Who Was The Better Joker? Ledger Or Phoenix?

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    Let the battle begin.
    With the arrival of director Todd Phillips' long-awaited Joker movie, a new challenger has entered the arena in hopes of becoming the new Best Joker Actor Ever. His name? Joaquin Phoenix. His game? Well, doing his job and delivering the chilling kind of performance he knows is required of him, but possibly also dethroning the late Heath Ledger in the process.
    Since the announcement of Joker, fans have pit Phoenix and Ledger against one another, placing bets on whether or not the newcomer could shock and scare audiences as the failed-comedian-turned-crazed-killer Arthur Fleck as much as Ledger did through his turn in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight. The debate over Phoenix and Ledger as the Joker began months ago, but with the world finally able to see Phoenix strut his stuff in clown makeup and a tattered suit, the fight is no longer theoretical.
    So, now that Joker has landed in theaters, who played the character better: Joaquin Phoenix or Heath Ledger?
    Plenty of people were totally floored by the work Phoenix did in Joker, so much so that they now consider him better in the role than the late Ledger. Some even think Phoenix is the best Joker actor point blank.
    "Are you having any negative thoughts?"
    "All I have are negative thoughts."
    One Twitter user wrote:
    "With all due respect to previous Jokers and to the great Heath Ledger, Joaquin Phoenix is the best Joker. He has everything it needs. We finally have a proper actor playing the character in a very unfamiliar new shape. If Ledger's a straight flush, Phoenix's a full deck."
    Another fan tweeted:
    "I thought it would take a long time before someone delivers Joker better than Heath Ledger. As it turned out it only took 11 years and a certain Joaquin Phoenix."
    This fan continued to gush over Phoenix's performance in another tweet, writing,
    "Joaquin Phoenix should get an Oscar, a golden globe, an Olympic gold medal, a Nobel prize, a ballon d'or, Knighthood, a champions league winner medal and a presidential medal of freedom for his performance as the joker." Keep watching the video to see who was the better Joker? Ledger or Phoenix?
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  • Looper
    Looper  5 months ago +405

    Which actor crushed the role of the Joker the best?

    • reѕтleѕѕ
      reѕтleѕѕ 20 days ago

      @buk12345 I dont think so. Heath and Joaquin played two totally different roles. Heath was meant to be a villain for Batman. Joaquin was a kind of hero to Gotham in his time.

    • reѕтleѕѕ
      reѕтleѕѕ 20 days ago

      @MDP673NJ1 Heath's wasn't supposed to get more screen time. He was a supporting actor. He worked with what he had which was damn awesome. Giving him a three hour movie would just get tedious. Joaquin's joker isn't the Joker just yet. He's not a villain at all.

    • Fiji
      Fiji Month ago

      Hands down Heath Ledger

    • SINdrome
      SINdrome Month ago

      Phoenix all the way!

    • arubi san
      arubi san Month ago

      @Cincy fan Jungle City lol phoenix was another mentally ill person transformed into a psycho due to society, not joker of gotham. ledger's joker isn't certainly "another fictional character". show me "another fictional character'' like joker then. ledger can't be outdone

  • Syed Sajjad Ali
    Syed Sajjad Ali 4 days ago +1

    Phoenix's joker was so much realistic than ledger's joker
    We can't compare them

  • Priyanka
    Priyanka 8 days ago

    BOTH♥️♥️🦹 both showed us a different side at it best...Cannot be compared with each other because both did exceptionally well..and did more thn expected from the script. It can't get better thn this.

  • noraee
    noraee 14 days ago +1

    yo what are y’all on about Leto was the best!

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight 17 days ago

    Don’t compare them they are both great

  • reѕтleѕѕ
    reѕтleѕѕ 20 days ago +1

    "When everyone says Heath Ledger's Joker is the best Joker of all time, no one bats an eye..but as soon as someone says Joaquin is the better Joker..well then everyone looses their minds!"
    Honestly though..I still like Heath better..Idk..I just can't see the new Joker as THE Joker

    And honestly Heath's performance was better because we STILL talk about him to this day. That says something. Phoenix is good. Honestly he is. But Heath is still a legend. Hey maybe he's overrated but for good reason. Heath made us love Joker..and that's technically wrong. We were supposed to be paying attention to Batman. Instead, the first time I watched Dark Knight and every time after all I wanted was more Joker. Hey, that's an opinion though. :)

    FLY HARD 22 days ago

    Ledger made his charachter shine in a movie with so many other actors and plotlines, jaquin showed incredible acting and managed to fully express the emotions of another person. I think they're equals

  • TheExtremeCow
    TheExtremeCow 23 days ago

    Jared Leto’s joker was the best because eyebrows 🚫

  • Niknarg
    Niknarg 25 days ago

    LEDGER. He was not playing... he WAS Joker. period

  • zain deek
    zain deek Month ago

    Pheonix played the origins of the Joker to perfection, Ledger played the prime Joker to perfection. It isn't really fair to compare. Can we all just agree both were incredible?

  • Truth Before Opinions

    And how is this a debate?! - no comparison. Ledger all day!

  • 「 Kiyori 」
    「 Kiyori 」 Month ago +1

    Both unique. Both great.

  • Modjo Jojo
    Modjo Jojo Month ago

    ledger was more diabolic , phoenix did good also but he looked more distant

  • Mattakusisgreatness
    Mattakusisgreatness Month ago +1

    Joaquin was not playing the Joker. He was playing a soy boy.

  • Pix Master
    Pix Master Month ago +1

    I mean you can’t compare. Phoenix was the new Joker (Insecure, let loose, etc.), while Ledger was the mature Joker (Intelligent, Cunning, Slick). So they’re both the same exact character, just at different points in their life.

  • corouna vairus
    corouna vairus Month ago

    they are different versions of joker.
    i can't understand the comparisons. really unnecessary

  • Aaron Baker
    Aaron Baker Month ago

    Objectively the best is mark hamil

  • Blaze YT
    Blaze YT Month ago +1

    I still like the Dark Knight Joker by Heath Ledger.There is more action..and the makeup is lot better.This one looks like a normal man has done it.Not the crazy Joker.

  • J Rodrigues
    J Rodrigues Month ago

    Well personally i think if Phoenix is given the chance to be play the joker thru out the entire movie I think he would be in a far first.. as his roll depicts how the man Arthur evolves into the joker and the development of his new alternate persona as the joker. Through out the movie you get to see him how to joker wss formed and how he finally finds himself .. by the end of the movie Arthur for lack of better words starts to feel comfortable in his own skin that being the joker skin..and finally finds his meaning more or less. That being said another movie with Phoenix as joker after watching and understanding how and why arhturs transformation into the joker happened is much needed and would probably be one of the best to come

  • Daya Sagar
    Daya Sagar Month ago

    I would say Heath's joker was good only because of the presence of Batman and it was directed by Chris Nolan .

  • Random Vlogs
    Random Vlogs Month ago +1

    Heath ledger is the better Joker hands-down

  • Salman Khan
    Salman Khan Month ago

    Joaquin acting.
    Heath Joker.

  • tubedweeb
    tubedweeb 2 months ago

    Both delivered amazing performances but I enjoyed Phoenix’s portrayal more than Ledgers. A lot of that has to do how the character was written. However, Phoenix delivered The Joker as I imagined and was by far more disturbing than the others.

  • Ch3k420
    Ch3k420 2 months ago

    Why sooo serious? My favorite was ledger but phoenix did an amazing job!

  • Victor Chong
    Victor Chong 2 months ago

    I like to think hedger version is the future down the rabbit hole version of phoenix in the batman franchise 😆

  • cjheaford
    cjheaford 2 months ago +1

    Phoenix performance was much more complicated and brilliant. I simultaneously felt sorry for him and was terrified of him. Credit to Ledger, but it was nowhere near as deep a character as Phoenix.

    • cjheaford
      cjheaford Month ago

      arubi san
      Perhaps. I see what you are saying. Ledger does deliver a fully realized JOKER as depicted in the comics. I think it’s more accurate to understand these as 2 different eras in one man’s life. Phoenix demonstrating the tortured path that became Ledger’s Joker.

    • arubi san
      arubi san Month ago

      whoever is saying phoenix is better just didn't understand ledger's joker. phoenix is rather a mentally ill man turned into a psycho because of society like lonely mass shooters. ledger's joker was the calculated maniac mastermind devil with a philosophy and aim. ledger's point was to prove that everyone is a beast inside. u feel sympathy for phoenix cause that was what the script about? phoenix was amazing bur ledger is THE JOKER

  • Diana Banana Ontiveros
    Diana Banana Ontiveros 2 months ago

    Honestly, Heath

  • TheRosatus
    TheRosatus 2 months ago

    The answer is simple. If you're an adult looking for a character realistic and deep as possible, then Joaquin takes it like a walk in the park. If you're looking for the character from the comic books, then Heath is more like him. That's all. As already posted here: Apples and oranges.

  • Mr unknown
    Mr unknown 2 months ago


  • carbon.the. christ
    carbon.the. christ 2 months ago

    where was the fun in Arthurs Joker?Not even fair to say Ledgers Joker origin would be a weird,entitled,depressed emo guy. The genius and brains Nolan gave to Ledgers joker really made it where you COULDN"T pigenhole him as simply a mentally ill lunatic who needs meds. He was much too smart and disciplined,yet crazy as shit lol.Sorry ,a good Joker is not a Joker who can be so easily figured out. You still have people questioning if Ledgers Joker possibly had a military background,psychology background based on Ledgers portrayl. Couldn't simpy write him off as crazy,or try to pinpoint his true motives.

  • Cro-Emile S
    Cro-Emile S 2 months ago

    Hard to say. Both were amazing...

  • StuUngar
    StuUngar 2 months ago +1

    Ledger was perfect for the Nolan universe. Phoenix was a better representation of the DC Joker

  • StarZ Вырубара
    StarZ Вырубара 2 months ago

    Ledger played Joker. Phoenix played mad clown. Nuff said.

  • K. D.
    K. D. 2 months ago

    Heath Ledger ofc

  • Kyle Betts
    Kyle Betts 2 months ago

    Sorry Joaquin's Joker was a total friggin abortion. What a snooze-fest. People that say The Joker was good are delusional idiots

  • Dion R
    Dion R 2 months ago

    Well, both actors showed us all why bad things happen when the Clown Prince of Crime enters a hospital.

  • unknwn_usr
    unknwn_usr 2 months ago

    Ledger played the Joker
    Phoenix played the rise of Joker...
    Different phases of Joker's life.
    They both played extremely well..

  • Dinesh Dahal
    Dinesh Dahal 2 months ago +1

    first of all, it was ledger who created the hype of joker so pheonix can now reap the fruit. he is good actor maybe better than ledger but when its about joke ledger is the best.

    • Dinesh Dahal
      Dinesh Dahal 2 months ago

      @Sana Khan whatever heath is the best. If his death sympathy increased his popularity then the hype he created aided in the popularity of phoenix's joker. So, don't say death caused him to reach that height. Now, don't say his death got him Oscar.

    • Sana Khan
      Sana Khan 2 months ago

      Dinesh Dahal Oh puhleassee. Its oranges and apples. Both had a different vision for Joker first and foremost. Secondly, Heath’s Joker was comic accurate and that too due to the material of DC’s iconic archives about the character. Heath’s death helped curve more sympathy into his role but needless to say his performance was iconic. Whereas Joaquin fills his shoes immediately.

  • Gospod Marjna
    Gospod Marjna 2 months ago +5

    Phoenix all the way..... another level performance

    • Bidu Bidu
      Bidu Bidu 3 days ago

      @Gospod Marjna you seriously are quite dumb

    • Maxim Докић
      Maxim Докић Month ago

      @Gospod Marjna Finally a smart woman/man and not these tards/zoomers Bravo svidja mi se tvoj mozak!*wink

    • Gospod Marjna
      Gospod Marjna 2 months ago

      I never cared for american fast food mythology. Heath was the best cliche joker. Phoenix brought complexity to the character never seen before.

    • Cristian Rusu
      Cristian Rusu 2 months ago

      They're both good actors, no doubt about it. But Heath was the better Joker imo, that guy steals the show with a screentime of less than 20 minutes. Plus, I feel like Joker has little to do with the DC universe and it's good not because of it, but despite it. I will give Joaquin this, through his performance, he makes kids view his Joker as a role model, even though they totally shouldn't.

  • goldenstar2087
    goldenstar2087 2 months ago

    I’m sorry but one thing has me confused. Heaths portrayal of Joker has scars on his cheeks. Joaquins performance of Joker doesn’t have scars. But both Heath and Joaquin are at a tie in honorable performances for me.

  • myguitardidyermom212
    myguitardidyermom212 2 months ago +2

    I'm not hating, but the Heath Ledger joker was a cartoon badguy straight out of the mainstream hyper gritty and edgy post-Spawn comic scene of the 90s. Joaquin's was a more nuanced character, closer to the "grown up" Alan Moore Joker. Bother have merits, but it's not even close; Phoenix takes it hands down

  • Sri
    Sri 3 months ago

    I loved Joker 2019 movie more than TDK. But got to admit that Heath is better than Phoenix by a notch.

  • pizza box
    pizza box 3 months ago

    both are awesome but i think i'm more to phoenix. that natural psycho face is a dope

  • Ganesh kumar
    Ganesh kumar 3 months ago +1

    Why are we even comparing, both of them they are the same in my opinion

  • Jasprit Singh
    Jasprit Singh 3 months ago +2

    The new joker is better than health leaders joker.

  • cmonclair27
    cmonclair27 3 months ago

    Phoenix's acting chops are higher that's a fact. The character transition of this origin story was beyond Heath's capabilities. Just compare both actors filmography.

  • Shrek O hello there 99
    Shrek O hello there 99 3 months ago

    Can we all agree Leto is the worst joker

    6LACK LORD 3 months ago +2

    Heath Ledger's Joker, hands down. His Joker is too iconic and his Joker is probably the reason why they decided to make a Joker movie in the first place. Also, Phoenix's Joker is not the definitive crime boss Joker like Ledger's and that's what makes it hard to compare.

  • Thomas Wilton
    Thomas Wilton 3 months ago

    From the opening scene Heath Ledger makes you watch him no matter what. He is terrifying and violent, yet in depth and intelligent and depending on what type of person you are you end up almost rooting for him to beat Batman in the end. (Completely upstaging Christian Bale BTW...) Phoenix was amazing and he pulled off an all time performance, but it is still second all time..... Nothing can beat Ledger and a significant amount of people be it film experts and critics or everyone else who will always believe Ledger did it best and always will. Remember how we all said that nothing will top it in 08???

  • Shrek O hello there 99
    Shrek O hello there 99 3 months ago +1

    Well I would say leger cause he’s fully developed phoniex is getting developed while the story goes but if theirs a sequel phoniex might beat leger

  • ArshaqMohamed
    ArshaqMohamed 3 months ago +4

    it's like asking "who do you love more ? mom or dad ?"

  • Hack Junkie
    Hack Junkie 3 months ago

    So people only talking about Ledger, Leto and Phoenix..no love for Jack Nicholson?

  • Hack Junkie
    Hack Junkie 3 months ago +1

    It's not a battle, there is no question about it. Heath Ledger is the king of all Jokers.

  • David Mora
    David Mora 3 months ago

    Phoenix eyes are pure evil every time Joker comes out.

  • Vegetarian Soylent-Green

    Comparing someone who's normalized as a seasoned criminal vs someone who's discovered the joys of being Joker for the first time

  • phamtea
    phamtea 3 months ago

    Personally I’ll say Phoenix. Heath is a great but Joaquin is just a higher caliber actor. Also Joaquin seems actually unhinged in real life waaay before Joker.

  • L Z
    L Z 3 months ago

    Arthur fleck literally forrest gumped his way into becoming the joker. There was no intelligence required. Hell never be batmans biggest foe.

    • epicphailure88
      epicphailure88 3 months ago

      @L Z Youre correct. But its not a problem that he doesnt start off as a genius just like Batman wasnt some perfect crime fighter/detective.

    • L Z
      L Z 3 months ago

      @epicphailure88 well Joker from the comics/batman universe is a genius. He is one of few criminals who can keep up with batman who is also a genius and 'the worlds greatest detective'.

    • epicphailure88
      epicphailure88 3 months ago

      Why is intelligence a requirement?

  • Raresch Orban
    Raresch Orban 3 months ago

    I loved Phoenix more

  • tiffany curtis
    tiffany curtis 4 months ago


  • D Man
    D Man 4 months ago +1

    I love heath ledger sooo much and it's all I can think about just walk into my room and you'll see just how much plus heath is O.G

  • AidanI
    AidanI 4 months ago +2


  • KingRaees03
    KingRaees03 4 months ago +1

    Although phoenix joker is amazing and u really feel his pain. Heath ledger still takes the cake he portrays joker as the character in the comic

  • Zero Reload
    Zero Reload 4 months ago

    Nahhh.. Jim Carrey will be the best joker..

  • Márcia Oliveira
    Márcia Oliveira 4 months ago

    Joaquin IS Joker, he is not pretending. He doesn't need to act, he is natural. Another level of actor. You don't watch him, you feel him.

  • Redemption_isRed
    Redemption_isRed 4 months ago

    Both were amazing but Here the diffrence...
    Ledger was the joker
    Phoenix play(wonderfully)the joker

  • Patriono
    Patriono 4 months ago

    For me i pick both, a 50/50/50/50/1
    Phoenix, Ledger, Nickolson, Romero. The 1 score is non other than Jared Leto.

    HEAD HUNTER 4 months ago

    Why So SeRious 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • jerrymiirules2
    jerrymiirules2 4 months ago

    As amazing Ledger and Phoenix were as the Joker, I still to this day see Mark Hamil as THE Joker.

    • jerrymiirules2
      jerrymiirules2 4 months ago

      @l o v e f i c t i o n Yeah, I know. I am purposefully including all Jokers from ALL of Batman media. As for best live-action Joker, I have to say either Phoenix or Ledger.

    • l o v e f i c t i o n
      l o v e f i c t i o n 4 months ago

      jerrymiirules2 Bro thats a cartoon

  • ZeriouZ
    ZeriouZ 4 months ago

    After watching this video.. we can all agree tht leto was the worst 🃏

  • Escape Key
    Escape Key 4 months ago

    my ratings

    1:ledger and pheonix
    10000000000000000000000000000000: door creak guy

  • Apollon
    Apollon 4 months ago +1

    Thay played in different joker movies .Ledger will be the No1 for ever !But Phoenix'is good too

  • Vindelextreme 2.0
    Vindelextreme 2.0 4 months ago

    both are amazing but i'd go with phoenix

  • Reclaimer Gamer
    Reclaimer Gamer 4 months ago

    Who cares? Too me Heath is the joker in his prime and Arthur is just the beginning, both performances could be connected.

  • wraith1117
    wraith1117 4 months ago

    Also. I have one problem with Joker. if Fleck was, at least how it looked was in his 40's, and met a 8 ish Bruce Wayne, that wouls make the Joker in his 60's by the time bruce bacame batman. Just a thought.

  • wraith1117
    wraith1117 4 months ago

    Trying to compare Jokers is nonsensical. They were all in a differen't "universe" so to speak, different actors, different writers, different directors, different production, etc. Jack was his own joker, so did Jaoquin, So did Michael Emerson, so did Heath, so did Mark Hammil so did Cesar Romero. The list goes on, and on. I will admit that I liked because of the story line, heath and jaoquin were my personal faves, but That by all means diminishes the other great work the others did. except Leto. Yeah, I'm just pretending that didn't happen. lol.

  • bismilah bezelbub
    bismilah bezelbub 4 months ago +1

    Heath Ledger Joket cant be touched never ever.

  • BramTV - MMA
    BramTV - MMA 4 months ago

    Movie critics like being controversial just for the sake of being controversial. Sometimes I have no idea what the hell they're talking about and question whether they've even watched the movie they're reviewing.

  • Moxxiieee
    Moxxiieee 4 months ago +2

    Heath Ledger obviously. I love Joker I love the new face paint and red suit but Phoenix didn't do enough as Joker to "dethrone" Heath Ledger.

  • Rachel Addema
    Rachel Addema 4 months ago

    joaquin is the start of how joker was created. Heath is after joker was formed. They were both as good

  • Thomas El Hage-Boutros
    Thomas El Hage-Boutros 4 months ago +1

    Pointless comparison in my opinion, They each represent a Joker timeline, one represents the fall of Arthur Fleck and the rise of the Joker so the before and the how he became the actual Joker, the other has been the Joker for years, it's the after. They are 2 different persons, 2 different characters with their own universe, motives, problems, etc.. I think they are not be compared and I think they were both perfect. The Phoenix Joker simply completes the Ledger Joker he doesn't compete with him.