Elon Musk and Peter Diamandis LIVE on $100M XPRIZE Carbon Removal

  • Published on Apr 21, 2021
  • Join Elon Musk and Peter Diamandis LIVE as they discuss optimistic views of the future in wide-ranging topics from energy and communications to knowledge and transport, the importance of making humanity an interplanetary species plus the duo will announce the $100M XPRIZE Carbon Removal competition.
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  • Aditya Sahasranshu
    Aditya Sahasranshu Year ago +554

    Elon Musk - The man who changed the course of humanity

    • Eetu Nimee
      Eetu Nimee Year ago

      @Sirius Magus l see You are Not a Hypnotized Slave by the MSlimeM...Is this familiar for You...Search with Du..du..go: "Nwobarbarians + 100777"

    • Sirius Magus
      Sirius Magus Year ago +2

      @Eetu Nimee you forgot to mention that Morales was not happy with Israeli agents all over his country doing nefarious things... so he tried to limit their activities.... then he was pushed out. Musk is a friendly face of NWO cabal

    • Eetu Nimee
      Eetu Nimee Year ago

      @Aditya Sahasranshu So this is...SUSTAINABLE....?
      On July 24, 2020, Tesla’s Elon Musk wrote on Twitter that a second U.S. “government stimulus package is not in the best interests of the people.” Someone responded to Musk soon after, “You know what wasn’t in the best interest of people? The U.S. government organizing a coup against Evo Morales in Bolivia so you could obtain the lithium there.” Musk then wrote: “We will coup whoever we want! Deal with it.”
      Musk refers here to the coup against President Evo Morales Ayma, who was removed illegally from his office in November 2019. Morales had just won an election for a term that was to have begun in January 2020. Even if there was a challenge against that election, Morales’ term should rightfully have continued through November and December of 2019. Instead, the Bolivian military, at the behest of Bolivia’s far right and the United States government, threatened Morales; Morales went into exile in Mexico and is now in Argentina.

  • Marcus Sylvester
    Marcus Sylvester Year ago +15

    I think this is an impressively historical interview.
    It provides an overview of Musk career. He explains simply and sincerely his motivation and inspiration behind all his work.
    Great wisdom in his vision about climate change, sustainable energy and space exploration. 👍 👍

  • canadianguy
    canadianguy Year ago +63

    I could listen to Elon talk for hours and hours. He inspired me to go into Software Development :) He's very wise and self-driven, and is doing great things for this entire planet and it's life! What a great role model for the youth!

    • K
      K 11 months ago

      Do you attend a college?

  • NewOne
    NewOne Year ago +68

    This man will be in every history "book" 200 years from now.

    • perki
      perki 9 months ago +1

      @Impius That's the reason he put it in quotes.

    • Eetu Nimee
      Eetu Nimee 11 months ago

      @Knights So...YOU lack Morals too...No suprise there...

    • Alex Green
      Alex Green 11 months ago

      I think it will be in the books forever...

    • Daniel Katona
      Daniel Katona 11 months ago

      @Knights Yeah exactly I'm going to stick with MY facts, and in my book the baseless promises of a pschyschopathic narcissist are not facts.

  • pradeep kumar
    pradeep kumar Year ago +1

    Love you Elon - we need more people like you, you are a hero!

  • Stefanovic
    Stefanovic Year ago +21

    1:18 Intro
    2:39 The problem with CO2
    5:44 Is stopping CO2 production enough or do we need carbon removal?
    8:12 Elon's progress in making the world more sustainable and making humanity multi-planetary
    13:37 Crew 2 Mission
    16:37 Starship
    22:11 Why Elon funded the $100M XPRIZE
    24:47 XPRIZE competition rules
    36:55 Elon played "Mind-Pong" against monkeys
    37:47 Four Approaches to Carbon Removal
    43:58 Should teams prioritize scaling over costs?
    47:11 Who should be paying for carbon capturing?
    48:45 Do you expect these technologies to be useful on Mars?
    50:53 Why do you not implement already available technologies at scale?
    53:10 What is Elon's & Peter's process of building a great team?
    58:33 Can a 17 year old register?
    58:48 How do you change people's behaviour and habits?
    1:00:05 Who and what inspires Elon?
    Absolute legend. Elon is probably the most important person on Earth at the moment. That's the reason I mention Elon Musk in almost all of my videos..

    • Leandro Gabriel
      Leandro Gabriel Year ago +1

      This should be near the top. Well, they should have put this info in the description in the first place...

    • Stefanovic
      Stefanovic Year ago +1

      @Sune Groennebaek No worries. Yea it got downvoted.. no idea why

  • Ismail ‘Nye’ Yusof

    There’s got to be something epic that a great inventor, scientist, engineer and entrepreneur all rolled in one human is named simply ‘Elon’.

  • robert mitford
    robert mitford Year ago

    Im really excited about this thank you Elon for your xprise interview and insight on how and what is required 👍🏻

  • codediporpal
    codediporpal Year ago +1

    Musk just summed up the argument for moving away from fossil fuels brilliantly. I love these two men. Truly remarkable human beings.

  • JnTmarie
    JnTmarie 11 months ago +2

    So powerful! Impressive interviewer. Great conversation. Elon is so impressive. Just picked up my Tesla model 3 Monday! Bought stock. I’m all in. Thank you Elon for dedicating your life and remaining a compassionate being. 🙏🏻. Stop hurting each other, the wildlife, the planet. Eat plant based. Live longer💜

    • RILLA
      RILLA 5 months ago +1

      Interviewer is Peter co-founder of Xprize which Elon is on the board of. They're the ones behind the idea they spoke about.

  • Just Listen
    Just Listen Year ago +691

    Elon is the only person who can do an interview about world changing things whilst wearing no socks or shoes, love that man haha

    • Shameful
      Shameful Year ago

      @David Smith How he speaks and behaves has 0 to do with anything. Some people have problems getting their point across but have a great point.

    • ca
      ca Year ago


    • Matt B
      Matt B Year ago +1

      And not just conduct the interview, but be a part of the actual process of making these things happen. Elon gets my respect because he actually does some of the engineering work, most CEOs just direct people and play the figure head hole. Elon is the real deal

  • Invest with TCLAWS
    Invest with TCLAWS Year ago +2

    This was very informative! thank you Xprize and Elon.

  • Matthew Reisman
    Matthew Reisman Year ago

    Love everything you do for all of humanity

  • JJ Alfie
    JJ Alfie Year ago

    So good to see Elon in such a good mood compared to times in years past

  • V. Neto
    V. Neto Year ago +2

    Elon was spot on about climate change related to carbon emissions.

  • Will
    Will Year ago +79

    Elon is always inspiring. Love this man.

    • D Marion
      D Marion Year ago +1

      Humble comes to mind and I love that.

    V2A FREAK SHOW TV Year ago +1

    Awesome challenge .. excited to see the different teams progression

  • christopher boyd
    christopher boyd Year ago +1

    Thank You Elon for all your sacrifice. I truly love you and thank you for all your hard work.

  • Joe Torch
    Joe Torch Year ago +25

    His laugh about the 1000 tons proven, hilarious! "We weigh it, haha" I love this mentality, Elon is awesome.

  • stenly
    stenly Year ago +1

    very exciting opportunity, god bless you for making this happened, Elon

  • Svyat Sviat
    Svyat Sviat Year ago +140

    Oh man every interview with Elon is amazing. Pushing new ideas everytime

    • Mr Picky
      Mr Picky Year ago

      yes hype this and hype that. when did he have a new idea?

    • Chris Hardin
      Chris Hardin Year ago +1

      @Unearth the Roots return to the sand box.

    • Unearth the Roots
      Unearth the Roots Year ago

      He has all the signs of the Antichrist. Look up Neuralink

    • Trident Gameing
      Trident Gameing Year ago

      Yup but need money money

    • David Analyst
      David Analyst Year ago +1

      Al Gore has been pushing the idea that global warming will end planet earth in 10 years... for 15 years now. Maybe don't be so gullible

  • Otto Bhan
    Otto Bhan 11 months ago +3

    This is awesome! Two close friends talking in a staged setting with full transparency.

  • Francesco Allevato
    Francesco Allevato Year ago +33

    I always thought that we would never have one more Leonard Da Vinci so amazing that Elon proved me wrong

    • Anogoya Dagaati
      Anogoya Dagaati Year ago

      We are swimming in DaVinci's my friend; we just never give them a chance thats all! If Elon had 'embodied' as a Tuareg nomad he'll be herding cows.

  • Mr. Pocket
    Mr. Pocket Year ago +212

    When he said a bunch of people prolly will die in the beginning I respected him even more. Doesn't try to sugar coat it 1 god damn bit.

    • Shawn
      Shawn 11 months ago

      Liam Hinrichs - I cited support. You just continue with your position. Some people can not accept fact and maintain their position because that’s what they believe. We agree to disagree. Have a wonderful life in your bubble. Cheers.

    • Liam Hinrichs
      Liam Hinrichs 11 months ago

      @Shawn You have no data or proof of that. You are simply hating and calling foul.

    • Shawn
      Shawn 11 months ago

      @Liam Hinrichs Both cited channels explain why we will not be going to mars. If anyone goes to Mars, technologically speaking, they are not coming back and economically, there is no way that life can be sustained with enough equipment and technology to support it. Most sane people can imagine how terrible it would be to live on mars and the fact that anyone who wanted to go must be insane because it is 100% guaranteed a death sentence. Cheers.

    • Shawn
      Shawn 11 months ago

      Liam Hinrichs - thunderfoot and common sense are two channels that explain the hyper loop is a FAIL. Musks punlic financial statements shows ZERO PROFIT until recently; however those profits were from selling green credits to other OEM’s. Musk is only wealthy because he is an amazing self promoter and able to convince regular people to buy his shares and that makes him rich. The boring company- Fail. Hyper loop- fail. Tesla- TBD. I am not a hater, I just do not see the added value for this guy to be one of the richest people in the world- it makes no sense.


    First of all I would like to be one of the many to thank Elon Musk for his leadership, determination and all of his efforts of helping humanity clean up our environment with sustainable energy programs. Also with his commitment of SpaceX to allow the exploration of space for future colonization. Our world is a fragile place that currently holds all of humanities eggs in one basket. By spreading our wings and being able to leave our nest we will ensure that human consciousness will live on outside of our planet. I was asked by A very wise man in the early 2000s if I had millions of dollars to help humanity, what would the most important innovations be in business for all of humanity? I knew that the petroleum industries were polluting our air water and food to the point that people were getting sick and dying of diseases from those major fossil fuel pollutants. As we talked further and further about electric vehicles and transportation, solar power and other sustainable energies. He said I think you're right and it should be done because he as well had been pondering that question. He wanted to be thorough though so he asked if anything else should be focused on for all of humanity? I said yes and case of a global disaster whether it be a climatic asteroid strike or another world war I suggested that space exploration also be considered to prevent the collapse of human consciousness as we know it. Thinking back all of those years almost seems like a deja vu to where we are today. Again I can't think of anyone else but Elon that would put all of their Fortune on the line for the rest of humanity. With his consistant focus and extremely innovative leadership, he is leading the world out of darkness and into the light of the rest of our universe. So much yet to learn and do but thanks to the lead of people like Elon we can step in the right direction. We all have more in us to offer the rest of the world. So let's do it! This is the time and we are the people that will change the world! For those of you who like these ideas or have some of your own to offer, please let me know. I appreciate all of you and your comments. Let's shoot for the Moon and end up amongst the Stars!

  • Isaac Orellana
    Isaac Orellana Year ago +1

    love this, I think it would be a cool idea if all the reasonable taxes for the co2 emissions went directly into incentives like this so that the problems become direct support for the solution.

  • Sebastian Brand
    Sebastian Brand Year ago +8

    Such an inspiring entrepreneur!

  • Arturo Styles
    Arturo Styles Year ago +62

    This guy Elon is something else , I admire his smart moves when it comes to Investments

  • MilkDrinker
    MilkDrinker Year ago

    Good podcast never seen Elon laugh so much!

  • Casey Ford
    Casey Ford 11 months ago

    We have to keep reaching beyond to greater heights. And keep going. Thank you Elon and all the makers of Neuro Link and SpaceX. I hope we can work together in the future. After I get Neuro Link.😎👍

  • WillFarm4Food
    WillFarm4Food Year ago +8

    Elon has such a gentle way of speaking sometimes --- he has a good heart

  • Nightcore - Live
    Nightcore - Live Year ago

    Is that someone's backyard? If so that is gorgeous I would love to have a private backyard with a small pond and trees like that in it...might be a public place or something not sure. Either way this is a good chill spot for a Elon interview.

  • Scientist Invests

    It's always a joy to listen Elon speak! I just wish they would manage to make image quality a bit higher...

  • Terry Glass
    Terry Glass Year ago

    Really enjoyed the interview. Andromeda Galaxy reminds me of Andromeda Metals ADN:ASX using halloysite/kaolin for carbon capture. I could see the connection. This is a billion dollar company located in South Australia in the making and fits in well with the Elon Musk journey.. good luck $ADN

  • Walter white
    Walter white 11 months ago +1

    This guy has really positive outlook. It's great what' he is doing

  • EmptyDice82
    EmptyDice82 Year ago +4

    Elon is much more relaxed and well focused when he is interviewed by someone he knows and there is no public. I don't know about but that is very relatable.

  • Rooster
    Rooster Year ago +1

    It is rare that an absolute genius has clear simple logic and delivers it in a language anyone can grasp..

  • Edward Beale
    Edward Beale Year ago +98

    I’d love to see an X-Prize for a small size incinerator, one that converts household trash to energy and sequesters everything else. Imagine a world where central rubbish collection is replaced by ash puck reprocessing.

    • Anogoya Dagaati
      Anogoya Dagaati Year ago

      @A G Precisely how my household handles it - compared to our neighbors we could go at least a month without need for municipal waste removal. Cities could nudge better behavior by cutting down on the frequency of rubbish collection - if the garbage collection arrived once a month people would think twice what they bring in and throw out

    • Hither Maria
      Hither Maria Year ago

      @Hynek Chaluš we could chat privately on whatsapp or somewhere else

    • Hynek Chaluš
      Hynek Chaluš Year ago

      @Hither Maria im fine, so... will you send me some link or? :D

    • Hither Maria
      Hither Maria Year ago

      @Hynek Chaluš Hello Dear, how are you doing ?

  • mrhappy
    mrhappy Year ago +22

    Loving the hair. This man is trying to save our planet. Such a legend. We really need more people like him.

    • Johnny
      Johnny Year ago

      @The Metal Jedi Go learn some English before you try arguing :D

    • Johnny
      Johnny Year ago

      @The Metal Jedi no u

    • mrhappy
      mrhappy Year ago +1

      @Jason Sherlock his making more solar energy than anyone else in world. Electric travel underground, the Tesla, solar energy that can power a city. His give 100 million for people to find a solution for to much carbon. I could go on! He could live life like a king but instead he workes day and night trying to find solutions for a our dieing planet, our planet won't last for ever that's why he made spacex.

  • Larry W.
    Larry W. Year ago +1

    Bad audio but great interview. I'm excited to hear all the ideas.

  • bass addict
    bass addict Year ago +1

    Elon is the boss everyone needs wish my boss was like him

  • Buckle
    Buckle Year ago +2

    Ferocious tenacity inside a humble spirit, man this guy is different and efficacious, you gotta stand and salute this example of a human at this time when most super-rich dudes are debauched. If only the worlds politicians could grasp the enormity of this man's wisdom. There would be no need to go to Mars, we could have paradise here on earth!!!

    • skierpage
      skierpage Year ago

      It's unclear that Elon Musk is _not_ debauched. WaPo reported that his private jet made a lot of flights to Las Vegas, to video game tournaments, from one side of Los Angeles to the other so that he wouldn't have to drive as far to the airport... When you're that rich and powerful, it's inevitable to start thinking "Anything that's good for me is good overall."
      Don't expect your heroes to be perfect.

  • D R
    D R Year ago +54

    Elon amazes me, every time, I hear from him.

  • lovemyalaska
    lovemyalaska Year ago +2

    Strong and centered, definitely in his element. 💪 stay healthy Musk because this planet needs your vision ß

  • The BluELion
    The BluELion Year ago +1

    Its so insane there could be a company thats even bigger than the ones we got and will have just because it cleans our world like in an movie where if the company is evil it could hold the world hostage. Just by pushing a button and demand for something.!

  • Jamie Lake-Boyd
    Jamie Lake-Boyd Year ago +1

    I would love to watch this guy all day, in real life.

  • DaveAProud🇨🇦

    Elon will go down in the history books as one of the greatest friends to us all....wether we realize it or not.

  • Zsolt Fodor
    Zsolt Fodor Year ago


  • Boomer Rang
    Boomer Rang Year ago

    So nice to see the chief engineer has good and relax time away from civilization...he richly deserves

  • BlackWolf6420
    BlackWolf6420 Year ago

    If this man had a podcast it would have been #1

  • Chris Mazulis
    Chris Mazulis Year ago

    Great interview! Elon is making the future exciting!

  • Inge
    Inge Year ago +33

    Elon Musk is a fast thinker and that means his brain is open imagination capsule. With the right people that are able to act on his ideas, the faster they can implement everything. It's pretty fascinating thing. Thank you !!!!

  • Dennis Mathias
    Dennis Mathias Year ago

    Great interview. 720p was a little distracting--1080 would have been better. But the subject material was great. Also refreshing being outside. This is a good format! Audio was spot on. And this was not chopped up like some interviews. Having 3 or 4 cameras help.
    The thought of removing CO2 is begging the question of how do we stop releasing CO2. My solar array tells me the equivalent of trees planted on any particular period. That's because I'm not creating CO2 which is a LOT more important than sequestering it.
    Elon has done a lot already. Getting us to electric cars and trucks. Installing solar arrays. Now let's solve the problem that is two pronged: making affordable houses without cutting down forests. 3D printed houses would solve the problem of inexpensive housing with esthetics. Since concrete production creates 8% greenhouse gasses maybe consideration should be given to build long lasting structures from earth products--dirt. Then print the 3D house. Shelter is one of the biggest problems we have and 3D printing would be a big contributor. Musk has shown that dirt extracted from his Boring company can be used for construction with no concrete processing.
    I can't say why he hasn't gotten into the construction of buildings using robotics. Maybe we should ask him.

  • Biksie666
    Biksie666 Year ago

    When you do not have enough time to focus on progressing everything , insentivise.... great job Elon proud to be South African

  • Dana Dronen
    Dana Dronen Year ago +1

    I was thinking that concentrated sound waves might’ve been used to build pyramids possibly and that that might be able to be used for carbon capturing maybe not so much in the soil Maybe in the atmosphere I wish I could experiment with stuff like that

  • Liam Sheridan
    Liam Sheridan Year ago +1

    Hemp is definitely a good solution towards helping in carbon sequestration with it being renewable as well, it would be interesting to see if hemp can actually help on a large commercial scale and really make that difference everyone seems to claim

    • John Plumley
      John Plumley Year ago

      I agree! I wish Hemp were more commercial, it's very underused in my opinion !

  • Dorin Bivolaru
    Dorin Bivolaru Year ago +17

    CONGRATULATION to both earthspace pioneers. Seeing tremendous businesses opportunities and wanted to be part on some projects.

  • MOLE
    MOLE Year ago +1

    If he was world leader
    The world would most definitely be improved for all humans

  • Tom Kelly
    Tom Kelly Year ago

    This is the first comment on topic! When it comes to carbon capture and storage, I would say that burning wood without oxygen so that the volatile gasses will cook ofl and only the carbon, charcoal is left. That is mixed with compost and the trees are planted in that. The charcoal will permanently sequester carbon in the ground and make such a good soil improvement that trees can be planted places with less rainfall. Also launching large rockets into space will let the CO2 out into space and remove it from the air, water and land

  • Grace Yow
    Grace Yow Year ago

    thank you for funding this movement. the world needs this. i am with you that the earth is not doomed. today's doom and gloom mindset is like that of the malthusian theory that discounts man's ability to achieve what it takes to not only survive but thrive on challenges to human existence. actually, i believe this state of mind is being fed to mankind to keep them in control. thank you for not being subjected to such evil.

  • Jim 54
    Jim 54 7 months ago +1

    We should reuse hydroelectric plants to power stations like these, while moving the grid towards Nuclear energy. Also, to those in the comments section berating carbon capture technology, I would point out that no amount of trees is going to capture all the carbon we burned from deposits in which it was stored safely for millennia. One plant over a short period of time won’t fix the problem, but it’s a start.

  • Inge
    Inge Year ago +12

    This is a good interview. Great minds making impact. Thank you @elonmusk and @team XPRIZE for arranging this competition briefing .

  • Dakota McMillan
    Dakota McMillan Year ago

    i really enjoyed this conversation and you two were a good match =]

  • Michael Jacques
    Michael Jacques Year ago +180

    Elon: “I played mind pong against the monkey” interviewer: “did it win?” Elon: “no, but it hadn’t practiced as much as me.” I would like everyone to stop and think about what is implied by this......

    • A G
      A G Year ago

      The implication is that Musk fans will find deepest meanings in even most benign things he says, meantime completely missing real neuroscientists debunking his "monkeys playing videogames with my device" scam.

    • Susan Banga
      Susan Banga Year ago

      @Barskor1 true

    • Nick Westgate
      Nick Westgate Year ago +4

      He actually said "but it hadn't practised as much yet."

    • Steven Laupert
      Steven Laupert Year ago +1

      What’s with this monkey money business anyhote

  • Micro Farmers
    Micro Farmers Year ago

    Imagine if all the thousands of Billionaires really ploughed their money into positive projects for humanity rather than just maybe 1% of them... Elon is doing his fair share so glad he has the money to do what he does

  • Yung Cvm
    Yung Cvm Year ago +1

    I don’t know how it would work but if possible, could you genetically alter trees and plants to pull more Co2 out of the air?

    • NASA Cowboy
      NASA Cowboy Year ago

      Develop that idea... and you could win $100M!

  • Daniel Mark LeBlanc
    Daniel Mark LeBlanc Year ago +10

    As a kid growing up in the 1960's, I remember reading my Dad's old 50's and 60's science fictions magazines. Back then, it was the stuff that dreams were made of. The rockets depicted in those early mags were before the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs and looked nothing like the machines that latter took human's from the earth to the moon in the late 1960's. Those early rocket depictions reminded me of Gothic machines from the stars, the stuff of comic books and dragon's. What's so amazing to me is that those Great rockets have actually come to life in the 2020's because of a renaisance man called Elon Musk and his amazing team of dreamers and creators. Space is becoming COOL again with so much GRANDEUR.

  • E
    E Year ago +14

    Hope EM, the great innovator of our time,
    take a good care of himself.
    As we all age, our body needs more
    attention and stay fit is a must.

  • Chad Bringhurst
    Chad Bringhurst Year ago +9

    Thank God for the future view of a man who cares about humanity. Be blessed!

  • Steve Dykstra
    Steve Dykstra Year ago +3

    Elon is one of the greatest humans alive, he looks relaxed and healthy, May he live to 100 years old, we need him.

  • BaldingEagle51
    BaldingEagle51 Year ago +1

    An invention replacing HFC (Kigali amendment) would be much more impactful against global warming than storing (not removing) carbon emissions. I must assume he knows this. So the conclusion is, he can't sell anti-HFC inventions, but he can sell carbon storage inventions to corporations with big carbon footprints.

  • FFFA
    FFFA Year ago +388

    “you were trying to convince me not to start a rocket company”😂😂

    • Steven Rogers Fine Art
      Steven Rogers Fine Art Year ago

      It's like me wishing I had kept mining BTC on my gaming machine at night. Instead I let people tell me how stupid it was to waste electricity on something that wasn't even worth a penny a piece!
      I'd be a billionaire :(

    • Matthew Thomas Holmes
      Matthew Thomas Holmes Year ago

      you say that, my step dad is working with a start up rocket company in uk, black aroow, after the 70’s 80’s uk missile program.

    • Paradox
      Paradox Year ago

      @Anton de Groot thanks for giving information
      Btw, the maybe contributor according to me is CFC's

    • Mr Picky
      Mr Picky Year ago

      actually after F9 sucsses current rocket industry is basically dead. they are actually going easy on everyone and extracting 6 times smaller launch cost through Starlink "free launches"

  • NASA Cowboy
    NASA Cowboy Year ago

    I’d like to see an X-prize for other things, like a Mars toilet. Imagine all of the improvements we will make once we start thinking in terms of large, permanent bases on the moon and Mars. Consider human waste disposal for example. No way would we duplicate the land- and water-intensive systems we inherited decades ago. Everything we do can be done better.

  • George George
    George George Year ago

    Peter Diamandis:"Your goal was to make humans a multiplanetary species and turn the global economy carbon free. And you did well"
    Elon Musk: "yeah...of course but first we have to actually do it"

  • Crypto Advantage
    Crypto Advantage Year ago +1

    Bio-char machines would sequester enough carbon and capture it for 100+ years really well. Scalable too!

  • G-Nel Simon
    G-Nel Simon Year ago +14

    He’s really more chill now after giving up most of his belongings. Minimalism really changes you 💜

    • E G
      E G Year ago

      @Steven Rogers Fine Art I‘m not saying he‘s doing something wrong. I‘m just saying flying a private jet to work is quite possibly the most unminimalistic thing to do.

    • Steven Rogers Fine Art
      Steven Rogers Fine Art Year ago

      @HINDSIGHT 20\20 so what's your take on the word "subjective" 😆

    • Steven Rogers Fine Art
      Steven Rogers Fine Art Year ago

      @E G how else is he going to get to and from work? Flapping his hands ?? LOL

    • tony soprano
      tony soprano Year ago +1

      @G-Nel Simon well said. People still will miss your point

    • HINDSIGHT 20\20
      HINDSIGHT 20\20 Year ago

      @G-Nel Simon thats the problem these days people think EVERYTHING is subjective . it is not . words have meaning for a purpose . that purpose is to convey a specific thought or subject matter . this is why we have dictionaries . can we use the words we have and stop making every word specific to the individual using it . i promise the world will be a better place .

  • Kolos
    Kolos Year ago +52

    He's so cool, chill and relaxed in this interview. Love to see that

    • Richard R Jacob
      Richard R Jacob Year ago +1

      @Manuel Barkhau nah those are just some glitches after the latest software update lol

    • Manuel Barkhau
      Manuel Barkhau Year ago

      Looked to me like he's freezing in between.

  • Feminine Eminem
    Feminine Eminem Year ago

    Problem I didn’t realize I don’t have in life, can you imagine being friends with someone like Elon and casually saying don’t start a rocket company ?

  • Game Arts Cafe
    Game Arts Cafe Year ago

    I really hope they look into my suggestion about making the Electric Jets out of graphene/graphite to absorb static electricity from the atmosphere the faster it travels, higher it goes and because it's lightweight and stronger than steel. Roads could also be made in part with recycled plastics/static inducing materials and only be unlocked as graphene vehicle drives over it. I've shared this with a few agencies but haven't yet received any response. There is already one company recharging with graphite/graphene and it's pretty stationary tech at the moment and would likely do better in motion.

    • Game Arts Cafe
      Game Arts Cafe 11 months ago

      @Derek Joiner Graphene is made from Graphite... also carbon can be converted to graphene. It can be driven down pretty inexpensively, graphite is abundant and Japan has the Rights to convert from Canada. We'll see.

    • Derek Joiner
      Derek Joiner 11 months ago

      Currently its still too expensive to use graphene. Graphite is pencil lead lol. Graphene does have many amazing possibilities but we can currently construct things with graphene at a reasonable cost. When the cost of manufacturing comes down it may become more widely used. Elon would have to reinvent a new way to make graphene or mine for it lol. I still want to see solar panels made with it but it will come in time.

  • Pieces
    Pieces Year ago +40

    Elon will be in the history books. Protect this man at all costs. Literally the most important person on the planet right now

    • The Pharabut
      The Pharabut 10 months ago +1

      @Old Seadog they told me once, with age comes wisdom. But I only see stubbornes.
      I think we can put this debate on the rest. At a certain point in a persons life there is a moment where you have to stand up for what you stand for. Fake snobbery dosent cut it. How about you apologize and slowly walk away. The ice cream is awaiting you.

    • Old Seadog
      Old Seadog 10 months ago

      @The Pharabut Sorry dude, I'm going to ignore you now, you're wasting too much of my time with your bluster & to be quite frank, you've bored me to death.

    • The Pharabut
      The Pharabut 10 months ago

      @Old Seadog I did already its in yours tl:dr.

    • Old Seadog
      Old Seadog 10 months ago

      @The Pharabut tldr, provide the refutations of their cited links & stop wasting my time with your cap locks nonsense.

  • Dan S Brown
    Dan S Brown Year ago

    I continue to admire Elon Musk because, when he is exposed to a question, he thinks about the best way to answer it from his unique perspective. The KISS principle describes his approach. He seems to dazzle interviewers with his brilliance as opposed to those who attempt to baffle you with bul#@hit.

  • Dagmar Boettger
    Dagmar Boettger Year ago +5

    Passionate purpose for teams to contribute to such a meaningful mission is key! Well said!

  • TruthΦfZero
    TruthΦfZero Year ago

    Finally an interview that makes sense!

  • J
    J Year ago

    Well it seems this never changes, still 4 months ago ? Well, I'll be darned! Still his best interview, laughing, feeling free in a certain kind of way, probably because he rooted within the Earth surroundings, which is nature,. even his voice sounds so free, his hands ruffling through his hair, barefeet and that T-shirt he loves,.. probably his favorite, should ask him why it's his favorite?

  • Michelle Kay Champo

    Thank you Elon for making thousands of people not feel so alone

  • Leonard Zane
    Leonard Zane Year ago

    Elon Musk is such a visionary, problem-solving, action-driven genius who has been benefiting and inspiring us all! He has also said not to take what he says and values on faith alone, but to think creatively and with logical skepticism , too. With that in mind, his view of too little population growth to sustain prosperity and care for elders deserves questioning. Such a view relies heavily on the USA's socioeconomic model of : (1) existing tax rates that are far below marginal income tax rates in the 20th century; (2) the ongoing cap on social security wages for many decades; (3) assumed low annual productivity and GDP increases. Such a model deemphasizes government investment as part of creating economic growth and prosperity, so let's look at another model: (1) Government investments typically seed long-term benefits and returns to both private and public sectors; (2) even Elon Musk's electric battery venture received $5 billion in government subsidies, which helped catapult the success of Tesla electric vehicles; (3) on the whole, the private sector is reluctant to invest in ventures which don't yield substantial short-term returns, so government investing can fill that gap; (4) other national socioeconomic models, such as Denmark's, average 58% in taxes overall; but the results are universal healthcare, permanent economic security for elders, tuition-free higher education, childcare, extended maternal leave, higher standard of living for the entire population, and a ranking of first or second happiest nation on earth; (5) no danger of social bankruptcy, no likelihood of financially depressed elder generations, and a lot of social trust and harmony and enjoyment. So when it comes to population reduction or increase, it's a good idea to look all over the world at various economic models before making premature conclusions.

  • StarRobin
    StarRobin Year ago +42

    Oh man every interview with Elon is amazing

    • Eetu Nimee
      Eetu Nimee Year ago

      Still amazing...?
      On July 24, 2020, Tesla’s Elon Musk wrote on Twitter that a second U.S. “government stimulus package is not in the best interests of the people.” Someone responded to Musk soon after, “You know what wasn’t in the best interest of people? The U.S. government organizing a coup against Evo Morales in Bolivia so you could obtain the lithium there.” Musk then wrote: “We will coup whoever we want! Deal with it.”
      Musk refers here to the coup against President Evo Morales Ayma, who was removed illegally from his office in November 2019. Morales had just won an election for a term that was to have begun in January 2020. Even if there was a challenge against that election, Morales’ term should rightfully have continued through November and December of 2019. Instead, the Bolivian military, at the behest of Bolivia’s far right and the United States government, threatened Morales; Morales went into exile in Mexico and is now in Argentina.

  • Ray Hughes
    Ray Hughes 5 days ago

    It's just a question of when. We can reverse that collectively if we all step up our game and do what's right for the planet and civilization.

  • Shirley Estee Loo
    Shirley Estee Loo 10 months ago

    ...most brilliant & an amazing person Elon Musk...👊.all good wishes. Take care. God bless 🙏

  • David Moyer
    David Moyer 10 months ago

    Thank you so much for providing a competition for people to work towards a goal we need for our planet. I hope you get to the moon in the next few months and focus on a base there before we go to mars. The trip to mars is 100x the risk than the moon. I can't wait...my world and mind grow so much when you contribute these massive amounts of time with skillz to maintain and grow them. I'm glad you have support of the people and the govt and its the perfect place for anyone with a great life ethic to join and be apart of.

  • Alejandro Oyarbide

    could planting trees or changing agriculture be a solution?
    what about creating green walls in all our cities?
    or reducing our meet consumption to a sixth or a tenth of today ? or moving to vegetables only ?

  • Tony
    Tony Year ago +59

    Great video. Elon the genius of our age. No one else is even close

    • WillFarm4Food
      WillFarm4Food Year ago

      @Raph Ael Musk seems to have that on Fresco, but actually it's debatable -- Fresco's fingerprints are scattered across many industries (medical devices, aviation, etc), and his blueprints of cities, homes, transportation and everything he envisioned are themselves monumental gifts to our world. Musk is more like Edison in a way, Fresco more like Tesla.

    • Raph Ael
      Raph Ael Year ago

      @WillFarm4Food Both brilliant. But while Fresco was a genious in his own right, he didnt manage to bring much of it to fruition in terms of actually appliance in the world.

    • WillFarm4Food
      WillFarm4Food Year ago

      Jacque Fresco and Elon Musk are equals in my view

    • Raph Ael
      Raph Ael Year ago +1

      @Steven genius at pretty much everything. Including marketing. Including not rejecting subsidies.
      I don't hear anybody crying over other automakers or industries like nuclear/coal receiving subsidies.

    • Isaiah Melton
      Isaiah Melton Year ago

      Steve Jobs?

  • Mxyzptlk
    Mxyzptlk Year ago

    Elon is an inspiration.

  • helimax
    helimax Year ago +1

    Id like to watch an edited version containing only the parts where Elon speaks :)

  • Tina Smith
    Tina Smith Year ago

    I love him. I would love a healthy debate with him.

  • test account
    test account Year ago

    Elon Musk is an incredible help for all humans

  • Damon M
    Damon M Year ago +4

    Underrated legend thank you Elon for all you do for humanity

  • Pritam Bissonauth

    If there was a better technology to harvest sun energy into electricity at the household level other than PV, would Elon go for it?

  • mojaverockets
    mojaverockets 8 months ago

    First off, the Delta IV rocket is/was burning O2 and H2 as propellant that makes water. That technology is already here for earth rockets (I'm not knocking SpaceX awesome reusable boosters that are awesome). I live in the Mojave desert and we have been in and out of drought for several years. I am a science teacher and for years had to navigate increasing flooded streets when it rained to get to work. I asked myself why this was happening. More development; Houses, streets, stores, etc. I lived at the end of a dirt road and noticed as more houses were being built, the developer would scrap off the native vegetation (yes, the desert does have some native things growing). Then they would grade the property so rain falling on the roof, driveways. and property would run off to the streets where it impacted things below...flooded streets and property.
    Then homeowners would plant vegetation suitable for non-desert environments that required lots of daily/weekly watering. To save money and water and help lessen the people living below, I channeled the water that had become running down my street into shallow basins on my property...I have 2.5 acres so I was always able to contain the rainwater now coming down my steel that watered many trees on my property substantially cutting down my landscaping needs. In 20 years some of the trees I planted as little more than twigs were 18" in diameter and that was in a dry desert experiencing droughts.
    I moved to another home in the desert that had the same 'dump the water off the property as my previous home. First two years I was there I planted 44 trees of various types and after three years of watering decided it was time for them to live on their own. On some of them, I made crescent-shaped bowls in the ground around them to catch downslope runoff and made some shallow basins to catch rain coming from the roof and property. I noticed that the erosional rills going out to the street were disappearing from being cutoff from the rain that would previously run off the property that added to the street flooding below.
    I now have trees shading some of the house in the summer that lessens my AC costs, removes carbon from the atmosphere (thanks people for providing them with that) and makes a place for the wildlife in an otherwise sterile area where dirt and concrete are taking over lately. Something I noticed about a neighbors house, they didn't want 'unsightly solar panels' installed on their south facing street side roof so they had them installed on the side west roof. They cut down their beautiful shade trees that were shading the house from the hot sun and now I see trees growing there and again shading the west walls and solar panels reducing their sun exposure to just a few hours.
    When I read about massive flooding when it rains around the country and blaming it on Climate Change I can only wonder how much of it is the result of increasing residential development dumping water down the streets and into streams and rivers. I told a county flood control official what I had done on my property and he said if more/all people did what I was doing it would save a lot of headaches for them when it rains.
    Some of you might hate what I'm about to say now. Remember when they reduced the speed limit to 55 during the gas shortage? Isn't Climate Change and CO2 a reason to go back to 55 if this is as serious a problem as they say it is? On a trip that I do each month, I reduced my usual 65-70 mph down to 55-60 and noticed a 12% reduction in gas consumption. That is something that can be done immediately.
    Back in the 60s, my high school science teacher told us we were burning up our future. We asked what he was talking about and he said the petroleum that we use to make products (synthetics, pharma, fertilizers, etc) was being burned up in transportation at increasing rates. That was back in the 60s and he is still alive and working on a process to rejuvenate energy production of old solar panels. I hope he succeeds.

  • Braydon Nol
    Braydon Nol Year ago

    You could make a very large dehumidifier to humidifier fitted with a carbon filter and an electromagnet. It would consume a little bit of energy but very doable for catching co2 emissions. I would guess about78%-88% would be caught. We really need to capture it in the sky I think and Richard Branson was close to some breakthroughs around 2008.