava. Oops

  • Hannah's Life
    Hannah's Life 4 months ago +2

    Hi I'm Mia

    NEXT! Lol (5:47 - 5:50)

  • Xo_ Mays
    Xo_ Mays 4 months ago

    Here in 2019 summer 😋 🍉

  • Greta Helfter
    Greta Helfter 4 months ago +1

    😂 they are tanning in the shade

  • Lauren S
    Lauren S 4 months ago

    0:01 OOOKKKK!!!!! THAT. WAS. SO. LOUD!!!!

  • Liana Macias
    Liana Macias 4 months ago +1

    Swimming is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun!

  • Puppiez Rulez
    Puppiez Rulez 4 months ago

    The boys watching this be like:😊😜❤️😘🥴😍🥰🤪🤩🥳

  • Mia Reyes
    Mia Reyes 4 months ago

    My name is mia

  • Michelle Bryant
    Michelle Bryant 4 months ago

    Tomorrow is my last day of school :D

  • CRBcreative
    CRBcreative 4 months ago

    I miss these three together, it's like they all aren't friends anymore

  • Addison Bias
    Addison Bias 4 months ago

    Hello random people scrolling though the comments!

  • Khloe _Edits486
    Khloe _Edits486 5 months ago


  • Orlando San Miguel
    Orlando San Miguel 5 months ago +1

    5:54 RIP headphone users

  • Summer's World
    Summer's World 5 months ago

    From 3:15 to 3:19 omg lol!

  • Allyza Gwen Rafer
    Allyza Gwen Rafer 5 months ago


  • Allyza Gwen Rafer
    Allyza Gwen Rafer 5 months ago

    Super amazing

  • Kennedy Cooper
    Kennedy Cooper 5 months ago +1

    0:02 RIP headphone users

  • Vicky Pena
    Vicky Pena 5 months ago

    I love the tiger growl she does at 3:04

  • Kimberly Burgos
    Kimberly Burgos 5 months ago

    I love summer so much then winer

  • Kimberly Burgos
    Kimberly Burgos 5 months ago

    All of u girls was laughing so hard

  • Infinity Yeet
    Infinity Yeet 5 months ago

    I love Mia she has like this great sense of hummer LIKE ME AND MY NAME IS MIA LOVE YOU XX

  • Riley Theckston
    Riley Theckston 5 months ago

    5:58 I’m sry headphone users

  • David Decatoire
    David Decatoire 5 months ago

    So loud at intro

  • Jolly Johnson Jolly Johnson

    I.lov winter😀😀

  • Neil Perez
    Neil Perez 5 months ago

    The point OF summer Is to get out OF a place which u were brougt to against ur own will(School)

  • Xx GachaCookieEditz xX
    Xx GachaCookieEditz xX 5 months ago

    I love summer because no school (well there's summer school so, no homework)

  • buttercup grande
    buttercup grande 5 months ago +3

    Am I the only one who loves winter more than summer?
    Just me.

  • unicorn squad
    unicorn squad 5 months ago

    I like your video