AI Learns to play Hill Climb Racing || Part 1 Making the Game

  • Published on Sep 9, 2018
  • Watch me make a "perfect" copy of Hill Climb Racing
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  • Thomas W
    Thomas W 3 years ago +3

    I like that you show all the failures before you succeed.

  • Eldur Drake
    Eldur Drake 3 years ago +1

    you should stream the making of some of this stuff. watching you try to deal with the cancer of box 2D could be entertaining and educational

  • A G
    A G Year ago +285

    β€œBox2D is incredibly powerful”

  • PatCuke
    PatCuke 3 years ago +1

    You should make an ai that plays doodle jump.

  • Blakmajika
    Blakmajika 3 years ago +279

    Damn, he actually just makes the game first before the ai. That is a shitload of work. Kudos to you CB

    BOSTL 3 years ago +213

    best decision on TheXvid recommending this to me. Your hilarious, and brilliant, and an evil genius. Loving the content.

  • Tyler
    Tyler 3 years ago +3

    Make AI that makes a game

  • Qwimpy
    Qwimpy 2 years ago +611

    "Ok, go."

  • CubeSolver25
    CubeSolver25 3 years ago +134

    Code Bullet: "okay this should be easy"

  • fast
    fast 3 years ago +95

    you channel is getting more professional with each Video, I just rewatched some of your first Videos and realised how far you have come already^^ (still having like 99%male audience?)

  • The Sir Rolfe
    The Sir Rolfe 3 years ago +213

    I remember playing this when it first came out, I was amazing at this game!

  • Mr.E
    Mr.E 2 years ago +33

    I appreciate simple games so much more after watching this

  • Hayan Hussain
    Hayan Hussain 3 years ago +532

    One of my teachers used box2d as a punishment for people who acted up. If you acted up you had to do an entire project on box2d

  • Kyle Papili
    Kyle Papili 3 years ago +2

    Loving these A.I. videos, maybe consider doing some udemy courses (even if they cost a little) in which you go into greater depth on how you develop the actual machine learning models that play these games.

  • Soulsphere001
    Soulsphere001 3 years ago +2

    One thing I've had a hard time creating is a bouncing ball that ends up at the same height that it dropped from. If anyone reads this, how do you program that? I'm talking about from scratch.

  • Lawlzer Derp
    Lawlzer Derp 3 years ago +86

    "Do you want to learn how to make games like this"

  • Hungry Walrus22
    Hungry Walrus22 3 years ago +6

    Hey dude thanks for making these I can’t imagine the time it takes and I am so glad you do these, there so fun to watch

  • Wolf X.
    Wolf X. 3 years ago +2

    I swear I'm genuinely always rooting for a video of you appearing in my TheXvid timeline, always great fun to watch! Very interesting as well

  • James Neace
    James Neace 3 years ago +30

    When you hear that song at

  • David Rushton
    David Rushton 3 years ago +22

    "Many car like abominations later" made me laugh so hard!