HUAWEI Mate 30 Series Global Launch

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • Relive our innovation driven #HuaweiMate30 launch from Munich, and stay tuned for more Mate! #RethinkPossibilities

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  • Humberto Cabrera
    Humberto Cabrera 2 days ago

    Huawei es el elegido para reinar en el mundo de la tecnología, viva Huawei

  • Henrik Koukku
    Henrik Koukku 3 days ago

    SKONTE B 3 days ago

    Are there any subtitles to use here?

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    Apple event copy

  • Attodeep Moulik
    Attodeep Moulik 5 days ago

    what did this guy speak?

  • md sadeq
    md sadeq 5 days ago

    I like😄.you like?

  • Sandeep Malav
    Sandeep Malav 5 days ago

    I m crazy for this phone.i want it

  • acpanda17
    acpanda17 6 days ago

    Ok this gentleman got cute chinglish and cute smile 😅

  • Victoria Lemonginger
    Victoria Lemonginger 6 days ago +1

    I’m Chinese and I can hardly understand his English😂I thought he is speaking in Germany

  • Gaurav Joshi
    Gaurav Joshi 6 days ago

    Subtitles milenge kya
    Can I get subtitles

  • shiva guru
    shiva guru 6 days ago +1

    Despite his english there is nothing to make fun of him. He is daring and bold enough just like their products.

  • Reality Check
    Reality Check 7 days ago

    知识产权盗窃是一种可怕的罪行,中共是最大的小偷. Hauwei is built on stolen property, and the Chinese Communist Party is an empire of lies!

  • memduh kahramann
    memduh kahramann 7 days ago

    HUAWEİ BEST WORLD PHONE!! iphone garbage

  • saqib ijaz
    saqib ijaz 7 days ago +1
    Watch, Subscribe and Share this video on How to Enable Screen Lock in Huawei phone.... Must Watch and get your issue resolved.....

  • saqib ijaz
    saqib ijaz 7 days ago +1

    Excellent effort and elaborated very well.... Keep it up....

    • Huawei Mobile
      Huawei Mobile  6 days ago +1

      Hi Saqib, thank you for your message of support. Glad to hear you are loving the Huawei experience

  • Alien Rider
    Alien Rider 7 days ago

    I'm from India... I love your mobile Phones wow 😍 👌😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • The Tech Guy
    The Tech Guy 8 days ago

    I am so impress with huawei. I have been using my huawei phone for two years and I have no issue with it. Well done huawei. Bring future more brighter!

  • Kevin Cheng
    Kevin Cheng 8 days ago

    Does any one know how to record super slow motion videos more than 10 seconds on new Huawei Phones? I am looking for a solution for that. Huawei says the new phones can only do 10 seconds. Cheers. Kevin

  • Two
    Two 9 days ago

    Hard to understand what he is saying

  • H. Becker
    H. Becker 9 days ago

    I own a P30Pro and have no need for a new device. But in this case it is my oughtness to purchase the Mate30 just as a matter of principle.

  • 陈利宾
    陈利宾 9 days ago

    Very good smart phone, try a 360 ° Rotating Ring Kickstand Fit Car
    Magneti phone case for Huawei Mate 30 & Pro from amazon

  • Net Surfer
    Net Surfer 10 days ago

    What does the US want? Everyone around the world should just kneel and bow to the almighty Americans? They are trying to be the dictator of the world - let's have a vote across countries and see how many votes the US gets. US does NOT get my vote for being the world leader (it is indeed now a world bully!). If you agree with me, upvote this comment.

  • Kumaravendhan Ravichandran

    Huawei just sucks🤯

  • 王沛然
    王沛然 10 days ago +1

    I'm a chinese. But I still got to say, the english accent of Huawei's CEO is rudimentary.

  • param shah
    param shah 11 days ago

    35.34 Huawei is making fun of apple...Huawei lemme tell you one will always bi apple ...and you are Chinese products

  • zai lapizar
    zai lapizar 12 days ago

    What month Huawei lunch in the Philippines? ASAP!!

  • Dima F
    Dima F 12 days ago

    Great job Richard!!!
    Great phones and watches, very excited to test it, especially the watches.

  • DJuan José Bermúdez del Castillo

    I do not speak English. Please write in Spanish language. Thank you Juan José Bermudez del Castillo

  • Yoshi Fan
    Yoshi Fan 14 days ago +1

    I love Richard Yu's humbleness.

  • Go Story !! Go story
    Go Story !! Go story 14 days ago

    Huawei Mate 20 series total view 112k
    Huawei Mate 30 series total view 1M such improvement about huawei high tech ❤️❤️❤️❤️ soon became No. 1 smartphone in the world

  • Gaming Machine
    Gaming Machine 14 days ago

    1:16:51 🤣

  • Amanda Xu
    Amanda Xu 15 days ago


  • Amanda Xu
    Amanda Xu 15 days ago

    The ruin accent is

  • Shuyanchi
    Shuyanchi 15 days ago

    I want Huawei badly.

  • Nitesh Sutar
    Nitesh Sutar 16 days ago +1

    Huawei smartphones 👎👎👎

  • Q Q
    Q Q 16 days ago

    45:30 nice

  • Karim Mahmoud
    Karim Mahmoud 16 days ago

    What's the name of that classical song that plays in the beginning guys?

  • Penguins LoveMe
    Penguins LoveMe 16 days ago

    Ya’ll complaining about his English... why don’t u ask other CEO of big phone companies to speak Chinese? Oh whoops they can’t speak any at all lol. His English is perfect so ya’ll shut up.

  • LL NU
    LL NU 16 days ago


  • 박종현
    박종현 17 days ago

    진짜 영어발음 저렴하다...

  • Khul K Bol
    Khul K Bol 17 days ago

    Compare both huawei mate 30 pro vs iphone 11 with all don't miss this

  • Remas Nasser
    Remas Nasser 17 days ago

    The camera is a copy of iPhone 111

  • Har One
    Har One 17 days ago

    What language are Yu speaking ? :))))

  • Ronny joel Gaingob
    Ronny joel Gaingob 18 days ago

    I love Huawei phone especially the new P30 pro amazing pictures and videos. Question of interest, is there any phone better then Huawei P30 pro?

  • W Luke
    W Luke 18 days ago +1

    im a chinese and i think i need substitiles too LOLOLLOLOLOLOL i have p30 rn and its perfect, better than iphone xD

  • New Ware
    New Ware 18 days ago

    এটা কিনার সামর্থ্য আমার নেই। তার পরেও হুয়াওয়ে কে ভালবাসি। দুরে থাকলেও ভালোবাসা যায়। ভালোবাসা কোনো বাধা মানেনা।I
    I love Huawei

  • Flixt TH
    Flixt TH 18 days ago

    Leading Design 😂😂. #huawei Airpods 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • nvs li
    nvs li 18 days ago


  • Joe kuosai Arima
    Joe kuosai Arima 18 days ago


  • Rash Abdull
    Rash Abdull 18 days ago

    To download play store fallow the link

  • Clinton Yeo
    Clinton Yeo 18 days ago

    He Sounded like Jamie's dad

  • Ade Teguh Prasetyo
    Ade Teguh Prasetyo 18 days ago +1

    At least this guy is NOT REPEAT the same boring predictable word again and again and again to describe their products like in Apple Event..

  • media guy
    media guy 19 days ago

    Superior country speaks superior ENGRISHHH

  • Hank AHM
    Hank AHM 19 days ago

    real a new monster much stronger than Apple 11

  • Henrik Koukku
    Henrik Koukku 19 days ago

    Next Huawei P40 Pro. 🤔

  • Emanuel Dumitrascu
    Emanuel Dumitrascu 19 days ago +1

    Hardware is very good but no service in 2019

  • Alex Rider
    Alex Rider 19 days ago

    1:26:27 I see that Got7 album mate

  • Japithor secret
    Japithor secret 19 days ago +1

    Wow , that's call innovation ; apple so called innovation need to learn from his competitors

  • Shuvam
    Shuvam 19 days ago +1

    I like Huawei CEO

  • Zafar Aliyev
    Zafar Aliyev 19 days ago