Public media work out: Dillian Whyte and Anthony Joshua show mutual respect "We will bring it Back"

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • Dillian whyte meets and greets fans at media work out. Both Dillian Whyte and Anthony Joshua show mutual respect for each other.
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  • Reallionaire OH
    Reallionaire OH 23 days ago

    Love this 🤜🏾🤜🏾🤜🏾❤️

  • You Have Issues
    You Have Issues 24 days ago

    Absolute legends you both!

  • King77
    King77 Month ago

    Last thing i heard `we will take it back yeah`

    BRAZTHAGOD Month ago

    That's what it's about!

  • J Rock
    J Rock Month ago

    British fighters are trash

    • J Rock
      J Rock Month ago

      @Zeiza Ze yeah maybe u right but I'm not American I'm black

    • Zeiza Ze
      Zeiza Ze Month ago

      Like Lennox Lewis and Joe Calzage right? AmericanS are thrash more like, they don't even support their own fighters

  • prof prof
    prof prof Month ago

    Bring it back

  • Shamzy Ahmed
    Shamzy Ahmed Month ago +1

    There should be a battle royal 👑 between AJ vs Whyte vs Wilder vs Fury! Lol 😂

  • Leanne blues girl Jaynes

    Dillian I love you your the best heavy weight fighter out there dont let the numpty idiots get you down, your time is coming I believe in you champ, regards LJ 💕💕🍦

  • SinnigoTV
    SinnigoTV Month ago

    Are we just going to ignore the poor kid who got left hanging at 0:36

  • Ryan Wesley
    Ryan Wesley Month ago

    How can u not admire dillian whyte

  • Gio
    Gio Month ago

    diamante with that accurate prediction

  • Lex Luther
    Lex Luther Month ago

    Dillian Whyte looks like a basic boxer to me

  • Amos Kemboi
    Amos Kemboi Month ago

    Joshua hopefully gets good and much needed rest,, then
    1 A soft touch
    2 Wilder to unify
    3 Fury
    4 Fury
    5 Whyte as last fight to drop the curtains on a celebrated career

  • big johnson
    big johnson Month ago

    Dillian the PED user whyte

  • Mr Kolasa
    Mr Kolasa Month ago

    Diamante was 100% correct on AJ

  • Gone Hunting
    Gone Hunting Month ago +3

    0:33 the face on him after that awkward handshake 😭

  • M squared
    M squared Month ago

    Birdie num num

  • erica ameh
    erica ameh Month ago

    Wow 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • karlos Lowry
    karlos Lowry Month ago

    The Chanel needs better music this from the TheXvid library sucks ass.

    DN-TONY Month ago

    I didnt even know whyte had a channel. Quality video!

  • Pancho Villa
    Pancho Villa Month ago

    Al Haymon worst nightmare.. El Toro Negro 👍from California much respect Dillan..

  • Benson Xavier
    Benson Xavier Month ago

    We love you champ! More blessings you'll definitely be back better than ever.

  • William Sullivan
    William Sullivan Month ago

    Anthony " the usurper " Joshua, Dillian " lifetime contender " Whyte. Rub testicles

  • Ail M
    Ail M Month ago

    The referee just predicted the aj fight holy shit

  • raymond sweeney
    raymond sweeney Month ago

    Dillian looking on some of that Aj money !( and rightly so , he deserving of it for sure ) come on joshua let's go .

  • MrBaza87
    MrBaza87 Month ago +1

    This was beautiful sportsmanship 🇬🇧🥊🏆💯

  • mr landlord
    mr landlord Month ago

    Whyte another uk Don

  • Shahzad Akram
    Shahzad Akram Month ago

    Good luck for tonight champ

  • baby ting
    baby ting Month ago +1

    Dillian..the burger snatcher ..whyte 💥

  • Shahzad Akram
    Shahzad Akram Month ago +1

    Congratulations on the UKAD decision in your favour keep up the hard work and you will reap the benefits get your legal team to Sue the people who made the wrong accusations against you for loss of revenue, loss of revenue etc good luck for tonight champ

  • Russell Newton
    Russell Newton Month ago +6

    CLEARED now you UKAD apologies and WBC give him his ranking spot back, BASTARDS.

  • Mr Kolasa
    Mr Kolasa Month ago

    Song title please

  • karlos Lowry
    karlos Lowry Month ago

    Birdy num num

  • Joseph Bacon
    Joseph Bacon Month ago

    Go Dillian big man screw all the people who knocked you for the last few months they aren’t fans worth keeping. Go all the way and bring the WBC home. And the new!!!!!!!

  • Trustyourself
    Trustyourself Month ago

    Dillian major respect to you man you a real one

  • Doc
    Doc Month ago

    great touch Dillian, not only have you evolved as a boxer but as a person. Other guys who going against AJ dont see the bigger picture for British boxing. I hope you and AJ smash your opponents and keep British HW boxing on top... then get bumsquad next year

  • Lee Munro
    Lee Munro Month ago +6

    It takes a real man to offer much needed encouragement to a rival, simply pure class... I love this sport

  • R VM
    R VM Month ago

    That ass whooping AJ gave you got you on some "mutual respect" shit now 😂😂😂

  • Crawfishblacc
    Crawfishblacc Month ago +1

    Since it's "we" now.. hopefully the both of you can go to Area 51 and find Whyte's B Sample. "we" need that back. Fraud always trying to be in the limelight. Lame ass

  • Alain Swanson
    Alain Swanson Month ago

    Let’s go Dillian... get this W!

  • Keith
    Keith Month ago

    Whoever's on the music, turn it down!

  • NoneSoStrong Boxing

    Dillian whyte is heavily overrated! And he is a drug cheat and now a fat ass

  • shola ebofin
    shola ebofin Month ago

    Dean whyte rambo

  • Emmanuel Emmalex
    Emmanuel Emmalex Month ago

    Goodluck to both of you at AJ and Diliian Whyte. Both showing class.

  • Joe Gardiner
    Joe Gardiner Month ago

    Whyte is a fucking unit

  • MrJac1b
    MrJac1b Month ago

    B sample¿

  • Abijah Foundation.
    Abijah Foundation. Month ago

    Good to see champ back. The people's King 🇯🇲

  • Nigel Theuri
    Nigel Theuri Month ago

    Wilder would hospitalize you

  • Alex Tyson
    Alex Tyson Month ago


  • jimmy t
    jimmy t Month ago +3

    Big respect dillian on showing love to aj

    DEE DUBZ Month ago

    Proud of you bro. You focus on your journey

  • sugarkaneandchloe
    sugarkaneandchloe Month ago +1

    Love both these warriors. BRING IT BACK BOYS

  • kal77uk
    kal77uk Month ago

    Lots of hypocrites here, first to say Saudi shouldnt be hosting the fight because of Amnesty International comments. Now your not so quiet....

    DEEGO SNIPP HD Month ago

    Where is the b sample whyte boxing is a disgrace you should be banned why u fighting when I a repeated cheat u ain’t no Jamaican Eddie Hearn house nigga

  • Gordon Chuck
    Gordon Chuck Month ago

    Totally males no females in the name of creator jah love.

  • PziGotNoFilter P
    PziGotNoFilter P Month ago


  • Andrew Turay
    Andrew Turay Month ago

    I bet y'all, Ruiz gonn' be fightin AJ, Dillian, Me, Maself n many men in dat ring come saturday nite...We'll see who wins,

  • Simon Cowell
    Simon Cowell Month ago

    Joshua and Whyte’s rivalry is unmatched. They have so much respect for eavhother yet so much hate 🤣when Joshua copied that ‘Wilder let’s go baby’ line from Whyte and they were both just creasing that night 😂😂Heavyweight legends

    VAINOOZ Month ago

    Do your thing brother! We are with you!