• Published on Jan 30, 2014
  • Interview w/ Johan Andersson on his Turn Based Tactical Combat RPG Runemaster!
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  • DDog Squad Roler
    DDog Squad Roler 3 years ago

    im starting to make a mmorpg and this game gave mi really god idias and im really sad abaut the game byng canceld

  • MannerlyGem
    MannerlyGem 4 years ago +9

    This game was just cancelled.

  • Nick Maldonado
    Nick Maldonado 4 years ago

    i think it ill work

  • Zukram97
    Zukram97 4 years ago +3

    That guy is my moms cousin.

  • lostinstatic
    lostinstatic 4 years ago

    Loki and thor are not brothers. Please PLEASE stop saying they are.

    • Eggdrasil Warthog
      Eggdrasil Warthog 3 years ago

      +lostinstatic Well they are stephbrothers

    • Hip Hop Fanatic
      Hip Hop Fanatic 4 years ago +2

      Neither is real so does it really matter.

    • Kallbrand
      Kallbrand 4 years ago

      Loki is a giant. They are not related in any way.

  • Shen
    Shen 4 years ago

    This sounds very promising.

  • AnimichileTV Nana
    AnimichileTV Nana 4 years ago

    A very pleasant person. I like him very much :)

  • TheHelleri
    TheHelleri 4 years ago

    5:49 The Runes on the Logo reads: Paradox Development Studio(s) in English (phonetically...roughly). I don't know if that would interest any one though, lol. I just learned a couple different Futhark some years back because it's in a lot of games. And, I like to try to read Runic inscriptions when I find them. Sometimes it can be something of an Easter egg in games, like the whole "Sid was here" thing (More often than not though, it's complete gibberish...makes sense that it would actually be readable in this game).

  • ijustlikebread
    ijustlikebread 4 years ago

    Johan Andersson has the best swenglish ever

  • Joshua Dekoker
    Joshua Dekoker 4 years ago

    Wow I'm kinda supriesed to see that Joe is ALLOT happier. Even know JewWario died 2 days before the reliese of this video not to nnnott 2 make Joe sad R.I.P JewWario ill always love ur vids

  • Tyco Tyrannus
    Tyco Tyrannus 4 years ago

    Huge fan of Age of Wonders Shadow Magic. So I love tactical combat and the Rp that is throughout. Since this vid didn't show the combat im wondering. Is it like the many Final Fantasy games and their "hop in and out" mechanic with a lame animation and numbers flying overhead of troops in a line? Ya I HATE Final Fantasy combat to my core!!!! Story and game might be epic. But ill never know since I cant get past that. Its just personal preference so don't waste time telling me im wrong. This looks epic however and I cant wait to see vids. I just hope its not eastern style hop in and out combat but more like Age of Wonders.

  • ShootAirsoftVideos
    ShootAirsoftVideos 4 years ago +2

    i would of been more interested in this project because i love RPG games however TURN based is not my style. i like open worlds which i enjoy but Turn Base is not something i would consider with an open world game. I'll still keep my eye on it. EDIT : just to clarify i used to play TURN based RPG sense back then that is what you had. put times have change and new mechanics allow for new avenues.

  • Marcus .Cadier
    Marcus .Cadier 5 years ago

    Throws money at screen! When is this gonna release? Will it have COOP?

  • BaronVonHoovy
    BaronVonHoovy 5 years ago

    Ratatoskr is a squirrel who apparently likes to deliver insulting messages back and forth from the Great Eagle at the top of Yggdrasil to the dragon Nidhogg at the bottom. He also apparently enjoys gnawing at the tree itself.
    I can see this potentially being an interesting quest/quests...

  • Bongo Supreme
    Bongo Supreme 5 years ago

    He talks like a little kid it's so cute. :)

  • kjohnsen045
    kjohnsen045 5 years ago +5

    Plot twist, Johan is Baldur....who on Asgard or Earth would want to kill this lovable guy?

  • NocticonPlays
    NocticonPlays 5 years ago

    WANT.... NAO!!!!!

  • AmirB
    AmirB 5 years ago

    his a gem in this industry

  • marco tonello
    marco tonello 5 years ago

    looking forward for play it it looks very intresting

  • A2B
    A2B 5 years ago

    Can't wait for this game to come out

  • Chandler Lewis
    Chandler Lewis 5 years ago

    "Christian mythology"? Really Joe you're gonna highlight that on your video..

  • hachnslay
    hachnslay 5 years ago

    ... Viking is not a demonym for the Norse but the name of a profession. Also it's the female form for - as far as i know - a raider.
    The male form is " víkingr"
    Please stop using it wrong.

  • M.A. S.
    M.A. S. 5 years ago

    Moral of the story: The denied tear is the one that sends you to hell.

  • derekisazombie39
    derekisazombie39 5 years ago

    I'm sold, I want to play Runemaster as well. =] That and I'm an absolute sucker for Norse mythology!

  • Egil Sellgren
    Egil Sellgren 5 years ago

    I used to hear these stories as a kid and they are so cool compared to christianitu, wanna play this game

  • Sephiroth1204
    Sephiroth1204 5 years ago

    Very cool

  • ThanksIfYourReadIt
    ThanksIfYourReadIt 5 years ago

    i cant understand a single letter what his sayin.

  • GrantLF
    GrantLF 5 years ago

    This guy is freakin awesome!

    JACOB VITAL 5 years ago

    Is this subscription game because I want to play this game.

  • obi DUGGA
    obi DUGGA 5 years ago

    At first i thought it was TheAmazingAtheist :D

  • bjarked47
    bjarked47 5 years ago

    OK Americans you need to start getting this right, Loki and Thor are NOT FREAKING brother or half brothers if any thing Loki is Thor's onkel. Odin and Loki are blood brothers nothing more. Loki is a half giant half "god" but they have nothing to do with Odin

  • vmvoropaev
    vmvoropaev 5 years ago

    Imagine that guy is your uncle, and once in a while you visit and listen to his tales of awesome

  • C
    C 5 years ago

    wow hes actually adorable

  • Marko Jovanovic
    Marko Jovanovic 5 years ago +1

    Paradox interactive is maybe the most user friendly game company out there. These dudes gave out Europa Universalis 3 (with all the expansions!) for free just before Europa Universalis 4 came out...

  • nukeboy14
    nukeboy14 5 years ago

    THIS GUY! he is just so fucking adorable! the way he speaks his english and the amount of love and passion he has for his project. Its incredible. I hope for his sake that the game is a success, even though I am not really interested in these type of games

  • TheBalistics
    TheBalistics 5 years ago +1

    Joe, your interview skills are getting significantly better , just wanted to let you know. Keep up the good work.

  • Worldweaver
    Worldweaver 5 years ago +43

    THIS GUY! I want him to sit near the fireplace or under the christmas tree on a Christmas night and tell me stories and tales!

  • chode
    chode 5 years ago +1

    This guy is the nicest viking

  • SultenZone
    SultenZone 5 years ago

    Runesc..-master sounds interesting.

  • NoctisAugustus
    NoctisAugustus 5 years ago +7

    One of the few games this year which I have high expectations for. I'm a fan of Paradox's work and I love Norse mythology.
    Also the soundtrack is fantastic. Reminds me of Crusader Kings II's soundtrack. Props to Andreas Waldetoft for his amazing work.

  • TrueGreg
    TrueGreg 5 years ago

    In Norse mythology, Ratatoskr is a squirrel who runs up and down the world tree Yggdrasil to carry messages between the eagle Hræsvelgr, perched atop Yggdrasil, and the wyrm Níðhöggr, who dwells beneath one of the three roots of the tree.

  • Phlowerchyld
    Phlowerchyld 5 years ago +27


    • Fluffy Gungan
      Fluffy Gungan 5 years ago +16

      He's like a little kid at heart, gotta love the enthusiasm. :)

  • Nathaniel
    Nathaniel 5 years ago

    Great interview, u can really tell that he loves his creation. And I'm very glad that youtube has auto captions.

  • sergio lozano
    sergio lozano 5 years ago +1

    seymour hoffman?

  • oskar stålstierna
    oskar stålstierna 5 years ago

    Heja sverige!

    • ~Spencer~
      ~Spencer~ 5 years ago

      Hei fra Norge. ....Translation: Hello from norway.
      Just incase anyone was curious.

  • Robert Fierce
    Robert Fierce 5 years ago +8

    I want to buy this NOW!!

  • thesilverw0lf
    thesilverw0lf 5 years ago

    This sounds awesome anyway :D The fact it's based of Norse mythology is kickass, just one small request, make Fenris/Fenrir a good guy? :| He was never actually bad but was forced to hate the gods as they treated him badly after seeing the vision of the world ending and they instantly jumped to the conclusion it would be him. It would be nice if he was an ally or at least just not literal "big bad wolf" of the situation X)

  • thesilverw0lf
    thesilverw0lf 5 years ago

    I could listen to this guy for hours. He's got the proper storytelling voice XD

  • A Houston
    A Houston 5 years ago

    Looks interesting! Any games like this now?

  • Andrew Sharr
    Andrew Sharr 5 years ago +2

    Finally! A game about vikings!

  • szakred
    szakred 5 years ago

    I love this Warcraft III like menu of Runemaster

  • TheLostMC BrothersForLifeLostForever

    That's a pretty neat accent.

  • G- Gnu
    G- Gnu 5 years ago

    Had to like just because he was a Swede, gr8 Joe :)

  • Dean Eraiba
    Dean Eraiba 5 years ago

    Hey you never know how it could turn out. Heath Ledger as the Joker rased a ton of controversy and how did that turn out.

  • ThatGamer
    ThatGamer 5 years ago

    the graphics remember me Age of Mithology graphics, very nice game.

  • Zoffer Znet
    Zoffer Znet 5 years ago

    nordisk mytologi vi nakka jer alle

  • Not1FoxXGivN
    Not1FoxXGivN 5 years ago

    I definitely will keep tabs on this game cause I like the entire premise of the game and how it is being presented in this game.I look forward to more news in the near future and maybe a demo of combat when they feel it is ready to be shown,but given the team who are making this game,I have no worries!!^^Ty Angry Joe for the upload!

  • Andrew
    Andrew 5 years ago

    This is just an outtake from nordic mythology (im from Denmark).
    I heard this story 1000 times.

  • BMC
    BMC 5 years ago

    And this is why I buy any game I like from paradox interactive. Look how passionate this guy talks about his game, never seen any AAA game dev or studio talk about their game this way. Paradox is a small player of games, but the way they work and the things they give us (AT A FREAKING LOW PRICE NOTA BENE) are just beyond imagination. Thumbs up for Paradox and thumbs up for Joe finally interviewing and highlighting their awesome games.

  • darkheart407
    darkheart407 5 years ago

    I really enjoy this ty for uploading this

  • Raphael Perry
    Raphael Perry 5 years ago

    Aah, without using Google, Rattatosk is the little squirrel who runs up and won the trunk of Yggdrasil, the world tree. Rattatosk also embodies the spirit of the shaman moving between the different world of consciousness. Interestingly a shaman lost deep in a trance would be described as "lost between the worlds". Many would revere Rattatosk as a guide to help them find their ways back to their bodies.

    Of course shaman is not the correct word to use. I should probably use Volva or Sidr but Shaman helps to get the point across.

    • Three Dog
      Three Dog 5 years ago

      It's ok.

    • Raphael Perry
      Raphael Perry 5 years ago

      Damn those glottal stops. Us Brits just can't handle them most of the time unless we're speaking Estuary English :).

    • Three Dog
      Three Dog 5 years ago

      You mean Ratatoskr.

  • Bob Sallee
    Bob Sallee 5 years ago +2

    I hope they use the Norse names for elves, dwarves, trolls, etc., etc. I would feel more immersed that way

  • Ninelifegamer83
    Ninelifegamer83 5 years ago

    Oh am going to love this game! It has M&M feel

  • SK 1907
    SK 1907 5 years ago

    I love the soundtrack of this game @5:05

  • Landre673
    Landre673 5 years ago

    This game just made my I really want to play list I sure hope it's not an exclusive and is cross platform

  • The Happy Huntsman
    The Happy Huntsman 5 years ago

    Finally! A game developer who actually know the mythology :D This might be incredible :D

  • ash0787
    ash0787 5 years ago

    That looks like the monitor that I have ( 22inch ultrasharp ) nice.
    So a "Tactical Combat RPG" but he didn't show the combat ? lol.

  • TheStylelike16th
    TheStylelike16th 5 years ago

    yeah... it's still a no for me... Bryan Cranston is an AWESOME choice... but we'll see.

  • Michael Sedgley
    Michael Sedgley 5 years ago

    Haha look in the reflection of the t.v near the end, mullets!

  • Kris Ryder
    Kris Ryder 5 years ago

    Arghh damn i cant understand the accent

  • Satakarnak
    Satakarnak 5 years ago +1

    Thor or Tor from witch an day have bean made gets the power to cary yhe hammer from his belt :) i love pds

  • Kajan451
    Kajan451 5 years ago

    For what it is worth...the 'real' (and with that i mean the non Marvel version) of Mjölnir can be lifted and carried by everyone. Its just a weapon that would not fail someone that wears a belt that gives him superhuman strength, as Thor does. It also would never miss its target and never fly so far away from him, that it couldn't be retrieved.

  • Pyke
    Pyke 5 years ago

    Norse mythology ? Ok, I'm definitely interested.

  • kaeltxwz
    kaeltxwz 5 years ago +1

    it's always nice to see a developer that realy loves and is excited for his game.johan seens like a realy cool guy and knows a lot about mythology.realy looking foward to this game!

  • Thimmet
    Thimmet 5 years ago +1

    14:23 Angry Joe is what?? I've been looping that part of the song a million times now and I still can't figure out what the lyrics are.

  • Daniel Gomez Osorio
    Daniel Gomez Osorio 5 years ago

    Unfortunately, I can't understand a word he says, maybe because he speaks too quietly. But anyway I love Paradox and all of their games.

    • thisisDemo
      thisisDemo 5 years ago

      put captions on? that function works

    • HotsDonutz
      HotsDonutz 5 years ago

      Facepalm... immortal facepalm... fatality!

    • Markku S
      Markku S 5 years ago +17

      Cause turning up the volume is too difficult...

  • Diego H.
    Diego H. 5 years ago

    He sounds like he came straight out of the medieval times

  • HomemadeIndie
    HomemadeIndie 5 years ago +1

    sweet passionate man, lovely.

  • StGermain242
    StGermain242 5 years ago

    I hate this casting to my molten core. Still, I got two words for ya- Heath Ledger.

  • Dice Hard
    Dice Hard 5 years ago +13

    Runemaster has certainly piqued my interest, and seeing the passion of the developer is great. If they're passionate about something they'll put everything in to it. One to watch out for methinks! :)

  • Liquidazot
    Liquidazot 5 years ago

    You hsould dink beer in glases :D This whould be more natural domestic, and shurly add 50% subs more.

  • Lorde Avernus
    Lorde Avernus 5 years ago

    is there any hot valkyries in runemaster... ? count me in if so...

  • Cootsy
    Cootsy 5 years ago +22

    So it's kinda like Dungeon Siege with Norse Mythology?
    Sign me the fuck up.

    • BaronVonHoovy
      BaronVonHoovy 5 years ago

      That's exactly what I thought!
      Damn right, I will buy this.

  • IsayanBros
    IsayanBros 5 years ago

    Dear Joe, It is so awesome that there's a man who has the same reaction as me. Everybody seems to persist with that, in my opinion stupid, Heath Ledger argument. For me personally this is so ridiculous I can't do anything but laugh hysterically. Thank you Joe!

  • ziralmire
    ziralmire 5 years ago

    FFS Loki is not the brother or half brother of Thor! he is the blood brother om Odin he is not his son or half son Loki's Father is Laufey and his mother is Fárbauti futher more Loki is NOT a god he is a Jötunn... for the love of Odin get it right.

  • Vladimir Bogface
    Vladimir Bogface 5 years ago +2


  • gaberoid
    gaberoid 5 years ago

    this interview, i like it... ANOTHER!!!

  • Jurrutt Cuurtnuy
    Jurrutt Cuurtnuy 5 years ago

    Where the fuck did you film this?

  • Genome
    Genome 5 years ago

    Is that a Dell IPS? What model?

  • Laserkid
    Laserkid 5 years ago

    So, norse mythology + might and magic + battletech?

  • itz xPapiChampagnex
    itz xPapiChampagnex 5 years ago

    I wish games like this were compatible with consoles :/.

  • itz xPapiChampagnex
    itz xPapiChampagnex 5 years ago

    I enjoy the ambition of a new game creator and their excitement and compassion that they put into their game or even someone involved with the game that cares.

  • hausy
    hausy 5 years ago

    I'm sold, this guy is awesome

  • Deniz Kalkan
    Deniz Kalkan 5 years ago

    Why can you use mjolnir? because magic.

  • Zarl Larlack
    Zarl Larlack 5 years ago

    Joe, real talk. Is that an alien computer in the corner? I thought you were better than to buy an over priced computer. I am very cross with you.

  • kiler8008
    kiler8008 5 years ago

    AWSOme, johan seems to be very nice

  • yo jimbo
    yo jimbo 5 years ago

    Great interview joe, glad your doing more, but i hope you dont mind me saying in future i think it'd be much better if you framed a shot with you in scene aswell, your presence and personal interaction make your shows great.

  • julianwashere
    julianwashere 5 years ago +1

    jeg elsker at der er flere danskere end mig der ser Angry Joe!!!

  • The Wolf
    The Wolf 5 years ago

    Hmm on one hand I would love to see them succeed in the RPG genre, but on the other hand I'm afraid that might mean fewer of their oh so awesome Grand Strategy games...

  • KingRes
    KingRes 5 years ago

    Paradox also made Mount and Blade