Mosfet induction heater

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
  • Hello friends, today in this video i have shown how to make an induction heater using less components.
    Parts list:-
    2 × z44 mosfet
    2 × 330ohm resistor
    2 × 10K resistor
    2 × Fr107 diode (you can get from old CFL driver circuit)
    1 × 1uf capacitor
    Heatsink for the MOSFETs
    And ofcourse a 12V power source
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    TECHNOLOGY 18 4 days ago

    Which software you used to make circuit diagram

  • Su_zZ official
    Su_zZ official 24 days ago

    Hyy without toroid is it possible to do this bro

  • Burak İbrahim Ünal
    Burak İbrahim Ünal 26 days ago

    IT's not working...

  • jose cosmo rodrigues
    jose cosmo rodrigues 3 months ago

    it is possible to remove TV ruler LEDs

  • Seamus Oksa
    Seamus Oksa 4 months ago +2

    ya thanks i really love that smell of my mosfets burning up

  • omar hergueta
    omar hergueta 6 months ago

    para que se puede utilizar esta conexión ?

  • Anubrata Chakraborty
    Anubrata Chakraborty 6 months ago

    *When you put metal inside the induction coil, How much current does it draw? Why did you not add a toroidal transformer with positive end?*
    Inform me, because I want to make it from a long time but I do not have any lab bench power supply.

  • science at home
    science at home 6 months ago

    How much current does it require?
    Can i do this with 12v 5a power supply

  • Antoni Maciek
    Antoni Maciek 6 months ago

    0:49 - 0:52 schemat schematyczny, cewka dwukrotnie po 4-6 obrotach,typ kondensatora FTP-1 oraz bateria z kilku równoległych skraplaczy

  • peuhlbrito
    peuhlbrito 6 months ago +1

    Hey, very nice project! Could you explain how this circuit produces oscillation on coil? Thanks

  • Par Athanelectronics
    Par Athanelectronics 7 months ago +1

    The best in the world👍👍

  • ALPHA1001
    ALPHA1001 7 months ago

    Very nice
    The best

  • Ruslan Muratov
    Ruslan Muratov 7 months ago

    Ставлю пять отлично

  • Вася Пупкин
    Вася Пупкин 7 months ago

    А если палец засунуть?)))

  • Mohit Sahu
    Mohit Sahu 7 months ago

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  • topgracz76 Battlefield3

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  • Faysal The Kingfisher
    Faysal The Kingfisher 7 months ago

    220ohm Resistor ??
    Or - 330ohm Resistor ??

  • Nishad More
    Nishad More 7 months ago

    What amount of heat can be generated in the coil ?

  • Nick Adams
    Nick Adams 7 months ago

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  • Élice Fernando de Melo

    Ultra inefficient. With a 12V x 5A (= 60W) power supply, it did not work. Do not waste your time. Dislike obviously.

  • Cam Electric
    Cam Electric 7 months ago

    Wow good idea and sharing

  • Kami Star
    Kami Star 7 months ago

    You talk about Fr107 diode from CFL driver circuit , why i only find a 13003 mosfet in it ??

    • Antoni Maciek
      Antoni Maciek 6 months ago

      @Kami Star It is a bipolar transistor npn! Not diode...there are FR107 or similar diodes in CFL in DO-41 housings, usually 2 to 3 pieces, do not confuse with 1N4007 rectifier bridge, recommended diode UF4007, FR207, 1N4937.1N4937RLG, BYV27-200, HER208, MUR 460,UF5404,....

    • Kami Star
      Kami Star 6 months ago

      @Antoni Maciek i don't find your diode in it

    • Antoni Maciek
      Antoni Maciek 6 months ago

      13003 and more MJE 13003 it is not a mosfet, it is a bipolar transistor npn!

  • Paulo Lopes
    Paulo Lopes 7 months ago +1

    Ficou MUITO BOM !

  • people friend
    people friend 8 months ago

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    • Catinka
      Catinka 6 months ago

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  • vovanvi vni
    vovanvi vni 8 months ago

    а схему принципиальную где посмотреть ?

  • Creator Nater
    Creator Nater 8 months ago

    Love it! Subscribed! Will you subscribe back?

  • ismail cicek
    ismail cicek 8 months ago

    deneyeceğim 👍

  • ismail cicek
    ismail cicek 8 months ago

    yok daha neler !

  • MrD7J7K7
    MrD7J7K7 8 months ago

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  • Premkumar.H.C. kumar
    Premkumar.H.C. kumar 8 months ago


  • APLICAR - Ciências e Robótica

    Show, I need try... kkkk :D

  • Max Imagination
    Max Imagination 8 months ago

    Great induction heater!! Amazing 👍

  • Deejay Timka
    Deejay Timka 8 months ago +3

    даа так можно и машину времени соороудить 👍

  • Enrique Toledo
    Enrique Toledo 8 months ago +4

    Si vas a hacer ese video, da al menos los valores de las resistencias y los filtros o mejor no demuestres nada

  • chetan26726
    chetan26726 8 months ago

    What is the coil wire gauge size?

    • Chris Barth
      Chris Barth 8 months ago +1

      Solid #12 or #10 AWG or closest metric equivalent will work fine.

    MSK SINGH 8 months ago

    Nice video sir
    I need to get in touch with you regarding a small project please email

  • KutnaLetva
    KutnaLetva 8 months ago

    Based on royer oscillator

  • Steeve Smith
    Steeve Smith 8 months ago

    How a electromagnetic field produces heat?

    • Neil Paul
      Neil Paul 8 months ago +1

      @Steeve Smith The coil produces a magnetic field comprising multiple magnetic field lines which alternate in polarity at the same frequency as the oscillator. The physical construction of the coil does not lend itself to creating an external force. Also you would need either a second magnetic field or a ferrous object with which the magnetic field could interact. This is a completely different application of electromagnetism to that of solenoids, most electric motors, maglev etc.

    • Chris Barth
      Chris Barth 8 months ago +1

      @Steeve SmithNo, the switching happens too fast to create any perceptible magnetic effects.

    • Steeve Smith
      Steeve Smith 8 months ago

      Neil Paul thanks 🙏 so the heat comes from eddy currents right, but is there any force that pushes the ferrous to the direction of the coil core? Like the coil train.

    • Neil Paul
      Neil Paul 8 months ago +2

      The circuitry forms an oscillator causing an Alternating Current (AC) to flow in the low resistance (copper wired) 'output' coil. The AC current causes an alternating magnetic field to be generated around (but perpendicular to the axis of the individual coil wires) the coil. The magnetic field is at maximum density inside the coil but sparse around the outside of the coil. As the magnetic flux lines expand and contract though a ferrous (magnetic) material an electric current (commonly known as eddy currents) is induced in the 'metal core' at right angles to the magnetic field. The current x resistance of the ferrous material results in power in the form of heat energy. In power transformers these heat losses are minimised by the use of insulated steel laminated formers. Metallic granules imbedded in insulative resin is also employed as formers for the same reason. The 'former' concentrates the magnetic field into a known volume to improve the efficiency of inductors and transformers. I hope this explanation assists your understanding of why a ferrous object heats up when it is inside the coil but an item made of a 'non-magnetizable' material stays cool.

  • George Lake
    George Lake 8 months ago

    I need to supper heat a 4in copper pipe. With a bigger coil would this work?

    • Chris Barth
      Chris Barth 8 months ago

      No way! You need some serious current switched at high frequencies to do what you want even for a ferrous metal like a 4" steel pipe, copper may not even work since its non ferrous. The induction coil almost always involves a 3/8" or larger copper tube with water circulating for cooling. Not really a DIY project unless skilled and motivated.

  • виктор ершов
    виктор ершов 8 months ago +1

    А я то думал что без музыки будет

  • Chris Barth
    Chris Barth 8 months ago

    Heat sinks are a must for the mosfets, they will get hot. Doesn't have to be exactly like what is shown, anything of similar size made of aluminum or copper with a flat surface should work, more mass is better. An old computer CPU heatsink would work great. Thermal paste under the mosfets will help tremendously. Hell, even toothpaste (yes, toothpaste) will be better than nothing.

  • Prasad Mande
    Prasad Mande 8 months ago

    Capacitor is heating dangerously !
    What should be done to avoid heating of capacitor ?

    • Hard Case
      Hard Case Month ago

      Get a higher voltage capacitor. Like a 600 volt one.

    • Prasad Mande
      Prasad Mande 8 months ago

      @Chris Barth thank you so much for guiding.

    • Chris Barth
      Chris Barth 8 months ago +1

      Another cap in parallel would help.

  • Chris Barth
    Chris Barth 8 months ago

    Been wanting to do this for a while. Good job, easy to find parts.

  • Hudsonkem Marinho
    Hudsonkem Marinho 8 months ago +1

    how to reduce the power? i tested with my power supply that i build and at 5v it seems to drain alot of current. no heating of course but if i increase to 12v for sure my supply will burn, my supply can carry 8A at 14v.

    • Hudsonkem Marinho
      Hudsonkem Marinho 8 months ago

      @Chris Barth good to know thx, i will try with more turns.

    • Chris Barth
      Chris Barth 8 months ago

      IMO a 14V 8A power supply should be fine. Maybe try to heat small parts at first? More turns on the coil should reduce current as well if I'm not mistaken.

  • Jamal Badhafari باظفاري

    فكرة جميلة 😘

  • Роман Алексеевич


  • Paulo de Souza Lima
    Paulo de Souza Lima 8 months ago +30

    Good... But wait! You didn't told us that the 12V power source should be able to handle 10A+ of current. And also the capacitor would quickly heat up until it burns out failing all the circuit. Nice try.

    • Burak İbrahim Ünal
      Burak İbrahim Ünal Month ago

      @Paulo de Souza Lima Does capasitance change anything? 1uf-100uf or 1nf-100nf??? And what is the best capasitor for long term use? Like 3 months non-stop working... And should i choose better diode?For example??? Thanks for help...

    • Anubrata Chakraborty
      Anubrata Chakraborty 6 months ago

      @AGGROBERT 84 😀😀😀

    • AGGROBERT 84
      AGGROBERT 84 6 months ago +1

      @Anubrata Chakraborty agreed 😁
      Truely here is a Lot of shit to find
      It's hard to handle if you fail a project, maybe several times
      And shipping cheap components from China costs a lot of time ⌚

    • Anubrata Chakraborty
      Anubrata Chakraborty 6 months ago +2

      That is what I wanted to know. Thanks buddy. Thanks a lot. You saved my tries and money from being wasted.

  • toukam annie
    toukam annie 8 months ago +1


  • florin dragoe
    florin dragoe 8 months ago +2

    I have replicated it and it has exploited the Mosfet, this souped-up race video

    • Lorand Bartha
      Lorand Bartha 7 months ago

      Nu functioneaza pe termen lung aceasta constructie?

  • Василь Ватаманюк

    Ідея супер проста

    • Николай Кузьмин
      Николай Кузьмин 6 months ago +1

      @ГранЬ АрС забыл упомянуть диоды. FR107 или аналогичные на ток 1ампер и более.

    • Николай Кузьмин
      Николай Кузьмин 6 months ago

      @ГранЬ АрС 👍

    • ГранЬ АрС
      ГранЬ АрС 6 months ago

      @Николай Кузьмин огромное спасибо

    • Николай Кузьмин
      Николай Кузьмин 6 months ago +1

      @ГранЬ АрС схема на 52 секунде. Резисторы по 330 ом - 2 шт. резисторы по10 килоом - 2 шт. транзисторы IRFZ-44 - можно аналогичные на ток 40-60 ампер и напряжением от 100 вольт и выше. конденсатор, что синий, на 1 микрофарад и напряжением желательно от 1000 вольт и выше. Провод на катушку диаметром 1.5-2.0 мм. Всё это применительно для данного случая. Можно поднять мощность, увеличив ёмкость конденсатора, следовательно и диаметр провода катушки. Питать от компьютерного блока думаю можно.

    • ГранЬ АрС
      ГранЬ АрС 6 months ago

      @Николай Кузьмин А не могли бы Вы мне написать список деталей на русском? с обозначением ёмкостей. а то я в этом не особо шарю, но хочу попробовать собрать. И еще вопрос, подойдет ли блок питания компьютерный?

  • Aamir Raza
    Aamir Raza 8 months ago

    Is it electricity efficient??

  • Osael Barrantes
    Osael Barrantes 8 months ago

    It is really amazing, second time I know about it; even though I knew the term induction.. Thx a lott for tu tiempo. Saludos from Costa Rica..

  • Vishwajit Ingale
    Vishwajit Ingale 8 months ago

    How many amps it required

    • Vishwajit Ingale
      Vishwajit Ingale 8 months ago

      @Tech Ideas thanks

    • Tech Ideas
      Tech Ideas  8 months ago

      It depends on the metal which you are going to heat.
      Around 4 to 8 Amp.

  • ja go
    ja go 8 months ago +1

    No Power source present .. that does not work fake I noticed it's always someone from a foreign country making fake videos scum

    • Chris Barth
      Chris Barth 8 months ago

      Not fake. Try a 12V PC PS. Almost every house has an old unused computer with one more than capable of driving this circuit. Need to do a slight mod to get the PS to output 12V without a motherboard being connected.

    • IFY electrotech
      IFY electrotech 8 months ago

      itz induction heater..... and working on 12v 10 amp power supply

    • IFY electrotech
      IFY electrotech 8 months ago

      this is not fake .....

  • batticha shumami
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    Our replays not directed only for us, for you too.
    If you continue to neglect us I will ask all of your subscribers to think about that.

  • Lo Lo
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  • Lo Lo
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  • avmota avm
    avmota avm 8 months ago +1

    How to Build the Coil?

    • Chris Barth
      Chris Barth 8 months ago +2

      #12 bare copper wire wrapped about 10x around a 1" pipe/dowel. Looks like he's just using a long loop in the middle as a heat sink to help avoid coil overheating. It doesn't affect it's operation, only the coils themselves are the working parts

  • Rana Arif
    Rana Arif 8 months ago